Woodstock Art Richie Havens Paintings Music Blue Jazz Love Vinyl Record Album cd For Sale

Woodstock Art Richie Havens Paintings Music Blue Jazz Love Vinyl Record Album cd

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Woodstock Art Richie Havens Paintings Music Blue Jazz Love Vinyl Record Album cd:

Richie Havens : Title ..Giant Leap For Mankind ,Oil on Canvas -size 28 inches wide by 22 inches tall .Done in early years of Music Career 1967-1969 era while living in Greenwich Village .Painted this Work of Art shortly after The Landing on The Moon by Apollo 11 by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin in July 21-1969 ..Born in Brooklyn -New York ,Havens started off early at 16 preforming with McCrea Gospel Singers .Then moving on to Greenwich Village where he saw a place to express himself -painting and drawing portraits.After cutting 2 records with Douglas Records ,havens signed on with Bob Dylans Manager-Albert Grossman.A song co-written by Havens and Oscar winning actor Louis Gossett .His Woodstock appearance in 1969 catapulated him into Stardom , then came the Woodstock Movie helped Havens reach Worldwide audience .Richie opened the concert and played for 3 straight hours ,mainly due to other preformers caught in Massive traffic jams.He went on to receive numerous awards and preformedat many Benifits Then in 1993 Havens preformed at the Inauguration of Bill Clinton at The White House ,among the songs one called Cotton .Then in 1999 he preformed at Tibetan Freedom Concert for an audience of over 100,000 .Back in 1982-83 havens was involved in a Television series for NBC ,while doing programs for CBS and ABC.Havens was involved in a few movies and received many medals and Awards ,including The American Eagle Award. Then again in 2008 he preformed at The Cannes Film Festival opening ceremony where at the Request of Jury President Sean Penn sung a song he wrote called : Freedom .BBC referred to Havens as a Woodstock Icon -A Singer -Songwriter -Guitarist .His music took in Folk ..Soul .. rhythm and Blues . A Master at whatever Direction he took. This Painting has a modest opening ,and thought tosoar to Heights of other Masters like Pablo Picasso and others .Thanks for looking at Rare Art Of Richie Havens . Only one existsof walking on Moon .- he was known of drawing and painting for 2 Years.......One of Richies best received Songs was ....Just Like A Woman....Richie Havens Collection --(---First time his entire Collection has been offered .7 Works of Art in Total ).....Free Shipping -Double Boxed for safe travel.....Thanks for Looking .Hope you find something you like ..Have a great Day . .Pictures of complete collection .....one is Self Portrait .......A Special Group of Paintings - Drawing -Watercolour O/C .Only know Collection to exist . 4 Oil on Canvas paintings -2 Watercolour -1 Drawing with Watercolour .Extra pictures have just been added concerning a List of all Other Artists that played over the 3 day event . Some are Janis Joplin -Jimi Hendrix -Gratefull Dead -Sanatana - The Who along with Creedence Clearwater revival ----30 Artists in all .....The Highest Art Work by any Artist in this Woodstock Group brought $1,700,000 US Dollars by Janis Joplin ...Thanks for looking .Richie Havens Art Career started when he moved to Greenwich Village in 1961 -where he made a living painting Portraits .A total of 7 Works of Art in this collection .
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