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Three Birds of Rhiannon (aka Maker of the Birds)

Written by Stevie Nicks.

A bird that is not mine... 
Three birds that belong to her 
One emerald-green, 
One snow-white, 
One golden, flashing like a 
Sunbeam through the night... 
One golden, flashing like a 
Sunbeam through the night... 
When at first he saw her, 
It seemed she had no name... 

She sat alone, and it seemed to him 
that the light and her face were the same... 
Her hair shone, 
Streams of blonde and gold... 
He thought, "Maybe... 
I'm going insane..." 

Her gown was no more 
then the water could cover... 
This time would not come again... 
And the white mare bent, 
and the Lady asked, 

Take my wisdom with you, 
I shall ride... 
If you kill the dark hold of Death, 
Someday, I shall be your wife... 
Someday I shall be your wife..."

And the birds are still singing... 
and the song is now sweeping, 
Like a silver... 
A silver shimmering flood... 

"For you Rhiannon, 
I will fight, 
I will fight the world... 
For you, Rhiannon 
I would fight, 
I would fight the world... 
For you are in my blood... 
For you... 
For you are in my blood...

Lyrics supplied by Dark Angel. Transcribed to HTML by Marty Adelson.

Copyright 1995-2002, Martin and Lisa Adelson
All Rights Reserved.