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Steal Your Heart Away


Written by Lindsey Buckingham.

Contributors to this interpretation included: Hayley, Lauren, Becky, Karen, Stephanie, Janet, and Stephanie M..

The song "Steal Your Heart Away," written by Lindsey Buckingham, has a country-rock feel to it, surrounded by the tenderness of Lindsey's vocals and the soft rocking of his guitar. "Steal Your Heart Away" was recorded for Lindsey's upcoming fourth solo album, and was released on the Fleetwood Mac promotional Dance Tour 1997 CD by Best Buy. The lyrics describe feelings of complacency, most likely those that surround a relationship of Lindsey's, either past or present. Additionally, the song also encompasses Lindsey's feelings about his own life and the path his own emotions have taken.

All alone we go on day after day
All alone we suffer
Oh steal your heart away

It's the same old thing in the same old way
All alone we suffer
Oh steal your heart away

These lyrics can be applied to both Lindsey's relationship and to life itself. A person can become trapped in a situation that was once special, but has since become routine. For Lindsey and the person in this relationship, it's easier to stay in an unhappy place in your heart, because it's easier to be bored and unexcited rather than alone. We are, after all, creatures of habit. Unfortunately, the unhappy must suffer. If you take yourself out of the situation you can see it more clearly, or steal your heart away.

But the lie goes creepin down down down
But we were sleeping
Suddenly we hit the ground

The lie Lindsey is speaking of is referring to his belief that there is still love to be found in this relationship. Lindsey finally realizes the lie he's been telling himself. He has been unconsciously trying not to face the facts that the love and spontaneity of his relationship has disappeared. The line "suddenly we hit the ground," can be compared to the reality of waking up, both in the metaphorical and in the physical sense. Lindsey's senses have been awakened and he can see his own position in his life and in this relationship. Additionally, Lindsey may have awakened from a peaceful feeling of drifting off to sleep while beginning to dream. Although almost peaceful right before sleep, it is that feeling of abruptly being awakened by a feeling of "falling" or "hitting the ground" that jerks you awake and into reality. This kind of feeling transfers itself into his feelings about his everyday relationship.

So come on, lets go, lets run away
If that's all, all there is
Oh steal your heart away

This is Lindsey's final plea to save the relationship. He believes if they run away from their problems, everything will work out.

Steal your heart away
Steal your heart away

But the lie goes creepin down down down
But we were sleeping
Suddenly we hit the ground

So come on, lets go, lets run away
If that's all that there is
Oh steal your heart away

The lonely suffer
Steal your heart away

The line "steal your heart away" is the essence of this song. Lindsey is saying that he wants his heart to be taken away from its painful and unhealthy situation, yet he does not want to be alone. He wants to hide his feelings from the world so that he can never be broken by the loneliness he feels, but instead, run away, and be set free by it. He wants to run from his problems, and take his heart out of the situation because he doesn't want to be alone. In 1984, in an Off the Record interview, with Mary Turner, Lindsey was quoted as saying, "Sometimes you sort of find that when you bind up the heart a little bit that it kind of liberates the spirit in many ways." Lindsey seems to restate this belief in this song.

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