Mac Music Mystery Montage

  • Try your best on this Mac Mystery Music Montage! Can you name all 10 songs in this short MP3 clip? If so, you could win!
  • Select either the 64 kps or 128 kps MP3 format at right. A new window will open to play the clips. Fill out the form below and submit your answers.
  • The Mac Mystery Music Montage will run through May 31, 2002 and a winner will be whomever has the highest number of points. Two points will be awarded for each correct song and an additional point for the tour on which this particular version was played. A perfect score will be achievable by only the greatest of Fleetwood Mac fans! The winner will receive a selection of prints from the (now defunct) Penguin Photo Gallery.
  • Thanks to Brian for creating and hosting the sound files as well as grading the answers.
  • Hint: Use the first letter of each song to spell two words!

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Previous Mac Mystery Music Montage (February through April 2002):

Play the clip (64 kps or 128 kps for fun-- answers are no longer accepted!)

Correct Answers

Goodbye Angel
I'm So Afraid
Family Man
Sisters Of The Moon
Cool Water
Eyes Of The World
World Turning
Straight Back
Correct Submissions:

John Fitzgerald (random winner)
Brian Sheperd
Mike Brewer
Lesley Thode
Matthew Sullivan
Jessica Sneed
Amber Eagan
Christy Valkman
Jennifer Gibson
Robert Burghardt
Lisa A. Grilli
Courtney Markuson
Tim Michael
Mari Hein
Yancy Blaylock
Tracy E. Grilli
Lambros Zelios
Lisa Markins
Bob Roberts

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