Rick Vito - Complete Guide to Slide Guitar (DVD) For Sale

Rick Vito - Complete Guide to Slide Guitar (DVD)
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Rick Vito - Complete Guide to Slide Guitar (DVD):

Further Details

Title: Rick Vito - Complete Guide to Slide Guitar
Format: DVD
Condition: New
Release Date: 05/01/2006
Imprint: Hal Leonard Corporation
Language: English
Genre: Music Dance & Theatre
Contributors: Rick Vito (Other)
Description: (Instructional/Guitar/DVD). In this DVD session, Rick gives his personal insights on achieving effective and powerful results in your slide playing. He covers a wide range of topics, which include his invaluable tips on: setting up your guitar correctly to achieve great slide tone; simple phrasing that produces dramatic results; changing your sound using different types of slides and amps; expanding your playing using the slide in standard tuning; transferring blues foundations to rock and beyond; G/A tuning, plus D/E tuning essentials; developing your personal approach and feel; and more! 66 minutes.


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