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Save Me A Place


Written by Lindsey Buckingham.

Contributors to this interpretation included: Stephanie M., Joanne, Lauren, Villavic, Anusha, Marlene, Stacey A, Hayley, Steph and BN.

"Save Me a Place," written by Lindsey Buckingham, is perhaps his most hauntingly beautiful song on Fleetwood Mac's 1979 album, Tusk. In my opinion, Lindsey's gutsy decision to make Tusk a more experimental and artist-oriented album is why it is Fleetwood Mac's best. Simple and melodic, "Save Me a Place" is a great example of his faith in himself to follow his heart and not make a commercially stale follow-up to Rumours

In "Save Me a Place," Lindsey could be addressing a multitude of people: Stevie, Carol Ann, or Fleetwood Mac in general. I tend to agree with the majority that it is about a woman, most likely Stevie. Whomever he is addressing, there is a sense of longing ... longing for this person to wait for him, because he loves her.

Don't know why I have to work
Don't know why I can't play
Turn me off, turn me out
But don't turn me away
Save me a place
I'll come running if you love me today

Lindsey is feeling overwhelmed by the work and demands of Fleetwood Mac. Since Tusk is his baby, he jumped in head first and is involved in every aspect of it, from writing to singing to playing to arranging to producing (although he got shafted on the credit). He loves it, but he has a need for something more ... he loves this woman and wants her to wait for him until the madness fades. Perhaps he was feeling a bit nostalgic for the old days before he was famous, when things were simpler. He didn't have money, but he had true love and a dream. At any rate, he doesn't want her to abandon him. His music as well as his lyrics convey a reverence, a longing for this woman.

Don't know why I have to go
Don't know why I can't stay
Guess I want to be alone
And I guess I need to be amazed
Save me a place
I'll come running if you love me today
I'll come running if you love me today

What exactly is Lindsey trying to tell us here? He could be telling Stevie that he doesn't understand why they are apart in theory but together in spirit. Lindsey was dating Carol Ann at the time, but I have a feeling he may have been holding back with her in the beginning because he wanted to wait out the situation with Stevie. Their feelings for each other were in a constant state of confusion, as exhibited in this verse. "Don't know why" and "I guess" are not said by a man who understands their relationship or its dynamics. He does know, however, that he wants to feel love, by music, by life. He is possibly telling us that in spite of all of the pain, the heartache, the rough times he and Stevie went through....he's right there if she ever decides she wants to try again.

Although this song has a very lonely and isolated feel to the music, the ending sounds lighter and more upbeat. For example, the "ooo - ooo's" sound happy. Perhaps he has found inner peace....perhaps he has accepted the fact that he must move on. Or, perhaps he is optimistic that things will work out between Stevie and him....that she will, in fact, save him a place.

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