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Homeward Bound

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Written by Christine McVie.

Contributors to this interpretation included: Casey E. McNulty and Ali.

"I wanna sit at home in my rocking chair
I don't wanna travel the world
As far as I'm concerned I've had my share
'Cause time is more precious than gold"

Christine is saying that she's not a traveling gal-- she loves to be at home with ones that she loves. She doesn't want to waste her time traveling because she wants to live life her way.

"I don't want to see another airplane seat
Or another hotel room
Home life to me seems really neat
I just wanna unpack for good"

What I got out of this is that after the Future Games tour in 1971, she's pretty worn out-as one of her first tours, she's not used to grueling schedules. She doesn't have a "normal" life anymore, and she's sick of going from hotel room to the stadiums, and then repeating that for what seems like forever.

"Buy me a ticket Homeward Bound
Homeward Bound
Buy me a ticket Homeward Bound
Yeah, Homeward Bound"

Christine wants to go home for good, for the moment-she's tired, and she wants to go and rest.

"Well, it all seems the same if you've done it before
There's no difference in the style"

Right now, it seems that she's already sick of touring. Without saying it, she's telling us, "I WANT TO GO BACK TO BENIFOLDS!!"

"There's no end insight or my old front door
I'll be a stay at home for a while"

Christine doesn't really feel like singing for the moment-she wants to go back to her life from a couple years before Bare Trees when she shocked her fans-she had decided to be a housewife when she got married to John. After some persuading, she came back. (Thank God!)

"So I'll have another drink and a cigarette
Just to console myself some how"
It's not too bad if you can forget
I've just got to find a way somehow"

Again, Christine wants to relax and do what she usually did-just to take things slow for the while. A drink and a cigarette is her way of calming down. After you tour, it's going to be the same again and again-in Fleetwood Mac's case, tons of screaming fans! This song, to me, is Christine's plea to go home where she's happy.

Transcribed to HTML by Marty Adelson.

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