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Written by Stevie Nicks.

Contributors to this interpretation included: Gretchen Andre, DeeNick, Villavic, Dana, Lauren and Silver Springs.

Most of the opinions are that this song is about Stevie and Lindsey and their struggles. On the other hand, there are many lines that definitely point to the tumultuous relationship with Mick, which I believe due to the time it was written is really what she was eluding to.

The first three verses of this song are solely about lust and emotion.

"Every night that goes between, I feel a little less" refers to the fading of the newness of the relationship with Mick.

Ironically she obviously got to a point where she felt better enough about things to write "Did I ever really care that much?". Doubtfulness regarding here TRUE feelings - Lust or Love? Lust was definitely an issue with Mick. Sometimes lust can be a very powerful - well - thing, for lack of a better word. I don't know if it's an emotion, since it's physical. It certainly evokes emotion afterwards. Stevie was probably in lust with Mick. Years of friendship that culminated in a sexual liaison probably filling a void of curiosity and physical need at the time of the tour. "A deadly call inside" could also be the fact that she knew it was wrong but went with it anyway.

The "I did not deal with the road" is definitely a tour reference. She was on the road, having an affair with Mick, still dealing with the fallout of her relationship with Lindsey and did not deal with any of it except to go with her physical needs. She stayed in her own world and made it through.

"I've always been a storm" is a reference to the fact that she has never dealt with anything calmly. Therefore "I've never ever been a blue calm sea" is so fitting in her dealings with these men.

"So I try to say goodbye, my friend" says that since she knows being together is impossible, she'll leave him with the memories of the lustful love they shared.

The line "I should have known from the start, I'd be the broken hearted" is saying that she really knew that the relationship with Mick was doomed from the beginning. Yet, she was drawn to him and couldn't help herself.

This interpretation is not meant to make Stevie sound shallow. As we all know, she takes her relationships very seriously and I do believe that at some point she was a little in love with Mick Fleetwood. The connection she has with his wife Sara (with whom she lives now) is a curiosity. There are many avenues that could be strolled down in interpreting this song, but given the fact that it was during the Tusk tour time capsule, this interpretation seems to be the most valid.

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