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The Penguin was designed to tell the story of the many incarnations of Fleetwood Mac through biographies of its members, past and present. It incorporates a stream-of-consciousness approach-- if you are interested in additional information and pictures on the people mentioned in one page, you can go to another to find it. This page, however, will permit you to directly access all of the pages contained within the Penguin. Summaries of individual sections on the Penguin include:

Biographies - At the heart of the Penguin are the biographies of the group's many members, past and present. Knowing individual histories helps give an insight into the story of the band itself. Many other biographies pertaining to people relating to the band are also available.

Discographies - Our group and individual artist discography contains 715 album track listings, 697 Real Audio sound clips, 676 album covers, 555 lyrics, 340 singles, 135 lyric interpretations, 100 small singles covers [with 39 enlargements], 50 books, 47 book covers, 37 MIDI files, 33 guitar tabs, 31 ticket and poster scans, 33 videos, 24 tour setlists/dates/venue listings, 23 video covers, 11 tour program covers, 11 Liquid Audio sound clips, 3 album interpretations, and 1 DVD-Audio. Direct links for purchasing 503 albums, 35 books, 22 videos, and 6 singles online through, Sheet Music Plus, (Free Shipping, No Minimum Purchase!),, Alibris, and (U.S. and U.K.) are also provided. Submissions are always welcome!

Second Hand News - Check out all of the latest happenings and upcoming appearances and TV specials of the individual members, as well as coverage of the Rumours era reunion.

The Ledge WWW Boards - The Fleetwood Mac WWW Message Boards where current topics are discussed-- without spam! Approaching 400 posts per day! We are currently interpreting song lyrics too!

The Blue Letter Archive - Look here for 533 articles published about the band, reviews of their albums, and information regarding their solo careers.

The Penguin Store - Here you will find dozens of beautiful pictures presented in gallery form from the original photographers. Prints of each are available for purchase too-- it's what supports rest of The Penguin !.

FM Chat Information - Find out schedules of the weekly IRC channel Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks chats and how to participate. There is even a mailing list to remind you of it each week. The Penguin also now has a chat touring section called 'Talk To Me'.

Penguin Polls - Submit our on-line questionairre and look through approximately 1025 responses sent in by others for favorite artist, album, and song as well as the reasons why.

Concert Reviews - Check out our comprehensive coverage of the Dance '97 tour including setlists, venue information, photos, as well as fan reviews from EVERY stop along the tour.

Search The Penguin - Here you will find a search engine which will permit you to search ALL of the Penguin by typing in keywords. This includes the biographies, albums, lyrics, The Ledge, interpretations, everything!

Future Games - Check out three exciting Fleetwood Mac related games including Fleetwood Match'Em 2.0 (Jeff Kenney's newest version of this great javascript concentration game, which now includes more albums covers, flipping penguins, and hidden background images), the FM Quiz (Test your Fleetwood Mac knowledge on our Javascript quiz. You might want to brush up in the biographies first!), and the Mac Mystery Music Montage (Think you know all of Fleetwood Mac's tunes? Think one has completely identified all of the songs in our montage...yet).

Chain Links - Fleetwood Mac and its individual members have a very strong showing on the internet. Check out this page to find all of the available sites.

What's New - See listings of all of the changes made to the Penguin. This site changes ALL of the time.

The Adelsons - Find out about the maintainers of this page. See the prizes won by The Penguin as well as ratings and comments provided by its visitors. Drop us a line; tell us about your comments or corrections please. Mailbox

For a partial list of biographies which are planned, but have not yet been implemented, click here. Links to these individuals will become available for the earliest incarnations first and then through the more recent lineups. Many of these artists have had tremendous careers on their own, but the Penguin has an emphasis on the relationship of these individuals with Fleetwood Mac. If you have any information or pictures on biographies which are to be added, please send them to us and we will credit you appropriately.

If you would prefer a non-frame version of this page, click here. This page will also permit a full screen viewing of the biographies as would be possible from the Penguin title page.

-- Lis, Marty, and Brittany, 1998

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