Gary Moore

Gary Moore was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland on April 4, 1952. Moore was exposed to music by his father at an early age. By the age of sixteen, he had joined his first band, Skid Row, in Dublin, Ireland. Moore recalls his first meeting of Peter Green in Guitar magazine, "I've been a big fan of Peter's for a long time. He was a great help to me in the early days and an inspiration. I grew up listening to A Hard Road, the album where Peter replaced Eric Clapton in the [John Mayall's] Bluesbreakers, and I saw him play then for the first time at this club in Belfast. He just blew me away, he really did. I just remember
Gary Moore, After Hours, 1992
Gary Moore, After Hours, 1992
this impression I had of the room resonating. Peter was so confident considering he had such a big act to follow and all the guitar players in the audience were like, 'Go on then-- impress me!' And he did." Skid Row opened for Fleetwood Mac in Dublin where Moore impressed Peter Green with his guitar playing abilities and was invited to a private jam session in Green's hotel room. Moore recalls, "...after our set, the MC for the evening, this guy called Pat Egan, came up to me and said, 'Peter Green wants to meet you.' I was like, 'Oh, sure...' but I went backstage later and Peter said, 'Pleased to meet you, I really dig your playing. We should have a jam sometime...'The next night I went back to Peter's hotel and he had two Les Pauls, his and Danny Kirwan's, on the bed. So we just jammed some blues." Green is rumored to have asked Clifford Davis to help Skid Row get a record deal with CBS; Skid was released 1970. Moore was invited to joined Phil Lynott and Bernhard Cheevers in Thin Lizzy in 1973 after his first solo album, Grinding Stone. Moore had belonged to Colosseum II and G Force and in the 1970's/early 1980's and had several solo hard rock albums in the 1980's with a highlight being the 1987 Wild Frontier album. Gary Moore also participated in the 1984 Monsters of Rock tour with Van Halen, Ozzy Osbourne, and AC/DC. In the 1990's, Moore returned to the Blues with the very successful album, Still Got the Blues. In 1992, Moore released After Hours with guest appearances by B.B. King, Albert Collins, Albert King, and George Harrison. This was followed by two more albums, involvement in Paul Rodgers' tribute to Muddy Waters. His last project was Blues for Greeny, an album which had Moore playing Peter Green's compositions with Green's own Les Paul, which Moore had purchased for 110 pounds. Referring to the guitar, Moore stated that "...if [he] ever wanted it back he should let me know. He said, 'No, I'll never want it back'."

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