Billy Burnette, March 18 - 31 , 2000

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Hi Billy. How did you get to be acquainted with Fleetwood Mac and do you still keep in touch with them? (Gail, Southampton, UK)

I first met Mick at the American Bandstands 25 year anniversary and immediately became good friends. We still keep in touch with each other.

Hey Billy! I'm 18 and I absolutely love your work! The question I have is what was it like when Lindsey made that special guest appearance at that one concert (sorry I don't know the date or place)? (Susie, Palo Alto, California, USA)

First of all, thank you. It was on the BTM tour in San Francisco and we were all thrilled he could do it.

Was there any tension or was it just incredible musicians just having a great time? (Susie)

There was no tension at all.

Thanks for your time. Oh yeah! My mom says to tell you she thinks your hot! (Susie)

Tell your Mom thanks and I'd love to meet her!

"In the Back of My Mind" is one of my favorite songs from BTM--and, even though the beginning of it scared the hell out of wimpy me the first time I heard it, now I think it's part of why I like it so much. was it done? (Regina, Bronx, New York, USA)

That track took a long time to make. In fact, there were many tracks that we literally had to tie three 48-track machines together to complete it. We almost got into the Guiness Book, we checked.

Whose voice IS that? and how did the idea come about? Thanks! (Regina)

Mick Fleetwood. We all just had a lot of crazy ideas in our heads.Thanks!

Now, for two more songs on BTM-Do You Know and Hard Feelings...both beautiful, by the way...did you work on the words, music or both (I know both were co-written) and, as a writer, which do you find easier...or do you write with the complete song in mind? (Regina)

I always work up both words and music. Thank you for the compliment on the songs. I usually begin writing with an idea, not the complete song.

How did your writing collaborations with Christine McVie come about? (Regina)

We started writing years before I joined Fleetwood Mac. We were just great friends.

Did your style just "mesh" more with hers, or did you also attempt to write with Stevie--and, if so...where did you hide the recordings;-) Thanks again! (Regina)

Stevie and I once wrote a song in Tampa, FL, but never finished it. We both lost the tape. Then we couldn't remember the song the next day.

When did Peter Green officially leave Fleetwood Mac and why? (Robert Cullen, Glasgow, Scotland, UK)

Peter Green left Fleetwood Mac in the late 60's or early 70's. I can't really recall exactly why he left.

[Note from MEA: Very briefly, Peter Green left Fleetwood Mac because they would not give away all of their money to charity; his last show was on May 28, 1970. You can get more information in our biography on Peter here. ]

Hello Mr Burnette! I greatly enjoyed your work on Mick Fleetwood's I'm Not Me, and Fleetwood Mac's Behind the Mask and especially Time. I find that you are an excellent singer, songwriter, and guitarist. (In fact, you rank among my top three favorite Fleetwood Mac guitarists, alongside Buckingham and Kirwan) But to get to my question... Your voice and that of Bekka Bramlett blend extremely well, and I know that you and her have released one album (Bekka And Billy) together. Are there any plans to make a second Bekka and Billy album, or to work with her again? (Victoria, Vacaville, California, USA)

She had just worked with me on my solo album. She sang back up on Are You With Me Baby which will be out May 9th on FreeFalls Entertainment.

Hi Billy! Thanks so much for taking the time for doing this...we really do appreciate it! I had heard that you had done some work with Stevie doing a song called "Are You Mine" for the Rock A Little album. How did this come about and was this the first time that the two of you had ever done any music together and how did you meet? (Shane, Vancouver, British Columbia, USA)

I met Stevie at a concert with The Zoo at UCLA. I had known the rest of the band quite well. One night Stevie called me to go to the studio and sing on the first song her grandfather had taught her.

I really enjoyed the CD you did with Bekka. I was very surprised when the two of you did not do a follow up. If you feel comfortable answering I was wondering why the two of you decided not to record another cd together? (Shane)

We would have, but the record company went under. However we still write and work together quite a bit.

Hi Billy, thanks for doing the Q&A! Got your new album, and I love it! You'll be happy to know that the local NPR station here in Columbus has been playing it, and people seem to be enjoying it. I love the fact that you're doing straight-ahead Rock-A-Billy. I mean, I love your pop and country songs, too. But YOU are the best Rock-A-Billy singer in the world!!! Anyway, I've got a blue million questions for you, but here are a few for now.

What were your thoughts about the Heaven's Gate cult mass suicide, as there was a strange parallel between that event and the song "Twenty Years Ago Today," from your first album, which mentions Haley's Commet and talks of people finding Jesus? (Steve MacDougall, Columbus, Ohio, USA)

When I wrote the song "Twenty Years Ago Today", I didn't realize there was a connection between Heaven's Gate Cult mass suicude and the song.

Do you plan on ever releasing your older albums on CD, maybe through an independent label? (Steve)

Some of the record companies are releasing my older albums on CD, but I find them more in foreign countries than in the States.

Which version of Fleetwood Mac that you were in did you enjoy the most. Related to that, what would be your dream incarnation based on the two you were in. (Steve)

I liked both for different reasons. If I could have my way, i'd have both incarnations at once.

Having once run a websight on Dave Mason, I've heard from a lot of folks that he's, well, to be nice, a difficult person. Yet, everyone seemed to be having fun on the Time tours. What was it like to work with the guy? (Steve)

Dave Mason and I got along just fine.

Do you ever plan on working with any of your former Mac/Zoo bandmates again? (Steve)

Yes, I woud like to work with Fleetwood Mac again, if ever given the opportunity.

What's your favorite song to do live? (Steve)

My favorite song to perform live is my dad's song, "Tear It Up". We closed both incarnations of the Mac with that song.

I've heard that Billy jr is planning on recording an album. What kind of music can we expect from him? Well that's all...For now. (Steve)

Yes, Billy Jr. is working on his own album. It is more of an alternative album. It is really great music!!!

What was it like touring with Stevie? (Melissa, Hemet, California, USA)

Touring with Stevie was great! She's very artistic - whether it would be reading or writing music. It's her whole life to be artistic.

What is she like? Did she ever talk about Lindsey? (Melissa)

Stevie talked about Lindsey only when she wanted me to play her something on the guitar like he did.

What do you think about her now compared to when you toured with her? Did you and Stevie ever get together? (Melissa)

Stevie and I were great friends.

And what was the fondest memory or funniest moment you remember with Stevie? Thanks. (Melissa)

My fondest memory of Stevie was when she found one of my dad's gold records of Tall Oak Tree. She presented it to me after a show in Madison Square Gardens. It was a huge surprise, only a few were made.

Hello Mr. Burnette! It is so cool that you are taking time to answer our questions. I was wondering in you first tour with Fleetwood Mac in 1987 what was your favorite song to perform on stage? (Jensen, Larksville, Pennsylvania, USA)

"Go Yor Own Way" was my favorite to perform because we got to stretch out on that song with a lot of improvisation. It rocked!!

I noticed on the Behind the Mask album that you had co written songs with Christine and Rick, but not with Stevie...was there any reason for that? (Jensen)

No, not really.

When you did co-write songs, did you usually bring words or the melody or both to the songs? Thank you very much. (Jensen)

When I write songs, I do a little of both.

Do you prefer to work alone or to be in a band?? Would you maybe some day form a band of your own? (Rebecka, Sweden)

At this point, I prefer to work alone, but I still have a band.

Do you have a favorite singer you would have recording a song of yours? (Rebecka)

I've had a lot of my songs recorded by my favorite artists. Today, I'd have to say I'd like Celine Dion to record one of my songs.

I want to tell you I'm a big fan. Why isn't it possible to buy your old albums on cd or even on vinyl in the record stores???? Thank you for your wonderful songs through the years, especially 'I Recovered, I Survived' (Marco Wijnands, Utrecht, The Netherlands)

I don't know, but there is a new one coming out May 9th on FreeFalls Entertainment called Are You With Me Baby. Keep posted to this website for details to buy the album.

Greetings. Thank you for taking the opportunity to answer our questions. How did you feel about filling the gap after Lindsey Buckingham left in 1987 and what was it like working with Mick, John, Christine, and Stevie? (Bo, South Carolina)

It was big shoes to fill, and I was a huge fan of Lindsey. The one thing that made it easy was that I was very familiar with his work. Mick, John, Christine, and Stevie were great to work with.

Do you stay in contact with any members? (Bo)

Yes, I keep in touch with most of them especially Mick Fleetwood.

Would you like to work with any of the Fleetwood Mac members in the future either on a group or solo project? (Bo)

Yes, I'd love to work with them if given the opportunity.

Billy Burnette; Photo credit and copyright: John Lee Montgomery III, Nouveau Photography
Billy Burnette, 2000

Whom were your greatest influences on your musical talents? (Bo)

My father, of course, The Beatles, Delaney, Bonnie & Friends, and Fleetwood Mac.

Will you go on tour to support your upcoming collection of compositions? (Bo)

Yes, I plan on touring in May to support my new album Are You With Me Baby on FreeFalls Entertainment. The album will be in stores on May 9th.

Billy you rock man!!! Your my favorite country star of all time!! I love your 1992 solo album, Coming Home, it truly is my favorite country album of all time!! I wish it would have sold better. Anyway, my question to you is did your career in Fleetwood Mac inspire you at all to write it? I mean at that time the Mac had pretty much broken up, so did the title of the album "Coming Home" reflect going back to your country roots? One more question: Is that a picture of you standing in your hometown of Memphis on the album's cover, to symbolize your "Coming Home?" Thanks for reading Billy and best of luck in your solo career!!! (Greg Takacs, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA)

Yes my career in Fleetwood Mac inspired me to write Coming Home. It was coming home in different ways. It was coming back to Nashville, being from Memphis, it was like going home. On the cover of the album, I was standing on the Memphis bridge. Thank you ofor your support and keep in touch.

Hi, Billy! It's Natalie again! If only I could come up with all my questions at once! Anyway, my sister is taking me shopping on my birthday and she said we can go anywhere I want. Well, one of the places I want to go is to this used record store in this historic district nearby. It's kind of out of place, but pretty cool! My sister said we could go there, then go to the mall. Then we both remembered: my wheelchair doesn't fit in the trunk of her car. We've handeled this before by my making a list for her, and she leaves me in the car. There's a CD player in there, I'm happy! So, I was thinking about the fact that April is really hot and that it's a long list. All of your albums up to "Soldier Of Love", Fleetwood Mac's Greatest Hits, and I'm sure I can find Behind the Mask on vinyl too. So, I was thinking I need to narrow it down. What's your favorite of your albums? I know, mean question, but I need a place to start! (Natalie, Deltona, Florida, USA)

The album I just recorded, Are You With Me Baby, on FreeFalls Entertainment is one of my favorite albums! It'll be in stores on May 9th. I also like Coming Home and All Night Long.

Hey Billy!! Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. I have a few questions about your songwriting, I keep reading that you've written material for Loretta Lynn and many others, what song(s) did you write for Loretta and what are some of the others you've written for other artists? (Allen Chapman, Stafford Springs, Connecticut, USA)

I wrote "What's A Little Love Between Friends?" which was recorded by Loretta Lynn and Conway Twitty. I have also written songs for Rod Stewart, Ray Charles, Faith Hill, Roy Orbison, Jerry Lee Lewis, Fleetwood Mac, Charlie Pride, and many more.

Are you the "B. Burnette" who is credited for writing Cher's "Do I Ever Cross Your Mind"? (love that song!). (Allen)

Yes, I wrote that song as well. Thanks.

I know you've worked quite a bit with the talented and beautiful Deborah Allen, have you two ever recorded together as a duet? (Allen)

Yes, we recorded is "We've Been Missing Each Other" together, but it has not been released yet.

You and Stevie recorded "Are You Mine" together, did you ever record anything else (outside of Fleetwood Mac) or write anything with Stevie?

I haven't written with Stevie on anything other than the Behind The Mask album.

I got to see you and the Mac on the "Behind The Mask" tour and I gotta say it was one of the better Mac tours. You and Rick brought a very diverse sound to the group which was something that I think the group needed at the time. Probably my favorite song you did with the Mac is "Do You Know" a great duet with Chris. Finally one last question, was the tour without Stevie and Christine (for the "Time" album, which has some really great stuff on it) very difficult, it seems to me that Bekka got a bum rap, she was more or less Stevie's replacement and I don't imagine it's too easy to fill Stevie's platforms!! I heard that Mick wasn't too happy with the reception of many of the crowds. What is your take on that whole era? Again thanks for taking the time!! (Allen)

Bekka didn't get a bad reception with crowds, in fact, it was overwhelming. It was the press that came down on us mainly. Also, I must say that Fleetwood Mac wouldn't let Bekka be herself.

Hey Billy, I read in your biog that you have a son who might be following in your footsteps and that of your family. Is he someone to watch out for in the future in the music industry? Is he like you ?? (Mary Beth Green, New York, New York, USA)

My son, Billy Jr., is someone to watch out for in the near future. He looks just like me.

Are you still friends with Bekka Bramlett? and do the two of you still write together?? Thanks for the great years of music you have given us, may there be many more! (Mary Beth Green)

Yes, Bekka and I are very good friends. We write together all the time. Thank you for being a fan!

Hi, Billy! It's Natalie again! I've had the opportunity to e-mail Rick Vito a couple times about my guitar playing. I was telling him about how I like to sit with my Les Paul Junior and jam along to the Tango video. I don't really play yet. I have cerebral palsy so it's taken me a long time to get where I am with it. Took me 8 years to learn how to switch chords without looking at my hands! I've found that when I'm watching you and Rick is when I don't think about what I can't do. The Tango video is great! Best version of "Oh Well" I've ever heard! Also love your playing on "Stand Back." Your playing on that song made that the best version I've heard too! Anyway, Rick told me as long as I had the spirit (and he said he can tell I do!) to play then I would do just fine! Do you have anything to add to that? (Natalie, Deltona, Florida, USA)

Just as Rick says, keep that spirit and play as often as possible. What you are doing by playing along with the video is how most of us learned how to play. Play along with your favorites. Thank you for your compliments on "Oh Well" and "Stand Back", that is very sweet of you! God Bless!

Hi Billy, I really like your new cd. I'm looking forward to your next one. What was it like working with Dave and Bekka in the Mac? (Bill Seamans, Buffalo, Minnesota, USA)

I have known Bekka since she was 3 1/2 years old. She was like part of the family.

Did Mick hold you three back from doing new stuff from time verses classic mac songs? (Bill)

We all had an equal say, but at the same time, there were some guidelines we had to stay within regarding Fleetwood Mac.

What is Bobby Whitlock doing these days? Thanks for your time Billy. (Bill)

I don't really know.

Hi, Billy! I was wondering if you have heard Stevie Nicks' version of "It's Late" on her Enchanted box set? If so, what do you think of it? (Natalie, Deltona, Florida, USA)

I haven't heard it, but I know she always loved that tune. I ws glad to see she had recorded it.

Hi Billy! If my last name looks familiar to you, it's because I'm Michele's mother. I am also a big fan of yours! I have a few questions for you too. Michele & I went to Nashville last summer and really enjoyed ourselves. We asked around, but you were not performing anywhere at the time. Are there only certain times of the year that you perform? (Connie Mategrano, Burbank, Illinois, USA)

I will be doing a tour starting around May in support of my new album Are You With Me Baby. Keep listening for a show in your area.

I noticed on your latest CD that your son, Billy, Jr. is listed among the musicians. Is it safe to assume he will be following in your footsteps? (Connie)

Yes he will be following in my footsteps.

Rick Vito mentioned during his Q&A that he sees you often. Have the two of you ever considered doing an album together? (Connie)

Yes, I do see Rick from time to time. In the near future, Rick and I probably will do something together.

Do you keep in touch with the other Fleetwood Mac members? (Connie)

Yes, quite a bit.

Like my daughter, I am also looking forward to your new release on May 9th. (I also wish you a very "Happy Birthday" on May 8th) Michele & I play your albums every morning while we are getting ready for work - it's the only way to start our day! Your father would be so proud - I'm sure he's smiling down on you everyday. Can you tell me what you feel has been your greatest accomplishment so far? (Connie)

My greatest accomplishment is being able to do what I do best, for as long as I have been able.

Lastly, I would like to thank you for taking part in this Q&A session. It has been a thrill having the opportunity to "talk" to you. Best of luck to you in your future endeavors, and I hope to have the priviledge of talking to you in person someday. (Connie)

Thank you so much for your support! God bless you!

Hi Mr. Burnette! Hopefully you will recognize my name from here at the Penguin. I am your biggest fan! You are as talented as you are devastatingly handsome (that beautiful hair suits you perfectly). I have a few questions for you if you don't mind. I recently sent you a letter in c/o Jeff Pennington at PLA. When I called, he said he would hand my letter to you personally. Can you please tell me if there is a different address that you would rather your fans use to write to you? (Michele Mategrano, Burbank, Illinois, USA)

You can send them to 1100 17th Ave. South, Nashville, TN 37212.

I have all 9 of your solo albums. (I'm thrilled that you liked my review of "All Night Long"!) I just recently acquired your very first album from 1972, which completes my collection until your May release. They were difficult to acquire due to the fact that they are all out-of-print. Were you ever made aware of that? Do you as the artist have any control over such decisions? (Michele Mategrano)

No, I don't have much control over how record companies release my work.

Can you tell me if/when and where you will be performing again so that I may fly out to see you? (Yes, I really would) Can I convince you to perform out here in Chicago? (Michele Mategrano)

I'll begin touring around May, Chicago may be on the list in June or July. The tour dates have not been posted yet, but keep listening for a show near you.

I have seen a couple of your movies; you certainly have the talent to cross-over into acting if you ever decide to do so. I read that you were working on a movie about the "Rock-a-Billy" era in the 1950's. If that is true, when will it be released? Do you have the starring role? (Michele Mategrano)

I just finished the screen play and hopefully I'll have one of the lead roles.

All Night Long
All Night Long - Billy Burnette

I'm really looking forward to your new release on May 9th. ("Happy Birthday" to you on May 8th!) Can you tell me what your next project (if any) will be? (Michele Mategrano)

My next project after the tour supporting the new Are You With Me Baby album will probably be the movie.

How does the songwriting process work for you-do you write the lyrics first or the music first? (Michele Mategrano)

It's always different, sometimes the music first or the lyric idea. It just depends.

Do you think you'll ever play with Fleetwood Mac again someday? (Michele Mategrano)

If the opportunity arises, I'd love to play with Fleetwood Mac again!

You and I share an admiration for Elvis Presley (I've been a fan since I was a child). I know he would have added your albums to his record collection if he had lived. If Elvis was alive today, and you had the chance to submit one or more of your songs for him to record, which would they be? Have you ever visited Graceland? (Michele Mategrano)

I probably would have submitted "Do I Ever Cross Your Mind" for a ballad, one of my favorites. Yes, I have visited Graceland numerous times.

Is there any performer that you've always wanted to work with but haven't had the opportunity? (Michele Mategrano)

Paul McCartney.

(I know you're probably wishing I'd shut-up already) I want to first thank you so very much for participating in this Q&A! It has been a great priviledge for me to have some type of contact with you. Hopefully, I will have the pleasure of talking to you in person someday. I want to wish you the best of everything, and remember that you will always have a devoted fan in me! My last question - honest! You haven't changed a bit since the "Tango In the Night" video- what's your secret? (Michele Mategrano)

Thank you for all your support!

Hello Billy, It is so great being able to write in and ask questions this way. Let me start by saying that I'm a huge fan of your work. I've seen you in concert twice. Once in Denver with Fleetwood Mac during the "Shake The Cage" tour. It was a cool show. I really liked Mick's "self drum" solo.

The second time I saw you was right her in Grand Junction with Mick Fleetwood's Zoo. It was a very small venue with only a hundred or so people in the audience. What a fantastic Show! Mick was having trouble keeping a shirt sleeve rolled up and finally just tore it off with his teeth. I saw where he dropped it and after the show I snagged it. I kept it in a drawer for years until my wife had it framed with my ticket stubs. It now hangs proudly in my den. It's a great conversation piece. I have a million questions but I'll try to keep it reasonable:

I have all but your first three albums. When are we going to see your collection on CD? "Try Me" is one of the best albums in rock history. (Mark Gomez, Grand Junction, Colorado, USA)

It's up to the record companies, but you can find them in foreign markets. Thanks, "Try Me" was one of my favorites too.

Is Rocky your cousin, uncle, brother...? His album needs to be on CD too. "Angel In Chambray" is one of my all time favorite songs. Please say hello for me. (Mark Gomez)

Rocky is my cousin and I'll pass the word along to him.

Are you planning on touring with your new CD? If so, will you be coming to Colorado? (Mark Gomez)

Yes, I plan on touring around May. Keep listening for a concert in your area and checking this website.

Is Fleetwood Mac going back into the studio any time soon? If so, will you be in the line-up? (Mark Gomez)

I haven't heard anything about going in the studio, but one never knows.

I have a bootleg Cd with "Are You Mine" on it. Is that duet with Stevie ever going to be of officially released? (Mark Gomez)

I hope so someday.

I guess that's a good place to stop. You are about the coolest rocker out there. Keep it coming. Have you ever thought of teamming up with Marty Stewart or Dwight Yoakam? You guys could kick some serious Rock-A-Billy butt!! (Mark Gomez)

Not really, Marty and I have talked about writing together and I met Dwight a couple of times. I like their music a lot!

Billy - Thanks for giving us the opportunity to get to know you and your work a little better through this Q & A session. I've got quite a few questions to ask you but promise to do so no more than ten at a time! I have never posted any questions for the previous Q & A guests so I figured I just as well make a pest of myself the first time out! (you will see what I mean by that last statement LONG before these next two weeks are over!) You are my favorite Mac singer/guitarist and I have come to appreciate your solo work very much as well. I got a chance to listen to your webcast from the Saxon Pub and all I can say is WOW! You've got a lot of energy in your music and you really make the older Trio tunes come alive. No wonder the heat was gettin' to you that night! The new songs you played are absolutely great - May 9th can't come soon enough for me! Now for the questions:

What was the most satisfying (artistically speaking!) about making 'Are You With Me, Baby? I know you enjoyed the spontaneity and raw-ness of the record (as you call it!) - anything else? (Tony Stutzman, Wellman, Iowa, USA)

Just like you said, going in and making it raw, spontaneous, and working with a great band and producer like Rafe Van Hoy.

I really appreciate what you brought to the table while in the Mac - 'Hard Feelings' & 'I Got It In For You' are two of my favorites. What would you say your greatest contribution to the Mac was? (Tony Stutzman)

That is a hard one to answer. You'd probably have to ask the members of Fleetwood Mac.

You stayed with the Mac for quite a while and saw a few member changes. Would you have liked to do another album with the 'Behind The Mask' line-up? Do you have any regrets of leaving your solo career behind to join the Mac? (Tony Stutzman)

I don't have any regrets because I am continuing my solo career now. I cherish my days with Fleetwood Mac and would love to work with them again.

'When The Sun Goes Down' is a great tune! You and Rick Vito sound great together. Do you have any plans to work with Rick in the future? Thanks again for taking time to answer these questions and I promise, there will be more!(Tony Stutzman)

One of these days, Rick and I will probably work together again.

Hi Billy. It's great to have this chance to talk with you. First, I must tell you that you have made some of the best heartbreak music I've ever heard. Back in 1985, I listened to "It Ain't Over" countless times when a relationship ended. In 1990, BEHIND THE MASK became the album that helped me through my divorce. Your song, "Hard Feelings" summed it up so well. In fact the whole album did. It fit me like a glove, and remains one of my favorite albums, Fleetwood Mac or otherwise. "Do You Know", "When It Comes To Love" were and are some of the greatest heartbreak songs ever. Throw in Stevie's "Affairs Of The Heart" and "The Second Time" and you have the greatest going-through-a-painful-divorce albums ever. Thank you for all of those songs. Keep writing those kind. Your voice blends so well with Christine's, I hope you will do more together.

I noticed in your discography that you and Rick (Vito) appeared on an album quite awhile before the Fleetwood Mac years.Can you shed some light on it? (Timothy Kee, North Huntington, Pennsylvania, USA)

Rick and I worked on Roy Orbison's Mystery Girl album together on a song I had written for Roy Orbison.

Do you think you and your label could work something out with Marty, and get us some autographed CDs for purchase here at The Penguin? I think that would be great for so many of us who have followed your career. (Timothy Kee)

Maybe so, talk to Marty about that.

By the way, just how many albums just titled BILLY BURNETTE are there? I think I saw three! I can't think of much to ask, but I felt compelled to tell you how your songs have connected with me over the years. Thanks and God bless. (Timothy Kee)

I don't know, I just count years ago. Thank you so much and God bless!!!

Billy, First let me say I have been enjoying your music for years. I got into your music through your work with Christine and Mick in the 80's. I love the Try Me album. When I heard that you along with Rick would be joining the Mac I was sure it was going to be a good fit. I always thought you and Christine sounded great together. The 1987 and 1990 tours we excellent and I love what you brought to the Mac during those years. Now for a couple of questions:

Was there any tracks you recorded with the Mac (or Stevie i.e. " Are You Mine") that will ever be released? (Bill, Bel Air, Maryland, USA)

There might be some released later done the road.

The release of your back catalog on CD? (Bill)

Also, probably down the road along with Billy and Bekka 2.

Billy and Bekka 2? (What's Bekka doing?) (Bill)

Bekka and I continue to work together. She has been writing a lot and working on her solo album.

What did you think of The Dance Reunion? (Bill)

I thought it was great!!

Do you still keep in touch with the MAC members? (Bill)


What's you new CD that's coming out in May like? (Bill)

Hard driving Rock-a-Billy, almost psycho-Billy! I love it!

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