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Just Crazy Love


Written by Christine McVie.

Contributors to this interpretation included: Sarah G., Becky, Lesley, Tracy G, Ali, Violett, and Mari. (April 10, 1999)

After reading many interpretations, interviews, and other fan sources, I firmly believe that the best way to go about "breaking down" a song, is in fact, to listen to it completely through, over and over, while reading these interviews. This is what I have done. Reading these interviews, interpretations, and other things, I have found that it is indeed speculated that Christine McVie had an affair with Fleetwood Mac's producer, Martin Birch, around the time of the 1973 album, Mystery To Me. This has given me much more insight into the song, helping me come to many conclusions. The first conclusion being that even though Christine has a very deep love for John, she sometimes felt that he did not always reciprocate that love. Not that he didn't love her back, just that he may have had a different way of communicating that to her, which she may not have understood at that time. The first verse of the song tells us that.

"You've got a sweet, sweet way
You know you'll always be the only one
And if you'll let me say
You'll never be a lonely one
Well you've just got something
Makes a girl start feeling crazy
And I'll do anything if you'll let me be your baby"

Here, Christine is telling us in her own words that she loves this man. She thinks he's just great. The "You'll never be a lonely one..." implies "Who doesn't love him?" But then we get into the "And I'll do anything if you'll let me be your baby" part. This is where we get into how John may not have shown her well enough how he felt about her. She obviously did not feel loved here.

"Even when everybody tells me
I'm just being a fool
Something inside says I've got to have you
And I can't play by the rules"

This next lyric is the really insightful one. "Even when everybody tells me I'm just being a fool..." This says that maybe people weren't really approving of her relationship with either John or Martin. It is true that Christine and John did not really "date" before they were married. "A ten day courtship" has been the phrase used to describe this. It is also true that John was an alcoholic, and a road dog. Once on the road with Fleetwood Mac, the ugly side came out, and that was probably the side everyone else based their opinion about him on, not Christine, just everyone else. This line could also be about Martin, who really would approve of an affair? Maybe she was told that she was "just being a fool" by seeing Martin on the side while the McVie marriage was crumbling. "Something inside says I've got to have you" tells us that Christine really does love John. It is well known that she felt very strongly about him, she has communicated that to us herself. Mick Fleetwood also told us Christine felt very strongly about John in his book. "And I can't play by the rules" sounds like an "affair line." To me, this is saying that she loves John, but sometimes can't take him. So she can't take him, and she doesn't want to be alone, so she seeks companionship elsewhere. (i.e. Martin.) Affairs are often called "cheating" and as we well know, "cheating" isn't "playing by the rules."

"Ooh, baby baby tell me there's a chance for me
‘Cos I'm crazy about you and I know this is love for me
Well you've just got something
Makes a girl start feeling crazy
And I'll do anything if you'll let me be your baby"

Last verse. Final plea? This is really the "turning point" of the song. Earlier it seems she was telling the listener how she felt, but this last part seems more focused directly to John. It seems she's saying "Ok, I've tried and tried to make this work, but you have to give a little in return. This relationship works both ways, buddy." Earlier it was pointed out how maybe John wasn't showing her well enough how he felt. Maybe it was because of the alcohol, maybe it was just one of those things, but whatever the case may be, it seems she wasn't feeling loved. So here she is telling him straight out that she loves him and wants something back.

"Just crazy love
Just crazy love"

Reiteration. She's just expressing her thoughts on the relationship. It seems she's saying "No big deal, it's just crazy love."

Transcribed to HTML by Marty Adelson.

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