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Written by Tom Petty.

You've got a dangerous
And everything you've
dreamed of
Yeah you're the Dark Angel
It don't show when you
break up
And I'm the one who
oughta know
I'm the one left in the dust
Yeah I'm the broken
hearted fool
Who was never quite enough

I'm an insider, I've been burned by
the fire
And I've had to live with some
hard promises
I've crawled through the
briars--I'm an insider

It's a circle of deception
It's a hall of strangers
It's a cage without a key
You can feel the danger

Repeat Chorus

I'll bet you're his masterpiece
I'll bet you're his self-control
Yeah you'll become his legacy
His quiet world of white
and gold

And I'm the one who
oughta know
I'm the one you left to rust
Not one of your twisted friends
I'm the one you couldn't love

Repeat chorus

Lyrics supplied by Dark Angel. Transcribed to HTML by Marty Adelson.

Copyright 1995-2002, Martin and Lisa Adelson
All Rights Reserved.