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Whole Lotta Trouble

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Written by Stevie Nicks and Michael Campbell.

Contributors to this interpretation included: Joanne, blackcat, Rhiannon and Becky.

Stevie Nicks mentions in the liner notes for her greatest hits album Timespace that "Whole Lotta Trouble" is the only song that was ever done exactly the way she wanted, thanks to Heartbreaker Michael Campbell. Stevie also mentions the song is written for Tom Petty and Bob Dylan. However, Stevie does not mention just what the song is about.

Would you change your mind, at the very last moment
Would you say stop for a second
I'll bet you could think for a minute
In the morning light he says when will I see you
She says I don't think tomorrow, baby
Sometimes I wonder if things would change if we stayed together
Would you change your mind, at the very last minute
I think you should stop for a second
Think for a moment

Itís quite safe to assume that Stevie once had a relationship with whomever this song is about. Stevie is mainly implying that he didnít think about what his leaving her life would do to him and now she wonders if he would change his mind about it. As many of Stevieís songs do, this song fits, but is not limited to, her relationship with Lindsey Buckingham. "Whole Lotta Trouble" was released on Stevieís 1989 album, The Other Side of the Mirror, two years after Lindseyís departure from Fleetwood Mac. Itís probable that Stevie is telling Lindsey what heís in for without the band. Stevie is also wondering if Lindsey would have left the band if they hadnít broken up all those years before.

Youíd better go
He says yes I think I better

Whoever this is, whether it be Lindsey or anyone else, has worn out their welcome in Stevieís life. She feels that despite the pain it will cause, maybe he should leave. Stevie doesnít feel she needs anymore from this person.

Oh yeah, oh yeah not guilty have mercy!
Oh he says you could be my prisoner
Well you're not living in the real world
You're not living in the real world
You're not my friend you're not my love
And this is something that we really don't discuss
Where are you sometimes I hear you crying
And I wake up and I get through it

Stevie is mainly saying that she doesnít really need him, sheís not going to sacrifice for him. He wanted to leave her life, but he doesnít want to give all of her up. Stevie has already exited him from her life and has no more to say. His feelings donít concern her anymore and she has no more concern for his feelings. What the trouble coming is could be anything. It could be the trouble Lindsey is going to face without her and the band. It could be the trouble another man is going to face without Stevie in his life. Or the trouble could even be what Stevie is going to face without these men in her life. Whatever it is, the message is clear. Thereís gonna be a whole lotta trouble for you!

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