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Fritz (full name: The Fritz Rabyne Memorial Band) was formed in the fall of 1966, and its original vocalist was a young lady named Jody Moreing, pictured at left, and also included her cousin, Cal Roper, Bob Aquirre and Lindsey Buckingham. After Fritz in ConcertJavier Pacheco was asked to join, the group was named, as he recalls, "from a student's name as a kind of joke." By the summer of 1967, Cal and Jody had left the group to go off to college, and by late summer the group was comprised of Brian Kane (lead guitar), Bob Aguirre (drums), Javier Pacheco (keyboards), Stevie Nicks (vocals), and Lindsey Buckingham (bass). and on vocals. The highlight of the Class of 1967 Graduation Party was an after dinner performance by the premier senior band, Fritz. According to Javier Pacheco, "Fritz initially practiced at Lindsey's house in Atherton. After 1968, the band was privileged to rehearse at the Italian Gardens Restaurant (banquet room) in San Jose. The owner allowed us this semi-permanent arrangement. So we didn't actually have to drive "up and down" the Peninsula every single week for The members of Fritzrehearsals (except for those of us who lived in Menlo Park/Atherton). Most of our gigs were in Santa Clara County." They began their professional career in 1968 as one of the major local acts in the San Francisco Bay music scene. This core worked together approximately three and a half years. The majority of songs by Fritz were written by Javier Pacheco and "spoke to the human condition"-- "Yellow" (about the media), "Product of the Times" (conformity), "Empty Shell" (the ego), "Bold Narcissis" (more ego), "Sharpy" (about slick-talking agents), "The Power" (about finding God), "Eulogy" (about rebirth), "Existentialist" (about intellectual self-gratification), and "Crying Time" (about the death of innocence). When Fritz disbanded in 1971, Lindsey continued to work with bandmate Stevie Nicks, eventually becoming romantically involved and releasing an album, Buckingham Nicks, in 1973. The high school yearbook pictures of the members of Fritz are shown in the picture on the above right; clockwise: Stevie Nicks, Lindsey Buckingham, Javier Pacheco, and Calvin Roper.

The picture below depicts the Fritz Rabyne Memorial Band providing the sounds up through midnight at the High School Graduation Night Dance at the Menlo Park Civic Center in mid-June 1967. Jody Moreing was at the helm.

The Fritz Rabyne Memorial Band, an all senior band, provided the sounds up through midnight.  Jody Moreing was at the helm.  This picture was provided by Javier Pacheco and is from the 1967 Menlo-Atherton High School Yearbook

Update! July, 2004:

Magical and heartfelt!

From: Javier Pacheco, Menlo Park, CA, July 03, 2004

Brian Kane, Bob Aguirre and I (plus Lindsey's bro Jeff and some old friends) were invited and given VIP passes by Lindsey. We got to meet with him before and after the show. This was the Fritz reunion we'd all dreamed about. After the show we went backstage to Stevie's room and had a photo op. Even Mick was clicking away. It was great posing together for a picture. A lot of suppressed love came to the surface. It was as if time and circumstance had not come between us. Expect some creative outcomes in the not-too-distant future. (This is probably not the best place to say this.) Will there be a project? Stay tuned.

They put on great show. As a member of Fritz, I felt the tears well up when Stevie dedicated a song to us. She mentioned "1968" but actually, she and Brian Kane joined the group in Summer of '67. I can now see why the fans adore L&S. They are very genuine with their audiences. They do their best to please the crowds. Lindsey played his heart out, so did Stevie. This was my first FM concert--loved being there! Lindsey astounds with his energy. Stevie is also very strong, and a great communicator.

From: Brian Kane, CA, August 06, 2004

The reunion in Concord was great. I hadn't see (or spoken to) Lindsey or Stevie in thirty years. Hope I can see them again before the next thirty years passes. I have to thank Bob Aguirre for making the reunion happen.

Javier and I have gotten together in the last couple of years and have done a little recording. He is a very talented song writer and it is too bad that he has not received better recognition for it.

I am a practicing electrical engineer and run a consulting firm. After Fritz broke up, I dabbled in professional music for a while, after which I decided to go back to school (and take engineering of all subjects). I still play a lot of guitar (although not with other people very often). I'd like to do some part-time giggin' but it is difficult to meet players while working full time. I don't think I could add much to what Javier and Bob have already said with regard to the Q&A's. I think Fritz was a good band with a myriad of talent. We were tight and had a lot of original music. It was a great experience and I have many good memories.

Below, please find some pictures submitted by Javier Pacheco to The Penguin:

Photograph copyright Christina Carnes.
Photograph copyright Christina Carnes.

Photograph copyright Bob Aguirre
Photograph copyright Bob Aguirre.

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