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Fleetwood Mac

  • Added April 2003 2002 April 16, 2003: Mick & Lindsey are scheduled to appear in a live interview on CNN Headline News, at 7:15pm Eastern time, on Thursday, April 17th. CNN Headline News is an off-shoot of the CNN cable network.
  • Added April 2003 2002 April 16, 2003: Todd Richards and Tom Lamereaux, who together cohosted FMax 2000, will be featuring Fleetwood Mac in their annual Summer Marathon Series. This year's show will fall on Thursday, May 8th from 7 AM to 1 AM EST on WBWC 88.3FM The Sting, The Radio Voice Of Baldwin-Wallace College in Berea, Ohio. Once again, their show will not only feature the new album and tour by the current line-up of Fleetwood Mac, but will also provide information on all of the past members of Fleetwood Mac's family tree who have contributed so much to the band's legacy.
  • Added April 2003 2002 April 15, 2003: Fleetwood Mac on the Tonight Show: Fleetwood Mac is scheduled to perform on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, on Wednesday, April 23rd & Thursday, April 24th. The Tonight Show airs on NBC, at 11:35pm Eastern.
  • Added April 2003 2002 April 14, 2003: Fleetwood Mac on Dateline NBC: The band will be interviewed by Keith Morrison on the Wednesday, April 16th edition of Dateline NBC, at 8pm Eastern time.
  • Added April 2003 2002 April 14, 2003: Fleetwood Mac on the Today Show: Stevie will be interviewed by Matt Lauer on the April 17th edition of NBC's Today Show; and Fleetwood Mac is scheduled to perform live in New York City on April 18th to kick off Today's 2003 Summer Concert Series. It was previously announced that the entire band would be interviewed on the April 15th edition, and that Lindsey would be interviewed individually on the 16th, but these two dates have not been confirmed. Fans may still want to set their VCRs just in case! The Today Show airs on NBC, each morning from 7am - 10am Eastern time (check your local listings).
  • February 02, 2003: From Live Daily News (January 28, 2003) by Rob Evans - "Fleetwood Mac has set an April 15 release date for its first studio album of all-new material in more than a decade, and plans to open a tour in May, according to Reprise Records. The as-yet-untitled album is the band's first since the departure of keyboardist/vocalist Christine McVie. Fleetwood Mac's previous release was 1997's "The Dance," which combined re-workings of some of the band's old material with a few new tracks. Fleetwood Mac's most-recent studio album of new material was 1990's "Behind the Mask," but it did not feature core member Lindsay [sic] Buckingham. Buckingham produced the forthcoming album. According to Reprise, a track from the new album, "Say You Will," can be heard during a promo for "That '70s Show" that is currently airing on the Fox network. Details of the tour haven't been announced, but should surface as the album's release date nears." Just a few comments-- Fleetwood Mac's last studio album was, of course, Time in 1995. The forthcoming album has now been named ("Say You Will") and once competively priced links to preorder the album are available, they will promptly be posted to The Penguin. Thanks to The Nicksfix and blackcat for the information.
  • December 15, 2002: Music Choice is now airing a special entitled MUSIC CHOICE Presents Fleetwood Mac which contains video clips from songs appearing on the The Very Best Of Fleetwood Mac album. You can get showtimes and channel information by visiting their website here. The listing of what is on the show is: Interview clips on being a rock star (most of this footage was new), The Chain from Mirage, 70's interview clip about the "White Album," Fleetwood Mac, Rhiannon from the "Rosebud" documentary, Interview clips about Rumours and the breakups, Silver Springs from The Dance video, Interview clips about Tusk, Tusk from The Dance, Interview clip - Christine McVie, Say You Love Me from Rosebud, Interview - Mick Fleetwood speaks about Christine McVie, Clip of Songbird from The Dance, Interview - Mick Fleetwood speaks about Stevie Nicks, Clip of Landslide from The Dance, Interview - Mick Fleetwood speaks about Lindsey Buckingham, Clip of Big Love from The Dance, Interviews about Clinton/Don't Stop (most of this was new), Interview - Mick on Mick, brief Stevie Nicks clip, Gypsy from the Dance, Interview - Mick on the future (new, "I think you're gonna like what we're doing"), and Go Your Own Way from the Dance. Thanks to blackcat and Patti for this information.
  • August 25, 2002: Reprise Records is releasing a 2 CD greatest hits collection entitled The Very Best Of Fleetwood Mac on October 15th. More information can be found in the discography; just click on the album title in the previous sentence.
  • April 13, 2002: People Magazine, Insider, Page 47, by Tom Cunneff: "It's been 15 years since Fleetwood Mac released their last studio album, Tango in the Night, but their fans won't have to wait much longer for a new CD. The band - Stevie Nicks, Lindsey Buckingham, Mick Fleetwood and John McVie - is back in an L. A. studio recording new songs. (Christine McVie, John's ex, called it quits and is home in England.) The group had hoped to get going earlier this year, but the birth of Fleetwood's twin daughters in February replaced rock and roll with lullabies for a while. The two biggest changes between now and then? They are recording during the day as opposed to the middle of the night, and Wheat Thins are the energy booster of choice. I hear Buckingham insists on 12 boxes at all times." Thanks to Barbara for posting this on The Ledge.

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Bekka Bramlett

  • March 19, 1998: Trisha Yearwood won the Best Female Vocalist category at the Nashville Music Awards this year on January 21, 1998. The other nominees, however, were Bekka Bramlett, Amy Jarman, Jonell Mosser, and CeCe Winans. Thanks to Golf4lynn for this information.
  • January 13, 1998: Country Weekly: "After one record, the duo of Bekka Bramlett and longtime friend Billy Burnette (both former members of Fleetwood Mac) has dissolved, although they're still pals and writing partners. She has another record in the works-and this coming year she'll spend six months singing backup for Billy Joel."

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Lindsey Buckingham

  • October 23, 2001: The Lindsey Buckingham VH1 Behind The Music which was to air on July 29th has now been rescheduled to November 11th and will air at 11:00 am, 9:00 pm and 11:00 pm-- "Legendary Fleetwood Mac guitar player, singer and songwriter Lindsey Buckingham juggled his multi-platinum record selling sound while struggling with his love affair to band member Stevie Nicks. Craving more creative control of his music, he broke away from the band to become a critically acclaimed solo artist. Includes never-before seen footage of Stevie's and Lindsey's first local bay area band." This has been confirmed by our source at VH1-- let's hope it stays on the schedule this time!
  • May 8, 2001: Reprise Records is distributing a promo CD entitled Music For The 12th Annual GLAAD Media Awards; it contains a new song from Lindsey Buckingham entitled 'Someone's Gotta Change Your Mind'. Thanks to Ava for originally posting this information.
  • May 8, 2001: We received an update from VH1 concerning Lindsey Buckingham's Behind The Music Special-- the final editing of the show will be next week but its television debut has been postponed from April 22nd to July 1st and now to July 29th. In addition to the guests listed below, new footage from Stevie Nicks and Ken Caillat was also taped. Lindsey will also be performing some of his new songs towards the end of the show. Unfortunately, it does not appear now that there will be a VH1 Storytellers episode with Lindsey Buckingham taped.
  • February 23, 2001: VH1 is preparing a one hour episode of 'Behind The Music' on Lindsey Buckingham. It is tentatively scheduled to air on April 22nd. Confirmed interviews include Mick Fleetwood, Tom Petty, Jeff Buckingham, Janet Robin, Bob Aguirre (Fritz) and Javier Pacheco (Fritz). Also, although it is not written in stone yet, VH1 is reporting that a VH1 Storytellers with Lindsey Buckingham would probably be taped in New York City around April 20th.
  • January 20, 2001:: In yesterday's Rolling Stone online: "LINDSEY BUCKINGHAM MULLS MAC REUNION: FLEETWOOD MAC singer/guitarist LINDSEY BUCKINGHAM is not sure whether he will contribute his latest batch of songs to a new FLEETWOOD MAC album, save them for his first solo album since 1992's "From the Cradle," [sic] or put them on a Buckingham/Nicks album. "The music I have right now is some of the best I've ever done," Buckingham told Rolling Stone. In the event of a Fleetwood Mac reunion, however, CHRISTINE McVIE is not likely to participate. "She sold her house in L.A. and is just residing in England," Buckingham said. "God knows what she's doing."" Thanks to Kristin for posting this on The Ledge. The much lengthier interview from which this blurb came can be found here.

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Billy Burnette

  • Added Feburary 2003 February 08, 2003: On February 6, 2003, Billy Burnette replaced Charlie Sexton in Bob Dylan's backing band. This was the first night of Dylan's Australian tour which started at the Bruce Indoor Stadium in Canberra.
  • February 10, 2002: The Bluebird Cafe airs on the new Turner South network cable systems through the Southeastern United States and is the setting for a weekly music TV. Each week, 3 of Nashville's great songwriters present their music from the Bluebird in the In The Round setting, swapping stories, guitar licks, harmony parts and great songs. Billy Burnette was featured along with Shawn Camp and Jack Clement in an episode that aired at the end of January and early February. It is being re-aired here: March 6 (10:30 PM/ET), March 9 (12:30 AM/ET), March 10 (6:00 PM/ET), and March 11 (11:00 PM/ET). Check your local TV listings if you live in this area or have access to satellite TV. Thanks to Michele Mategrano for this information.

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Bob Brunning

Mick Fleetwood

  • Added September 2002September 1, 2002: A special on Mick Fleetwood entitled "The Mick Fleetwood Story - Two Sticks and a Drum" aired in Canada a few times in 2000. It is being released in DVD and VHS format by Image Entertainment on October 8, 2002. The release includes interviews with B.B. King, John Lee Hooker, Peter Green, John McVie, Stevie Nicks, Christine McVie, Lindsey Buckingham, and John Mayall. More information can be found by clicking here.
  • April 25, 2002: Fortune Small Business, Friday, March 1, 2002, By Ed Welles: "Mick Fleetwood Bows Out-- After the corporate partner for his music memorabilia auction site shuts down, the rock drummer decides to go his own way. It seems Mick Fleetwood, of Fleetwood Mac fame, has stopped thinking about tomorrow. At least as it relates to the rock star's now defunct music-memorabilia auction site, When the three-year-old firm's corporate partner, eWanted, shut down last January, both operations, well, sang their swan song." Thanks to Joe Panackia for the information.
  • Congratulations to Mick and Lynn Fleetwood on the birth of their twin daughters, Ruby and Tessa. They were born on February 27, 2002.
  • November 28, 2001: Mick Fleetwood took part in a live video forum on November 28th on the BBC News website. A transcript is available in The Blue Letter Archives.
  • September 20, 2001: Mick Fleetwood and John McVie will be participating in a benefit concert for Peter Bardens and MusiCares on September 28 at the Canyon Club in Agoura Hills, California. Others planning to attend include John Mayall, Joe Walch, Shiela E., Ron Thompson, David Koz, and Steve Adams. More information can be found in the Blue Letter Archives and tickets are available through Ticketmaster for $30 each. Thanks to Ava for the information.

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Peter Green

  • Added February 2002 April 25, 2002: Peter Green & The Splinter Group will be participating in their 3rd USA tour starting at the end of April. The dates announced thus far are: April 30th (New York, BB King's), May 1st (Boston, House of Blues), May 2nd (Falls Church, Washington, State Theatre), May 3rd (Detroit, Magic Bag), May 4th (Madison, Venue TBC), May 5th (Minneapolis, Caboose), May 8th (Las Vegas, House of Blues), May 9th (Anaheim, House of Blues), May 10th (San Francisco, Bimbo's), May 11th (Santa Cruz, Rio Theatre), May 12th (Sacramento, Venue TBC), May 14th (Portland, Aladdin Theatre), May 15th (Seattle, King Cat), May 16th (Vancouver, Commodore Ballroom). Thanks to Mario Pirrone for the information. Please post concert reviews on the The Penguin Concert Information & Reviews page.
  • Added February 2002 April 25, 2002: From the Peter Gabriel Official Site in reference to Peter Gabriel's upcoming album, 'UP': "Whilst a few of the tracks are completed and have been through Tchad Blake's final mixing process, Peter continues lyric writing for the remaining tracks. Contributions so far have come from artists as diverse as Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and the brilliant Blind Boys of Alabama on vocals, as well as Peter Green (formally of Fleetwood Mac) on Guitar and Danny Thompson on Double Bass (Talk Talk, David Sylvian, Tim Buckley and Nick Drake to name a few). The Blind Boys of Alabama, recently signed to Real World Records, were so much in demand that Peter emailed them the track for their backing vocals whilst they were performing at WOMAD Singapore. UP will be released sometime in 2002." Thanks to Neil Forker for this information.

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Danny Kirwan

    October 21, 1999: It appears that a Danny Kirwan complilation album is to be released by Receiver Records in February 2000. More information will be posted as it comes available. Thanks to Chris Frohring for the information.

    More articles on Danny Kirwan can be found in the Blue Letter Archive.

Dave Mason

    No Information is available at this time.

Christine McVie

  • November 20, 2000: Christine McVie was awared a honorary doctorate degree in music by the University of Greenwich on July 20, 2000. All of the details can be found here. Thanks to Lesley Thode for sending us this information.
  • April 21, 2000: From the April George Hawkins Q&A: "I haven't seen Chris for over a year. I also hadn't spoken with her in nearly that long; until last night, ironically! She called me from England. She has been there for some time, and has been living the life of a "grand English matron", as she put it, "piddling around the garden in my sun hat and Wellies" (Wellies are Wellington rubber, over the calf-style gardening and mud boots). I tried to remember and ask some of the questions I've received about her, but the moment was so personal and intimate, I couldn't bring myself to conduct an interview. Although I will pass on what she said that is relevant to all of us: She lives in the country, and has a local pub. She has good "sort of salt of the earth" friends and pubmates. She doesn't hang with the English Rock royalty. She pursues her two modest passions, cooking and gardening, reads, and tends to her dogs (one of which is named George). Christine has a music room on her property and described the songs she's been writing as "tougher and not as soft as in the past". "More brash and less careful". Interesting, huh? She sounded healthy and happy and didn't commit one way or the other about doing another record."
  • August 5, 1999: In VH1's current "100 Greatest Women of Rock and Roll" special, Christine McVie was voted to position #63.
  • Christine McVie's self-titled album was released on compact disc from Warner Brothers on November 25, 1997.

    More articles on Christine McVie can be found in the Blue Letter Archive.

John McVie

  • September 20, 2001: Mick Fleetwood and John McVie will be participating in a benefit concert for Peter Bardens and MusiCares on September 28 at the Canyon Club in Agoura Hills, California. Others planning to attend include John Mayall, Joe Walch, Shiela E., Ron Thompson, David Koz, and Steve Adams. More information can be found in the Blue Letter Archives and tickets are available through Ticketmaster for $30 each. Thanks to Ava for the information.
  • January 10, 2001: Mick Fleetwood, John McVie, and Peter Green recently regrouped to record a track entitled 'Yo Yo Man' (written by Tony Joe White) for an upcoming album from Bluesbreaker founder, John Mayall. This album entitled "Along For The Ride" is being released by Eagle on March 26th. More information can be found here.

Stevie Nicks

  • : For the latest Stevie Nicks 2001 Tour Schedule, please visit the Trouble In Shangri-La section of The Penguin.
  • Added January 2002January 28, 2002: Stevie Nicks will be performing at the Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles on February 26, 2002 to raise funds for the Recording Artists Coalition (RAC). Other artists performing at this show include Beck, Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder, Social Distortion frontman Mike Ness, the Eagles, Billy Joel, and Sheryl Crow. From "Proceeds from the shows will go to the RAC's legislative and lobbying efforts to change the way the record business operates, methods that some performers have called "unconscionable." Among the issues the group wants addressed at both the local and national level are better copyright protection, punitive accounting and auditing practices, missed payments for health care and pension funds, free agency for performers, and contract length, as recording artists are currently held to deals for longer than is legal for other workers."
  • Added January 2002January 28, 2002: Stevie Nicks lobbied along with Courtney Love, Beck, Sheryl Crow, Don Henley, and Carole King in Sacramento, California on January 23rd for new legislation which would free artists from their contracts with record companies which they likened to "indentured servitude" and "slavery." The entry above provides more aims of the Recording Artists Coalition.
  • September 4, 2001: Stevie Nicks will be the focus of a Downtown (20/20) profile airing this Friday night, September 7th at 10 PM EST.

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    More articles on Stevie Nicks can be found in the Blue Letter Archives.

Jeremy Spencer

  • February 16, 2000: Jeremy Spencer is scheduled to do two live chats during his tour in India:
    • Indian Express, February 17, 2000, 1430 GMT (0930 EST) [Update 2/19/00: A transcript can be found here.]
    •, February 21, 2000, 1500 GMT (1000 EST)
    Please do your best to attend and ask some questions!
  • February 12, 2000: Jeremy Spencer is playing the following shows iJeremy Spencer, 2000, picture used with permission from the Heart To Heart Organizationn India:
    • Bombay - February 11th - St. Andrews Auditorium, Bandra
    • Bombay - February 19th - Rang Bhavan
    • Bangalore - February 25th - Chowdiah
    • New Dehli - March 4th - Ashoka Hotel

    On February 10th, Jeremy Spencer did a [last minute] chat online; the transcript can be found at Jeremy's Official website here.
    On February 9th, Jeremy performed at an event called the Jazz Yatra, an International Jazz Festival. He was an invited suprise guest performer and sang two songs there with Leni Stern, a five time winner of the Gibson Women's guitarist award.
  • January 5, 2000: Jeremy Spencer will be doing another set of concerts this year in India without the Heart to Heart Organization. The first show is on February 12th in Bombay and will then move on three weeks later to Bangalore and then finishing in Delhi. More specific dates will be posted soon.

    Older news blurbs can be found here.

    Rick Vito

    • Added Feburary 2003 February 08, 2003: Rick Vito dropped us a note and updated us on many different things:
      • His artwork is featured this past year in the gallery showing "The Art of Music" at the Avalon Gallery in Las Vegas, Nevada. The show is sponsored by the Grammy Foundation and also features work by Lennon, Entwistle, Bowie, Ron Wood, Jerry Garcia, and many others. Rick is currently working out the details to offer RV originals and prints to fans online if they are interested.
      • Rick is in the wrap up stages with a distributing and marketing company to release a US version of "Lucky Devils" which actually features songs from "Crazy Cool" and a couple new ones, all remastered.
      • The German label, Hypertension Music, will release yet another RV CD, tentatively called "Band Box Boogie" this spring.

      More articles on Rick Vito can be found in the Blue Letter Archives.

    Dave Walker, 2000; Photo provided by Brian Meacham

    Dave Walker

    • August 22, 2000: Currently, Dave Walker is living in Montana but has been working the small clubs in England doing mostly acoustic gigs and getting a very good reception. He will be traveling back to England in a few months to play more acoustic shows with a small band in some of the smaller venues.

    Bob Welch

    • Added July 2003July 07, 2003: Bob Welch can be heard on Thursday, July 10th, on a radio show called 'Rock-It Science with Greg Lewis,' from 6:25-8pm at Northern Jersey Public Radio WNTI Hackettstown 91.9 FM. This can be heard in northwest NJ , the Pocono region and worldwide on the net at Bob's music will begin playing at 6:25 PM; the interview should begin just after 7 PM and run through 8 PM. Thanks to Greg Lewis for the heads up.
    • Added June 2003 June 15, 2003: Bob Welch has a new album coming out on July 8th-- Bob Welch: His Fleetwood Mac Years & Beyond. The album is 15 digitally re-recorded tracks, 65+ minutes.
    • January 10, 2001: According to his website, Bob Welch will be playing "unplugged" at the NSAI Tin Pan South "Legendary Songwriters" concert at the Ryman auditorium in Nashville on Tuesday, April 3, 2001.
    • August 1, 1999:The Penguin's Q&A Session for November was with Bob Welch!

    Bob Weston

    • Bob Weston will be releasing a new album entitled "There's A Heaven" in a larger capacity shortly. A limited run was available here on the Penguin and more will be available soon; read reviews and put in your reservation here.
    • September 17, 1999:The Penguin's Q&A Session for December was with Bob Weston!

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