Bekka Bramlett - I Got News for You [New CD] For Sale

Bekka Bramlett - I Got News for You [New CD]

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Bekka Bramlett - I Got News for You [New CD]:

Bekka Bramlett - I Got News for You [New CD]

Artist: Bekka Bramlett

Title: I Got News for You


Format: CD

Release Date: 2009

Label: CD Baby

UPC: 643157404316

Genre: Country

Album Tracks

1. What's on My Mind
2. I Got News for You
3. I Wanna Be That Woman
4. All These Things
5. Love the Man
6. You'll Never Lose My Love
7. What Do They Know
8. The Truck Stops Here
9. Misty Blue
10. Sweet Love

BEKKA BRAMLETT If there were a true stylist, Bekka Bramlett is it! Whether it's rhythm and blues, country or rock, Bekka makes it her own. She exudes intimate warmth with You'll Never Lose My Love; pure soul on I Wanna Be That Woman; attitude with What's On My Mind; in-your-face rock with I Got News For You; aching passion in What Do They Know and she lays down the law on The Truck Stops Here! Born in Westwood, California to parents Delaney and Bonnie Bramlett, the successful rock duo of the early 70's, Bekka grew up in a home where icons such as Eric Clapton, Jimmi Hendrix, Roger Miller or Tina Turner might show up at a moment's notice and stay as house guests for days on end. Bekka's musical credits include recording and touring with Vince Gill, Delbert McClinton, Faith Hill, multi Grammy winner Allison Krauss and others. She replaced Stevie Nicks in the iconic band "Fleetwood Mac" for a 4-year stint. Bekka's musical prowess has landed her such enviable jobs as recording duets with the likes of Billy Joel, Joe Cocker, Dwight Yoakum, Sam Moore and Bad Company. Vince Gill: "......the first time I heard Bekka sing I can't say that I have ever been so immediately affected in my life...let alone my career! Her voice blew me away!" Allison Krauss: "....Bekka is a completely amazing performer. I don't know how one woman can be the life of the party and be the consummate pro at the same time. I love working with her!" Faith Hill: "Bekka is a true phenomenon. I have recorded 5 of her songs, and I look at her in awe. She is a star!" Joe Stampley: "...seeing Bekka perform on RFD-TV's Imus In The Morning made me a believer. Her charisma & the true soul in her voice will put chills on you!

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