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Lindsey Buckingham
Mick Fleetwood
Peter Green
Danny Kirwan
Christine McVie
John McVie
Stevie Nicks
Jeremy Spencer
Bob Welch

Professional Galleries:
Ralph Hulett
Michael Mastro
Dana Nalbandian (New!)
Joe Sia

Amateur Galleries:
Lisa Adelson
Laura Braswell
Ron Chambliss
J.W. & D.C. Korges
Dave & Torri Liden
Javier Pacheco
D. Wm. Raphael
Maryellen Suter

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If you registered prior to July 14th (your username would have been your email address), please register again using the link on the left. It will take just a minute and is free. The old usernames / passwords no longer work. We had to look up the passwords manually when they were lost before and with over 4000 people registered for the Photo Gallery, it was just getting too time consuming.

This new registration system should be considerably easier than the previous one. If you misplace your passwords, you can request it at the links at left and it will be sent to you automatically. You can also change your password to something easier for you to remember as well.

If you are having trouble entering the gallery, please note that the username and password are both case-sensitive. Therefore, it does matter whether you use capital or lowercase letters-- please type it exactly as it was e-mailed to you. This seems to be the problem that 99.9% of the people who write to us have. If it is easier for you, copy (Control-V) and paste (control-C) the password into the authentication box instead of typing it.

If you still cannot get into the gallery though, please contact us at penguin@fleetwoodmac.net. You can also change your password to anything you want using the link at left. You can enter below:


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