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Jumping At Shadows

Written by Duster Bennett.

Now, what can you say - there isn't much to tell
But I'm going down hill, but I blame myself
I've been -  jumpin' at shadows, thinkin' - about my life

Now, everybody - they point their hand at me 
but I know I'm just a picture - of what I could have been
I've been jumping at shadows, thinkin' about my life


Now, God, have mercy - 'cause I think I'm going insane
The devil's been gettin' at me - he's got me down again
I've been - jumpin' at shadows
Thinkin', oh, about my life

Lyrics supplied by Ron Chambliss. Transcribed to HTML by Marty Adelson.

Copyright 1995-2002, Martin and Lisa Adelson
All Rights Reserved.