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Customer Comments

The pix came today and they are fabulous!!! The thumbnails don't do justice to them at all =:-) Now I'm deciding where to put them. The one of Chris is my favorite. Thanks so much for sending them! -- Vianna

WOW, the photos are absolutely AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you very much. They are some of the best photos I've ever gotten. I will definitely be placing another order. -- Donna

Anyone who's considering ordering pics from the gallery ... DO IT!!! I just got mine in the mail yesterday, and they're even more beautiful than I thought they would be--the scans in the gallery really don't do them justice. And I still can't believe how inexpensive they are! I've seen Mac photos at a few record conventions, and they're usually much pricier (and often, the quality isn't half this good). So if you're still thinkin' about registering or ordering pics, it's definitely worth it--it actually takes less time than it did to fill out the Penguin questionnaire. -- Jen

Just wanted to let you know that I received the 8x10 Stevie Nicks pictures (photo gallery) in the mail yesterday and I can't thank you enough. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! THEY are very beautiful.....I am nothing but thrilled with them and will definitely order more in the near future......just having pictures of Stevie from the Rumours period is the coolest thing and I will treasure them for many years to come. To be able to purchase pictures like this without breaking the bank (lol) a much appreciated bonus here; I don't understand how people pay god knows what for A picture on Ebay......boggles my mind.....so having something like the PHOTO GALLERY being available on the PENGUIN is a godsend.....thank you, thank you, thank you! -- Maryellen

I received the pics Friday.....they are awesome! Thanks again, and I can't wait to buy some more! -- Stephanie

Mine came today and they are ......Wonderful. I could not agree more. The scans are nice, but the actual photos are fantastic. I was very impressed. I have this desire to complete things. I may have to buy a whole set. -- Jasmit

I wanna let you know the pics are terrific--the ones that arrived are from the Torri collection! I got the one of Stevie's boots...And the pulled back shot that shows Stevie singing at the mike with those boots on! Then a closer shot of her at the mic. And a few wonderful ones of Mr. LB in some rather form fitting jeans, playing the guitar and singing. Of course I got the Top Hat ones too!!! -- blackcat

I just got my photos back from the Penguin gallery and they ROCK!!!! Torri's TL-7 is the most classic Stevie EVER!!! Its a Black and White close up side shot of Stevie with a top hat on!!! It is sooooo Stevie and would look good on anyone's wall!! TL-28 was the other shot I got ... it's just a single shot of "Da BOOTS!!" Another classic Stevie pict... it almost puts you in mind of the the Enchanted Box set pict in the very back of just Stevies boots! It is such a statement!! ROCK ON GOLD DUST WOMAN!!! If you havent purchased any photos you need to do soo....they are really good quality... -- Laura TN

My order came in yesterday. I love them!!! Thank you so much. I'm sure I'll be ordering more soon : ) -- Carolyn

I just wanted to let you know that I received the photo that I ordered yesterday. It is great! I can't wait to have it framed. It has so much character - those were the days for Fleetwood Mac! It is so nice to be able to get photos from that FM/70s time period. I really love the way Stevie and Lindsey look so natural in that shot, and not all posed like Stevie often is. The photo gallery really was a great idea. -- Julie

The picture arrived promptly as promised. I was pleased with the quality. I will be ordering more when I find the time. -- Rick

Wanted to let you know I received my pictures and am loving them! I'm very pleased with the quality, and it's a kick to be able to have a little piece of photographic history of the band. Just another reason why the Penguin is such an invaluable source to the fans of Fleetwood Mac. Thanks also to the fans/photograhers as well for sharing their private stock, and for providing us this rare opportunity to own these wonderful photos. I highly recommend them. -- Terry

Just wanted to let you know that I received the photo of Lindsey, TL-2 I believe. What a photo! The master at work! It looks great on my desk. Thanks so much!-- Ashley

I got my Joe Sia pics today in the mail...they are beautiful!!!! So clear and the detail is very nice!! I can't wait to see each month's selections!!! Thanks for offering a way to get these to us... --Tammy ;)

Thank you so much! I received the photos this morning - they are both very beautiful, and the quality is excellent - a lovely start to my intended collection! -- Julie

My Hall of Fame Pictures Came in and they are wonderful! I did order the whole Grand Slam ~ the color is great, the pictures are clear . . . I have to admit I bought a picture off of Ebay . . . there is really something wrong with the "free enterprise" system there. The same picture is up for auction and bidding week after week . . . the same cds. I understand that cds only cost about $3.00 ~ a burner about $350.00. The same exact set of cds are sold week after week for over $100.00. In about 5 weeks the entire operation is paid for. The same pictures that would cost only a few bucks to make are sold for over 20 times their value. (yes, no one twisted my arm to make me buy there) At least here at the Penguin there is a set price and the competing is eliminated. And the pictures here really are perfect. -- blackcat

I got my pictures from the picture gallery today - WOW. First I found the pictures I ordered from the HOF...very ..very nice and the price is so much cheaper compared to most other places. Also you can be sure that the pictures are real photos not a scanned copy. After admiring the HOF pictures I then found my pictures from J. Sia in the mail...Ok I have to admit when I first ordered them I was a bit concerned because the pictures seem a bit dark in the scan..well they aren't..they are PERFECT - very detailed. I wish I had bought a couple more..guess I'll have to wait until Jan 2000. So if you had any doubts at all about these pictures they are great - and if you have not checked out the Gallery you really really should. -- dc

I got the Joe Sia pic in today...WOW!!!!!! I love the pic... it shows every little detail!!!!! and plus it's a pic of S/L...teehee...well I thought I would let you know what I thought about Joe's Pic...can't wait to get more!!!!!!:) -- April

Thank you for running the Penguin Photo Gallery for all of us. We speedily received our photos yesterday from the Torri Liden and Joe Sia's galleries. Wow! So crisp, so clear...they're wonderful. We look forward to ordering again...soon! -- Jo

Just wanted to let you guys know that I received the gallery pics. I ordered a HOF pic from Gypsy and of course the Joe Sia pic. They are amazing!!!! I can't wait to frame them. I will have to order another one from his Feb gallery....thanks again!! -- Stephanie

Just wanted to let you know that I received the Joe Sia picture of Stevie and Lindsey that I ordered... and I LOVE IT!!! I can't wait to get it in a frame! Thanks! -- Ashley

I got mine yesterday ..but I had to go to the post office today to get them. I couldnt wait to open them..perfection!!!!!! I have stared at them all night!!!! -- Janet

They're absolutely beautiful! I ordered two Torri Liden photos and one of the Gypsy Hall of Fame pics ... they're all gorgeous (the Gypsy one especially!) Since I'm moving back home for a year this June, I'm redecorating my entire room (it currently looks disgusting), and I know just what to decorate it with ... LOL! Expect a few more orders from me this June, Marty ... :-) -- Farrah

Both the Gypsy and Joe Sia pictures are gorgeous. The quality is great and of course the members of the band look great! I will be ordering more soon! Thanks. -- Alexa

Been meaning to write and tell you I got the photo last week of Lindsey and Stevie from Joe [Sia] and it's incredible!!!! I have it in a frame!!! Wow!!!! Just letting you know how much I love it! -- Lauren

I got my Joe Sia pictures and my other pictures (I think from Gypsy and Torri) today. I'm so happy :) The pictures are absolutely fabulous, as usual! I am always so surprised when I see the detail in these photographs. John looks so cute in the ones I got from Torri and Ron ;) Thank you again for making the Photo Gallery possible. -- Tracy

Just a note to let you know that I loved January's pictures. The February photos are incredible too! I think that your online gallery is an so cool. I can't wait to see the new photos in March. -- Lisa

Received the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame picture in the mail yesturday. Very pleased with the quality. It looks great. Can't wait to get a frame to hang it up. You guys do a fantastic job on the web site. Your hard work is greatly appreciated by many. Take care. --Ryan

I got my Fleetwood Mac picture on Thurs. last week. I would have replied sooner but I have not had access to a computer until today. All I have to say is that you were right, i was impressed. I am such a big fan of fleetwod mac that I am happy to get anything of theirs that I can get my hands on. Thanks again. -- Stacey

The pics are beautiful!!! I did get the shot of Stevie in the Top Hat standing at the microphone. It is very sharp and clear ~ I got it in the 5 x 7 (3181 16 16A) and I LOVE IT!!!! I also got 2 of each of the 4 x 6's and they are equally gorgeous, ones of Stevie alone, Lindsey alone, and Stevie and Lindsey together.-- blackcat

Hi, guys! Just wanted to let you know that the familiar envelope was waiting on my doorstep when I got home from a frustrating work day yesterday. These pics are my new favorites! I absolutely love the HOF one; their expressions are nice and clear in my 5 x 7, and it's so sweet seeing them all gazing over at Peter Green, like a little salute. The ones I got with my $10 credit [from winning the March contest] are great, too, especially the shot of Stevie against the grey sky. . . love it! I went out and got some frames for them after work today, and they're ready to go up. (Jarrett and I have to expand our FM wall now -- such a travesty, I know. ;) Thanks! I'll be ordering more soon. -- Jen

I absolutely loved my Stevie print!!!!!!! -- Donna

I got the 8x10 photo today and absolutely LOVE it :)) I can't wait to receive the others!! I'm sure I will like them just as much--I really love the older photos of Stevie! -- Amy

Hey Marty!! ! I just wanted to let you know I got the photos and I love them! I need to find 3 frames or one that fits all three! Thanks! -- Natalie

I got those photos--actually they came in last week. I LOVE the boots one! Such a great shot! But suprisingly, my fave was the RRHOF one...which I hadn't been expecting to like that much--but the quality was so great, and there was something about their expressions that was so endearing. And btw, I went and checked out that new gallery (which I had sort of forgotten about) and I was very impressed! I'm thinking I might have to buy some photos from there! -- Becky

Got my Torri Liden pictures today, and they're spectacular! I'm running out right now ot get frames and put them up on my wall! -- Jim

Hi Marty and Lis! Just wanted to let you know that I received my photo gallery order the other day and the pics are absolutely fantastic! I was expecting great things, but I was totally blown away by the clarity and quality of the prints - they're fabulous! Thanks so much for doing this for all the fans - it's really great that we have this chance to purchase these unbelievable pics! I really hope more people register for the gallery and order pics, because if they haven't yet, they don't know what they're missing! Thanks again and have a Happy Holiday! :o) -- ~Violett

I got the pictures a couple days ago. I was impressed! They were very nice... -- Matt

My photo from Joe came yesterday and the others came today. They're just fabulous! The clarity is wonderful, about a million times better that the thumbnails even. Thank you for providing this wonderful service to all us fans! Blessed Be! -- Carolyn

Hi Marty! Got the Stevie photos today--they are great!! I really like the ones of Stevie in the top hat--they have to be the best! I'm so glad there is someplace where I can actually order some photos without bidding an outrageous price for them!! Also it is great that you can view the photos before ordering so you know exactly what you are getting. I am very happy with them :) Thank you!! -- Amy

You are wonderful to offer the Photo gallery to us. The pictures are amazing! Our regards to the artists who captured the beautiful images and to the both of you for the grace to share them with us! -- Jo

I got them today...they are fabulous as always! -- Patti

I got one with Stevie and Chris at their mics---Chris has a guitar slung over her shoulder and shes very into singing....and Stevie seems to be in another world--not concentrating on anything---and another where Stevie is sitting by Micks drums--looking so peaceful as Mick pounds away---I thought this said a lot- I loved mine so much--they are small but you are right about detail especially--if any of them ever did get blemishes or flaws or any kind of ANYTHING we would see it--God you can look at Stevie's hands and see every detail as if you were looking at it in person--plus the moods. Joe Sia is a genius and a god for letting us have these :) -- Janet

I got the Joe Sia prints and they are truly amazing...very clear and vivid. They really capture Stevie's mystique. I ordered ones with Lindsey this time too and I can't wait to get them! :o) I'm hanging several on my wall and making an album for the rest of them. :o) Thanks for making these pictures available to us. The Penguin is definitely the BEST place to get fm pictures! -- Morgaine

My Penguin pics always seem to arrive after my most trying work days! Thanks for the pick-me-up--they're just gorgeous, and owning photos taken the night we saw Stevie in Manassas means a lot to me. Once again, I'm "so knocked out" by the clarity of these shots. . .it's so great to see Stevie's forehead sparkles in such stunning detail. -- Jen

I got my pics from the gallery. They are wonderful! The pictures were really sharp. I can't wait to get frames for them. The thumbnail pic really doesn't do them justice. -- Joanna

I got some pictures yesterday--from the Feb. gallery, I guess. They were great (I'm not feeling too poetic tonite--ha!) That is a great comparison shot. I pretty much ignore the thumbnail ones (well, not entirely, of course) but I always assume the "real" thing is going to be much clearer and I just use it as a general guideline type of thing. All of the pictures have been so much nicer than they appear from the contact sheets. -- Regina

Just a very quick hello to let you know your first picture package arrived today. Wonderful pixs as always :-). Thanks so much - I'm really glad that you came up with this idea. -- Dani

We got the pics from Mary Ellen Suter and Laura Braswell today. The pictures from the Penguin Gallery are fabulous. So crisp and clear, the quality is impressive. They are great collectors items and we love to look at them over and over again! -- Jo

Hi marty! I got the pictures the other day, and they are so fantastic! If I had a time machine, my dream would be to go on the road as a photographer for a band like fleetwood mac, and now I can kind of live vicariously through these pics :) Thanks again! -- Jessy

I got my Joe Sia pics (from the March gallery I think?) and they are beautiful! -- Tracy

Just a very quick hello to let you know your first picture package arrived today. Wonderful pixs as always :-). Thanks so much - I'm really glad that you came up with this idea. - Dani

I just recieved my Peter Green photos today and I wanted to say thank you. I also wanted to tell you that the photos are wonderful, that they are a great price and that you have very fast service. And I am sure that I will be ordering more soon! -- Lisa I just got my picture yesterday and it came out great, thanks very much! -- Sean

We got the April Joe pictures yesterday...they are wonderful as always...thanks!... -- Torri

Hi Marty-- Got the pictures today!!! I love them! -- Samantha

I just wanted to let you know that I received the photos from the Penguin Gallery and they are great. I agree that the quality of the photographs easily equals those you find at auction sites for much higher prices, particularly those shots from the 70s. Even on auction sites you usually only find promotional still shots and not seen concert shots like Torri Linden's or Joe Sia's. It was tough to pick which ones I wanted from the Liden gallery but am happy with the ones I got. Thanks for all your work on The Penguin. -- Julie

I finally have been able to see the Joe Sia shot I ordered...and it is so much better than I had imagined! It was definitely worth the extra money. And I got my pics from the Maryellen Suter gallery...I love the one shot of her in the red shawl. Overall all my pictures so far have been fantastic! -- Becky

Did I tell you the pics came? They are wonderful. My Joe Sia order came today too. I am going to go check out the Dance pics. Thanks Marty. -- Janice

Just to let you know I've received the two Joe Sia photos. They are absolutely gorgeous; really beautiful. Thanks so much! Just a wee collection at the moment, but it slowly grows! -- Julie

Hi Marty! I just got the photos today and they are incredible!! They're all so beautiful, these photographers are so lucky to have the chance to photograph Stevie and The Mac. Thank You so much! I will DEFINITELY check back often. :) Take care. -- Jenn

Marty-- I received the photos last week and am really enjoying them. -- Ruth

Yes, the other photos are great! The Maryellen Suter one of Stevie playing the guitar is amazing, and so is the (I think it was Gypsy) one of Stevie at Radio City is gorgeous! Oh, yes, almost forgot about the Joe Sia one . . . the pic of Stevie and Lindsey singing Angel is beautiful. He really "captured the moment" there ... I love it! -- Farrah

Hi Marty and Lisa! I just wanted to let you guys know that I got my Fleetwood Mac pictures in the mail last week and they are great!!! I really love the pictures of Stevie in her top hat and her singing next to Lindsey! I really love the picture of her looking off to one side in front of her mic (looking rather pensive)-I really believe that Torri Liden caught the true essence of the Mac-possibly when they were at their very best! Thanks again for being so prompt and so nice to e-mail to! :) -- Molly

I recieved the pictures and they are already in their matching frames. Beautiful!!, to me they capture the youth and innocence of Stevie and Lindsey during their quick rise to fame. I remember seeing them in a book and Im very happy to own them now. Thanks. -- Amy

Dear Marty and Lisa-- I just got the Torri Liden picutre of Lindsey (TL-17) a few minutes ago and I loved it. The Penguin Photo Gallery is a great idea. There is no other place to get high quality Fleetwood Mac pictures for a better price! Thanx a lot! I know I'll be back for more! -- Mike

My photos arrived today and, as always, they're glorious! I can't wait to put them up in my room along with all the others. Thanks so much! -- Carolyn

I got the pictures today....THEY'RE GREAT!!! I love them all... -- Samantha

The Stevie pictures arrived today-thank you! They're beautiful! The quality is wonderful! And thank you for the bonus picture as well....I will definitely be buying more pictures in the future.....keep up the great work! Take care... Love and Dreams, Laura

Those pictures that you and Lisa took of LB are fabulous. The ones that you emailed to us are perfect. I'm going to go broke when you put them up for sale!!!! What a marvelous find. You must have had awesome seats. The pictures are so close and...Lindsey was quite a scruff, huh?! He. He. Stll beautiful though. -- Jo and Jensen

Hi! Wow! I can't believe how fast my photos got here!!! Very exciting to come home from work and find a package! :) They all look so beautiful! . Thanks a lot!!!! -- Stephanie

They certainly did arrive and I absolutely LOVE them all. Thanks again for sending the photos out so promply. The photos not only are FANTASTIC, they take me back to such a happy period of my life. They truly are "top drawer" in my collection. Thanks again for your emails. -- Sharon

Just wanted you to know that I received my photos yesterday, and I really love them. They are wonderful! One of my favorites is the one of Stevie crouching with her top hat on! I just love that one! I'm looking forward to the one I ordered from Joe Sia's collection. I'll keep you posted on that! -- Deb

My photos came today and they're all beautiful as usual. I especially love the photo of Lindsey from Lisa's gallery. Thank you so much! -- Carolyn

All I can say is WOW!! The scans just don't do them justice. I remember you saying that, but it's hard to believe it until you see them up close and personal. What's strange to me is that I thought I would really like the color photos better, but as it turns out, I really like the b&w's!! I'm just so impressed - the quality in ALL of them is outstanding! I knew that LA-1 would turn out great - and it's even better!! I'm thrilled that all the detail from his shirt and guitar showed up when it was digitized. That is just the BEST pic - has to be my fav of all of them!!! -- Stewy

I just got back from Florida...I got the photos.. thank you so much. They are awesome. THey look better when you have the real thing in your hand instead of looking at the computer screen. Well talk to you later:) ~April:)

Two words.....Absolutely Beautiful!!!! I received the photos yesterday and as soon as I opened the package I was speechless.....TL-13 is one of the coolest Stevie photos. And, TL30 is just gorgeous.....well, I knew it would be. LOL. And, thank you for the free Enchanted photo. I love it. Thank you again and I will be placing another order this week I'm sure!!! -- Donna

I just opened the pictures, and wow! They are awesome! The quality is unbelievable. They truly show the beauty of Stevie Nicks. I am definitely going to purchase more! Thanks a ton! :) An appreciative 14 year old, Emily

Dear Marty and Lisa, Received my photos from The Penguin Gallery today. Too Cool! The photos are great. Can't wait to get frames for them and put them on the wall. Thanks, you guys! Will be placing another order shortly, I'm sure! Thanks again, Jo Ann

Hello again...I recieved the photo and am very happy with it. They are great for gift giving.... -- Terry

I got the photos today!!! They are out of this world!!!! I love them!!!! The Korges photos are GORGEOUS......and I'm so happy that I finally have photos from the Enchanted show I went to (thanks to the Gypsy Gallery). I will be placing another order very soon!! -- Donna

Hey Guys, I got my Torri Liden photo today...It is absolutely GORGEOUS ! ! ! Stevie looks so sweet. I can't stop looking at it. -- Carrie

Hi! I got my pics yesterday! Thanks! They are beautiful! -- Stephanie

I got my order today and the photos are just stunning. I was staring at the wonderful detail in that small TL 5x7, trying to see if I recognized any of Stevie's rings, LOL (I am an avid collector of her jewelry, from Silver Spring Emporium). I'm very pleased with all the photos, they are just beautiful and are already in my scrapbook. Thanks again, and I'll be looking forward to the next shipment of the six JWK photos......I know I won't be disappointed! Take care and have a great weekend. -- Susan

I just wanted to let you know that I received my photos I ordered from the Penguin Photo Gallery last week:-) I was away all last week so I haven't had the time to e-mail you...Anyway I just wanted to tell you that I love all the pics! They are great:-) Especially the ones from Lisa's gallery! I'm so impressed:-) Keep up with good work with the gallery!!! Take Care, Jessica

Wow! The pictures are incredible! Lis's pictures from the "Cradle" tour brought back many great memories of the Lindsey show I saw in Atlanta. He looked awesome as usual ;-) It's definitely a show that I will never, ever forget! The Torri Liden pixs are also beautiful. Thanks so much for putting the Penguin Photo Gallery together. You guys do such a great job on the Penguin. The fans really appreciate the time and effort that you put into it every day! Keep up the good work and I will definitely be purchasing more pictures very soon :-) Hugs, ~Ann~

Hey Marty, Greeny arrived at my door safe and sound today. Very nice. Thanks, trey

Hi! i got my Korges photos today!!!! They're AWESOME!! My favorite is the one with Stevie at the mic, she has on her black beret, with her hair in two braids & a great smile! :) You can also see her cool feather headress on the mic stand! Thanks again!!!! -- Stephanie

Woohoo!! Marty and Lis, I got my Joe Sia pic a few days ago, and I've been meaning to send you a note ever since. . .As usual, terrific quality. This is a very special pic, and I'll have to find a frame that does it justice. I'm going over to the photo gallery RIGHT NOW to order some more. Thanks!! -- Jen

The photos arrived today and they are beautiful as always! Thank you. -- Carolyn

Hi Marty, I forgot to let you know that I received the June Joe Sia pics last week! As always the picutures are excellent quality! Thanks so much :) -- Ali

Marty--I got them yesterday. Thank you so much. They are so incredibly gorgeous...boy, that Lindsey is cute (ask Lis--she'll tell you...although, she probably has already!) They are great pictures...the people who haven't ordered have no idea what they are missing. -- Regina

Hi y'all! I got the photos just before I left for my cruise and they are fabulous, as always. You were right, the group photo was fantastic. But then, so are all of them. Lots of Love, Jo

I just have one thing to say - LA-1!!!! Oh My God! That is quitessential Lindsey if I've ever seen it, and I predict that it WILL be the #1 print sold from that gallery. -- Dianne

Marty! I received the photographs in the post today and I must say they REALLY are much better than expected. I knew they would be fantastic just from reading other customer's reactions but I wasn't actually 'braced' for it! I had to sit down! I scrutinised the photos so closely. It is almost indecent the way I can see them SOOO upclose and personal. I ordered the one with Stevie and Lindsey singing at the same mike and they are holding hands... made me wonder...What If they had never split up...what beautiful music they made. I will definitely be ordering some more now that I can see for myself just how up close and personal and CLEAR these are! -Aislinn

Hey Marty and Lis, I got the Torri Liden and the Hall of Fame pics today. WOW they are great! I already put them in my collection. Now I want to get the Fritz pics....Have a nice day! -- April

Marty! Holy Cow! These pictures are absolutely awesome! I can't thank you enough and they arrived in perfect condition. I love it when my mailman rings my doorbell! LOL! Also, they arrived in time to include one set in my friend's birthday box. Thanks again for everything and thanks also for the great Lindsey picture you included. I had forgotten about that! :) I look forward to doing business with you again in the future. How do I go about leaving some kind of thing on The Penguin about how happy I am?? Let me know and I'll be more than glad to do it! -- Sandy

I received the Lindsey Buckingham picture (LA-11) today and it is great! I really love it. Thank you so much. I think The Penguin is so great, it is the *only* place to go to for information about Fleetwood Mac. It is so comprehensive, there is nothing like it. Again, thank you, and keep up the great work that you are doing with your webpage. I know that I will order from you again. -- Mike

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