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As Long As You Follow


Written by Christine McVie.

Contributors to this interpretation included: Alexa and Shadow. (October 20, 1999).

One of Christine's best, As Long As You Follow, is a beautiful love song that tells the story of believing in yourself by finding someone special to share your life with. In this song, Christine steps back and sees that things are finally going to work out. After the pain of her previous relationships, (John McVie, Dennis Wilson) Christine has found the "one" in husband Eddie Quintela.

I've been searching
For a pot of gold
Like the kind you find
At the end of a rainbow

Christine has been searching for complete happiness. A pot of gold symbolizes this impossible goal Christine has been trying to attain for several years.

I've been dreaming
Thought it was in vain
Ah but now you're here
Can't believe that you're back again

Christine has given up on this dream of finding this pot of gold....ultimate happiness. Now someone she cares about is back. This may refer to Eddie, or to herself. Perhaps she feels that she is not the person she once was. She may see her old self returning. She is surprised by this turn of events, which she didn't even realize she was bringing about.

Now I know I can't lose
As long as you follow
I'm gonna win (I'm gonna win)
I'm gonna beg, steal, or borrow
As long as you follow

Christine once again feels that her life has meaning. She feels wonderful about everything at this point. Even if things were to go back the way they were, she wouldn't ever let herself feel that way again. She has more confidence in herself. This feeling is so strong she feels she will do anything (beg, steal, or borrow) to keep this new sense of purpose in her life...her love for Eddie.

I've been wandering
Gone away too far
But the road was rough
To get back where you are

Christine realizes that she has had a hard life relationship-wise. Perhaps she feels she has even lost touch with the person she once was. It wasn't easy to get back on this path, but with a great deal of strength, Christine finds herself once again heading towards a brighter future.

And the sun went down
It never seemed to rise
Ah but now you're here
With the light shining in your eyes

The sun has gone down, darkness has descended. Things were looking pretty bleak as Christine saw them. But then Eddie came into her life and light of the sun is shining down upon them. This light is filling her body and soul with a sense that things are changing for the better. The sun is lighting the path that was once so hard for her to find.

Now I know I can't lose
As long as you follow
I'm gonna win (I'm gonna win)
I'm gonna beg, steal, or borrow
Yes I can live today
If you give me tomorrow
As long as you follow

Christine knows that this new outlook on life is no longer painful for her to see. It is now something she looks forward to. As Long As You Follow is a love song with a beautiful message. As long as you believe in yourself and those you love, you will ultimately end up where you always wanted to be and there is no greater happiness than that.

Transcribed to HTML by Marty Adelson.

Copyright 1995-2001, Martin and Lisa Adelson
All Rights Reserved.