Stevie Nicks & Friends Concert, America West Arena, September 23, 2000
Benefit for the Arizona Heart Institute, Phoenix, Arizona

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Review by Shayne Annan Bittebender, Submitted September 25, 2000

The heart is my second favorite organ." :-o Well Chris Issac had a slightly bit naughty (but enjoyable) way of putting it but last night was an issue of the heart. Physically and emotionally. All for the Arizona Heart Institute. Now I have NO idea where to begin on this one but I will try and keep it as straight as possible but its a safe bet that that's gonna be a BIG longshot. LOL Anyway what can I say?? WOO WHOO!! Now I'll just try to fill you on some of the most magical highlights. All that make a fabulous Stevie Nicks concert for myself and I'm sure many other fans as well. Well it all got started with Stevie's dear daddy coming out and introducing her to all the wall to wall fans eagerly awaiting the gypsy herself to appearance onstage. The band starts up "Outside The Rain," Stevie walks out with her always glittery black chiffon dress that she wears to many of her concerts. The only difference is that instead of the usual 5 inch heel she has on a pair of flat funky platform boots. Very cool change I thought. She can wear a potato sack and still look OUT OF THIS WORLD and she did last night! She looked fantastic and her voice was in excellent shape. I tell you she IS like the finest of wine. She just keeps getting better with age! Absolutely stunning. Ok on with the show! Stevie got the crowd all warmed up with a few of her tunes like "Outside the Rain," "Dreams," "Enchanted," "Gold Dust Woman (with the golden shawl, twirls, primal Stevie scream, and all.)" Then it was time for Miss Sheryl Crow to jump up on stage and get things pumping (Not that its already pumped up enough ) She came out wearing black velvet (in honor of Stevie I'm sure ) hip hugging pants and black top. They had everyone dancing to "Everyday is a Winding Road." It was great watching them have a blast with this one. Especially with Stevie adding her unique vocals to Sheryl's songs. Then Sheryl alone performed "My Favorite Mistake" which was awesome. After that Stevie came back and they performed the most IN-FREAKIN-CREDIBLE version of Sheryl's "The Difficult Kind." That wasn't always my most favorite Sheryl tune but after hearing their version last night it is now. It was one of those moments where the crowd was in awe. Those two had such beautiful harmonies together. The notes they hit together was just total heaven!! It gave the song a whole new kind of freshness. Wow, wow, and WOW! Now it's time for a few more Stevie tunes! The intro kicked in for the traditional and still one of my favs "Stand back." No black and gold shawl this time but she did wear her red one. Then I think she started to perform "Leather and Lace" where of course Don Henley came out to the roaring crowd to sing his part of the sweet duet. This was a great one to see and hear again since the last time they performed it here a couple years back. Of course this time I had a much better seat and they didn't look like little dots! LOL Don sang his part and Stevie most adoringly stood behind him. Very cute. ;) After that Don did a mellower version of "Boys of Summer" which the crowd sang along too. Everyone would have loved to hear a few more solo tunes but then that was that for Mr Henley. Stevie thanked him, he said "See you in three weeks" and he was off. It was a small appearance but a memorable one. Ok now I'm not sure if this is when Stevie performed Rhiannon or not. You would this darn Ginkoba work a little faster for me! UGH! Well I think was either before or after Chris Issac walked out on stage. NO wait! Ok I think this is when she introduced us to her band. There were a couple new faces and some very familiar faces to us Stevie fans. That night it was the Brett's (the Keyboard player) birthday. So Stevie got the whole crowd to sing Happy Birthday to him. Ya happy "25th" Brett! When she introduced her bass player Don she had a tiny story to tell It was about how she was in a club and she was crossing the stage or something. She tripped but low and behold he caught her right in time. All I can say is GOD BLESS THAT MAN!! Anyway now onto to most colorful guest of the night. From were I was sitting I could see the all the guest stars waiting from the side of the stage. Chris Issac stood out very nicely in his red hot 50's style suit with blue and green rhinestone flowers going up and down the side. He came out and he and Stevie sang "Its Late" in honor of her grandpa. It was a really nice surprise to hear a song like that is never performed too often. I sure do hope those two record that song together sometime in our lifetime!! It would be a shame if they didn't. They sang another song together but yet again the Ginkoba is blocking the title from my head. But I do remember Chris making up this cute story about how he and Stevie sang this song back in 73. Yeah Right! "She wasn't known as Stevie just yet. She was known as Happy! And I was known as Gail (I think that's what he said) but that's a long story." Anyway Stevie and Chris wear being so playful and flirty with each other. Stevie kept taking the chiffon from her sleeves and covering it over her face and teasing him. Stevie was also telling him off about not telling some of those dirty jokes and stories. " THIS IS MY SHOW AND YOU CAN'T DO THAT!! Hee you go girl. and of course whatever Stevie says GOES. ;) But Chris did slip in a few colorful comments here and there. He said Stevie told him to cool down the filth cuz her mom and dad were there. "But I'll slip in a little filth for the people in cheap seats tonight!" And that he did. At least during most of "Baby Did A Bad Bad thing." In the middle of the song he did this whole little speech about the people in the front row. Something about them going home to their trailer homes and waterbeds and something about grilling the skillet which he said he had no idea about but it was pretty nasty. Uhhh Chris I thing baby is telling a big big lie with that one! ;) But pure Chris Issac through and through! Then to my surprise Sheryl Crow popped back up onstage and started singing along a tiny bit and dancing kind of sexy in the background. One of my favorite Sheryl moments is when she stood back to let Chris is the rest of song but then got on her hands and knees and start crawling her way up to him. YOOWSA!!! Before the song end those two hit one hell of a high note together. I know because my ears are still ringing from it! After that Sheryl started to make her exit again and I thought I saw her pitch Waddy Wachtel's butt. :-o Chris can bring the beast out of anyone I guess. He sure did with the crowd. He sure did with me! Definitely a few more fans for Chris. Now for the creme de la creme of Stevie songs. Rhiannon. There's not much I can say cuz I am out into orbit when Stevie performs this one. Just like a dream. One of my favorite moments is when she was under a single spotlight and she was just twirling and twirling and twirling. A classic Stevie moment. Then came the moment and the man many people wanted to see. The (in my opinion) all time and uncredited great guitar genius Mr. Lindsey Buckingham. It was extremely cool to see this guy again since the Mac reunion tour. I guess it was also cool to see him in the same outfit that he wore tour too! Black jacket, pants, and untucked button down shirt. Always giving Johnny Cash a run for his money! Anyway he came out and greeted Stevie very sweetly and doing something that is always very Lindsey.......give a speech with big earthy words! Heehee Well it was a very sweet speech. He was talking about (with Stevie hugging him from behind) how important and a special place Arizona was to him and too Stevie. When he was a kid his family would take vacations here and later on he and Stevie would visit her parents often. Then he ended the speech with how wonderful to see both of them back in Arizona today and that the next two songs were dedicated to Stevie. She was moved to tears with this one. They embraced and he kissed her on the hand as she walked off stage and wiping the tears from her eyes. Awwwwwwwwwww! I can't tell you enough how great it is to see these two as good friends again. A bond like that is unbreakable. Anyway Lindsey proceeded to perform his two INCREDIBLE acoustic solo numbers. I tell you when you hear Lindsey perform his "plugged" songs acoustically it is up there as one of the most spiritual (next to Stevie of course) experiences. For me it is anyway. When he was finished up with that Stevie returned for their (I know its Stevie's song but it always feels like a Buckingham/Nicks thing for me) signature song (and a song I am FOREVER learning how to play on guitar) "Landslide" She dedicated this song to her mommy, daddy, her Aunt, and Lindsey's brother. Again back in that dream like state of mind. Just can't describe it except to say its one of the most moving songs in Rock and Roll. Then came a big surprise for the night. I though that was it for Lindsey but NO! He grabs another guitar and Carlos and Waddy (I have to say to pretty cool to see him perform with Stevie again) joins them up on stage. All of them together did a fabulous three guitar acoustic version of "Gypsy." Just watching all those guys go at it with their guitars all at the same time and all in one line was absolutely AMAZING. Imagine that was like three "generations" of guitarists that Stevie has had the honor of playing with in the past 30 years. And them having the honor of working with Stevie ;) I have to say that was my favorite FAVORITE moment of the whole show. Again wow, wow, and WOW. I didn't want it to end but unfortunately all good things have to end. But the show didn't end just yet! Stevie a few more Signature Stevie to get into our systems. Of course one of the major closing songs of night which no Stevie show can be without...... Edge of Seventeen. Everyone was on their feet, clapping, singing, throwing their arms in the air to this classic. Unfortunately because of where I was sitting I wasn't be able to get to the front of the stage. I figured that anyway. It's not meant to be I guess. :( Oh well what can ya do. She still touched me. :) That song had everyone up for the remaining of the show which included two more classics such as Tom Petty's "I Need To Know." Stevie in coat tails and all! Now for the very last song of the show and of the night. "Has Anyone Every Written Anything For You." A song very very special to me as for others I'm sure. Mainly its special to me because it reminds me of a day that a good friend passed away a few years and that was the first song I listened to that dark day. While listening to Stevie sing that song and thinking of that day I just couldn't help but start crying. What also made this moment special was this young lady sitting next to me and who I got to know during the night. She saw me crying and simple took my hand and held it tightly. That right there, to me, sums up why I think Stevie Nicks fans are the GREATEST fans on Gods green earth. Sometimes without really knowing one another very well they all know exactly what your feeling. No matter how different we are we have this common ground that is Stevie Nicks and her everlasting music. LIVE ON AND ROCK ON FOREVER MY SISTERS (and brothers) OF THE MOON!! Then it was official. The show was ending. Stevie and her friends (Sheryl Crow also wiping tears away) all came out together and took their bows. The end. :( So I guess I should start to end it here. I know this was a long a dragged on review but this is the best way Shayne Annan can tell you how she was feeling that night. Total inspiration and rebirth. As I always bring up no matter how stressed my life gets its always wonderful that someone can give you 2 or 3 hours of pure bliss and that stress is just a figment of my imagination. Thank you Sheryl Crow. Thank you Don Henley. Thank you Chris Issac. Thank you Lindsey Buckingham. Last but certainly not least, with all my heart, Thank you Miss Stevie Lynn Nicks. You gave me the most amazing night of my life and you did it all for an excellent cause. Your big heart is now going to be a part of others that seek help from the Arizona Heart Institute. "I want you to remember me" you say? Stevie how on EARTH can you expect us to EVER forget you!?!??!?! We love you always and forever. :)

Hugs and Kisses
Moon Sister
Shayne Annan

Review by blackcat, Submitted September 26, 2000

"Has anyone ever given anything to you?"~Stevie Nicks

Stevie gave us the concert of a lifetime . . . from her heart!   There were just so many reasons to be there . . . including the fact that Stevie told her father (Scottsdale Life), "she had 'about one more benefit left in me for the heart institute.'"  Stevie fans everywhere knew this one was going to be special.  And it's fairly clear that Stevie has a lot of amazing, talented friends!  When we first got our tickets, we didn't know for sure who Stevie's friends would be!  As more and more was revealed, it became fairly clear this would not be anything like other show Stevie has done.

Before the show began, a number of us met at about 11:00 AM at the Hard Rock Cafe, sort of a "kick off" to the main event.  It was great to Click to view a photo!have George, Travis, John L, Laura, Hayley, Patti, Calamity, Torri, Dave and I in the same place . . . we were among the first there, and were able to freely walk about, take pictures, and just have a wonderful time together.  I spoke with the hostess, mentioning that tonight was the big "Stevie Nicks and Friends Benefit" and asked if we could have some Fleetwood Mac or Stevie video/music played!  The staff at the Phoenix Hard Rock were wonderful:  they played videos of "Stand Back" and "Gypsy"--THANK YOU HARD ROCK, Phoenix!  :o)  For those that haven't been there before, Stevie Nicks has a large display case of her Cape, tambourine and MANY gold albums on display there.  (there was also a large display for another local Phoenician, Alice Cooper--along with displays for Tom Petty, The Eagles, and many other terrific bands)

We arrived at the venue at about 6:45 PM, seeing a sea of Stevie Nicks fans all around . . .  women dressed in black chiffon, platform boots, a few ladies in Gypsy clothes, and one gentleman that stands out in my mind was a rather magnificent looking fellow--some sort of spiritual man, some sort of leader I would guess.  It was a joy to realize that we were all coming here from different states . . . different countries . . . all to share in this special moment.  As we entered the arena, we were presented roses, a beautiful brochure (it wasn't a tour program, as this was a special one time concert) from the Arizona Heart Institute, featuring the opening:  "A Wild Heart Returns."  In it was information about Stevie and the program, information about the goals of the Arizona Heart Institute, whose foundation is chaired by Mr. Jes Nicks.

We were seated in the 8th row, center (as one of my friends has mentioned, LOL!) and there was a bit of space in front of us, so people were walking about before the concert began.  We saw Elenna, the young lady that interviewed Stevie on VH1, as she stood right next to our seats.  I could hear a lot of conversations going on . . . while I am not familiar with The Newsgroups, there were many people talking about that and various mailing lists, with people meeting up for the first time.  It was sort of fun watching all of this . . . people renewing friendships, and others making some new friends there.

Sitting with me were David, Patti, me, Hayley and Calamity Jane.  I have NEVER been that close to any show of any performer in my life . . . this show was absolutely magical!  We tried to find other friends in the venue, but it was pretty hard to do that . . . my friend Patti had me turn around to notice the arena--it was absolutely gorgeous with the flickering of tiny lights, as these were given out to the fans that attended. But we knew that George, Travis, Laura, John L, Torri and Dave were all out there, along with other friends.  Shortly before the show we did find Travis and Laura, and Torri and Dave.

The set list has already been posted, so I will try to share a few other things . . .  Stevie's Dad came out and introduced "my daughter, Stevie Nicks!" :o)  Mr. Nicks's voice actually seemed choked up a bit during the intro, and Stevie embraced him when she gracefully walked out onto the stage. That was just the beginning of special moments. The fans were on their feet and the applause was thunderous!

Gold Dust Woman . . . there isn't a version of this that I have heard that I don't LOVE! :o) Obviously Stevie loves this song too . . . and at the end of the song, lights came down as if from the heavens, looking as if they would take her away!   David captured this moment on film~ ahhhhhh!

Stevie introduced her first friend, Sheryl Crow . . . and it was neat to hear her harmonizing on "Every Day Is A Winding Road". Sheryl was wearing skin tight black pants and a black top . . . she was a cat in the dark for sure! And she was quite coquettish, but it was all in fun as she reappeared  Chris Isaak's performance! :o) With this first friend, we saw that Stevie would not only sing with her friends, but would graciously give the stage to them, and allow them to sing on their own. THAT was special. :o)

It was during Sheryl's performance that my friend Hayley held up a sign was first seen by a least a couple members of the band! :o) It was not gigantic, but a black pillowcase with white vinyl letters (about 6 inches each) that said: WELCOME BACK, WADDY! When the stage lights were shined on the audience (which happened A LOT!), Patti told Hayley to hold her sign up NOW! :o) Waddy saw it!!! He smiled and acknowledged Hayley several times during the show.  He also spent the rest of the evening showing why Stevie fans LOVE him!  What an awesome performer!  :o) And while I can't explain it, there IS something just incredibly cute about Waddy! :o)

Standing on stage near Waddy was two of Stevie's faithful friends, Sharon and Mindy.  We hope one day that Lori Nicks will be back on stage with them.  We knew Christopher Nicks was there, because George got to talk with him for a while.  He and Travis met a few other celebrities as well!  I read on the Q and A that Jessica Nicks came to her aunt's show, so it is quite possible that Lori was there too!  (btw, Thank You Marty for that Q and A with Brett!)

The next friend to arrive came in via song!  Mr. Don Henley, who I have seen twice this year on tour, took the time to come down to visit us!  It was a gift to actually hear Don and Stevie sing Leather and Lace LIVE.  You can't get an amazing group of people together like this very often.  THANK YOU so much for making this night a memory for us!   We know it was a benefit for the Arizona Heart Institute, but Stevie, you sure do know how to touch your fans!

Chris Isaak was very funny--wearing that wild flashy tight red suit and blue sequins and stuff.  This is the first time I "met him."  What a comedian!  But I'll tell you one thing:  this man can sing! :o)  He could be a one man show! Stevie was exhorting him to behave because her parents were attending tonight! You could tell there was a lot of good hearted humor between him and Stevie . . . and Sheryl Crow was a riot, crawling out onto the stage, literally, to torment this man while he was singing "Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing". I suspect she has had her share of torment from him too! :o)  We saw he had his name kinda scribbled on his guitar, and the name Carol L.  She's a lucky lady!  :o)

Finally a moment many Buckingham Nicks fans were waiting for, Stevie's introduction of Lindsey Buckingham!   What a joy to observe the deep loving friendship and a lot of pride going back and forth between them. Lindsey spoke very kindly about Stevie, and their past together . . . and his early childhood memories of coming to Phoenix.  Yes, Lindsey did bring her to tears with some of  the sweet moments that he shared with the crowd. And Lindsey then proceeded to give a blistering account of where he is musically with his guitar! :o) WOW!!!! But before he did Go Insane, he recited a poem . . . he was flawless! Big Love and Go Insane, which he dedicated to Stevie.  It is so hard to believe that it was just one man playing those songs!  I can't wait to hear all the treasures that will be on the new CD. Get ready for a few wonderful tours in 2001!   And btw, the applause was clearly the loudest for this particular friend of Stevie's!  (I about lost my hearing sitting among Patti, Calamity and Hayley!)   Landslide was also very sweet, as Stevie and Lindsey once again performed this special song together.  Stevie dedicated the song to Lindsey's brother Jeff, her Aunt Caramel, and her Mom and Dad.  There were other folks that had suffered cardiac illnesses in the audience, including Carlos Rios' father, that had recently had heart surgery.  Stevie commented that early on in their careers they thought they were invulnerable.  But that we needed to do something about this . . . and later encouraged her fans to eat right and exercise.  She is trying to set the right example on this.  Lindsey was nodding as she spoke.  It was wonderful to see those two as special friends.  You know, you just had to believe there will be something very special that will happen when Buckingham Nicks if finally released!  :o)

In fact, with a bit of the Buckingham Nicks line up Stevie, Lindsey, Waddy (and  Carlos also added to the quartet), we were treated to "Gypsy," acoustic style . . . .  I think the fans are more than ready for both of these wonderful people to bring out their albums and tour.  I have a feeling there are many fans that will go any distance, bear any burden to catch these special people!  I think our special friend Terry will actually WALK if she has to, in order to make the next concert!  :o)  Others have mentioned Stevie's band . . . they are powerful, and I think you'll want to get your tickets early!  :o)  Special kudos to Brett and all that he has shared with us here on the Penguin!

While it's not the final song, I just wanted to share that Edge of Seventeen is ELECTRIFYING!!! The opening drums and guitar work is just unbelievable, and the strobe lighting just made all of it MAGIC!!!! Just an amazing affect to the band, featuring Waddy on the opening just as he was on the videos!  While I totally LOVE the Edge of Seventeen from White Winged Dove tour (the one on Enchanted), but it was just incredible to see these people perform it LIVE that way!!! I was honored to be there, and it was wonderful seeing this show with some of MY special friends.  We all got to talk about this after the show--Travis, George, Torri and the rest all agreed that Stevie has brought back some incredible fire to that song.  Stevie is totally re-energized!  As I listened to the very end of Rhiannon, early on in the set, I realized that she was starting to break out into the frenzied sound of Rhiannon that she had during the early Rumours tours!  Is this lady really 52?????

Another mention must be made!  :o)  While Mr. Tom Petty was not at that venue, he remains a special friend of Stevie Nicks!  She mentioned him by name at the show, and proceeded to knock us all out with "I Need To Know."  What a rocking song!!!  Thank you Tom . . . thank you Stevie!  :o)

 I will just mention a bit of the "a pres" party . . . we were taken back to the Wells Fargo Bank, and let off in front of a cordoned off area . . . except it was roped off for US! No kidding! They had red carpeting laid out! And they were so nice to us as we arrived, folks walking around carrying trays of wine, etc. This was serious!  They had us walk over to a couple of large tables with those beautifully wrapped Tiffany boxes sitting on them, and took our names and gave us each a box . . . they had a crystal candle holder and candle in them. We felt very special by all the little details that were done . . . (even back at the venue,  EVERYONE got roses, flashlights and the Stevie brochure--this was a very special evening!) There were beautiful fountains and lights inside . . . high tables set up with beautiful flower displays and having the Arizona Heart Institute's logo on them. (There was also coffee, tea, an open bar . . . and that was just the entry way!!!!) Inside, was an authentic Wells Fargo Stage Coach, with baggage on it. One of the dignitaries mentioned that one of the pieces of baggage was used by John Wayne.  There were elegantly dressed tables with fruit, cheeses, crackers, breads on one side large room, and on the other, all kinds of fancy desserts.  And in front of the Stage Coach, all roped off, was the Stevie Motorcycle! Valued at $50,000.00! At one point, we looked up in the air and saw there was a balcony. And eventually we saw Stevie and Friends peering over it, looking at us fans!!! :o) THAT was special . . . eventually, they made their way downstairs from some hidden entrance, and were introduced by the people that set this event up.

When the announcement of the winner of the motorcycle came, they read out the winner's name and phone number! Stevie looked a bit disconcerted when the gentleman read out the winner's phone number--she covered her hands over her face when they did that.  :o)  . . . it was just one tiny gaffe on the official's part! LOL! But Stevie, Lindsey, Don, Sheryl, Chris all looked so friendly and relaxed . . . intereacting with each other, smiling at the crowd.

Also at this after party, I was introduced John Kinney, of Nicks Fix, by Sylvia, the wonderful woman that runs the Sylvia and Ron Stevie Nicks Photo Gallery for any fan that wants to see about a million pictures!  :o)  She said her site is currently under construction, but will be back up soon.

In closing I just want to say I haven't seen that many LIVE shows . . . but I know that this one was very special.  Stevie loves her fans . . . and they love her back.  "Has anyone ever given anything to you?"  Stevie gave us her heart and soul . . . and shared with us some of her most amazing friends.  The poets, priests of nothing . . . LEGENDS that she has so often sung about.  Thank you Stevie.  We love you.  :o)

love, blackcat

Review by Vickie Moxley, Submitted September 26, 2000

Hi everybody.  I just got home from the concert and thought I'd let you all
know what songs she did.

She came out about 8:20 or 8:25 wearing her trademark black dress and here's
a switch, black hi top Reeboks. Platform of course.

Outside the Rain
Gold Dust Women
Everyday's A Winding Road (Sheryl Crow)
My Favorite Mistake (Sheryl Crow)
The Difficult Kind(Sheryl Crow)
Stand Back (with a red shawl instead of her trademark one)
Leather & Lace (Don Henley)
Boys of Summer (Don Henley)
It's Late (Chris Issac)
Solitary Man (Chris Issac)
Baby Did A Bad, Bad Thing(Chris Issac with Sheryl Crow)
Big Love (Lindsey Buckingham)
Go Insane (Lindsey Buckingham)
Landslide (Lindsey Buckingham)
Gypsy (Lindsey Buckingham)
Edge of 17
I Need to Know

Lindsey was sporting a wedding ring on the left hand too.  Of course her Dad
introduced her.  She said her Mom & Dad were there (of course), but she also
mentioned her Aunt was also there.  Her Aunt also lives in Paradise Valley.

Very good concert, but then does Stevie ever give a bad performance.  NOPE!!
There was no t-shirts or programs being sold which I thought was a little
strange. They could have made even more money. They were giving out roses at
the door and they also had buckets of them everywhere around the arena of
all different colors. They also gave out little flashlight keychains at the
door that said: Wells Fargo Stevie Nicks & Friends Benefit Concert
September 23,2000.

I have all my roses in a vase. I got one of each.  It was GREAT!!!!!!!!!
I'm sure somebody will go more into detail about the concert. Just wanted to
get this out to you all.

Review by Michelle, Brooklyn, New York, USA, Submitted September 27, 2000

Wow! What can I say? There were so many great parts of this show. I'll just start at the beginning. This event was the absolute greatest! Stevie's dad came on stage to introduce her. She started with "Outside The Rain" and starts singing when she notices that the mic is not on. So she motions to tell the guys to fix it when someone in the band tells her that she is at the wrong mic. This was funny, but cool! After "Outside The Rain" she then went into "Dreams". In between she thanked everyone for coming out to see her and for donating their time and money to such a worthy cause. Stevie looked incredible and sounded fantastic! She then sang "Enchanted" and "Gold Dust Woman".

She introduced her first guest as saying that she and Sheryl Crow co-produced her upcoming CD and that she has become a very good friend. Sheryl came out and they did "Everyday Is A Winding Road". It was really cool to see Stevie sing back-up to someone else's song. Stevie left the stage after that and left Sheryl there to do "My Favorite Mistake". Stevie came back out and the two did another Sheryl song called "The Difficult Kind", definitely a highlight of the evening. They harmonized very well in this song. It was very beautiful. Stevie next thanks Sheryl for helping out and goes into "Stand Back".

Right after she sings that song, the opening chords of "Leather and Lace" start to play. Stevie sings her part and then Don Henley came out. The crowd was going crazy all night and everyone was really into it. After they sang that, Stevie left Don there to sing a really cool version of "Boys of Summer". Next, Stevie comes back out and thanks Don for helping out and the music starts playing for "Rhiannon". Stevie comes onto the stage again wearing her Rhiannon outfit. That song was definitely the most hypnotizing version I have ever heard. Stevie was really into this song and it was great!

So, Stevie now has to introduce Chris Isaak. It was really cool because he came out wearing a red outfit. He looked great and he joked around at how Stevie told him to clean up his act tonight because her parents were there. So he said that he wouldn't be too filthy and said that the heart was his second favorite organ!!! Of course, everyone including Stevie cracked up. The first song that they did together was a song that Stevie used to sing with her grandfather. It was called "It's Late" and can be found on her box set. It was a really cool version. Next came "Solitary Man". They also sounded great on that. Stevie was very playful and flirty with almost all of her guests. Stevie then left Chris to do a song by himself. I don't know the name of it, but it is from the soundtrack to Eyes Wide Shut. Sheryl came out and did some background stuff with Chris and she was really playful with him and seemed to be having a great time.

Somewhere in between her guests, I forget where, she introduces her band. It is Brett Tuggle's (keyboardist) birthday and she lets everyone sing Happy Birthday to him. She also tells everyone when she is introducing Don Boyette (bass player) that he saved her life the other day. It seems that they were doing a private show and she was walking across the stage and tripped over the bass player amp. It was lucky that Don was there to catch her just in time or she would have fell off the stage and got seriously hurt. So, I am guessing this is why she was wearing her platform black sneakers instead of her trademark platform boots. She also told a story when she introduced her musical director, Carlos Rios. It seems that his father had to have heart surgery and Carlos was very worried and hoped that everything would be okay. Stevie told him that everything would be fine because there are great heart doctors and the AHI is researching everyday to make people better. She then said that everything did turn out great and his father was in the audience that night. What a great ending to a story!

Finally, the moment that I have been waiting for. Stevie is on stage and doesn't really know what to say to introduce this last guest. So she just says Lindsey Buckingham. The crowd freaked out! It was so incredible to see Stevie and Lindsey on the same stage holding hands and talking to each other. You could really see the love that is still there between them. So, Stevie is about to leave the stage, when Lindsey grabs her and tells her not to leave just yet. He precedes to tell the crowd how when he and Stevie were dating they would come to Arizona to visit her parents and when he was a little boy, his family would take him and his brothers to Arizona. He then said something to the effect that with all the ups and downs and all the good times and the bad times that he and Stevie shared, it was really great that they were both here in Arizona doing this tonight. Lindsey dedicated the next two songs that he would sing to Stevie and his speech really touched her because she walked off the stage wiping the tears from her eyes. What an incredible moment!!! All the while during his speech, Stevie had stood behind him with her arms around his waist and it was so great to see how far the two of them had really come.

Lindsey started with "Big Love" and then went into "Go Insane". I have never really seen Lindsey in concert before, so this was definitely one of the best moments of my life. He was awesome, incredible and amazing. He looked great! Stevie then came back out onto the stage and before she started singing, she dedicated "Landslide" to Lindsey's brother Jeff, her parents and her aunt. I never thought that I would ever see Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham perform together again in concert in my lifetime. They are truly two legends and performed "Landslide" so incredibly. Next, Carlos Rios (guitarist) and Waddy Wachtel (guitarist) joined Stevie and Lindsey on stage and Stevie said that they haven't really done this song in a long time and Lindsey actually suggested that they do it tonight for the show. The guys started playing the guitars and that is when I realized that it was "Gypsy". This is my absolute favorite Stevie song and I never thought that I would ever see her perform this song again. It has such a special meaning for me. It was a very welcome surprise and it sounded amazing with nothing else but guitars and Stevie.

So, after all that incredible stuff, Stevie comes out and does "Edge of Seventeen". Great version!! At the end of the song, she shook everyone's hand and did not accept any gifts from anyone. Finally, her two encores, "I Need To Know" and "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You". It was a perfect ending to a perfect concert in a perfect setting, Arizona. She thanked all of her guests and then thanked everyone for coming out to support the Arizona Heart Institute and said she was really touched that we were all there.

After that, we headed to the party and it was very nice. Sheryl, Chris, Stevie's mom, Stevie & Lindsey all were on a upper level above us and they all waved to us. Then the guy who ran the benefit introduced Stevie's dad and then Stevie and her friends came down. Stevie spoke about the AHI and how important it is to raise the money for the research. This event raised $200,000. They raffled off the motorcycle and Stevie picked out the name. Unfortunately, the person who won was not present. They did not mingle with the crowd, but it was still great to be at the same party with them, even though it was only for a little while.

I had such a great time at both the concert and the party. Arizona is a very beautiful place and you felt Stevie's presence as soon as you got into town, well I did anyway.

I will never forget this show!!!

Review by Joshua Nothom, Las Cruces, New Mexico, Submitted September 27, 2000

I knew she was gonna open with Outside the Rain/Dreams, cuz thats whats she's been doing for years and it rocks!!! It was great as usual, and I was up screaming for Enchanted, one of my fav's...GDW was rockin` as usual, I love seeing her do that live, I heard Waddy droppin` D and I was all, "Its GDW!"...

When Sheryl came out it was so awesome!!! EDIAWR was just so awesome, Carlos and the band did such a great job on that song...MFM is one of MF songs from her, and it sounded awesome!!! TDK was rockin` to, Stevie sounded so good harmonizing with Sheryl, we also saw these songs the next day in acoustic form, except MFM when she did play bass, when she opened for Mr. Young...

Stand Back was really cool, like always, she is still doin` that kick!!! Awesome!!

Then, the acoustics were put on, and they started playing L&L...Stevie was up by herself, right untill Don's part, and then he walked out in his black freaky suit!! It was awesome, I saw them do this song last AHI in '98...better this time I think... And what a cool version of Boys of Summer!!! I have never heard that before, I guess it was on Storytellers but we dont get VH-1 here!!!! It was way awesome....

Rhiannon rocked as always, with the cool piano intro, that piano player rocks!!!

Then Chris came out in this way groovy red suit with like these shiny rhinestones all over it or something, it was nice...he came out and they discussed It's Late and he started playing it, and then he stopped, and said, thats how it goes right? Or something like that, he was great....and I loved the jokes about the second favorite organ, the cheap and filthy seats, and of course the AZ double wide waterbed ungelatin` cookin` your skillet thing....HA!!! He was very awesome...

OMG...then it was time....the time I have been waiting for all my life...Mr. Lindsey BucKINGham...the king totally wow...He came out with and him and Stevie talked and Stevie was hugging him while he talked about what the Phoenix area meant to him, and then he put on the Chet Atkins, shook his hand about a little....and then we had lift off..."Lookin` Out for Love, In the Night So Still..." OMG I went Nutz!!!! I was so totally up and down and yelling and screaming and the right side of my body started trembling so bad I had to hold my self down!!! My friends thought I was gonna have a heart attack, so did I!!! Oh my, it was so wow, you know, Big Love, and then the poem, cast the aside in the ashes, or something, really awesome, and Landslide, with Lindsey doing the master solo...and then, the greatest moment of the night, Waddy and Carlos came out, Stevie started talking about how they used to play this song long ago, and I was thinking, Frozen Love???? But, I knew that was a long shot, then Lindsey started playing, and I was all, wait, is this?? OMG it is!!! Gypsy all acoustic style!!! It was totally awesome!!! I was like freakin` out again, thought I was gonna break down totally!!! And he rocked the solo!! I was like in total shock, then he was was over...I had just seen the man himself do Big Love, Go Insane, Landslide, and a new acoustic version of awesome is that...

EO17 was totally kickin like always, same with I need to Know, and HAEWAFY was as emotional as ever... I thought it was really cool when Stevie kept mentioning the fans and thanking the fans throughout the night, and talking about heart problems, and how she knows we will find a cure for all of this...

I was really hit emotionaly when she talked about Carlos, and his dad, then she introduced his father and he was on the side of the stage and waved at all of us!! It was like, wow, we are all a part of something really important and really super for all men and woman on this planet...

Oh ya, Despite for screams of Bring out Stevie!! She wasn't at the Sheryl show the next evening...

Review by Mike Brewer, Moore, South Carolina, Submitted September 28, 2000

Well, I luckily got my hands on a sponsorship ticket (the $500 kind) at the very last minute. I picked up my ticket and pass at 6:00 on the day of the show at the Will Call window. I should have known then how magical the night would be. There was already a lot of activity…radio stations – 2 different ones – were Click to view Mike's Photos setting up vans and tables…a Wells Fargo display…some vendors. A few limos were around and I thought, heck, just wait around and see who gets out. Well, low and behold, out step Jess and Barbara Nicks! I snatched a couple of pictures from a distance, but stopped short of asking them to pose for me. They were surrounded by quite a group.

After walking back to my hotel, I changed clothes and went back, eager to hang out and catch the sights and sounds before the show. Lots of Stevie-wannabes were walking around – long, black, flowing dresses, lots of long blonde hair…as the sun began to set, the crowds gathered as the radio stations began to play Stevie/Sheryl/FM/Don H. music. I also was able to sell the first ticket I had bought. The only bad thing was I was giving up my seat right in front of my long time Ledgie buddy Torri! Still, I knew I’d hook up with her somehow.

The doors finally opened and I went through the special entrance area with my blue pass. Nothing special about it actually – I think I got in about the same time as everyone else! Still, I followed the line, grabbed a beer, and found my seat. I was in Sec 115, row 9. Not a bad seat at all. I was just to the left of the stage and had a clear view. The excitement was building as the crowds filled the seats…and filled and filled and filled! There was so much energy in the room, it was incredible! I think everyone knew it was going to be a special show. Not long before 8:00, I saw the seats behind my original seat fill up. I dashed down the stairs and had a brief conversation with Torri, at last! She’s a sweetheart!

Finally, a little after 8:00, the lights went down…Jess Nicks made his way to the stage, and in an echo of the 1981 In Concert Video, said “Please welcome…my daughter…Stevie Nicks!”

And the crowd goes wild! Everyone was on their feet and cheering as loud as they could! She looked fabulous, a huge grin on her face as the strains of the first song began…

Outside The Rain: Okay, she did open with this again. Not a surprise. But you know, it is still an awesome song. It really kicks off the night well and damn, Stevie sounded great. Better, in fact, then on the Enchanted tour, which I thought was amazing. She did miss the first line of the song when she went to the wrong mic! But without missing another beat, she stepped over to her mic – the one with the ribbons – and picked up with “creature of the night…”. OTR segued into…

Dreams: My all time, number one favorite song. Period. She gave us a flawless and incredible version and the crowd loved it. The excitement was like lightning in the air. When she was done, she gave us a very, very heartfelt welcome. She also mentioned that she didn’t want to disrupt the flow of the show, but that she was already worried about her heart. After that, she quickly launched into…

Enchanted: She seems to really love this song and it does have a lot of energy. It also got the crowd moving even more. When it was done, she left the stage for just enough time to grab a shawl, return to the stage and deliver a blistering version of…

Gold Dust Woman: Awesome. As ever. She actually wore a different color shawl, I think. The wail was there, not quite as strong as The Dance, but she was really into it. When she was done, she introduced her first guest by saying that “our record…I call it our record” is finished. With that, the incomparable Sheryl Crow walked onto the stage! Sheryl looked great, her hair a kind of shaggy and almost to her shoulders. She and Stevie dueted on:

Everyday Is a Winding Road: Which kicked ass! I wasn’t expecting that. Maybe Strong Enough, but this? It was way cool and, if you know the live version she does, Sheryl always does this “1, 2, shake your ass” thing. When she did, she and Stevie both turned around and shook their asses! It was so funny! When they were done, Stevie left the stage and Sheryl did a solo version of:

My Favorite Mistake: One of her best. This was actually the first time most of the people around me sat down. I don’t know why – this song rocks! When she was done, Stevie came back and they did another duet! This time it was to…

The Difficult Kind: OMG! I love, love, love this song! It is really one of Sheryl’s more intimate and personal songs. Stevie matched her perfectly with this one, especially the part about “Ballbreaking moon…and ridiculing stars…” It was amazing and such a nice surprise! I’d been waiting forever to see Sheryl live, and it was better than I could ever have hoped for. Right there, if the show had ended, I would have been a happy camper! Sheryl left, for now, while Stevie came back to the stage and launched into:

Stand Back: “Time of your life!!!” She screamed this line, even said it again when the song was completely over. This was absolutely one of the best versions of Stand Back I’ve ever seen. When it was over, the strains of a familiar song began playing and, by herself, Stevie began to sing:

Leather and Lace: Don Henley watched from the shadows, then, when his line came, he appeared next to Stevie. Of course, this was no surprise, but I’d never heard L&L live before. It was so great to hear it like that, between the two that created that song. When it was over, she mentioned that she and Don had known each other since 1976 and how special it was to have him there. It was an emotional moment. She left the stage and Don did a solo version of:

Boys of Summer: Whoa! I absolutely love this song. I’d never seen Don live and didn’t even think about what he might be performing. This was an excellent surprise and Don gave a great performance. He quickly thanked us and left the stage. Stevie returned to do a band intro, which included a great rendition of “Happy Birthday” to Brett Tuggle! When she was done, she turned to us and said simply “Let’s Rock…” And then…after an eerily long piano intro that I had never heard before…

Rhiannon: appeared! Still so intense, so special! It was like The Dance version, with the cool, acoustic intro. She was way into it, giving it her all. Again, I noted how great she sounds. Her voice is getting better and better with age! Rhiannon was over too quickly, then she introduced her next friend, Mr. Chris Isaak! Now, I was already a fan of Chris. I’ve had all of his stuff since the early ‘90s, but I’d never seen him live. This night cemented him as one of my favorite performers forever! This guy is a riot! And an awesome guitar player. He and Stevie did a cover of:

It’s Late: Another complete surprise! Man, they were pulling out all the stops tonite! Chris joked around with Stevie a lot, walking out on stage and saying that he didn’t want to do the song. Then, he made up this hilarious story about how he and Stevie have known each other since the early seventies when they used to perform in Fresno as Happy and Jean! He was crazy! Stevie then joined him for:

Solitary Man: Cool, cool, cool! A very haunting song. Stevie, as always, melded her voice with his so smoothly. I really, really hope they duet on an album someday. When it was over, Stevie left, Chris cracked all kinds of jokes, then brought the house down with…

Baby Did a Bad, Bad Thing: Oh, man this was great! In the middle of it, Sheryl Crow literally crawled on stage, slinking around like a cat, and joined Chris on some of the screams for this song! It was so awesome (yes, I know, I’m overusing that word, but hey, if the shoe fits!) She left and he kept going, eventually looking for Sheryl again “Where’d my Sheryl Crow go? I love her so! I buy all her records!” When he was done, Sheryl and Stevie returned to the stage and Stevie gave my favorite quote of the night: “A tour idea just formed in our heads…” Wouldn’t THAT be incredible???? Chris left the stage, along with Sheryl, and if anybody could top that performance, I knew it would be the next guest, who Stevie introduced in a very emotional speech. “What can I say?” she said as she brought out Lindsey Buckingham! Everyone else left the stage. They were very, very friendly with each other. Lindsey gave a very emotional speech about how he and Stevie used to visit the area so long ago and how things have changed. He actually asked her to stay on stage while he said these things and dedicated his first two songs to her. The first, of course, was:

Big Love: and BIG it was. Acoustic, just like The Dance, and as on fire as ever. I actually do remember zoning out during this. Hearing him play, listening to him wail “Big Big Looooove” is almost a religious experience. Tears did form in my eyes and the standing ovation he received was well deserved. He next did the “The World Called You Away” poem before the incredible…

Go Insane: “She’s a lot like you…” This, combined with Big Love, was almost too much to take. I had expected him to maybe do one or two songs with Stevie, but for him to GIVE us these two songs, every time he does them, is a wonderful gift. When he was done, Stevie came back out, and, after dedicating it to Jeff Buckingham, Lindsey’s brother, her parents and her Aunt Carmela (?), they played…

Landslide: Sigh. As tender as ever. No matter how many times Lindsey and Stevie have performed this, especially since 1997, it still holds so much power. Then, for what I thought was the biggest shock of the night, Lindsey stayed onstage. Carlos and Waddy came back out, and Stevie said they were going to do this song, one they had never done before…we’ll they did it a long time ago…I freaked! And I’m sure I’m not the only one who thought “FROZEN LOVE!!!” But…no…it was…

Gypsy: Almost as good! And what a cool version of this song! Lindsey tore it up at the end, like he always does and the image of them on stage was just so sweet. It was over too fast and we knew the evening was coming to a close. Because after a long drum solo, we heard the unmistakable chords of…

Edge of Seventeen: People started going nuts! They let fans rush the stage. We tried to get there, but were blocked. No biggie though. I still had a great seat for a kick-ass version of this song. She left, but came back for…

I Need to Know: Mentioning again that this is Tom P.’s song and how much she loves doing it. I think everyone was on such a high by this time that she could have sang “Mary Had a Little Lamb” and we would have went nuts. After that, of course, we heard one of the most beautiful versions ever of…

Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You: God, this song is great. And lately, I especially noticed it after the Storytellers show, she lets that last note of “priests of nothing” just hang there, for like five or ten seconds. When it was over, everyone was on their feet, cheering while the entire band and all of the guest came back on stage for a final bow.

I have to admit this was one of the best concerts I’ve ever seen in my life. I put it right next to the one Dance show that I saw, and because this night was full of so many surprises, I think it just might surpass that! What a night!

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