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Written by Bob Welch.

Contributors to this interpretation included: Thom Abeles, Lisa Wellman, Gretchen, K. E. Gil, Derik, chili D, and Fox Mulder.

Hypnotized was written by Robert Welsh in the early 1970’s, reportedly after having a very intense dream while living in a house by the name of Benifold where he resided with rest of the then members of Fleetwood Mac. The song was originally intended for the then front man Dave Walker , upon his leaving Welch rewrote the song for himself with some help from Christine McVie. Other influences for this song were Welch’s extreme interest in the writings of Carlos Castaneda, paranormal experiences, and possibly the use of medicinal plants such as Peyote, which is used in the religious ceremonies of the Navajo Indians of the southwest U.S.

The First verse of the song has to do directly with the dream. The dream it appears was about the landing of a UFO in the large field behind the Benifold house. Dreams are a wonderful and mysterious part of the psyche, "Because there’s no explaining what your imagination can make you see and feel".

The second verse is very mysterious, and seems to deal with another landing of a UFO or possibly an abduction. "Now it’s not a meaningless question to ask if they’ve been and gone." There is a story of three men out fishing in a pond when they were supposedly abducted. This may be the "strange, strange pond" he refers to.

The third and final verse was influenced by the writings of Carlos Castaneda and deals with "Astral Projection" which can theoretically be achieved either through hypnosis or the use of Peyote. "Where a man can fly over mountains and hills/And he don’t need an airplane or some kind of engine/And he never will."

The chorus line ties the whole song together "Seems like a dream/(They) got me hypnotized." This can mean anything anyone wants it to mean, of course the literal interpretation, he is talking about dreaming and how it feels like being hypnotized.

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