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The Ledge WWW Message Boards - The Ledge is the message board area of The Penguin where you can can discuss anything and everything Fleetwood Mac with fellow fans from around the globe. As of December 08, 2002, there are 1,108 "Ledgies", 7,194 topics, and 65,602 total posts. Come and join the discussions!

Talk To Me Chatroom - A chatroom that should work with any browser. There are no scheduled chat times-- come whenever you want and meet your friends here.

Chain Links - Go here to find other Fleetwood Mac and related websites on the World Wide Web. Send yours in too if you have one! Completely redesigned in November 2003!

IRC Chat Information - In collaboration with The Nicksfix, each Sunday night there are Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks chats on IRC. Find out everything you need to join here.

Penguin Poll - What's your favorite album? Favorite song? Favorite artist? Why ? Favorite video ? What is your favorite Fleetwood Mac experience ? Tell us here and see what others have said.

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