Bob Aguirre (Fritz, BN Band)
November 26 - December 9, 2001

As background material and to ask the most informed questions, we would suggest reading the Javier Pacheco (Fritz), Gary "Hoppy" Hodges (Buckingham Nicks Band), and Keith Olsen Q&As.

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Hi Bob, As I'm sure you are aware, Javier is meeting with Stevie in February to discuss the content of a CD he plans to release (and hopefully sell here through The Penguin!) of Fritz recordings. Are you or would you be able to get involved on this project as you may have some photos and/or tapes that Javier doesn't have (or upgrades of the ones he does have) and more people working on it may help to get this long awaited disc out to us most interested fans! Thanks for your time. (John, Peabody, Massachusetts, U.S.A.)

Thanks John for the question, as far as getting involved I think that would be a decision for Javier to make. Regarding tapes I have already given Javier the tapes I have and as for pictures, I`m sure there are some lurking around in a dusty "memories" box somewhere. I would be more than happy to help this project in any way.

Hello. I finally got to hear Fritz music on the VH1 Lindsey Buckingham Behind The Music episode. Any chance this music will ever be available to fans in the future? After so many years, it was great to hear the way the band actually sounded. Of course the music was stepped on by the documentary dialog. Thanks for doing the Q&A. (Timothy Kee, North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.)

Thanks Timothy, it's my pleasure to be doing this too. As I just answered in the last question, this is Javier's pet, let's just rally behind the boy.

Hi Mr. Aguirre-- I've long wondered if you are the same R. Aguirre as the one listed as co-writer on "Say We'll Meet Again" on Lindsey's "Out of the Cradle" album. If so, can you tell us a little bit about that song and how it came together? Thanks! (Lesley, San Diego, California, U.S.A.)

Thank you, Lesley, but Mr. Aguirre is my father. Yes it is me, and as for the story behind the song- LB gave me a demo with the music tracks and wanted the phrase "Say We'll Meet Again" included. I had a possible Fleetwood Mac reunion in mind. I hope that gives you a new insight the next time you listen, thanks again.

Why do you believe so little has been known about Fritz? How cum the biographies of L&S have spent so little time on this band and finally now some things are just beginning to be known? Why is that? (Mac Ademia, Deadwood City, California, U.S.A.)

Thanks, Mac- you know, I don`t have a clue. I don`t think there was a need to detail any of the Fritz daze or days, if you will. But thanks to folks like yourself, and Marty and the Penguin ( sounds like some old vauldville act ) here I am to help answer any questions. By the way, where is Deadwood City- because I grew up in Redwood City, Ca.- and that`s how we referred to home sweet home way back when.

Is it true that Javier was the real leader of Fritz? (Frank Andearnest, Hayward, California, U.S.A.)

Thanks Frank I`ll answer this frankly, musically Javier wrote the songs, but I don`t believe there was an actual "leader". Well there was, but I don`t think they really took me seriously.

In your mind, what caused the split in Fritz? (Bill Melater, Palo Alto, California, U.S.A.)

Thanks Bill, in my mind, gee it`s so crowded in here-- anyway-- I think LB`s BTM said it all. Lindsey and Stevie were starting to write and not able to contribute as much as they would have liked, and it was their time. They made the right move AT the right time.

I read an article many years ago that left the impression on me that you drummed for the Curtis Brothers in the 70s. Is that right? If so, how long were you involved with them? Did you play a role in writing and bringing "Blue Letter" to Lindsey's (and Fleetwood Mac's) attention for inclusion on the 1975 Fleetwood Mac album? Thanks again. (Lesley, San Diego, California, U.S.A.)

Lesley, you sure know you`re stuff. Yes I played with the Curtis boys and by the way we recorded an album of some really good songs that never got released. And yes, LB did help out on some of those tracks. Actually LB was already friends of the Curtis Bros. before the Mac and introduced me to them.

Hello Mr. Aguirre! It is so COOL that you are doing this. Thank you so much. I was wondering about the time period before Stevie joined Fritz. I was wondering what you thought about the idea of Stevie joining the Fritz band since it was already running? Did you know her at the time? Did you think that she could DO anything for Fritz? Do you know what the other members thought? Thank you again! (Laura, Larksville, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.)

Thanks for the question Laura. You know, the way I remember, Fritz had tried a couple of girl singers after Jodie had left and nothing was working-and I know Stevie mentioned in the LB BTM that he called her and asked her to join-- it was me who made that call. I knew right away ( I don`t know that EVERYONE else felt the same way ) what she would bring to the party, and it worked! But I remember that her first gig with us was at the Quad at Stanford-- a BIG deal with lots of people there--Stevie did a version of Linda Rondstadt`s Different Drum that brought the house down-- that we had to do it again by popular demand. The writing was on the wall.

Hi Bob! Exactly who asked Stevie to join Fritz? There's two different accounts of her "recruitment": (1) Lindsey remembered her from a party where they sang "California Dreaming" and he thought she would improve the vocal sound of the band, and (2) Javier Pacheco stated in his Q&A that you knew her from high school and may have been the one who actually asked her to join the band. Could you please clear up the confusion? Thanks so much for taking the time to answer our questions, us fans really appreciate it! (Tobi, Napa, California, U.S.A.)

Thanks Tobi- I think I just might have done that with the last question. For Javier to mention me as the one in his Q&A only reinforces my out of control ego, thanks again Tobi.

Thank you Jo-- I didn`t want it to seem that I`m not answering your question, but I believe someone beat you to it. Thanks again Jo.

Regarding the beautiful song called "Say We'll Meet Again" on Lindsey's Out of the Cradle album,how did you come to co-write with him? How did it feel after so long to work with him again? What was the inspiration for the song? Thank you! (Jo, Larksville, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.)

Hello again! The following exerpt was from Gary Hodges Q&A:

"the line-up was me, Gary Hodges on drums, Bob Aguirre also on Drums (as we decided to take two drummers and do the gig together to make the drums really kick butt on those gigs, and they did too), on bass was Tom Montcrieff, Lindsey on guitar and Stevie up front in all her glory."
What was the Buckingham Nicks tour like? Do you have any happy or fond...or even not so fond memories to share? Do you still see Lindsey and/or Stevie? Do you still play drums? Maybe you can ask them to re-release the Buckingham Nicks album. We so want it on CD! Thank you so much! (Laura, Larksville, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.)

Thanks for the great question Laura. Yes, I have many, many fond memories of that Alabama swing. I even have a great tape of one of those gigs ( I think it was @ UA Tuscaloosa that I`m willing to sell to the highest bidder ) I am still in touch with both Lindsey and Stevie, I am still playing drums, for the last couple of years with this GREAT group out of Nashville, The Trailer Park Troubadours ( check out their web site; there are even pictures of me hidden in there )

Hi! I was wondering what your favorite most funny and most memorable moment was in the band? I really love the music you guy's made. Thanks for answering my question. (Tiffany Halverson, Peoria, Illinois, U.S.A.)

Thanks Tiffany, there were many moments. One of my favorites was the first time playing the Fillmore in SF and also opening and meeting some of the best-- like Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Leon Russell-Chicago - but keep in mind it was the late 60`s and early 70`s. I might just be making this stuff up in lieu of memories. Oh, here`s a good one, there was this one night we were playing some Prom night so far out in the boonies we were reviewed by Field & Stream. Oh well, during the first break me and good friend Bob Fogel went out for a smoke and a big lead pipe fixture embedded in the ground fell and I wound up breaking my foot and was taken to the local hospital and Stevie was so worried she went with the people who took me leaving the rest of the band to play the next couple of sets without a drummer AND singer. The boys ended up bringing people ( in thier tuxes ) out of the crowd to be drummer for Fritz for a song or two. By the way the part of my foot being broken was NOT one of the funny memories.

I was wondering since you lived briefly with Lindsey, could you tell us if he has any bad habits, like leaving dishes in the sink, etc.? :-) (Laura, Larksville, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.)

Thanks Laura- Pralines and Cream and Hershey`s Chocolate sauce.

When Stevie joined Fritz, did you see a mutual attraction between her and Lindsey from the start? (Lulu, Watkinsvile, Georgia, U.S.A.)

Lulu, I believe the attraction you`re speaking of came much later.

Bob, thank you for coming on the Penguin and answering our questions. So without further ado here's my round of questions.... (1)Out of all the great musicians and bands you opened for, who was your favourite ? (2) What interesting encounters with above mentioned stands out the most in your experience ? (3) Would you have loved to play Woodstock ? (4)Did you feel the film Almost Famous was very realistic ? Thank you once again Bob ! (Arizona Ranger, Cranford, New Jersey, U.S.A.)

Well Arizona Ranger the answers are yes, yes, yes, and yes. Janis was way cool, Jimi was tres` cool, watching the crowd respond, myself included to the first time seeing Santana is something I`ll never forget. There are too many musicians to mention -you know who you are. As for Woodstock yes and no- does that make ANY sense?

Hi Bob! Thank you for your time. I liked your interview bits on the Lindsey BTM. I think it's so cool you got to see him sleeping with his guitar. :p Anyway, if nobody has asked you this yet, can you clue us in as to whether the folks at VH1 made any factual errors in that program? Javier has pointed out a couple of discrepancies he picked up and posted them on the Ledge. Please set the record straight for us if they got anything wrong in your opinion. Thank you. (Sonia, Maine, U.S.A.)

Sonia, I have only seen the show once, and I was so concerned with how I looked, I didn`t have time to check for accuracy in the actual story. ( just kidding ) No, really, I haven`t seen the whole show yet. I have it on tape, it`s on my to-do list.

Hi, Thanks so much for doing this. Are you still involved in music? (Lynn O., Linwood, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.)

Lynn, thanks for your interest. Yes, as mentioned before, check click on YOU at the top of the page and scroll.

Hello Bob! First of all, thank you so much for taking the time to do this! I was really just wondering if you could shed some light on Fritz material being issued onto cd? I know Javier has said that he has spoken with Stevie about it. I'm also patiently awaiting the release of Buckingham Nicks on cd. Hopefully before I'm 40? Now, I'm only 20, so I think that's a pretty fair time period. :) Again, thank you. (Susie Robles, Palo Alto, California, U.S.A.)

Susie, home town girl that you are, here`s your answer... I don`t know. I do know that probably (hopefully ) before you turn 40, Lindsey`s next CD will be out! As I mentioned before I am in possession of a live Buckingham Nicks tape, I am waiting for the offers to start pouring in.

What were your favorite tunes in Fritz? (Whipper Will, Algonquin Pass, Alabama, U.S.A.)

Whipper Will ( I get it ) There were lots, Codine, Lordy, Dream Away, all of which probably means nothing to you, but perhaps it will. God speed Javier.

Javier has stated in his Q&A that Fritz was split over making the trip to Los Angeles (1970) which was supposed to showcase the band. Do you agree with this? (Dimples, Grand Rapids, Maine, U.S.A.)

Dimples, how cute is that?- As I stated before, it was a lot of things, ask 5 people to recollect a story and you`ll get 5 different versions. I don`t agree with everything Javier remembers in his Q&A, I don`t expect him to agree with mine. But I think we both agree on HOW CUTE IS DIMPLES.

Its an honor to ask you a question and thanks for doing this. I read somewhere that Lindsey (and perhaps the rest of the band)used to get angry at Stevie for going overboard with her dramatic stage presence during a song about overdosing, do you this? if so, could you elaborate (David Deganian, Athens, Georgia, U.S.A.)

David, thanks for the question. The song you`re referring to is Codine, an old Buffy Saint-Marie song, and I wouldn`t say mad would be correct. Stevie gave a great performance on that number, and with that came LOTS of recognition and I`m sure that didn`t go over with some members. Stevie probably went through the same type of thing with Fleetwood Mac. Being singled out of a line-up is not always a good thing.

Hi, What do you think of the way both Lindsey's and Stevie's music has changed and developed from then you first listened to their music? Thanks. (LIZZY.B., Essex, United Kingdom)

Lizzy, all the way from the UK., thank YOU for taking part in this. Let me say for the record, I am now, as I have always been, a huge fan. I love them both very much, they are special people that make special music.

Hi Bob, As an insider on periods of Lindsey's friend/ cohort/ and drummer/ did you teach Lindsey to play the drums and percussion instruments? Please tell us how Lindsey was to work with in the Old Fritz Daz! Hear Javier was the real task master as suggested! Some imply Lindsey was intense as he is just the result of being a genius of great musical ability! TROUBLE is my all time Lindsey Favorite! Were you drumming with Mick on this Video? Pretty clever!!!

Happy to see you on Lindsey's BTM 11-11-01 but sad you only got to made two comments!Incidently! You have very beautiful hair! Lindsey ranks with the greatest musicians I ever experienced in my opinion!!! Musical Blessings! Char... (Charlotte Ann, North Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.)

Hey Char, good question. Actually, after I left Dr. Hook and moved to LA to be part of Buckingham Nicks- LB had a LOT to do with my drumming technique. Even though I had been playing for years, when I got back with Lindsey, he was so into recording, and the way he did things, kick and snare, no cymbals made a lot of sense, I became a believer. Seriously, I do credit him for pointing out the forest in the midst of the trees, or something like that. And yes, that was me in the Trouble video, did you really recognize me-or did you read it somewhere?

Could you share with us the names of the Fritz songs you hear in bits and pieces in Lindsey's BTM? Perhaps you could elaborate on what they are all about? They sound great and I am completely intrigued. Thanks so much. (Sonia, Maine, U.S.A.)

Sonia, that would be a question for Javier, he supplied VH1 with the Fritz songs.

Note from MEA: Javier Pacheco has posted this information in this thread on The Ledge.

This is very special to be able to ask you a question like this thanks a lot!! What is your fondest memory of Stevie during those years??? (Anita, Adelaide, Outside US and Canada, Australia)

Well Anita, where do I begin? Probably seeing this shy young girl blossom into a full-fledged rock & roll front person. Stevie also has a great sense of humor, and I don`t know if everyone is aware of that. G`Day.

Hi Bob! Thanks for doing the Q&A Session! I love reading things! So how did you become involved with Stevie and Lindsey while they were the Buckingham Nicks duo? (April, Tinley Park, Illinois, U.S.A.)

I`ll tell you April, I had always stayed in touch with them after Fritz, while I was on the road with Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show. We always visited whenever I was in LA. Since I had played on the demos Lindsey made at his father`s coffee plant, and loved what they were doing musically, when I left the road and Lins asked me to come down to LA it just made sense.

Hi Bob! Thanks for answering another one of my questions. Was Fritz an already active performing band prior to Stevie's joining, despite the line up changes? And, how did Fritz manage to secure David Forest as their (your) booking agent so early in their career? (Tobi, Napa, California, U.S.A.)

Thanks again Tobi, Fritz had been working a short time when Stevie came onboard. We connected with David when Lindsey`s brother Greg got us a gig at his Stanford frat house. I think David had booked a topless dancer for that house, and while he came by to check on things saw us-and since he was starting to book bands for other frat parties asked us if we wanted to work more we said yes--it just started from there. There was never another topless dancer.

There are different versions of when Stevie and Lindsey started going together (before/after Fritz broke up). How do you remember it? Whatever happened to Lindsey's long-time girlfriend Sally at the time? Thank you for listening! (Jo, Larksville, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.)

I don`t know Jo- they were not out in the open about it. I remember all of a sudden they were together. As for Sally- her and I became couple for a few years in the mid 80`s...small world, huh?

Thank you so much for your gracious answers!

"But I remember that her first gig with us was at the Quad at Stanford-- a BIG deal with lots of people there--Stevie did a version of Linda Rondstadt`s Different Drum that brought the house down-- that we had to do it again by popular demand."
That is SO cool. I would have LOVED to hear that! Now on to my question...did you ever write any of the songs that Fritz played? Javier was the main man when it came to the lyrics...but did you create your drum parts? There are A LOT of fans that would LOVE to hear that BN concert! Could you make copies for all of us! LOL! ;-) Thank you for your answers! (Laura, Larksville, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.)

Laura, I wrote a song we did called Sad Times. Yes, I did my own drum parts, I even drove the van to the gigs. As far as the BN tape goes-- we`ll see.

Love all of the answers so far! Thanks for being so kind. What were the best and worst parts of being in Fritz? Stevie being worried about your foot and going with you to the hospital is so cute! (Jo, Larksville, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.)

That`s an easy one Jo. The best part was doing what I love to do. The worst part, having to "carry" Lindsey & Stevie for sooo long.

Hi again. Now for my second question. Stevie in an interview one time described herself and Lindsey as "Mr. and Mrs. Intense." From your recollection, were they intense as a couple even in the Fritz daze or with Buckingham Nicks? (By intense I am assuming she meant that from day to day you never knew what to expect, either they would really, really be great with each other, or they would really,really hate each other). I am assuming people around them could feel it too. Thanks again. (Lynn O., Linwood , Pennsylvania, U.S.A.)

Well Lynn, you have to keep in mind times were tough then, you didn`t always know the rent money would all be there. Sure, I could tell the times when there was a "chill in the air"- I mean it wasn`t like every night--- Being Afraid of Virginia Wolf or anything like that.

Thanks, Bob, for taking up your valuable time to put up with our inquisition/interrigation.(another guitarist, me, trying to get into the mind of a drummer, you) Ok, where to start...Ah! Ok. How did you & Gary Hodges work out the two drum parts for the Buckingham Nicks shows? Is it easier or harder to play in a multiple drummer situation? (Steve Denison, Long Beach, California, U.S.A.)

Good one Steve. Gary was my 1st-double drums I mean. He was so good he made it very easy for me. I since have done boom-boom ( double drums ) a bunch, it`s Two much fun.

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this! I was wondering how closely you have followed Stevie's solo career over the years? If so do you have any favourites and what do you think of her latest release Trouble In Shangri-La? (Shane, Vancover, British Columbia, Canada)

Thanks Shane, right after I saw the movie, Practical Magic, I phoned Stevie to tell her how cool I thought it was to hear HER sing Crystal, and tell her that Sheryl Crow { being one of my favorites ) and her made a good team. I also told her how I`ve always liked her willingness to collaberate with other great artists, Don Henley, Tom Petty etc. So naturally on this newest album, she follows tradition and the results speak for themself. My favorite track is Too Far from Texas, Stevie Nicks and Natalie Maines backed by The Heartbreakers with Sheryl Crow on bass-STAND BACK! On the live BN tape I spoke of, there is an early version of Lady From the Mountain, now called Sorcerer.

What were your impressions of Stevie during the time in Fritz? Did you ever think to yourself that she was going to be a big success one day? (Shane, vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)

Shane, keep in mind this was 69-70`s time frame, so the running joke was Stevie had Cher potential. I mean that in a good way, acting, records, live performance, dare I say, movies-I`m still surprised she never pursued acting more,she`s a natural, she would`ve been great, I`m sure.

Do you still have any contact with Lindsey or Stevie? Any comment on Lindsey's yet to be released album "Gift Of Screws" and finally I saw on the Buckingham Nicks album that Richard Dashut got an engineer credit, did Richard have any involvement with Fritz? Thanks again for taking the time. (Neil, Surrey, United Kingdom)

Thanks Neil, the stuff I`ve heard from LB`s impending are AMAZING...SO COOL. Richard came onto the scene when Lindsey and Stevie got to LA. His Q&A should be great, I might even ask him a question or two.

Hello Again Bob ! I'm back with some more questions ! 1) What is your opinion of the following drummers ? Gene Krupa, Buddy Rich, John "Bonzo" Bonham, Keith Moon, Mickey Hart. 2)Speaking of Mickey Hart, is it true you Stevie. Lindsey, and the rest of Fritz partied with The Dead at their San Francisco Manor ? 3) Did you have any intersting experiences with Grace Slick and Jefferson Airplane ? Once again, Thanks a Lot !!!! (Arizona Ranger, Cranford, New Jersey, U.S.A.)

OK Ranger- no, we never partied with the Dead. I once held hands with Grace Slick at Winterland- definite smile of THAT week. As far as drummers go, Gene Krupa was always my all-time fave. Too many people overlook Ringo- what taste- of course the guys he worked with weren`t too bad. Bonzo was a MONSTER, Moonie was a big influence-showmanship-wise, and let`s not overlook Uncle Miltie- Mick Fleetwood. Bernard Purdie = check him out.

So, what is this ex-member of Fritz doing these days? Were you aware that that Lindsey and Stevie had hooked up with Fleetwood Mac way back then? When they first hit the radio, what were your thoughts? Was it "I could've been there" or was it "good for them, since we couldn't do it". (Sharon, Buffalo, New York, U.S.A.)

Thanks Sharon, this allows me to put in another shameless plug. When you check out the Trailer Park Troubadours site,, offered for sale is a live video on which I`m playing the drums. The last gigs Buckingham-Nicks did as a band, Lindsey and Stevie had already commited to Fleetwood Mac. When we got back from Alabama, I remember Lindsey wasn`t sure he had done the right thing, since we just sold out 5 or 6 shows, and I told him do it for a year or two- if it doesn`t work out, it would help BN ( you guys ) being ex-members of FM. I hate saying I told you so. I`ve always been supportive Lindsey and Stevie and their music, and continue to do so.

What were the crowds like at a Fritz gig? Do you recall how you first decided as a group of teens to get on stage as a band and actually perform? Tell us all about it. :-) (Jo, Larksville, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.)

Jo, the original Fritz line-up performed at our senior class assembly in the Menlo-Atherton High gym. I had noticed that bands usually went over pretty well, and I basically wanted to show off. That show led to being hired to play at an upcoming Soph. dance in which LB`s brother Greg and some Stanford buddies came by- they hired us to do something for their frat-house-David Forest appeared- that`s how the ride started.

Hi Bob, It's great to hear more "Behind The Music." Thank you for taking the time to talk with the fans of Fleetwood Mac. This is a follow up to your comment, "Lindsey and Stevie were starting to write and not able to contribute as much as they would have liked." Was it that there just wasn't time to contribute their own songs, or was it more or less understood that the music was Javier's domain? Were Lindsey and Stevie offering up contributions at that time? If so, what were you hearing? (Susan, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.)

Susan, thanks for the question. It was more or less understood it wasn`t going to be easy. The song of Lindsey`s I remember at that time was Lola.

Hi Bob! In the newspaper article on Fritz (contributed by Javier Pacheco during his Q&A Session), there is a mention of the band having appeared on the Ross McGowan Television Show. How did this come about, and did you guys perform and/or give an interview? Was this the only television appearance by the band? Thanks! (Tobi, Napa, California, U.S.A.)

Tobi, I believe we did that show a couple of THAT would be a tape worth coming across.

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