Stevie Nicks December 1999/January 2000 Shows

  Los Angeles, California; House Of Blues, December 28th and 29th; January 3rd and 4th
  From the Blue Letter Archives:

Review by Brian Motta, December 30, 1999

12-29-99. Arrived at the House of Blues at 8:10pm. The line was flowing in the place quickly. Inside the fairly small club style venue was the stage straight ahead. Set up similiar to the Enchanted Tour just a little more compact. The crowd was starting to grow and everyone seemed so excited and anxious for Stevie. Nice people in the crowd except for 1 obnoxious middle aged women who was eventually removed. During the wait "Hypnotized" was played on the sound system. At 9:40pm the band came on stage to a very load aplause. A couple of new additional keyboard player and a new percussionist. As they Started with Outside the Rain our Stevie came out. The crowd was screaming loader than the band. It seamed so sureal, like we were so much a part of the show. I was about 20 feet from stage center. Some spot lighting on the balaconie. Stage lighting was very good. Stevie looked beautiful and so happy. After Dreams she even said something about this is not a tour I call it the Holiday shows. Then she laughed and said yes we even practiced. After Dreams came Enchanted followed by Gold Dust Women. The traditional costume changes. My favorite Gold + Braid was next. Stevie left the Stage and some instrumentals started into Rooms on Fire. Next was a very electric fast paced Stand Back. The crowd was going nuts by this point. I couldn't stop dancing if I tried. Next was Rhiannon. For the first time in a while I saw Stevie singing with the passion of yesteryears. Very into it. Next was the band intros...she noted that it usually takes her much longer to do the intros..maybe a joke to the 80's were sometimes she would stumble and or forget someone. Next came Whole lotta trouble. Stevie mentioned Jimmy Iovine(not sure if thats spelled correctly) and some other producer friends were at the show. I believe they were in the balcony/restaurant section were Mick Fleetwood was reported to be the day before. Landslide was a crowd pleaser with everyone singing along. Next came an excellent drum solo from both percussionist. This lead into Edge of Seventeen. At the end of this song Stevie shook many hands and collected some gifts. After a stage leave the band returned for I need to know. Performance reminded me of earlier tours 82, 84. Stevie was so good in this small venue setting, and of course us fans loved it. Stevie concluded with Has anyone written anything for you. The band played for about 90 minutes which felt like 15 minutes. This show ranks near the top of all the shows I've seen of Stevie. Rock on Gold Dust Women!

Review by Joshua, December 31, 1999

I am dead, totally dead, wish someone would have came along for the drive....

Lets see....I am pondering a review, much like stevie is pondering the millenium(like my shirt says), and I don't know if i am up for it....

Ok Here goes, let me get a Heineken first(no not one of the 5.50 ones at the club

So the break down of my experience:

I worked a graveyard shift the night before i was to leave for the show, and i got home that morning a slept for a few hours, then woke up and headed for to phoenix that night and crashed in a "crackton" style Comfort Inn, hint don't stay so I woke early the next morning and headed for beautiful Southern California(my future home when i get this college thing done) and arived about 2 something at my hotel in Santa Monica, i was pleasently was a nice place..=) monday night I took a cruise out to the beach watched the sunset and took a drive up through the hills and through Bel Air, Beverly, OJ town, etc...and i tried to find some happenin spots in Santa Monica and alas, santa monica was as dead as a polka dance for I just put a few down a crashed....

Then I awoke the next Morning...Time for Stevie....
I drove down to Hollywood that afternoon and had lunch and a big Hurricane drink at the Hard Rock in the Beverly Center...
Then i drove back to my hotel, and once i walked in the door, the phone rang, I mean right when i walked in the door(Ledgie Karma???) it was Ken....called to see what the plan was...

So I got ready, dressed in my Lindsey dance all black clothes and headed to Hollywood once again....Like Ken said earlier we met up about 6...I got vallet parking on sunset and i walked to the HOB which was only a few steps away...

There i met Ken, who immediatly said hey are you Joshua??? and i said yep, and he said hi i am ken, we had met with no was great....very cool dood, totally....

As we waited in line we talked about Fleetwood Mac, our favourite Stevie Album(Bella Donna, with RAL a close second), and Lindsey with his new Solo/Mac album...

There were two cute chics behind us(the blondes Ken, Remember?? hehe) and they were talking to Chris Nicks, about a dog and some after show parties that weren't gonna happen...As we stood in line we talked to other people about how we all love stevie and how i was from New Mexico and why she doesn't come here(cuz it sucks was my

Then on to about 8 pm, when the line started moving, and they let us in in groups of about 10 would ya say Ken? and were the first of our group, maybe we were the 3rd or 4th group.....i can't remember...

I was thirsting for a brew by this time and we got in, checked my ID and tore my ticket, got wristbanded(I still got it!!) and proceeded into the club....very awesome at this point....

We got in the club and I headed for the shirt table..oh look Chris was sellin the shirts too, multi purpose guy Chris me a groovy Stevie Shirt with the VERY SPECIAL dates on the back, ours being the most special cuz we was first!!! Rock on Ken!!!!...=)and then Ken had some business to do and i took this oppurtunity to quench my thirst of a cold draft beer....

So then we headed down to the floor, we were a few ppl back but not far at all....we stood and stood and stood and stood some more....and then according to LA Standard Time(at least a half hour late) Stevie's guys came on and started with Outside the Rain....she looked magnificent....I have neve seen Stevie this close in person....She was HOT guys, believe me ..whhhheeeeeeeeewwwww.......i think I mentioned this to Silvr and Rhaps a few times the into the enchanted set we went, i loved every minute, she cut the acoustic set and exchanged it with Rooms on Fire....was really lookin foward to Glitter and Garden, but hey it was Stevie, did I mention how good she looked, oh my...oh my......Ken took pictures as I rocked out to Enchanted and Stand Back, oh my Gold and Braid, so so so awesome....Landslide was awesome as ever, poor Ken didn't like the sing a long, but who could blame him, he was next to the old drunk guy who was talkin crap about waitin and didn't know the words and didn't know what a "key" was....not to mention that chic behind us huh Ken???LOL.......I did an immitation of them for Silvr and Rhaps later that night....i don't know what she said Ken, but to all that were singin with her, she made us hold the snow covered hillllllllllllllssssssss note forever, it was awesome....she was so awesome that close so candid, gave us a little talk about how she was nervous, but it was great to have that feeling becuz that meant something special was in the air.....I am sorry none of this is in any particular order just as it comes to me....the kick in Stand Back seemed to be moved to the middle of the song i think, from what i remember of the Enchanted show it was at the end, but the memory fades from 2 summers ago....she talked to everyone, tried to ward off the evil germs that her guitar player was funny....she was very interactive with her band and the crowd, I have never seen her like this, she was shakin hands and wavin and lookin at everyone in the crowd, this may sound nuts, but as I was singin along to every song I swore she looked directly at me a few times, but Ken thought she was lookin at we all got our stories....and ya it was the Mick himself...picked him out I did, told Ken, hey look up there, and he agreed as we studied his manurisms we have all bcome aware of after the Behind the Musics...that was while we were waitin.....I need to know Rocked like nobodys business, and she ended with Has Any...with the and when she asked about the men in her life, they were poets, priests. legends...and ya Ken, was it seigfried or Roy?? i swear it was one of them, he was gettin tossed around a bit....the guitar player looked a tad concerned...i thought there was gonna be a riot at a Stevie show, and yes he scared the hell outa me too....but most of those types do.....remember when he asked us why we didn't bring anything and i told him "Stevie has enuff stuff"?...she didn't seem to take the flowers or pictures or poetry, she did take a doll someone gave was a great show and I wish it was a little longer since i did drive 12 hours for an hour and a half of music and it was 100 dollars, which is a lot a lot of money to me...but i have no regrets, I have never seen her that close before, it was like wow, she was just there you know?? well Ken and Rhaps and Silvr know...=) I saw her first in Phoenix, and as you recall the floor seats ranged from 1000 to 250 a pop, but as i have said before i got some killer seats for 65, my feet were on the floor and I was everybit as close as the 500 seats.....

OK i think i got the whole show thing covered....very groovy, totally freakin awesome really.....

Onto the Ledgie Meeting afterwards.....Me and Ken left the HOB and proceeded to my vallet, and retrieved my truck, appropriatly adorned with a Stevie Nicks Rocks nicksfix bumper sticker(wooohooo!!!)Then off to the illusive North club....ken and i found it and after tryin to park on a side street(Ken is awesome at directing a big truck into a small parallel space!!! Thanks Bud!!!)We hopped on over through the gate, through the big door, and down the stairs, where we stood for a split second and heard some yelling behind us, I was to concerned about beer to hear what they said, but i did hear my name amongst the electronic was Silvr and Rhaps....very cool ladies, very easy to talk too....hey Rhaps, just cuz i have a goatee i am not a cutie too??? I must be grotesque in some way in that California air....LOL.....they were very nice and we shot the breeze about Stevie and the Mac and the show, everything, talked about Ledgies i have never heard it was great....(hey guys, Silvr's a cutie too...shhhhhh, its a anyway...ya Ken and I had a heineken at 5.50 a pop, must have been trendy =),and I proceeded to have oh maybe four or five more, Ken and Rhaps were being very kind, thanks guy and lady...=)

Then Last Call rang out, and we were off to the car park...
Had our ledgie goodbyes, took Ken back to his hotel, and i was back to my was the greatest time i could have ever imagined.....a very ENCHANTED evening, If I Do Say So Myself...magic all around you know.....=)

ALL that are going to the other shows, you'll have a blast i promise...=)

To Ken, Silvr, and Rhapsody.....
I had a great time, thanks Ken for hangin with me at the show, it was awesome to have someone to talk to, and we had alot of Mac, stevie interests in common, Silvr and Rhaps, two of the lovliest ladies i have ever met.....thanks for the great time, and next time the cokes are on me....=)

I hope this wasn't TOO long, but hey its what i

Review by Ken, December 30, 1999

...I arrived at the House of Blues on Sunset Blvd. in West Hollywood at 6 p.m. and got in line behind about 25 other people. Joshua arrived a few minutes later and we both stood in line and talked about FM, Stevie, Lindsey, etc. until about 8 p.m. when we were finally allowed inside. I thought the layout of the building was pretty cool, a floor area with bars on two sides and a balcony along the sides and back of the floor. I immediately noticed Stevie's brother standing behind a table, hawking merchandise like a QVC pro! For some reason, seeing this made me laugh! After Joshua bought a T-shirt, we went to the floor area and scoped-out our 'spot'. We were probably about half-way back which was still pretty close to the stage. As Rhapsody said, there was a definite jockeying for positions on the floor... it was an ongoing battle just to maintain my position. While we were waiting, Joshua noticed a man in the balcony behind us having dinner who looked remarkably like Mick Fleetwood! Sure enough, after a while, someone finally yelled "Mick" and he stood up and waved. It was dark so I couldn't tell who he was having dinner with but he was with a small group of people. After standing in line and on the floor for nearly four hours (!) we were finally rewarded when Stevie walked out onto the stage. She went right into 'Outside the Rain' and 'Dreams' which both sounded good, she seemed to ad-lib quite a bit during 'Outside the Rain' which was really cool. At this point, Stevie took the opportunity to welcome everyone to the House of Blues and she mentioned how nervous she was... which she said was a good thing! I think the next song was 'Enchanted' and then came 'Rooms on Fire'. It was during this song where her nervousness showed... she messed up a few of the lines, including the opening line! I think she sang "somewhere out in the back of your life". But she sounded good and looked beautiful so it was OK with me! =:-) After this song I finally got the courage to pull out my camera and started to take pictures... my telephoto lens came in very handy! (I tried to show some respect for her and didn't use a flash) The order of the setlist after this is a little fuzzy to me... I think it followed the Enchanted setlist but without the acoustic part in the middle. A few more things that come to mind... 'Stand Back' really energized the crowd, as did 'I Need to Know". After 'Gold and Braid' which got an enthusiastic response from the crowd, she remarked at how surprised she was that everyone knew this song because she had only made a demo of it and it had never been included on an album. She said that it had only been passed around as a bootleg but she didn't mind! It was really sweet the way she said this! 'Landslide was beautiful and the crowd sang along, almost drowning her out, until close to the end of the song when she actually stopped the song and made a funny comment about the crowd singing along with her, she then finished the song... it was really a funny moment! I wish I could remember exactly what she said... maybe Joshua will remember. 'Edge of Seventeen' was incredible... towards the end of the song she walked along the front of the stage and shook hands with the audience... I was a little scared at this point... some of the handshakes from the audience looked more like grabs to me. I saw one guy grab her arm which really scared me... it didn't seem to bother her but her body guard looked a little concerned. Joshua and I noticed a 'Seigfreid and Roy' look alike who we had encountered before the show trying to make his way to the stage from the back of the audience... he had a dozen white roses that he was determined as hell to give to Stevie. The only problem was that a few people in the audience had a problem with this guy pushing his way through the crowd... and (I am not joking) a near brawl broke out!! I couldn't believe it! At a Stevie Nicks concert! I didn't see anyone throw any punches but this guy was shoved around like a rag doll! And his roses (or what was left of them) looked like they had been run over by a semi! He finally got a clue and threw them onto the stage. I kind of felt sorry for the guy but his determination to get to Stevie was a little scary to me... The concert ended with 'Has Anyone Ever...' which was beautiful, but again, the audience sang along with her which was really annoying me, I don't mind people singing along with songs like 'Stand Back' but 'Has Anyone Ever...' is such a beautiful song and I want to hear Stevie's voice, not the drunk standing behind me!! The concert ended abruptly after about an hour and a half. I think people were expecting another encore because no started moving for several minutes. My only criticisms are the length of the show... it seemed kind of short... and the setlist. I was hoping for an updated setlist... not necessarily new songs but at least some songs that we didn't hear last year during the Enchanted tour (Talk to Me, Think About It, etc.). The thing that really stood out to me during the concert was how animated Stevie was... talking, dancing, laughing, joking around (she said her guitar player had a cold so she put two fingers together to form a cross and told him to stay away from her, like he was a vampire or something! Really funny!) and shaking hands with people in the audience several times. She acted like a woman half her age! And of course, she was BEAUTIFUL! It was honestly hard for me to take my eyes off her - she is really 'larger than life' when she is on-stage. The audience seemed to be extremely enthusiastic... I don't think there were any 'casual' fans there... everyone seemed to be a near fanatic! After the concert I walked by Chris Nicks standing behind his table and decided that the T-shirt selling business looked a little slow so I pulled out $25 and bought a shirt!! =:-) Actually, I only bought a shirt because the artwork was done by Stevie herself!

After the concert, Joshua and I, exhausted after standing nonstop for 5 1/2 hours, drove to 'North', a club just a few blocks down the strip to meet Rhapsody and Silver. They were easy to spot... they were the prettiest women in the club! Oh, and Rhapsody was the only one in the club yelling "Joshua, Joshua!!" I hope she wasn't yelling that to everyone who walked through the door! =:-) Silver was very sweet and Rhapsody was just as I had imagined her... a riot!! =:-) We all had a great time talking about Stevie, FM, Lindsey, The Ledge, etc. until we were the last ones in the club and decided we had better leave! We said our good-byes, shook hands and hugged... a great end to a wonderful night!! Meeting Joshua, Rhaps and Silver was definitely a highlight of this trip for me.

January 4th, Stevie Nicks Live at the House of Blues - (Los Angeles, CA)

By Kelly A. Conroy (Chandler, AZ)

January 4th, 2000, is a day that will not escape me.Rattled and torn, I jumped three planes - across 3,000 miles.My exhausted body stood only for the vision that awaited me.  I arrived into Ontario, CA, 45 minutes late - leaving only 45 minutes to make our 5:30 pm dinner reservation at the House of Blues in Los Angeles.The twenty-minute reservation hold allowed us only one hour and 5 minutes to get to the Sunset Strip.In all my determination, I held no fear.When the clock hit 6pm and we were still lost, not even a wince crossed my face.  There was no need.  And when we strolled in at 6:45pm, I approached the host and simply affirmed I had been told our reservation would be honored - and it was.

As we waited for our dinner, Denise Brown (Nicole Brown-Simpson's sister) and a friend came in and sat 4 tables away.  Two tables away was the little ditsy actress on NBC's "Jesse".

As we scarfed down our 1/2-cooked half chicken, and the clock approached 8pm, I grabbed my waiter, Dan, by the arm and asked him to take the card and ring our bill as we ate.  We HAD to be at the staircase entrance at 8pm to get up close to the stage.As I approached the balcony overlooking the stage, I saw that everyone had already been let in.  Luckily, the staircase led to the corner of the stage - performer's Stage Right.My brother, his fiance, and I promptly grabbed a position on the landing & three steps leading down to the floor.  Perfect positioning to see over everyone's heads and see Stevie.  I could wait forever for that moment and it seemed as though we did!To distract our anticipation as we waited, I headed over to the merchandise stand to buy my shirt.  Chris Nicks was standing in front of the table, eating a chicken dinner.  I said hello and he said hello back.  I asked ' So how's the baby?  Well, I guess she isn't quite a baby anymore, is she?"  His mouth full, he gestured with his hand that she was as tall as his chest.I think he said she was in second grade now.  I asked if they were living in Phoenix or in CA.  He said Phoenix.  Then I told him something like "Tell Lori we said hello and that we all miss her very much!".  With that I said goodbye and made my way back to our spot.

Standing there,  my brother tired and became anxious as I let out hollers in the hopes Rhiannon herself would appear.An hour and a half later, a few musicians took their places on the stage and the crowd exploded.

Sauntering on the stage came Chris Nicks and I knew the moment had arrived.

  Ladies and Gentlemen, Miss Stevie Nicks."

With that, Stevie entered from behind the curtains of Performers Stage Left.She gracefully made her way around the soundboard, past Sharon and Mindy and to the ribbon-draped microphone.She was shawlless - wearing a black layered handkerchief skirt and black low-cut tight shortcoat.Her long blond hair flowed and her bangs overhung a jewel situated in the middle of her forehead.  She appeared to have glitter above her eyebrows.She smiled shyly and was simply stunning.

The first thing I looked for was her platform boots and, after hearing earlier whispers of such, I knew it was true that she had broken her foot.Moon-like black platform Reebok-type shoes had replaced her traditional platform boots.  I was so captured by what she looked like, standing in front of me - RIGHT in front of me - that I barely noticed that I was singing along with her to "Outside the Rain" - a song that  I had just recently become fond of.  I knew my brother, Glenn, probably didn't even know the song (He knows the Fleetwood Mac & solo commercial hits), but as I glanced back to him - he was rocking and for a split moment I realized that he would finally see what I've been proclaiming for years.  And I saw it in his eyes the whole night - It was awe.

With the beginning notes of each song, I easily predicted what would come next.It was all so magical.And I took special note to many of the changes she made in her songs.  Here are some of those highlights:

Outside the Rain "And you know I've been changin' and" (aggressively pointing) "You're WRONG!!" 

"And I say 'Stevie, This is just one more link in the chain.'"

"Well look in my eyes, touch my face, see baby there's noone in this whole wide world" (REALLY fast here) "that can ever replace ME!"

"Take it away"

"Love is a word and some entertain it, if you find it you have wooooooooooon the game."

Dreams :

(I knew my companions knew this song because I had given them "The Dance" for Glenn's birthday this year)

"It's only right that you play it" (she motions here with her hands like she's playing the piano) "the way you feel it."

After "Dreams", Stevie greets the audience:

"Hello. {Pause}  I've gone back and forth tonight..uh..tonight about whether or not to& to say anything about the fact that I broke my foot the day before yesterday.Cuz I did last night and I thought, 'You know what?A true professional does not go on stage AND complain.'So I was not going to tell you, but I just wanted to because that's the reason I'm wearing these shoes."{She sticks out her right foot and models her funky shoes, laughing.} "So, anyway& if I'm not& you know& If I'm not really& you know& "{couldn't hear a few words here} " but I love you and I'm rocking harder!"

They break into "Enchanted".

At the end of 'Enchanted', Stevie made her way to the side of Stage Left where someone put the Gold Shawl on her.  As with many, I clearly judged the sequence of songs based on what shawl was being put on her.

Gold Dust Woman:   Thump, ding. Thump, ding.

"Rock on Ancient Queen, follow those who pale in your shadow.Rulers make bad lovers, you better put your kingdom up for sale.  Well, you better sell it& sell it nooooooow"

"Is it over now and do you know how to pick up the pieces and go home?Go home, Go home, Go hoooooooooome (deep, aggressive, drawn out and better than ever!).

Stevie ends this song differently than I've ever heard - by using the following lines:

            "Shadows& someone says something 'bout

            Someone says something 'bout

            Someone says something about it& Gold Dust

            Gold Dust& .Gold Dust& "   (and it drowns out here.)

Gold & Braid "There are so very few stars left"  {Stevie puts her arms up and out to the sides and she rolls her eyes up and smiles here}

"In a dream I said to you 'Baby, I'll always love you'."

Stand Back - The classic "polka dot' shawl.

During this song, she tried to jam with the guitarist (in place) while looking somewhat annoyed that she couldn't get closer to him.

"Taaaaaaaaake me home."

"Stand back" {During the pause here, the drum kicks ass and Stevie feigns hitting some drums and then, broken foot and all, up came her leg and she did a kick to Left Stage.  All my brother could say was "This chick rocks'}

Rhiannon - This version is performed much like "The Dance" version except it takes out the text at the beginning where she says "Don't leave me& Don't leave me nooooow"

I must say, my brother called this song before I recognized what it was and I was, oh, so proud of him!  It's his favorite.

Stevie wore a white shawl for this performance.  In my opinion, this song was a little more subdued than her traditional live performances of it but incredible nonetheless!

(Highlight)  "Would you even try" [and she says, toughly here] "I THINK YOU DO!!"

Band Introduction Stevie:  "Thank you. {Pause} "I want to introduce you to my band.  What is a girl without a rock band?  My band.  Right here on the side, my musical director.  My dear friend, Mr. Carlos Rios" {I can't see Carlos because he's all the way on Performers Right Stage - too far to the right for me to see} "Right over behind Carlos, on keyboard, my friend from Phoenix Arizona - Mr. Ken Stoehller {sp?}.  Right here next to me - my anchor, my rock - my beautiful, beautiful bass player, Mr Don Boyer {sp?}.Right up behind Don {can't hear her words here}.  On percussion, Mr. Danny Reyes.  Over here on keyboards, someone who also went with us on the Fleetwood Mac tours, The Bomb", {laughing & kind of flustered - possibly over her slang} - Brett Tuttle.Right over here is my dearest friends - a fabulous blond - Miss Mindy Stein.  My friend Sharon, who I've known since 1978 when I met her in Hawaii.Her name is Sharon Celani, but we call her "Shaaarona'."

She walks off stage for about 30 seconds, to perhaps change her shawl, and hurries back to the mike and says {really fast and anxious} "I'm NEVER going to be forgiven for this!  I'm SO sorry, Frank.  You were just blending into the velvet of the curtain.On lead guitar, Mr. Frank Stein."{She apparently forgot to introduce Frank and when she hurried back she was so flustered and kind of laughing out of embarrassment}.

Appropriately enough, they break into "Whole Lotta Trouble":

"Stop for a minute, think for a second& Oh yeah, Oh yeah. Not guilty," {and with open hand raised out over the mike, she grabs the air and closes her hand into a fist and strongly says "Have Mercy!"{I loved her expression for this part.}

Landslide :This was my favorite part of the night.

Stevie:  "Tonight we'd like to dedicate this song, Landslide, to a really good friend of mine because it's her birthday and her name is Sandra.  But, that DOESN"T mean it's not also for EVERY one of you."

Through this whole song, you can hear the entire crowd singing in unison.She has a particular grin on her face when she says "I'm getting older too."At one point, the crowd is singing so loud she sounds drowned out.  During the following line, the crowd sang in such unison, loud, and hold the note so longthat we get a particularly interesting reaction from Stevie:

"If you see my reflection in the SNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW"

{She turns away from the mike, steps back and laughingly looks at Frank who, alone, is playing behind her similarly to how Lindsey played behind her on "The Dance". 

She laughs at the crowd and says:  "The sound of music!" 

She continues with "Covered hills" and finishes the song, as usual.

At this point, Stevie and the band go off stage.Reyes plays a bongo solo while everyone else is offstage.He is incredible.I have to say to Mick: "Sorry, but your 'World Turning' pales in comparison.'  Reyes is quite attractive as well, so I couldn't take my eyes off him.    The rest of the band saunters onstage as they break into "Edge of Seventeen".  It's funny, I always expect to hear Sharon go "Who& Who..Who" (like an owl) just like the demo version I have - ha ha!

Stevie returns to the stage in a white shawl.

Edge of Seventeen

At the end of this song, Stevie repeats a line three times that I've never heard:

"Even in the night, he says, 'I still think about you' ".   I simply love the way she sings this.

At the end of Edge of Seventeen, Stevie walked up to the very edge of the stage to do her usual handshakes, etc.  I must say, I was REALLY worried for her.I know she does this all the time, but she was REALLY close to the edge of the stage.  I was afraid she'd fall off. I didn't see any shawls given to her this night.I only saw someone trying to give her what appeared to be a handmade bracelet and several bouquets of flowers.All this while, I was trying to hold up my Buckingham Nicks album in the hopes she would see it and realize how many of us out here listen to it and would like it on CD!!

(Throughout the show, people kept asking to look at the record.I don't think they had ever seen it before, but they all had the same comment.  "She is so incredibly beautiful!")

Stevie said something like "Thank you for coming out", etc. and they left the stage.  The crowd roared for an encore.

I Need To Know & Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You

Stevie & the band returned for "I Need to Know" and after that, Stevie came back on stage with one of the most beautiful white/cream shawl on!It had beautiful sequins and I believe it was scalloped.  It was so beautiful.She closed the perfect evening with a touching version of "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You. She ended the song so beautifully with:

"And when they ask her about the men in her life... She would say they were poets...and they were priests of nothing... and they were legends."

Then the band and Stevie lined up and took a bow.She's so gracious.I think that's the best way to describe her. "Gracious".

Well, on a side note, I did get 3 photos which I haven't developed yet.  I used a disposable and, to my shock, I didn't realize it had an automatic flash.Usually they have flashes that you must activate and I had no intention of flashing into Stevie's eyes.But someone later told me that my flash WAS going off even though I hadn't prompted it to.  So I got one during "Gold Dust Woman" and two more during "HAEWAFY". I thought, well, if I can't have it on tape, then I HAD to have a picture of it!!

 I was also surprised by how much Frank (the guitarist) looked like Lindsey - even down to the unbuttoned black shirt!I had to look twice because I thought it WAS Lindsey at first! LOL!  :)

 Well, to wrap it up, the evening was incredible and I wish each and every one of you could have been there with me to share it.Hopefully, those of you who couldn't make it, can feel a little closer by reading this.  Start saving for the 2000 tour!  I love being here in Phoenix, because I know that I can attend the surrounding shows - Phoenix, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, perhaps shows in New Mexico and Utah.  YAAAAAHHHHOOOOO!2000 here we come!!

  Las Vegas, Nevada; House Of Blues, December 31st
Review by LauraTN, January 2, 2000

12-31-99. Samantha and I arrived at about 3:30....and the line had already exploded all over the casino floor...there were at least 30 people inline when we got there...and you have to remember that the doors weren't even supposed to open until almost 9...To the best of my knowledge the show was completely sold out...and by the time the concert started the place was PACKED with people who came to PARTY....Anyway back to the good stuff...Torri, Dave, Sammi and myself...had kinda scoped out the HOB the night we knew where to go when we arrived...Torri and Dave had to check out by they decided to meet Keith at the airport...which I thought was totally cool of them...anyway...since we knew they would be inline early...Sammi and I took our time getting ready...(shame on us right?)...When we finally got to Mandalay Bay and made it to the HOB...Torri and Dave were nowhere in site....and I was like..OH gosh...where are then...I look to my left...and saw THE CAP!! Keith was saving our place inline so T&D could get a lil bite to eat and do some "gamblin" was so wonderful...I think I talked Keith to death...I don't think I ever came up for air...I was talking so much...Umm the fans that were inline were really awesome too...there was a girl that had been to the LA concerts...that had some KICK ASS photos from the first night...and she was taking everyone's name and where they were from....the list of people was shocking...there were people from all over the US....and even this one guy from Amsterdam!!! ( I know I spelled that wrong)...Just in our basic little group...Stevie was well represented...TN,CA,VA,NC,MI,WashDC,TX and WA...I think there must have been someone from every was just really blew my mind..Anyway...we took turns going for food and bathroom breaks (I think I went 6 so I was a lil excited)....and I think the time passed rather quickly...Ohhh and the HOB staff...and some really sexy guys patroling the crows...they had some nice "cheeks"...Ummm anyway...I don't exactly remember what time we actally got to go into the was non stop action from then on.

Stevie of course didn't have an opening act...which was fine with me...cause the DJ played some really groovy tunes...and I danced my butt off....Ummm the T-shirt lines were MAD!!! they had one chick selling the shirts...there was the one basic with T...then there was a special purple T for the Millennium show..which was the same as the white but it had New Years Eve on it...and on the back instead of the heart it said...I WAS THERE!!!!...Woohoo!!...Ummm they also had a Sweat Shirt...but I didn't like the baby poop brown color so I passed....Umm they also had a mug...and I was gonna get one...after the show...but they were sold out...sniff...So I got my two shirts...and worked my way back through the crowd...I stared out...3 rows back...but I ended up...front was AWESOME except for the fact...I didn't realize that that's where all the big pushy hateful NoN LEDGIE Fans stand...I was between 4 big tall assholes to my left...and to really cool gracious guys to my right....not to mention..I had about 3 tall chicks behind I looked rather pathetic....BUT...I didn't care..I was on the FRONT...but I earned it...those guys to my left..were real jerks...kept pushing me...and crap...and the one guy even leaned on me with all his body I had the great guys to my right...move back just a bit so...when they moved..I moved and the jerk almost fell in the floor...LOL!!...Ummm but I tried to make peace ya know..I gave him some of my drink...but...still..I think he still had that jerk syndrome=) Oh well anyway...the right side of the stage...was really AWESOME...these were the people who laughed and danced and had a good time...the people to the left tended to stand there no budging with these attitudes like...if they moved they would loose their they all were like...meat heads or something (I remind you this is my immediate left after a few minutes..I couldn't see anyone else)...anyway...we partied and danced...and sang to all these really cool songs the DJ was playing...we even talked to our little security dude which was fairly cool....OHHHH and the HOB curtain was soooo big huge patch work quilt...really groovy we danced..shot the [dog doodie] with each other...had a drink or two...and the time just flew by for me...I had to keep looking back to make sure my fellow Ledgies were in good postition and they butt heads hadn't squashed them or anything...and...Sammi being shorter than me...I had to make sure she could at least I kept waving and stuff...just to let me know..they were still there...Ummm I know this is kinda boring...but you just have understand the feel of this place...we were packed like friggin sardines!!!....The atmostsphere was unlike anything I had ever experienced...the anticipation...and excitment was thick...and the converstations about past shows and concerts...and just the name Stevie...Stevie...Stevie...STEVIE floated in the air...her name was on everyone's lips...and the tensions were mounting...the mood was set...the curtain was like I said very cool...the floor was down in this pulpit kinda thing...and it was surrounded by bars on both sides...I would guestimate there had to be 500 people packed into that one little part of the floor...and it was Animal like...we were there for one reason..and that was to PARTY OUR ASSES OFF!!!...Ummm the people to my left of course were waiting to party when Stevie came out..but the right was partying hard before she came out...which was cool..cause they were made up of Ledgies and most of the people in our little group we had formed inline before we got into the HOB.

So it must have been a bit after 11 when things started to really get INTENSTE...people were getting impatient...and there was a lot of pushing...THEN the curtain started to part.....and the crowd began to ROAR..I mean friggin ROAR!!!...BUT the were teasing us...cause it would be several more minutes before the show started...but we wasted no time in checking out the surroundings....Umm there were these niffty little box seats above the stage...where the Family sat...the first had her Mother and her Dad...which were the most darling two people..I swear...Stevie's mom is the cutest person...and smiled the whole time...I think Barb and Jess got a real kick out of watching the crowd...and you could really tell that the were very very very proud of their daughter...they smiled the whole time...and what is really amazing is that...interacted with the fans totally...we would wave and they would wave back...and smile and stuff...and it was very cool!!...Ummm thing I need to set straight...Jessi...Stevie's lil neice was not at the show according to Chris (who we met after the show...but I will get to that later)...he said she was to young and they wouldn't let her in...Now...that's what he I don't know what the deal is...but Lori was definitly there...and was very excited...Just by watching could really tell how much she loves Stevie...not only as a back up singer...and more than just a sister in law....Anyway..I don't know why im writing this...but the whole family was wonderful...I have no idea who the people were in the second booth...but im sure they were probably family too..or ya know really good friends....Anyway...after what seemed like forever...Chris finally came out on stage...and we all went totally crazy...this was it...she was on her way!!!...He said a bunch of stuff I couldn't hear...or was just too excited to listen..either way...he said something to the effect that this meant just as much to her as it did to us...and then he announced her ...and the festivities began.

Im not going to go through the set list...basically because I can't remember the set list..LOL! But she was ASWESOME...Beautiful...her voice was powerful...and the fans were WILD...Ummm during the first few songs...she was having some problems with her head set...and she was visably upset...not like hateful or anything...but she was definitly was mouthing.."I can't hear anything" didn't affect her voice at all..she was in key...and sang perfectly...Ummm I think after the first two or three songs...she finally said hold on....this isn't working...and went to the side...she changed shawls...and I guess they worked the problems out...anyway...she seemed to nod to them when all the problems were worked out..and gave them a little smile...but she KICKED ASS...from then on out she ROCKED!!!....After a particularly fave song of the on Dreams, G&B, GDW, Rhiannon and Rooms...the crowd cheered so loudly I thought the celing was going to wasn't even a human was ANIMAL!!! One of those ROARS...that turn from a cheer into one big sound....and I swear I thought my eardrums were gonna was that loud...and Stevie really loved that kind of feed back...she was very outgoing..and playful with the crowed...she smiled and danced and sang her heart out...she looked better than ever...her hair was beautiful...her face looked wonderful...and I think the woman must have found the fountain of youth ...because she looked younger than ever!!!...It was no holds barred!!!...She held back on nothing...she hit every note!!..OH and for the girls who said her shawl was dirty.....You need to have your eyes checked because the her shawls and outfits KICKED ASS..I don't know what dirt you saw...but I was on the front row...and her stuff was in top form....she wore black to start out....she had her black jacket for Whole Lotta Trouble..she wore a red on for Rooms On fire...and a black chiffony shawl for Rhiannon...none of which were even ragged not to mention dirty...Oh and of course she wore her cool stand back cape!!..Ummm Oh and did I mention she DANCED...Oh and the KICK at the end of Stand Back was WONDERFUL...and cool...Umm any back to the details...Ummm she talked a lot...and talked to us about the Millenium...and how she was watching all this stuff on TV and about how amazing this stuff..was and that she wrote in her journal for twenty pages....she was so friendly and she totally fed off the fans and vise versa!

Ohhhhhh the countdown...WOW!! It was kinda funny because she had to drag out the intro of the band..a bit longer...and improvise..which she did a wonderful job...talking to us and stuff...anyway...This is a memory I hope I never loose!!....They brought Stevie some champagne WHICH she DID NOT drink...and then they did the countdown...It was just indescribably...confetti flying everywhere and streamers....people cheering...the girls sang Aule Ange Sine (I know I REALLY spelled that wrong..but ya know)..Stevie kinda sheepishly backed away from the Mic and let the girls sing it...I don't know if it's because she didn't know all the songs...or what...she kinda made this gesture in which she kind pointed to her throat and she may not have wanted to sing a song she wasn't totally familiar with..ya know...anyway...she sang a few words here and there...but she spent most of the time hugging the band...and DANCIN WITH CARLOS!!! Ohhhhh man...and did she have this look on her face!!..Ummm You know that look she has when she lays her head on that guys shoulder during the Stand back video just before he sweeps her away...IT was that Look for like a split second...very cute!!!...Anyway...after we partied for a few more minutes...the concert proceedeed...the crowd sang along to EVERY song...and she really seemed to get a kick out of it...Oh and Stevie's parents were just all smiles...I don't think they ever stopped...they were defintily very very proud of her...and it seemd almost amazed with the crowd...and like I said...Lori had this look on her face like...That's my Stevie....I think she cheered the hardest of all the family...which was very cool...she was even taking pictures . Stevie sang Landslide and dedicated it to Us and her Dad...and what's funny is the sound messed up right in the first part of the she made Frank stop playing...and she said..and im paraphrasing here.."stop stop...I want this to be perfect for you guys"...and of course we all cheered!!! So the concert started to wind down...and you know that feeling...that the party is almost over...started to set in...but I was still excited.

When the drum solo started...the tesnions started to mount....the pushing became a bit harder...but the excitment went to a whole nother level!! Oh and btw...her new bong dude is just lucious!!!!! His eyes are to die for!!!...Ok so enough about him....the band comes out....the bass starts and the crowd goes CRAZY...and she comes out in this cream colored dress I have never seen before...absolutely stunning...I wish I had the vocabulary to explain it...but she had her little cape on with this dress...which was had a very intricate design on the skirt...hard to explain...but it was totally FABULOUS!!!...The song KICKED!! and of course at the end she did the hand shaking...which really got rough for some of us fans...The whole concert...I had this big speaker in front of most of the time I could only see her head...which was kinda not fun...but I had a really good view so im not she is making the rounds...and when she gets to me...she bent over and took my hand...which I don't know how she did it...because all the tall people around me....she gave me this really wonderful look...and about that time the crowded HEAVED to one side...and I felt myself..get almost lifted/pushed to the right...and she gave me this look like.."OMG...your getting squished!!"...she smiled and let go...I think she was afraid of me getting hurt or something..but she defintily did they eye contact thing..smiled and let go because I got a reallyyy BIG squish!!..I was to say the least...very knocked out...and tickled [dog doodie]less that she shook my hand..and actually held it for as second *silent squeeealll!!*...After that I kinda just floated in this hevenly cloud of self satisfaction...gratituded and humbleness!!!...She really did leave us all with something unforgetable!!

By this time the show was almost over...she endind with...I Need To Know...because...what would her show be without a TOM PETTY SONG (She wore her waist coat with the tails for this one)!!!...The place was rocking..we were jammin...and Stevie was really having a good time....grand finale!! HAEWAFY!!...totally stunning and wonderful...and by this time...I figued...Jail or not!! IM gonna get a few shots with my camera!!! I flashed away...So hopefully...I will have at least one good one for you guys....Ummm anyway..I know this has been long..and Im sorry that my details are a bit skimpy on the song list and clothes and stuff...but it's hard to remember everything...and pass it on a that was basically the concert...Stevie was just FABULOUS!!! Nothing more I can say about to express my feelings more...

Now for the post show events...we danced for a few something to drink...and basically...just stood there stunned was really ASWESOME...Ummm we went back to the T-shirt table...because Chris himself was standing there...and was really open and friendly...he was really going on and on about Stevie and I just had to talk to him for a few minutes....basically I just had to tell him how wonderful she was...that she had fans from all over....and that we loved to hear her talk so tell her to keep it up...because that is what makes it cool!!!...Im going to wait until Sammi wakes up to give you another funny detail of our conversation with Chris...we were the only ones who heard this and it was funny..but im gonna make sure it's ok with her before I tell it..but it isn't ya know secretive...just something funny he said...anyway..I asked him about the new album and when it would be out...and he just laughed and said...last month!!! Which basically meant it could be out anytime..he just really didn't know...or wasn't going to commit to anything...anyway...he was very cool...and said there would be more stuff added to Artist direct keep your eyes open...Ummm anyway..that is basically it...Torri, Dave, Keith, Sammi and myself...walked around for awhile...we were going to eat..but...the crowd was to they decided it would be best to just hit the road...I gave them all big squeezes!! And I got a lump in my throat...cause the finality of it all was getting a little hard for soon passed when Sammi and I realized...that Taxi line was 3 hours long!!!!...Needless to say our feet were killing we looked for alternatives to finding a cab...we waited in Valet parking...had two cabs swiped out from under us...(assmunches!!)..So me and my dumb self...said Hey..Loook!! There are Taxi's all over down on the stupid me..drags Sammi from the saftey of the hotel out on the Vegas streets at like 3:30 am in the morning...drunk people all hit on several times..LOL!! and finally...after several attempts...we got a taxi...this guy didn't want to pick take us...because the drive was to long...but I got a bit hateful told him I was freezing my ass off and all I wanted was a ride ....and that we would pay take us!!!..So he said alright and we were off!!!...The cab ride was of course ya know..the typical..tell me your life story...and mouth runs faster than my brian I told this guy get home...and we don't have enough money for the Sammi has to run in and get the rest of the while im getting out of the cab...they guy comes around the car...and opens the door..I get out...and he extends his being the stupid niave totally over friendly dumb ass that Im goes to shake his hand...He grabs my hand...shakes it says Happy New Year...and THENNNNN!!...He kisses me!!!!...IT was on the cheek but close enough to my mouth....that I was like...[dog doodie] fire!!!..Is this the way all cab rides end?!?!! I didn't want to be I didn't jerk away or anything...but I was very stunned to say the least..LOL!! So thank GAWD...Sammi comes back with the money...and I don't even take time for him to count it..I think we gave him a 7$ tip...but I was ready to ya know...break up that little situation..LOL!!..So anyway...that was the last person I wanted to kiss on NYE....but...he was the only one who offered...LOL!!! Ok so that's the END!!! I bet your glad it's over=)

Review by Angela, January 2, 2000

12-31-99. This is a VERY LONG review, and it has quotes from Stevie in it that I transcribed myself. I am sorry for any mispellings or errors, but I hope you enjoy it anyway.... as I try to share this night with you as best as I can....

I have seen Stevie a few times in concert, but I can easily say that this one far surpasses them all! It was better than I ever dreamed it would be, and it was also the greatest day of my life so far! I could think of no better way to ring in the new year and century than being with Stevie on New Years Eve. I bought my ticket the first day they went on sale, before I could even think twice about it. I overcame so many obstacles that stood in my way, and there were many times I thought I wouldn't be able to go, even up to the day before I left I still wasn't sure.... but I had a good feeling about it, so I decided to go and hoped that things would work out okay. I left on Thursday night to fly to Las Vegas from Salt Lake. On Friday morning, I woke up and started getting ready for the show. I wore a long, flowy navy blue skirt with a navy blue velvet top which had butterflies on it, along with a small silver tiara with matching gem stones and my velvet platform shoes.... and added onto that was 50 pounds of glitter on my eyes and in my hair. I figured it might be one of the few days in my life that I would be able to dress up like that and get away with it. We arrived at the House of Blues at around 2:00p.m. and there was already about 20 people sitting in line to get into the show. We decided to eat first, so we went to the House of Blues Restaurant. While we were in there, I saw Jess and Barbara Nicks walk in a back entrance that we were sitting nearby. I was going to say hi to them or ask for a picture with them, but I didn't have the courage and I didn't want to bother them either. They went up a private elevator (most likely upstairs to Stevie's suite), and they came back down 30 minutes later, and walked out into the casino to gamble I suppose. After I was done eating, I went to wait in line with a few other people that I had met there- Torri, Dave, Laura, Samantha, Keith, Julie & Kristen, and a few other people that I can't really remember the names of (I am awful at remembering names). There was about 30 people in front of us at this time. We just sat there and talked, and Torri broke out her Stevie pictures to share with the rest of us. Finally at around 9:00p.m., they got ready to let us inside. The line stretched all the way around a few walls, so we were grateful to be up front and knew it was worth the long wait. We got inside and went to the front right center of the stage. There were two guys named James and Scott (who were from Dallas) that I spent most of the time talking to while waiting. We just talked about Stevie, of course. The House of Blues played some good music while we were waiting inside, so we danced a little bit to make the time go by faster. At 11:15p.m., they opened the curtains and everyone started screaming for Stevie. Since we were up by the stage, we could see that on the side of the stage, there were two balconys somewhat hidden backstage. Stevie's parents, and her family and friends were all sitting up there. Her mother and father waved at all of us. Her mother especially seemed to be pleased with the crowd. She had a constant smile on her face and just kept waving at us a lot throughout the show.... because she can see how much we all love Stevie. At 11:30p.m., the band came out on stage, and the crowd went nuts again.

Chris Nicks gave the introduction: "It's almost over.... Are you ready for this? (everyone screams) This means as much to her as it means to you... Ladies and gentlemen, Stevie Nicks!"

The music for "Outside the Rain" started playing and Stevie walked out.... carrying the bouquet of roses that she usually gives to a fan at the beginning of each show. She came right in front of me and leaned down. I thought that she was trying to hand them to me (of course anyone would want to believe that though), but my arms weren't as long as the guys next to me and Stevie was shaking her head to tell people not to fight over them, so I let go and pushed them to James so he could have them. He was very sweet about it, and immediately gave me a handful of roses from the bouquet. I gave a couple of mine to other people as well, and saved a few for myself. Some lady even tried to buy one from me, but I told her there was no way I would give something like that away for any amount of money, because it is a special gift with sentimental value. I plan on preserving them and framing them somehow, and hanging them on my wall. (I also bought one of the beautiful T-shirts they were selling with Stevie's artwork on the front) Anyway, on with the show...

The sound crew for the House of Blues did not do a very good job, and there were a few glitches in the sound that upset Stevie, and she couldn't hear very well, but she kept on going and did her best to put up with it.

"Outside the Rain" faded into "Dreams" as it usually does.... Stevie sang 2 extra choruses of "Dreams" so that the people could continue to try and fix the sound, but the fans didn't seem to mind that.

"Dreams" ends...

Stevie: "Well.... welcome! I can not hardly even hear out of these things. Let's stop for one second here. Welcome you guys to this wonderful party. I just want to get this sound right. I want you to know that umm, last night I- I'm sure, like... I have to like talk a little bit, it's New Years Eve. (The crowd cheers) I mean, you know... last night in the middle of the night I turned on the TV, and it was like the Peter Jennings thing about the world, you know... starting in like New Zealand and everything and... I got so emotional! I'm watching this, I'm writing in my journal, I'm crying... and I'm thinking this really is a- a totally incredible thing, so I just wanted you to know that I've been- I have about like twenty pages of handwritten stuff that I've done for... to put down how this is a... you know, from the people in- in Moscow to the people in Somalia... it's a very incredible... difference. So... thank you for coming to be with me on New Year's Eve. I can not tell you, thank you! Here we go!"

"Enchanted" plays...

Stevie: "Thank you."

"Gold Dust Woman" plays. Stevie didn't really seem to get into the show until this song. For some reason, this song always seems to bring out something in Stevie that no other song can. You can tell it is very personal for her. She wore her usual Gold Dust Woman shawl to go with it.

Stevie: "Thank you."

"Gold and Braid" plays...

Stevie: "I would like to take a minute as we get started... on our like night, to introduce you to my band. We are trying, and I'll tell you guys what we're trying to do so you can share this with me. We are, you know the countdown thing is gonna come up, so we have to like, kinda work with that, so... that's why I'm like gonna introduce the band to you now. We're trying to make it so that we can like do it in a- in a good way. So we gotta... (Stevie gets confused as to when she's supposed to do the countdown, since the people keep changing their minds and telling her different things) help! Does anyone know what the hell we're doing here? So I'm gonna introduce the band... (Stevie looks over to Carlos and he tells her that they have time for one more song first) Don't introduce the band? (Stevie laughs) I'm not gonna- (she laughs again) I'm not gonna introduce anybody!"

"Rooms On Fire" interlude and song begins. Stevie sings this wearing a red shawl. I was happy to see this song performed live.

Stevie is introducing band now: "... right behind Carlos on keyboards, a friend of mine from Phoenix, Arizona... Mr. Kevin Stohler! Right here changing his guitars, my fabulous fabulous bass player, Mr. Don Boyett! I shouldn't really be rushing.. (Stevie laughs) Right behind me is my like, awesome drummer, Mr. Land Richards. Right next to Land over here.. my percussion player, Mr. Danny Raimes. This guy over here on the other side is a wonderful organ player- his name is Mr. Scott Plunkett. On the other side of the stage, two of my really good friends- Mindy, Mindy- we've been friends for many years. Sharon and I've been friends for so long that, it doesn't even need to be said. The beautiful blonde, Miss Mindy Stein! And my dearest, one of my oldest friends, well not oldest, but dearest and oldest (Stevie laughs) friends... I met this woman in Hawaii. I have always named her 'Sharona' since the first day I met her. Her name is Sharon Celani! Now I'm supposed to stretch out the introduction for two more minutes, so what can I say about Frank!? (she laughs again and there is a pause for a few
seconds) On the other side, you see I have this very symmetrical thing here. Lead guitar player, Mr. Frank Simes. (more pausing and delaying) It's not yet... Is there anything that anybody would like to say? (the crowd starts yelling various things) Just talk amongst yourselves.... (Stevie says that with a cute Linda Richman impersonation. Then she walks over to Carlos and dances slowly with him around in circles for a minute. Someone from the side of the stage yells there is 30 seconds left, and they hand Stevie a glass of champagne which she set down so she could start the countdown) 7.. 6.. 5.. 4.. 3.. 2.. (she laughs because she isn't sure if she's counting down at the right time) 1!! (Streamers and confetti fly out of the ceiling and the balcony, and falls down onto everyone, including Stevie on the stage.) I think this is a very special moment and I think that all of us here, and you guys really, for one minute be quiet. We should all like... oh okay, we're gonna- should all like sing Auld Lang Syne! (She laughs) I got it, I got it, I got it! (Everyone sings along and celebrates) It doesn't get much better than that! And we'll always have this- that we were all here together tonight, so...."

"Stand Back" intro begins to play. Stevie wears her famous Stand Back shawl and does her high kicks throughout the song. This song has new meaning for me now. The line "to be standing in a line...." totally hit me, and I laughed at the irony of it... because everyone had been waiting in line for almost 12 hours before the show just to see her. I can definitely say that there is nobody else I'd wait that long in line to see!

Stevie: "Welcome to the two- the year two thousand everyone."

"Rhiannon" interlude and song begins to play, followed by "Whole Lotta Trouble".

Stevie: "Thank you. Thank you very much. So maybe because this is umm, such a special night, we should- instead of dedicating Landslide to just one person... because of course, I should of course, dedicate it to my dad, who's right up there (she points and looks up at him), and dad, of course its for you! Of course its for you! (the crowd screams) But, if you could share it just a little, and maybe we could just dedicate it to all of ourselves and when we hear it, we just think to be the best person that we can be. I mean you know, we have to try! (She laughs) So I would like to dedicate this song to us and the year
two thousand!"

"Landslide" begins to play....

"I took my love, and I took it down
I climbed a mountain and I turned around..."

(there was some bad sound feedback here, so she stops singing)

Stevie: "Stop.... stop. I'm not gonna mess it up! Can we fix this? Way way bad feedback! I'm sorry you guys, but I want this to be good for you, I really do. (everyone cheers loudly for her, and she starts the song over with no flaws this time. Everyone is singing along with her and holds out the "snooooooowwww...." on the last line with Stevie, and the song ends)

Stevie: "Thank you Frank. Thank you dad. Thank you.... all of you."

The Drum solos begin to play and eventually "Edge of Seventeen" begins to play, and I brace myself against the stage, so as not to get squashed. Stevie surpised everyone by walking back out on stage wearing a white/ cream colored outfit similar to her black one, with her beige boots and white Edge of Seventeen cape. She went along the edge of the short stage like she always does, shaking hands with people, and I was lucky enough to be one of them. I also gave her the tiara I was wearing after the show.

Stevie: "I wish for you all of your dreams to come true everyone, I do. Take a little of you know, this is like a whole new time, I really feel this and I know you're gonna go 'I wish she would just stop talking about this!', but it is a new time, so everybody just like, you know, hold onto each other and- and be a really nice person and realize how difficult this world is and we can make it better, I know we can! We can do it!"

Stevie goes backstage to put a black topcoat over her white dress and "I Need To Know" starts playing. I really enjoy seeing Stevie perform this song. At the end, they even had some cool robotic sound effects and Stevie was doing moves to it with her hands and face. It was really great!

"Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You" was her next and final song of the show. This is the one song I was actually quiet for and wasn't singing along with. I just took the opportunity to watch her sing and I noticed a whole bunch of lights swirling around her from behind that was so bright, I could barely see her face. I started crying a little because I felt so happy and lucky to be there at that moment, and everything I went through to get there was worth it. There is no one else like her in this world. Hearing her music is one thing, but being there with her and watching her perform live is the greatest experience I've ever had. "I will not forget this night...."

Stevie's final words: "All right, my last message is- is to again, to thank you for coming and spending this night with us, with me, so I wish for you everything you guys. Take care of yourselves, be happy. I hope you're all in love, I hope your life is wonderful. You can do that- you can make it better, right? You can do it! Bye bye...."

She walked off the stage, and the party continues throughout the night in the House of Blues while other music was played and some people stayed to dance the night away...

I can't wait to see Stevie again! I will never forget that night, for it will always be remembered as a dream....

Review by CarolM, January 2, 2000

Hi all! I haven't posted for quite a while but have been lurking occasionally. I moved this past summer from NJ to No. California, started a new job, etc., and things have been really crazy, so I haven't spent too much time on the Ledge lately. But, I did go to the Vegas show and ended up in the 2nd row standing against the security guard at the stage. Stevie was amazing as usual and it was great seeing her so close. She looked beautiful!!

She was about 40 minutes late (came out around 11:10) and played until about 1:00am. At first I think she was a little upset about the sound problems, she kept gesturing that her monitor wasn't working and she couldn't hear anything. But, as the show progressed, she loosened up and started having a good time. I'm sure by now you have heard the set list so I won't go over that, except to say that she was in rare form. She really got down during Stand Back and Edge of Seventeen, even rocking out and squatting down like she used to do in the 70's. I was standing underneath her when she came to the edge of the stage before starting Stand Back, and I must say she is really beautiful up close. Her family was in the balcony to the right of us (back stage) and we had a great view of her mother, father, niece Jessica and Laurie, who waved to the fans quite a lot. Her parents had big smiles on their faces throughout the show and seem to be very proud of their daughter!!

She interacted with her father a few times, and something I thought was really funny was when she said "about the men in her life... they were poets, etc..." She started laughing and gestered to her father and said, with great expression and hand gestures..."They were priests of NOTHING..." And he was standing up and pointing to her and laughing. My impression of this exchange between her and her father, was that he wasn't too thrilled with her taste in men, and she was kind of agreeing with him and laughing... As if to say, "yea, dad, I know..." It was a very funny moment.

Anyway, all in all, it was a great show and an experience I will always remember. I brought my daughter with me and she disappeared and made friends a few rows behind me. She later told me that she was so inspired by just seeing Stevie, that she started crying the minute she came out. I must also say that I never heard Stevie do such a wonderful, inspired version of "Has Anyone ever written..." It was amazing!!

Oh, one more thing...She came out for "Edge of 17" ALL in white!! The outfit was similar to her black stage outfit, but all white from her boots to her bodice. She looked like an angel and the crowd went nuts when they saw her!!

Review by Keith, January 3, 2000

" his heart, he wishes her stardom
His eyes want for her much more.
That's not so different, than the way that he said..
'there are so very few stars left'...."

Well, I'm an obvious Stevie fan. I'm sure my thoughts about her New Year's Eve show in Vegas are going to reflect that.. but I can tell you right away, my friends, I love her more now than at any point in my life. Writing this on notebook paper on my airplane ride home...finally getting it typed up, here is my experience....

I landed in Viva Las Vegas at around 1:00 p.m. and waiting on me at my arrival gate were Torri and Dave. I knew that it was a sign that tonight was going to be everything I dreamed it would be. To be welcomed by a fan such as Torri... "Sweet Girl..." We headed towards the Mandalay Bay Resort where the House of Blues was located, and Torri pointed out to me Stevie Nicks singing her heart out on a huge video screen overlooking the Vegas strip. Flashing lights screamed .. Stevie Nicks.. Live in Vegas.. New Years Eve...The House of Blues.. The footage they were showing was from the "If You Ever Did Believe" video. Talk about something really neat for a Stevie fan.. seeing Stevie up on the big screen for the whole city to see. It helped me to realize that I was actually in Vegas for the show and I felt every pinch to my arm to prove it. We parked and headed inside to the casino where the venue was located, and a line had already formed. What I thought was about 25 or so people ahead of us, blossomed to over 50. You found your place, and took turns holding the spot. Torri and Dave left for a bit, so I set up camp and looked out for fellow Lediges LauraTN (Laura) and the black cape wearing Samantha. Well, when I saw them approaching and I knew.. I just knew.. it was them... and as soon as Laura looked my way, she recognized me and came on over. We hugged, greeted each other and was excited for just being there. Laura sounds just like she does on the 'Voice of Angels' tape. She had a very thick Tennessee accent.. and her humor.. had a nice little edge to it.. I liked her immediately. Samantha was much more reserved than I expected.. and had the most wonderful spirit. I loved how she talked about her niece and nephew with so much love.. I know the feeling.

Waiting in line with other Stevie fans was really quite interesting. I met Angela, Julie, Stacy (Livia), Kristen, the two women from North Carolina who I can't remember their names - I saw one of them at the airport as I was leaving and gave her a hug. Many of our female fans chose to dress in Stevie regalia.. capes, black boots, shawls (one fan had a beautiful Stand Back shawl on), and lots of Stevie glitter "gold" & "silver" dust was floating around amongst the female fans. One guy had an old Tusk t-shirt on, and I commented that I liked it. He let me listen to his walkman which had a nice boot of a Birmingham, Alabama Tusk show. He told me that I probably never heard anything like this before, as it was a bootleg. I thought to myself, he has no idea. :-)

Torri shared with us some very beautiful pictures of Stevie and Lindsey. I was impressed with all the photos she has and it was lots of fun looking at the pictures with other fans. !!

A fan from Seattle came around with a notebook and was asking everyone for their names and where we were from. She mentioned something about John Kinney, so it wouldn't surprise me if the names end up on the NicksFix. I'd actually like to see it myself... so I'm hoping. There was even a fan from Amsterdam there. We met quite a few fans who never even heard of Penguin or Ledge, and many of them were online. So, I can honesty say that The Penguin and Ledge3 was definitely plugged and lets hope some new Stevie fans join us.. And say hi!

I also met a guy from Houston, Texas, who was wearing a blue lamp Enchanted t-shirt. However, the shirt was a different color blue than the one that I got at the Nissan show. It was a very nice blue - I liked it better than mine.

When you're in line for hours at a time, you find many things to talk about. One of my goals was to point out to Laura what "type" of person I am interested in. I looked all over Vegas, but didn't find him until the concert began and he was right up on stage playing percussion. More on that later.

I also got the opportunity to do a little gambling, as slot machines were almost everywhere you turned. I was surprise there weren't any in the rest rooms, as some people spend a lot time in there. I ended up winning $27.50 after subtracting my initial one roll of quarters investment. Do you know these women without almost nothing on come around and offer free beer (and hard liquor drinks) while you play the slot machines. No wonder everyone in the casino was half looped when we left the House of Blues after the concert. Las Vegas was wild and drunk in the early hours of 2000!!

While waiting in line, the people next to us were saying Sharon Celani had come out of the club and was talking to security. Someone yelled her name and she looked over, waved and smiled at all of us. She was with an older women, and they disappeared into the slot machines.

We were finally let into the venue at around 9 p.m., after being told that Stevie probably wouldn't be coming on until around 11 p.m. No one that was waiting in line left, and we all very politely entered the venue, down the stairs into the smallest, coolest club I think I have ever been to. I could not believe that I was going to see Stevie in a place this small. The first thing that hit me was how how intimate it was. And it was. Perfect. "'s my dream..." We went to the stage and were about 3 persons back, just a little right of center stage. They had this quilt like curtain hiding the stage, and we stood waiting for what would be about two hours until Stevie finally came on stage. Laura, Samantha, and Torri went to buy souvenirs, but I decided to wait until after the show (which ended up being a big mistake as they sold out of everything). They had these nice soft purple New Years Eve t-shirts that were similar to the white ones that featured Stevie's drawing and theme "Pondering the Millennium.." The purple ones had her name in front however, and on the back in very big letters were "I was There.." My loss, but I really thought there would be some after the show, and I didn't want to have to deal with hanging onto the stuff during the concert as I knew it was going to be crowded and very close conditions in front of the stage. I lost my Fleetwood Mac Dance cap in Camden to a greedy fan.

Laura was amazing, as she started about 3 to 4 people back with us, but right before the show I had noticed that she made her way right up to the stage. Right in front of Stevie's mic. It made me smile big time. Laura is a very beautiful young woman with incredible eyes and a wonderful smile. Like I said, she had a nice little edge to her personality.. and it was great finally meeting her. I was so happy for her making it up to the stage. I decided that where Torri, Samantha, Dave and I were was perfect, and it was. Kristen, Angela and Julie had also secured great spots in front of us. Yep, it was going to be a great evening. We were probably no more than 10 feet from Stevie. I felt sorry for Samantha, because she was short and I know she had a hard time seeing at times.

There was a nice man next to me who was wearing a 'Wild Heart' T-Shirt that I would have paid $100 for. He loved talking about Stevie. I, unfortunately, was losing my voice, so I instead eavesdropped instead of joining in on his conversation with another guy. He really did love talking about Ms. Nicks. And I loved listening to him talk about her. I knew he was going to be a cool fan to stand next to and he was. I will remember him as the "Reconsider Me" guy wearing the Wild Heart t-shirt. Then this guy stood to my right who had one of those jewels that Stevie wears on his forehead. He liked to cuss, and he kept pushing into me, but always said he was sorry. His friend spilt her drink on my boots. and she giggled. I was wearing a crystal around my neck and she commented that she liked it. She also wanted me to give it to her. I smiled and told her I was keeping it. I find some people quite amazing. The two hours went by very quickly, and we started getting anxious when the curtains finally opened. They actually had trouble getting the curtains pulled back, as they kept getting caught in the lighting equipment. Sitting up in two box seats above the stage were Stevie's parents, and Lori Perry and some other people that I didn't recognize. One guy in Lori's booth kept telling us to cheer for Nicks. We kept cheering, but Stevie never came out. We had been standing in line all day, waiting in front of the stage for two hours, and we cheered, but no Stevie. We were getting restless. I expected to see Chris Nicks, but I didn't until after the show. The jewel guy next to me was telling his friend that it must be Stevie's step mom because Stevie's mother was dead. I had to correct him. Anyway, some fans recognized Mr. and Ms. Nicks and we waved, and Ms. Nicks smiled big time and waved right back. Stevie's father didn't seem to have much emotion at all, except one time when he smiled.

Finally, the band comes out, everyone is yelling for Stevie and the band kicks into the perennial opener Outside the Rain and the heart skips a beat.. I loved Stevie's entrance. Sharon and Mindy were standing near the stage, so Stevie went right to the right edge of the stage, barely getting past was a small stage and the band was crowded.. she walked along the stage towards the other end.. waving to each and everyone of us in the small, intimate venue. Her smile said it all. She entered with a bouquet of roses which I thought she might be giving to Laura, but I couldn't be sure as people were starting to move toward the stage. I did notice that Laura had 3 roses. And I also saw Angela with roses. Angela is simply an angel - very beautiful young woman with lovely long, blonde hair. I thought it was cool that whomever Stevie was giving the roses to, they were sharing the gift.

Stevie Nicks is absolutely the most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes upon. Simply stunning. I swear we were no more than 10 feet from her. I thought she was the most gorgeous woman I've ever seen. 'Outside the Rain' flowing into 'Dreams.. the perfect opener. I knew the setlist, and although I would have liked some different songs, once she started performing, well.. nothing else really mattered. She had my undivided attention.

She welcomed us on this special night... and thanked each and every one of us for being here to share it with her. She was genuinely happy about it, but she wasn't happy with whoever was handling the sound. She kept motioning to someone off stage that she couldn't hear out of her ear piece, and kept asking that the sound on the guitar to be turned up (she was doing playing the guitar gestures and putting her thumb up in the air). She really seemed agitated with whoever was mixing things, but when she talked to us, she seemed so thrilled we were here. She said throughout the show that she wanted everything to be so perfect for us. I saw her as a person that night. She was glowing. She was frustrated. She had flaws. She was real.

"Enchanted" rocked and so did the fans around me. There is nothing like being next to fans who knew the songs, who got into the music. I noticed the Wild Heart t-shirt guy loved putting his fists into the air at certain points during the song. No one sang too loud, just enough... ..we all chase something and maybe this is a dream..." We had a sing along with Stevie on "thunder only happens when its raining..." We were good.

Stevie left after "Enchanted" to 'gold dust' herself.. and I started noticing the band more. Don Boyette was the bass player, although I didn't realize it at first because he had shaved his head. Don was also wearing these wraparound pink sunglasses. The new percussionist has the bluest eyes that I have ever seen on another person. Totally penetrating blue eyes and a very nice looking man! I think his name was Danny R or something, but I can't exactly remember what she said during the band introduction.

"Gold Dust Woman" was great as usual, although I do miss those intense versions from the Wild Heart concerts. "Gold and Braid" simply rocked! Everyone was again singing along, and I once again say there's nothing like being next to other fans who really "get it." "...been waiting there all day.. all these years. We had a time.

"Gold and Braid" really rocked the house and had everyone moving. I thought the sound was excellent and I was hoping someone was capturing it on tape. I decided not to risk it, because I worry too much when I'm taping and don't really enjoy myself. I know that sounds selfish - sorry everyone - but I guess I was being selfish that night. I do know of someone I met in line who was trying to tape and video the show ( he got the two L.A. shows on audio, and the second night on video). After the show, I found out that he did get the audio, but not the video. The security was tight. Very tight. They warned the crowd many times that no picture taking was aloud and anyone caught would be put out. Trust me, not one soul in that venue wanted to leave - I know many of the fans I met in line had cameras going into the show.. but it was very, very risky. I didn't see anyone taking pictures at all.

After 'Gold and Braid' ends, Stevie comes back on stage wearing a red cape - sometimes I do remember the clothes - and starts the band introduction. But, Carlos stops her and says not yet. Stevie explained to us that because of the approaching new year, they had to time everything a certain way so they could do a countdown. She was just too early. Anyway, the same music that was played before "After the Glitter Fades" during the Enchanted tour begins... but Stevie goes to the microphone and starts singing "Somewhere??" - I think, but I wish I knew for sure - and the band breaks into "Rooms on Fire". ..Somewhere out in the back of your mind, comes your real life and the life that you understand.. Stevie sings, catching us off guard with the change in lyrics. I love when she does that. Then right after the second verse, we have an interruption that I'm not going to share since it involves another person.. but it ruined "Rooms" for me (one song I was really looking forward to, because its been so long since she last sung it for me). However, I got back on track and once again focused on Stevie.

Now was the time for the band introduction, and she introduces the band members. When she got to Sharon, she said something like "my oldest friend" and she explained to us almost apologetically - and to Sharon - that she didn't mean like old in age. It's just she has known her since 1978. Stevie was so charming.

Then, Carlos said what I thought was 30 seconds, but Stevie seemed to think it was time for the New Year and starting counting down from 7 or so.. so I think we started our celebration a little early, not for sure.. but the venue filled with colored confetti strips and the champagne toast was happening on-stage. Stevie said we must sing "Auld Sang Lyne" - I didn't sing along because to this day I have no idea why people sing that song on New Years. "should old acquaintance be forgot.." Huh?? Stevie didn't seem to know all the words either. One of my favorite moments was right after the New Year began, and Don Boyette gave Stevie the warmest hug and looked at her and said "I love you so much.." It was exactly what his lips said, as I read them well. It seemed to me a nice friendship type of love and I was glad the Stevie was surrounded by people who seemed to care about her. Then Don tried to bring this woman on stage. A very attractive woman that I think might be his girlfriend. She was kind of hesitant, but came out and they held hands briefly.

Then, "Stand Back" begins and the crowd erupts. It is definitely a crowd-pleaser, although I long for the 'Wild Heart' days when I feel that song was done best! When Stevie spins during the instrumental, Carlos does his own little spin while playing. It seemed to have surprised Don, as Carlos did it right in front of him. The band seemed to really enjoy each other and it was evident throughout the evening. Most of them have been playing together for awhile, and they sounded tight!

"Rhiannon" was one of my favorite songs that night. There was a passion in Stevie's voice that made you realize she believed in the words of that song - and I do, too. '...dreams unwind, love is hard to find, I know..."

Somewhere about this time, I noticed this young blonde was hanging onto my shoulder with her hand, and her breast was resting on my back. I didn't mind though, because I knew it wasn't her fault. The crowd was starting to move toward the stage. I held my ground, exactly where I was. I occasionally would see Laura looking up at Stevie, and she seemed to be enjoying her "front row" self.. :-) I was hoping she was safe up there, because like I said, it was getting pushy. "Whole Lotta Trouble" is one of those songs that I really only enjoy live. Tonight, it burned. Totally great version that only added to the intensity of the fans reaction. Stevie did mess up the song, as she started into the second verse before the first chorus. The band played along with her confusion about the lyrics until she found her place. Stevie just smiled at us. I was just holding on, because I knew it was going to get a little bumpy in the pit.... And I think this is about the time Stacey (Livia) showed up again. While waiting in line to get in the venue, she told me that her and her friend were trying to secure a table inside the club. And I guess that is where she had been for the first part of the concert, but I was happy to see her up close with us. She made me laugh, because she said she was going to go back to the table after each song, but she stayed right with us. I know her black boots were hurting her feet big time. Stacey had a nice glow about her.. I liked her. She was fun.

There was also a neat moment during Landslide when Stevie stopped the song because the feedback was horrible. She wanted to start the song again because "she wanted it to be perfect for us fans." She dedicated it sort of, to her father. She told him he had to share the song tonight with "us." And it was a very beautiful version with her and Frank on stage alone.

I really dug the drum solos.. I think her new percussionist is very good and I hope she keeps him for the next tour. It would be good to see him play again. When the 10 minute drum set finished - Stevie needed time to change her clothes ~ so when the drumming stopped and the opening guitar chords of "Edge of Seventeen" started, the fans got excited and people started to push a little more. Some fans were not quite up to the stage, and that's where they wanted to be. Of course, there was no more room up there, so if they were going to make it, someone would have to go. Of all my Stevie concert experiences, I find some of the rudest fans to be those women who dress up like Stevie. Like that somehow gives them the freedom to be rude. Definitely the majority of the women fans who dress like Stevie are not rude. But, the few who are.. lets just say.. they can be quite obnoxious and rude. Stevie would not have been pleased! As a matter of fact, it was a Stevie wannabee who caused the 'Rooms on Fire' interruption. I stood my ground, however, and kept my place that I started at. I wasn't moving, and that's why I was wearing those ugly brown boots that needed a shine. They help you stand your ground. And I did.

I love this ending of 'Edge' when she screams "..deep into the middle of the night, do you know what it sounds like? do you know what it sounds like?.." She rocked it, and the fans knew it was now the time to make it to the stage. Stevie's security man came out and Stevie went to touch her audience. Torri looked at me to see if I was going forward, but I couldn't fight it tonight. It really didn't matter that much. What mattered for me was that I was there. AND, Stevie noticed the pushing in the crowd and a few times she pulled back from the audience with her hands held out. Pretty much telling us to like stop pushing. She had a bad experience once at a show with an out of control crowd, and you never know what can happen with such passionate fans.

When the band came back out, I actually thought they were playing a new song. The opening was different (and I'm anxious to hear a copy of this song) but it soon led into "I Need to Know." It rocked big time and the place was celebrating the new year with Stevie. The song also ended differently. The band has obviously been playing other songs together. Or at least I got that impression. At times, I felt I was at a rehearsal or something. Which was cool in its own way. I bet this is the band that we see on Stevie's next tour.

Stevie finished with a beautiful, moving performance of "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You.." Her voice was absolutely wonderful to listen to. She was singing, Don was playing bass, the drummer was strumming and the keyboardist was playing softly. They were the only bandmembers who were on stage during the song. She looked up to her father during the "..priests of nothing" part. Wasn't for sure what was going on there, but I thought it was interesting. Like I said, the concert ended with Stevie wishing us "a great new year. She told us to be happy, and be in love." Then she said something to the effect "if you're not, then you know what to do about it.." and she's right. I knew it was over after that song, although part of me was hoping she might just do one more since it was New Years Eve. But, no more music. :-(

I knew that I needed to get merchandise, but unfortunately they were completely out of everything except for these oversized sweatshirts - I didn't like them at all and laughed at the $55 price. Oh well, I have 2 mementos. My ticket stub and the memory of the concert.

I looked for Torri and Dave after I left the merchandise table empty handed, but I lost them and thought maybe they went outside the club. When I didn't find them there, I went back into the club and found Laura talking to Chris Nicks. She was telling him that people had come all over to see Stevie, and she looked at me and said 'Washington, D.C." So I shook his hand and said "we love your sister." I was afraid I was going to say something negative about the sweatshirt. So, I backed away.

We walked around the casino area for awhile. Everyone in Vegas was in a serious party mode. People were in tuxes, people were in jeans, people were in polyester, people were taking off their clothes. Not exactly all the way off, but no one wanted to go home alone that night. All the places that had food had horribly long lines, so Torri and Dave ended up taking me back to the airport. It really was nice meeting Laura and Samantha, and we gave them hugs and went on our way. They will always be a part of my memory of my New Years Eve 2000. And I mean always.

...and so will the guy in the Wild Heart T-shirt that was as enthusiastic as me during the show will the fans I met while waiting in line ...and so will having Torri experiencing the concert in front of me... and so will Stacey and her boots that were hurting her feet but she stood anyway and made me smile.. so will being there with Stevie's parents.. and so will seeing that a couple of underage fans I met in line (the club was strict about the 'no one under 21 rule') make it into the club.. and so will seeing Stevie kick like she kicked on 'Stand Back' ~ I couldn't believe she kicked that high.. .. so will looking at all the pictures of Stevie and Lindsey that Torri shared with us... so will Laura and our conversation of a certain Lindsey picture :-) ...and so will the Stevie wannabe interruption I experienced during "Rooms on Fire" (there's always a bad memory somewhere) ... and so will seeing Stevie's video playing on the big screen overlooking the strip.. so will Carlos twirl after Stevie's during 'Stand Back' .. so will seeing Don hug Stevie so warmly at midnight ... and so will us starting the celebration a little too early.. and most of all... so will seeing Stevie Nick's performance on New Years Eve at the Vegas House of Blues. She is by far my favorite singer and songwriter ever. And although I don't have an overpriced purple t-shirt that says it, I WAS THERE!!!

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