John McVie Q&A
But Wait...There's Even More!
January 2007

John McVie wants to go another round. But this time, he wants it all! From John McVie:

I'm open to questions. However, here's a little "Caveat", (as it were). ANYTHING GOES! O.K? Love me or hate me or love or hate the Band, just let it flow because I'm in the mood for a few honest questions and more honest answers. I'm reading so much stuff about the Band Members that isn't true and is quite insulting. SO! GLOVES OFF and BRING IT ON!!!!!!"
Submit your questions here. Click on John's picture at left to see the Q&A thus far!

Photo from Brett Tuggle.
Brett Tuggle
June 2004
Photo provided by Bob Welch
Bob Welch
August 2003

Waddy Wachtel
January 2003

Bob Aguirre
Nov/Dec 2001

Ken Caillat
August 2001
Photo from Fleetwood Mac: The First 30 Years.
Bob Brunning
May 2001
John Stewart
John Stewart
November 2000
Photo from Dave Walker.
Dave Walker
October 2000
Photo from Brett Tuggle.
Brett Tuggle
September 2000
Photo from Neal Heywood.
Neale Heywood
August 2000
Photo from Jet Martin Celmins.
"Jet" Martin Celmins
July 2000
Photo from Gary Hodges.
Gary "Hoppy" Hodges
June 2000
Photo from Keith Olsen.
Keith Olsen
May 2000
Photo from Christine McVie's self-titled album.
George Hawkins, Jr.
April 2000
Billy Burnette; Photo credit and copyright: John Lee Montgomery III, Nouveau Photography
Billy Burnette
March 2000
Photo provided by Janet Robin; Copyright Karen Schmidt
Janet Robin
February 2000
Photo provided by Todd Sharp
Todd Sharp
January 2000
Photo provided by Bob Weston and Steve Fairhead
Bob Weston
December 1999
Photo provided by Bob Welch
Bob Welch
November 1999
Photo provided by Walter Egan
Walter Egan
October 1999
Rick Vito; photo used with his permission
Rick Vito
September 1999
Photo by Ron Chambliss, Copyright 1999
Peter Green
August 1999
Dr. Javier Pacheco; photo used with his permission
Javier Pacheco (Fritz)
July 1999
Jeremy Spencer, photo used with permission from The Heart To Heart Organization
Jeremy Spencer
June 1999

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