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Never Forget


Written by Christine McVie.

Contributors to this interpretation included: Joanne, Jessica, Kyle and Laura A..

"Never Forget" is a song that fits right into Christine McVieís theme. She feels a love for a person, but feels pain in the love. She just needs the person to love her and "Never Forget" is another song where she is almost begging for it.

Come on baby, could you ever be
Just a little close to me
Ooh, ooh, ooh,
Could we ever forget tonight

Christine needs this love and is asking, "Why canít you love me like I love you? Why canít you get close to me?" Yet that night was special. Her man showed love for her in such a way that Christine knows they can never forget it.

Come on baby, letís take a stroll
Youíre feeliní warm so donít be cold
Ooh, ooh, ooh
Weíll never forget tonight

Christine is pretty much saying that she KNOWS he loves her, so he should show her. She wants it to be just the two of them for a long time. They were able to have a great night and Christine wants the feeling shared on that night to last forever.

What a wonderful night to be
The stars must be my friends
To shine for me

Christine is so happy that she and her man were able to spend this special night together. Everything worked out perfect that night, even the stars were shining, and Christine was so happy, it felt like the stars were shining just for them. She was convinced that the stars shown just to make the evening better.

Come on baby, now donít you be cold
Just remember that love is gold
Ooh, ooh, ooh
We will never forget tonight

After a special night, Christine is trying to convince her man to keep loving her the way he did. Love is a special thing and Christine wants him to share it with her. Yet, no matter what, the night is unforgettable. The song end with, "Itíll be alright, weíll never forget tonight". This is Christineís way of saying, "Letís use the love we had tonight in the future". They will never forget the way they felt that night. Christine is convinced that the night will be the thing that was needed in their relationship.

"Never Forget" is a great song, as are all of Christineís songs. "Never Forget" is a song that puts love before feelings of lonliness and confusion. Just like the rest of Christineís songs, it makes the listener ask, "What would Christine have done if she had a perfect love life?"

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