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Sound clips of Fritz:

Javier Pacheco has sent us short clips so that the fans can hear the music of Fritz! Initially, one clips is being posted-- Ray Charles' 'Georgia'. Important Note: Javier Pacheco has granted The Penguin exclusive rights to post these clips. If they are reproduced on other websites, additional clips will not be posted. You are welcome to tell as many people you want about this music and page, but you are not granted permission to save or repost them. Just listen and enjoy!

Updated August 19. 2004!

Sound Clip Comments from Javier Pacheco
Listen! Georgia (Ray Charles, 3:08) is the oldest Fritz live cut. Going back to the summer of 1968 at Fremont High School, Mountain View.
Listen! Louisa Joy (Javier Pacheco, 2:18) was recorded at Sound City Studios in L.A. in 1970. Lindsey sings lead with Stevie & Javier on background vocals.

Javier Pacheco (1970)

Savoy, Sabine, saturated
Polly Anna Louise!
With your saphire walk, oh,
you can talk my language!

You're an instigator of sabine looks,
I hope you see it take what it took me to get to you ? - - Louisa.

Polly Anna Louise, Louisa Joy,
Polly Anna Louise, please, let me be your boy.

Slender liquid salad almost,
gracious golden brown buttered toast for breakfast,
after tonight.

Simple satin silverine host
shady fady, do little ghosts that haunt you,
where are you now?

Polly Anna Louise, Louisa Joy
Polly Anna Louise, please let me be your boy.

Lovely lady I'm on to you
To turn me on to the things you do, Louisa,
Louisa Joy.

Slender movement of your hips,
I like the honey taste of your lips Louisa,
Louisa Joy,
talkin' 'bout Louisa Joy!

Polly Anna Louise,
Louisa Joy
Polly Anna Louise,
please, let me be your boy.

Polly Anna Louise, Anna Louise, Louisa Joy,
Polly Anna Louise, please, let me be your boy
I wanna be your boy, let me be your boy.

In the Dawn sampler (1:03) Recorded @ Sound City Studios (L.A.) in 1970. Stevie sings lead with Lindsey and Javier on background vocals. She alters a few of the lyrics. Music and lyrics written by Javier Pacheco

Lyrics to In The Dawn:

In the dawn (Chorus) In the dawning
many people wandering on,
they are thwarted by the reign
so confused, fear is on the loose
and they're lost in vain.

What they say
is the word of the OM
no one ever seems to understand
Until they see, until they feel
the beliefs in the land

Worlds between us
worlds we've made ourselves;
we've got the time between us,
we can't find love nowhere else.

(Added 08/19/04)
Reconsider sampler (1:21), This is probably one of the oldest Fritz songs and was written by Javier Pacheco before he joined Fritz. He believes the song may have been played in The Toads and/or in another band, The Moonrakers. It was recorded in San Mateo in 1967, just a few months after Stevie and Brian joined the group. Lindsey is on guitar with Brian on bass. Stevie and Javier are singing background vocals and this is a good example for hearing Lindsey's early vibrato in his singing voice. Music and lyrics written by Javier Pacheco, (c) 1966

Lyrics to Reconsider:

When you feel that it's time to come back
I want you home.
'Cause you miss while I'm thinking about you girl wherever you roam.
Reconsider baby one more time,
try it with me again.
All I ask is that you give me a chance
to make it up if I can.

When you left I was pretty disgusted
didn't want to see you again.
Now you've been gone a long time baby
and I'm feeling the pain.
Reconsider baby one more time
try it with me again.
All I ask is that you give me a chance
to make it up if I can.


Girl I'm sorry that I ever got angry at you,
sorry you cried.
Please forgive the way I acted against you
when I hurt your pride.
Reconsider baby one more time
try it with me again.
All I ask is that you give me a chance
to make it up if I can.

Important Note: Two people have been caught selling a Fritz 45 on Ebay recently. This is an unauthorized recording and the sellers (both originating in Burbank, CA) have been reported to Ebay and information has been forwarded to Javier's attorney. Note that the sellers try to give the impression that Fritz released a record without posting their own name. If makes no sense for a music group to release a record using another name. It is very likely that the sellers had something to do with producing this bootleg recording and trying to give the false impression that it is a "lost artifact." Don't fall for these questionable schemes.

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