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Say You Love Me

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Written by Christine McVie.

Contributors to this interpretation included: Joanne, blackcat, Jessica, Alexa, and Laura.

When looking at Christine McVieís attempts at love in life, she does not have a perfect record. A lot of Christineís songs reflect the love she is feeling despite the pain of loneliness and rejection. "Say You Love Me" is a perfect example. Christineís relationship with her husband John McVie is starting to get rocky and she is beginning to wonder if she is gaining as much as she is losing. All she really needs is for John to tell her he loves her.

Have mercy, baby, on a poor girl like me
You know Iím falling, falling, falling at your feet
Iím tingling right from my head to my toes
So help me, help me, help me make the feeling go

Christine knows she loves John, to such an extent that sheíd do anything for him. Christine has a feeling of uneasiness and anger because John is not expressing his love for her. She wants John to use his love to make the feelings go.

Cause when the loving starts and the lights go down
And thereís not another living soul around
Then you woo me up till the sun comes up
And you say that you love me

Christine needed John to tell her he loved her. No one needed to be around. Pressures within the band were growing and John was changing and treating Chris differently and not in a way she liked. Christine felt they both had to put the band aside and focus on each other.

Have pity, baby
Just when I thought it was over
Now you got me running, running, running for cover
Iím begging you for a little sympathy
Cause if you use me again it will be the end of me

Christine wants John to see what heís doing to her and love her. She doesnít want to have to deal with hurt and rejection. She needs John to see that and love her and not treat her badly. She is beginning to lose the strength that keeps her loving John.

Baby, baby hope youíre gonna stay away
Cause Iím getting weaker, weaker, weaker everyday
I guess Iím not as strong as I used to be
And if you use me again itíll be the end of me

Christine is, in a way, giving John a warning. She is basically telling him that she canít take him anymore and their relationship wonít last much longer if John doesnít erase the hurt he has caused.

Falliní, falliní, falliní
Falliní, falliní, falliní

This can be looked at in two ways. Christine is continuing to fall in love with John. She is also falling out of love with John. The way this is sung seems to say that it isnít exactly a bad thing, but itís a thing she is sure of. "Say You Love Me" sets the tone for many of Christineís upcoming songs. In many ways it is like "Over My Head", a song of a person in a hurtful relationship. Songs such as "Never Make Me Cry," "Never Forget," and "Over and Over" have the same theme as well. The title of this song is the message in many of Christineís songs. Say you love me!

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