One of a Kind Collectable Swarovski O'Donnell Custom Electric Guitar The Swan For Sale

One of a Kind Collectable Swarovski O'Donnell Custom Electric Guitar The Swan

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One of a Kind Collectable Swarovski O'Donnell Custom Electric Guitar The Swan:

This is a one of a kind, completely custom electric guitar that has been created by Master Luthier Craig O'Donnell out of Australia. It is also the only one there will ever be so the phrase "find another" applies.
The guitar has been customized with over $25,000 ( retail value ) in genuine Swarovski gold and silver crystal jewelry. The guitar has been dubbed 'The Swan', as it features the well known Swarovski Swan logo on the body in between the pickups. In this case, the logo is two swans face to face. This can be seen in one of the pictures that accompanies the listing.
Craig O'Donnell has created a brand new technique to inlay the Swarovski jewelry into the guitar body. This is a brand new method, first of its kind for this one of a kind guitar. This method has been named Resin Suspended System or RSS for short. The jewelry does not sit on the guitar body whatsoever. It is literally inlaid into the body with a coat of resin on top. This gives the guitar a perfectly smooth finish. Which allows fluid action when playing. If you look at any other guitar out there has has been adorned with any jewels or crystal, you will find that they are always glued onto the body. What Craig has created with his RSS system is completely unique.
Includes a brand new Hiscox guitar flight case. The guitar fits into the case perfectly and is well protected for any type of movement.


Brand new and totally playable, it is much like a beautifully sounding Les Paul - just heavier!

  • Neck- 3 piece Mahogany and Maple
  • Fretboard- Silky Oak 12 degrees radius
  • Medium sized frets
  • 1x volume knob
  • 1x tone knob
  • 3-way pickup switch
  • Tuners - Grover with ebony knobs
  • Pickups- P90s Hand-wound ODonnell guitars 9.0k bridge & 8k neck, with scatter winding as well as AWG42 wire wax potted, Alinco 5 magnets with Braided single coil conductor lead wire
  • Paint - Nitrocellulose gloss finish
  • Weight- 6.22kg / 13.71lb


    The guitar is available for pickup or we will hand deliver it to whomever is the lucky new owner and will do so in Canada, the United States, Australia, N.Z., Japan or the EU. Payment can be made upon pickup / delivery or through escrow. Once the buyer signs off, is happy and takes possession and the payment is made or clears, the guitar will be released to it's new lucky owner in these countries. We will not ship this guitar via courier. The buyer is responsible for payment for reasonable and agreed upon airfare in advance and there will be no charges for us to carry it or incidentals like lodging, Per diem or other expenses.


    Any questions or concerns should be sent via the messaging system. We look forward to hearing from you!

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