Neale Heywood, August 16 - 31, 2000

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Hello Neale,

You may be possibly be asked this question a lot during your Q&A Session so, please forgive me if I'm not the first one.

1. What exactly is holding up Lindsey's brand new solo album from being released this year. It's been at least two years in the making. I hear it's a good one. (Steve Elliott, Arlington, Virginia, USA)

Well, I don't believe there is any one thing holding up the record release. As you might guess there is a huge amount of planning and strategizing to be done in preparation for an album release-- T.V., radio, live shows, etc. This is where things are at right now so patience my friend, it won't be long now, and it will be worth it.

2. What are Christine, John and Mick doing now ? Any new music coming from Fleetwood Mac ? We all know that Stevie is releasing her new solo album this Fall. (Steve Elliott)

In response to your second question, I think there will always be the possibility of more music from the gang especially after the reception the last album received, I certainly would love to see that.

3. Are Lindsey, Stevie, Christine, John, and Mick aware of The Penguin's Q&A Sessions ? You should tell them to come on and do one, if they don't. It would be fun for them as well as us fans. Thanks for helping to make Lindsey's "Out of the Cradle" Tour a very enjoyable concert for me. (Steve Elliott)

Lastly, I think the guys and gals are aware of the Q&A sessions so the ball is in their court right now.

Hello Mr. Heywood! Thank you so much for taking the time to answer these questions for us! I was wondering, and I'm sure many other people might be also, why was "Eyes of the World" only done in the opening show of The Dance tour? It is one of my favorite songs, and I love how it sounds live. Also, were there any other songs that Fleetwood Mac had talked about doing for The Dance tour, but didn't actually make the setlist? (Josh Williams, East Liverpool, Ohio, USA)

Hi Josh,

Eyes Of The World was a song that Lindsey had done on his solo tour and he felt, I think, that it didn't quite gel with the rest of the set. There were, as you can imagine, a ton of songs that were considered and had we if we'd done all the ones we wanted to we'd still be in rehearsals! But decisions had to be made and I thought the set they ended up with was very well crafted, Hats off to them. On a personal note, I would have loved to have done Monday morning and Second Hand News, maybe next time?

Hi Neale,

Which Malibooz album did you work on with Walter Egan? And what about the Sara Fleetwood vocals? Please tell us a bit about the film and TV work you have done since your move to Colorado. Thank You. (Timothy Kee, North Huntington, Pennsylvania, USA)

Hello Tim,

Well after rummaging through my CD's I've found the Malibooz album that I worked on with Walter and friends. It is called 'A Malibu Kind of Christmas'. A Christmas album obviously, a tad tongue in cheek as well, although great fun doing it. There is a fan club address on the album if you're interested,

Malibooz, 725 Arizona Ave, Cabana 204, Santa Monica, CA 90401

Regarding the Vocals of Sara's-- Walter was working on some tunes and Sara's voice was perfect for some of them, unfortunately I've no idea where the tapes ended up, maybe Walter would know? They were some fine songs,i t would be a shame if they never saw the light of day.

The company I work with here in Colorado is a production house that composes, records and mixes all kinds of music for all kinds of media use. We have a huge library of music, sounds, effects, a little bit like the CD-Rom libraries that are used so much in the recording world these days. For example, a movie producer may want a certain type, feel of music for a trailer, he could listen to a CD from us full of all kinds of music and decide he likes a certain 30 second piece and go ahead and use it, for a small licensing fee. I hope that clarifies it a little bit? Thanks for your interest.

Hello Neale! I was wondering if you had gotten a chance to hear any of Lindsey's upcoming album? If so, what did you think? Word has it that he had recorded part of it with the Out of the Cradle band but that it didn't work out with the record co. Any ideas what happened? Can you tell him that A LOT of people want to hear it already! :-) Thank you. (Jensen, Larksville, Pennsylvania, USA)

Yes, I've been fortunate to hear a good portion of the new record pretty much from the begining of the process to present date. The work that was done with the band from the Cradle tour was more a way for Lindsey to flush out some ideas quickly as we'd just gotten off the road and were working well together. I don't think any of it was submitted to or rejected by the record company, as i say, more of handy platform for Lindsey to get things going. Numerous times during the whole reunion project a cassette would come out for an airing of the work in progress and back in LA after the tour I'd visit the studio where he'd settled in for a couple of months and have the honor really of a private listening. Everything sounds great to me, classic Mr. Buckingham I think.

Photo provided by Neale Heywood.

You said in your biography that Lindsey taught you how to play his Buckingham Nicks classic 'Stephanie.' Can you tell us a little more about how that came about? It is very fascinating that the two of you would pick up and play that song. Any impressions of the rest of the Buckingham Nicks album? Thanks! (Jo, Larksville, Pennsylvania, USA)

Hey Jo,

I was wondering if someone else would appreciate the 'buzz' factor of that situation, it was a great one. One evening at rehearsals everyone was gearing down and filtering out and I just grabbed a couple of acoustics and went over to Lindsey and I think I basically demanded that he show me this tune. He happily agreed and we got ourselves suitably situated and spent the next two or three hours, I forget, just playing it over and over getting it a little better every time and I felt it was almost as much fun for him as I don't think he'd ever played that piece with anyone before. I loved the rest of the album as well although it was hard for me to let it play past 'Stephanie'. Thanks for your question.

Hi Neale Heywood,

First of all...was the fire near you in Colorado? I pray your property was spared! Such a beautiful part of this country! I Love It!

You are so fortunate to have played on Lindsey Buckingham's OOTC Tour ! Janet [Robin] told us what a fun time it was & that sitting down with Lindsey playing and discussing music, was like sitting down with Mozart ! She just absorbed so much from him musically! Lindsey commented that he was so pleased with the band he put together which felt just like a family! Can you comment on the gig and how was Lindsey to work with musically and personally? Thanks for the encouraging words about the album! Maybe LB has to come up with videos to support the work! What I have heard is awesome ! WOW !!! BRAVO Lindsey Buckingham my musical hero! Cheers for Great Musicians... (Charlotte Ann, North Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA)

Hi Charlotte,

Thanks for your concern. Fortunately, the Colorado fires stayed well away from where I live, unlike the Malibu fires in '93 which is where I was at the time! fun.

Working with Lindsey was an inspiring time for me-- his whole approach to music making plus his guitar style were so refreshing. After years of seeing people do things pretty much the same way, in music, here's a guy that will use a cardboard box instead of a regular kick drum because he prefers the sound. True story actually, we'd bought this drum sampler thing and while I was unpacking it the box hit the floor and Lindsey's head turned round and he said "I love it! "The sampler sat in the corner! It was a lot of fun, I felt he let a lot more people closer to himself during the OOTC tour than he may have done before. Everyone in the band was a character themselves and good people so there was a great atmosphere within. It's rare for so many people, especially musicians, to click at one time but I think we did.

Are you and Ray Lindsey ever mistaken for brothers? LOL !!! (Michelle, Los Angeles, California, USA)

I'm flattered. Ray is a gorgeous man!

Hello, Neale! What was it like working with Brett Tuggle and so many other musicians on The Dance? Do you have an official website? Also, would you sign copies of the Dance that fans send to you? Much thanks! (Brian Larsen, Laurel, Maryland, USA)

Hi Brian,

Brett Tuggle is me bro', we got on well from the get go. He's a superb keyboard player, great guitar player and singer, as pleasure to work with as was the entire ensemble on the tour. I don't have a website (somewhat private person that I am) but I guess I would sign an album or two, maybe you can sort something out with the Penguin folks. Thanks.

Hello Neale, First off I wanna say that your a great guitarist! I really enjoyed listening to you in Lindsey's guitar army on the OOTC tour. I was at the first shows and you guys sounded great. Now to my questions....I'm sorta a guitar nut and was wondering what kind of guitars do you play? And have you ever played the Turner Guitar Lindsey uses? Also, will you be playing in Lindsey's band for his upcoming tour? Sure hope so. Thanks Neale and best to you. Cheers. (David Gaines, Norwalk, California, USA)

Hi David,

Thank you, I sure did enjoy playing on that tour. As for guitars hmm...well i've gone through a few, I've kinda settled with a Fender custom shop '62 Strat reissue and a '52' Tele reissue, they're incredible sounding guitars, nice wood but most importantly old pickup design, they hum like a mother but they sound beautiful. I have a couple of Taylor acoustics, also a lovely instrument,a nd an old Gibson SG. I also have this old Jackson Charvel guitar that I bought, I think it was '82-- it was before they got more mass produced and I've hung on to it because it is a nice piece of work, incredibly easy to play, good tremelo system. I met Seymour Duncan in California and did a little playing with him. He took me to his factory because he wanted me to try these new pickups he'd been working on-- they were great0-- are great! I think they were the pickups that became the vintage strat and Jeff Beck models and there we have it! Thank you for your questions and keep a look out for us next year!

Do you mind telling us your first impressions of Mick, John, Christine, Stevie, and Lindsey when you first met them? Any interesting stories about any of them from the Dance tour? (Jo, Larksville, Pennsylvania, USA)

I met all the guys and gals at different times over a 10-15 year period so the first rehearsals weren't as overwhelming as they possibly could have been, although I do remember walking into the rehearsal room on the first day and seeing Lindsey, Stevie, and Christine around one microphone polishing up the Gold Dust Woman chorus harmonies and felt a little rush.

Hi Neale! I was pleased to see that you hail from sunny Southend - which pubs did you drink at when you lived here? Do you ever re-visit the area? I have two FM questions:

1. The guys' performance on The Dance seemed perfect throughout, but are there certain songs that they find more difficult to perform than others? If so, which songs do they find easier and which are more difficult?

2. Do you think fatherhood has changed Lindsey at all? Many thanks. (Jane, Southend-on-Sea, Essex, UK)

Hello Jane,

Good to hear from a fellow Southender! Unfortunately I think I managed to have a drink in every pub in Southend! I have been back quite a few times as one of my sisters still lives there and of course a lot of my oldest friends. Something had changed every time I returned, same everywhere really, but I did go to a couple of old haunts that had hung in there, the cricketers and the Grand hotel is it, the one in Leigh?

In answer to your questions, I don't think any one song posed any problem to anyone except maybe 'Tusk' when the marching band came out. Let's just say they weren't in the best position to hear the monitor system onstage but they did do a great job though, it certainly added to the spectacle. Regarding Lindsey and fatherhood, obviously I think any new father's life would change, I think Lindsey is loving it. Cheers!

Hi Neale! Just wanted to say that I was at the Wiltern show in 1993 during OOTC tour and you guys rocked! My question is do you know if Lindsey's upcoming album is going to be a Lindsey solo album or is it going to be a Fleetwood Mac album? There was talk of slapping a FM label on it so it would sell millions and I was just wondering what was going on with it. Thank you. (Bill Strong, West Los Angeles, California, USA)

Hey Bill,

I remember that show-- the acoustics in there were great. Glad you enjoyed it. There was talk of morphing Lindseys album into a new Mac album but I'm pretty sure that's not a consideration any more. Early next year may settle it!

Hi, Neale. There were a few interviews that Lindsey did during the Dance tour where he said something to the effect of his new cd being about 90% complete. Since you had the advantage of hearing a great part of it during that time, did you feel that it was near completion (way back in 1997) or did you feel it was still very much a work in progress? (Regina, Bronx, New York, USA)

Hi Regina,

I thought he was pretty close to being done but you know that last 10% can yield some suprises! I think I hear a fat lady warming up somewhere though!

Finally (for now...I'll be back;-)...which member of Fleetwood Mac seemed to be the most affected by the reunion? It seems like it was one emotional love-fest out there and I just wondered if that was what it was like from your side of the stage. Also...did you feel you personally got as much professional satisfaction touring with FM as you did with Lindsey's Out of the Cradle group? Thank you. (Regina)

Hello again Regina,

I think, no, I know that they all were really happy to be playing together, there was so much clarity that they were realising what a great sound they made! And yes from my side of the stage it was the same good vibes. Everyone was really playing well and all personnel involved from technical to musicians were the best at what they do so it was a very cool time! If I had to say one was more affected I would say Mick-- he was so obviously and visibly stoked that this was happening, and why not ?!

I'm not sure how to define 'professional satisfaction'-- all I can say really is that both were enormously gratifying-- very difficult for one to outdo the other.

Neale, thank you so much for doing the Q and A. My question is, do we know yet a definite song list for Lindsey's new album? I've seen two or three lists floating around the internet at various Lindsey and FM websites, but nothing I'd call definitive. If Lindsey tours for the new album would you be touring with him? Do you ever see Lindsey? If you do, please tell him for me that OOTC has to be the greatest album ever(Soul Drifter and Surrender the Rain being my favorite songs on the album) with Go Insane running a close second. The Dance concert I attended at Nissan Pavilion in Virginia was awesome!!! Were you there? It was the first time I had seen the band with Lindsey. He makes quite a difference;) (Vianna, Alexandria, Virginia, USA)

Hi Vianna,

No, I've not seen any final songlist-- I'd have to walk around in his shadow to stay up to date on that one and yes so far the plan is to get out there next year, myself included, I'm glad to say and I will pass on your praises. I was there with the Dance tour, lurking back there having a grand old time.

I saw a Neale Heywood listed as producer on a CD from a popular Irish band from Colorado. It also listed credit for guitar work on the CD. Being Irish, I'm curious. Are you that Neale Heywood? (Sean McBean, Denver, Colorado, USA)

Hi Sean,

Yep, guilty as charged! Great band aren't they? Mike Nile is my good pal from the California days.


How many musicians will tour with Lindsey, and approximately how many many venues are you contemplating? Do you or Lindsey have a fan mail address? We can't wait to see you in Minneapolis! (Jim Roberts, Edina, Minnesota, USA)

Hi Jim,

I think the line up may be a little smaller this time round but one never knows. As for venues, I think the major cities are always a consideration but I couldn't guess as to how many. Sorry I can't be more specific and I hope we are to be seen in Minneapolis!

Hi, Neale:

Buckingham told Mix magazine in 1993 that the challenge of using an "army of guitars" on his first solo tour was to "keep it from sounding like mush," & added that "on a lot of songs, you have people waiting to come in for something very specific, & then dropping out again."

I assume the arrangements were very rigorously planned & executed for the "Out of the Cradle" tour. Could you comment on that, & compare it with the way arrangements were approached for the Mac reunion tour? Similar ideas & execution? or were you & Brett encouraged to attack the songs in the Mac setlist more freely & spontaneously (without necessarily working out guitar parts in quite such a detailed way)?

My own perspective, as a besotted Machead for most of my life, is that I think the more rigorously orchestrated approach works best on a lot of Buckingham's solo material & on such tightly structured Mac songs as "You Make Loving Fun." At the same time, I really enjoy the band when they're able to let loose & improvise onstage when they perform tunes like "World Turning" or "Not That Funny" (John McVie used to say that they "bounced off" each other). (David, Los Angeles, California, USA)

Hi David,

Working out the arrangements for the set was actually a lot of a fun as well as tricky. As much, if not more, time was spent trying different guitars for the various parts. I think this was the major factor in keeping things from becoming a mush. The hardest thing was coming to rehearsal the next day and remembering what guitar you played not the part! This actually also led to some suprising textures that were kept. Great fun though, here you try this one, I'll play that, you grab the 12 string, capo that nylon at the sixth and so on.

The Dance was a whole new ball game. These songs were well tried and tested. Myself, Brett and Lenny all realised this and just endeavoured to embelish what was there. I'm glad to say we've not had any complaints or angry letters. I did ask Lindsey at one point if there was a particular way he wanted me to approach things, I think his reply was "not really mate, just do your thing". My thing was done and I had a great time!

Hi, Neale,

1) Being a part of the "guitar army" of Lindsey's solo tour, how were the guitar parts distributed for that tour? And, how different was it doing "The Dance" tour in comparison as far as what parts you were asked to play? Was there any stipulation in what TYPE of guitar (Strat, Tele, Les Paul, etc.) you were to use?

2) It was "rumoured" (pun intended) that Lindsey's road band recorded a lot of tracks for the still-awaited follow-up. And, also it was rumoured that a complete album from those sessions was submitted for release. Anything you can confirm or deny regarding those?? (Steve Denison, Long Beach, California, USA)

Hi Steve,

Well I just answered a very similar question to this so I'll try not to repeat myself too much. I think there were very few pre-conceptions as to how all the parts were to be handled. Mostly experimentation with various guitars and tunings was the way we went, very different from the Dance where parts were already very much in place and 'beefing up' was what was wanted. We were pretty much left to rely on our own sensibilities which I think we managed to do. We were still there at the end of the tour!

Regarding the 'rumour' (pun also intended) I don't believe any of the early recordings with the OOTC band was ever submitted to or rejected by the record company. Those recordings were, I believe, a good way for LB to get a great quick snapshot of some ideas he had floating around.

Hi Neale! Thank you for providing answers to all of our questions! It really means a lot that you take the time to do this.

My question is: Have you heard any word about a re-release of the Buckingham-Nicks album or maybe even a Buckingham-Nicks II? I know that Lindsey and Stevie have both been asked in numerous interviews about what they plan to do with their pre-Mac work since they have the sole rights to it. It seems pretty unaminous with the fans that we would love to have it on CD version and have it see the light of day again...this time being much more successful! Just wondering if Lindsey has spoken of the idea recently to you. I know both he and Stevie have said that it's definitely something they are going to think about. Please let him know that their fans are yelling, "Go for it!" (Melissa, Cape Coral, Florida, USA)

Hi Melissa,

Only happy to answer your questions. Unfortunately I can't add any more info than what you already have as to Buckingham Nicks II, I can only agree that it would be rather cool to hear an album of that material and I know that they both have given it some thought. Hopefully the right place and time will present itself in the near future. Sorry I couldn't give you more of an insight.

Hi Neale, So good to make your acquaintance and to read your very articulate and interesting remarks! Fleetwood Mac and especially Lindsey had a Banner Year in 1998!!! My question... Did I see you on stage at The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction and The Brit Awards and at The Grammy's? Are you the handsome guy with glasses...right behind John and Chris? Thoes were great moments to watch! I nashed my teeth, screamed at the tv and cried out when Lindsey did not win for his Musical Skills on The Dance Album!!! So-o-o-o Very Sad ! But Lindsey has * WON * in many wonderful ways!!! We think Fatherhood and a tad of grey sit very well on our Musical Hero...Lindsey BucKINGham!!! Cheers for Great Musicians!!! (Charlotte Ann, North Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA)

Hello again Charlotte Ann,

I'm sorry, I left the 'Ann' off your name in reply to your last letter, gettin' careless in my old age.

I'm proud and happy to say that I was with them on all those occasions and yes that was yours truly behind Chris and John.

I think it would be an understatement to say you weren't the only surprised, no..shocked, person at that point of the evening. It bounced right off him though and we all went out to a big old party and that was that! As to fatherhood, I agree, I think he's at a very comfortable place in life right now. Thanks for your interest and support of the gang. Be well!

The Dance

Sorry for the redunancy of my first barage of questions...didn't see them being asked previously. Guess you got hit with all the similar questions at once. Hope the same isn't true this time. :-) On to the next round:

Being that "The Dance" was basically a reunion of the 'Rumours' era Fleetwood Mac and, as such, the set list focused mainly on the "white album" through "Tusk" years. Was the set list basically complete by the time you got involved (other than the "Eyes Of The World"/"Second Hand News" switcheroo)? Was there any discussion of them doing any tunes from earlier incarnations (i.e. "Oh Well", "Station Man", etc)? I have to admit, that after seeing them some 40+ times, it was the first tour I'd ever NOT heard them play "Oh Well". That came as a big surprise. (ranking up there in "surprise quotient" as much as the "Out Of The Cradle" band DOING "The Chain")

As you stated earlier, Lindsey preferred (prefers?) cardboard boxes to actual drums; was that the concept during "Out Of The Cradle" band not having a "kit drummer" per se, but using three "percussionists" to fill that gap instead??

During the "Out Of The Cradle" tour, the band played on the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno"...if I'm not mistaken, it was a smaller band that the one I saw at the Wiltern...was there a personnel change during the tour, or was it just a truncated band for the TV show?? (Steve Denison, Long Beach, California, USA)

Hello Steve,

Yes the setlist was 'basically' complete by the time I showed up. There were a few changes made along the way and a ton of revised running orders but the core stayed pretty much the same. As to why some of the older FM classics weren't included is something I can't really answer, my guess would be, and it's just a guess, that it was agreed that the more widely known popular songs would be a better package.

The cardboard box concept...we did actually have a 'drummer' on the tour playing standard kit setup but with non standard drums (sounds a bit like gobbledy gook, sorry). He was using a small kick, somewhat messed with snare and Roto tom-type rack drums complimented by the two percussion players either side of him, it was quite the full spectrum of sounds. They were in heaven back there, you know drummers-- the more things to hit the better!

The Tonight Show, wow, that's a story. I'll make it as brief and concise as I can. You are quite right sir, that was a 'truncated' band as you say, due to the fact that 15 minutes before we were due on, the local union (NBC being a staunch supporter of such like) decided to find a problem with me being a Brit and not 'yet' a member of the local 57 and forced me to play off to the side of the stage with a TV monitor and wedge sound monitor, can you believe that?! None of us could and put a few noses out of joint by completely falling about laughing when they told us! What a bunch. I couldn't believe the passion with which these union reps were telling us what a big no-no this was. You can imagine how my wife, who was in the audience, felt when the curtains opened and the guy she came with wasn't there! Quite an amusing evening.

Hi Neale,

Great Q&A! I was lucky enough to see The Dance tour at three stops and if I never get to see the five of them together again, what a fabulous way to go out! The whole Dance band was top-notch. Now, to my question... When Stevie Nicks put 'Long Distance Winner' on her box set, I was as thrilled as anyone to finally hear a Buckingham/Nicks song on cd. It also made me wonder if that is how we're finally going to get that record on cd, split up on SN's and LB's solo records. That would be a shame, because people who have never heard Buckingham/Nicks would be amazed by how much Fleetwood Mac's sound was influenced by those two, right from the start! After one listen, Lindsey Buckingham's role in Fleetwood Mac's rise to the top becomes much more apparent! Think we'll ever hear B/N's on cd? In it's entirety? (Desiree, Virginia, USA)

Hi Desiree,

First off, I love your e-mail adresss, is that how you would describe yourself? Sorry,i digress.

I agree they did seem to hit there stride with that lineup, the strength ultimately I think was the coming together of five people and becoming a band, three great songwriters, a great sound, I know that sounds a little corny but they sure did sound real and complete.

As to a new B&N album, I mentioned in an earlier letter that there's always a chance for the right place and time presenting itself for that. A bit vague I know but that's really about it. I hope your wait isn't too long.


Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions. As a die-hard Lindsey fan, I must say, the show I saw at the Bayou (RIP) in Georgetown, DC was the best I've ever seen. This won't be a popular opinion, but I was bummed about the FM reunion. I was anxously awaiting the new Lindsey album and tour, still am! I saw The Dance tour in VA also, and it was great, but I'd have prefered a solo Lindsey in a smaller venue.

Anyway, my question is this. Being that the first two singles from OOTC were "Wrong" and "Countdown", why were those songs not on the setlist when you hit the road? Did it have to do with arrangements (he did play "Countdown" on Letterman) or was there some other reason?

Again thanks for your time and I can't wait for the new tour! (Dave Lampel, Columbia, Maryland, USA)

Hi Dave, I'm looking forward to it to, glad you enjoyed the first one. You stumped me there for a moment with that question but as I sit here I do seem to remember doing Wrong two or three times maybe we didn't do it at the Bayou, same with Countdown. Unfortunately they didn't seem to work that well live, I can't really say why-- just happens sometimes.

All of the OOTC reviews for the album itself as well as the shows from the tour that I have read have been very, VERY positive...some bordering on gushing. Lindsey and the band had to be proud. But, the album didn't sell well. I was wondering if you have any feelings on why or if you can tell us how Lindsey handled it all (having slow sales and the contrasting image of awesome crowds at the live gigs along with awesome reviews). (Jo, Larksville, Pennsylvania, USA)

Hi Jo,

Lindsey and the band were indeed happy with how the tour panned out. Regarding the question of album sales, it sounds too easy to say you know the record company this, the record company that, just my opinion but I think it was more a breakdown of communication between a few departments, very unfortunate and I think Lindsey was obviously a bit disappointed but more importantly he was happy with his work.

Hi Neale,

Thank you for providing such long and detailed answers. I know it must conumse a lot of time. Probably did not know what you were in for......

Anyway, I noticed on the Dance Tour you providing some background vocals. Do you consider yourself a singer or a more of a backing vocalist. Any songs out there with Neale Heywood on lead vocals?

On Lindsey's new album we have heard that Mick played quite a bit of Drums and Percussion, John some Bass, and Christine some vocals. Did you add any guitar to the album? Was the majority of the instruments again played by Lindsey? For all the talk about his guitar playing, Lindsey seems to be pretty good multi-instrumentalist. A very good Keybaord/piano player I have read. Have you noticed this? Do you have other instruments that you play well? (John, Amherst, Massachusetts, USA)

Hello John,

I think I'm better as a backing vocalist, WAY back! If I sing lead vocals I sound as though I've hurt something! Actually my voice is ok but having worked with a lot of great singers there's no way i would consider myself one of them. There are some tunes that I've sang and they sound alright, nothing special though.

At various times during the recording of LB's album, I've put some guitars down, a fair amount are recorded, some make it and some don't. We did do some nice multiple layered parts on a few songs and because Lindsey has reservations about erasing anything it wouldn't suprise me to hear them having survived the mixing stage.

Lindsey is a very musical person to the bone-- he can play anything, literally anything-- table top, a glass of wine, car dashboard, everything is a potential instrument. He does play piano well, I'll never forget (he probably wishes I would) his Vegas, cabaret version of Big Love that he played at a hotel bar after a show one night! Theres was only a few of us in there so no harm done.

I also like to play piano, I think it's the almost compulsory second instrument to learn unless it's your first of course, get that independent left right thing going.

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