1914 Opera Autograph Album- Includes Dame Nellie Melba Signature [Melba Toast] For Sale

1914 Opera Autograph Album- Includes Dame Nellie Melba Signature [Melba Toast]

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1914 Opera Autograph Album- Includes Dame Nellie Melba Signature [Melba Toast]:


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Vintage Autograph Book
Includes: Nellie Melba Signature

Opera Star Autographs from 1914

Nice Condition!

DESCRIPTION: Offered for your offerding consideration is this autograph book from 1914 from an obvious lover of the Opera from Philadelphia! Filled with signatures of Opera Stars, the most famous of which is Nellie Melba (see below). Other signatures include: Caroline White, Florence Macbeth, Julia Claussen, Henri Scott, Alice Zeppilli, Hector Dufranne, Ruby Heyl, Amedeo Bassi, Nicolo Fossetta, Charles Dalmores, Margaret Keyes, Francesco Federici,… including several more that I was unable to decipher.

SIZE: 6” x 3-½”.

CONDITION: Granular leather cover is separating from backing, see above photo. New owner can re-glue if desired. Majority of signatures are strong. Pages are clean!

NOTES: This autograph book includes signatures of many opera stars that performed in Philadelphia. Book is not filled, but the signatures contained are some of the better known opera stars of the era. Guaranteed authentic!

Dame Nellie Melba (May 19, 1861 – February 23, 1931), born Helen Porter Mitchell, was an Australian opera soprano. She became one of the most famous singers of the late Victorian Era and in the early 20th century due to the purity of her lyrical voice and the brilliance of her technique. Melba was the first Australian to achieve international recognition as a classical musician. She and May Whitty were the first stage performers to be granted damehoods of the Order of the British Empire. Melba Toast and Peach Melba are named after her.

Melba was known for her demanding, temperamental diva persona. John McCormack, on the night of his London debut, attempted to take a bow with her on stage, but she pushed him back forcefully, saying "In this house, no one takes a bow with Melba." When recording with lesser studio artists, she would never try to hide her contempt for them, once dismissing tenor Ernest Pike as "one of the bloody chorus". She enjoyed singing with Enrico Caruso, but considered him coarse and uncultivated; he would play practical jokes on her, on one occasion - whilst singing the Puccini aria Che Gelida Manina ("Your Tiny Hand is Frozen") - pressing a hot sausage into her hand. She jealously guarded her position as prima donna, in the process earning both the enmity and the awe of many colleagues. For more information on Nellie Melba click here.

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