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One More Night


Written by Christine McVie.

Contributors to this interpretation included: Villavic, Mari, and Jessica.

"One More Night" was a new song from Fleetwood Mac Live. Though it didn't become a hit, it's one of Christine McVie's jewels.

Have you ever seen Christine or Stevie as storytellers ... singing about people that have nothing to do with their own lives? Hard to believe it, right? So the guy Christine is singing "One More Night" to could be a former boyfriend. It could be John, who at that time was single and interested in Linda Ronstadt, or it could be another man. Christine is telling this man to make a move before it's too late and this lady found someone else.
We can be sure that after all those fights, Christine has always loved John, and she has wished him all the happiness in the world.

One more lonely night
Just one more lonely night
She doesn't like sleeping alone

The great gal who shouldn't be lost could be actually Christine herself. So the guy who comes immediately to mind is Dennis Wilson. He was a tumultuous episode in Christine's life, an episode that started during the Tusk era and ended by the release of Mirage. She did everything possible to be happy and share with him the joy of love, yet Dennis was a lost soul, one with a big heart.

If you want her, better get her now
Or she'll be running away somehow
Oh, it's not for me to say
If she'll be happy some other way

This song could have been written in the middle of a stormy relationship. One night, while she was alone, sad and angry of sleeping alone, she was getting sick and tired of being by herself. She started to beg him to be the one, to not throw everything out.

You may come home one morning
And find she's not sleeping alone
Oh, then baby you'll see
Oh yes, you should have stayed at home

Chris warns this man that he could finally lose her, but he never realizes it. Actually he never lived to find Christine not alone, since he left us one day never to come back. The world of rock lost a great man, we will always remember him. So will Chris, though luckily, she finally found the one special man for her-- Eddie Quintela.

Transcribed to HTML by Marty Adelson.

Copyright 1995-2001, Martin and Lisa Adelson
All Rights Reserved.