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Title Fleetwood Mac Rumours N' Fax
Author Roy Carr and Steve Clarke
Publisher Harmony Books
Publication Date 1978
Pages 120
ISBN 0-517-53364-2
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Title The Authorized History - Fleetwood Mac
Author Samuel Graham
Publisher Warner Brothers
Publication Date June 1978
Pages 104 (oversized)
175 (small version)
ISBN 0 89724 000 6
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Title Headliners - Fleetwood Mac Image provided by Mark Trauernicht
Author Charley Walters
Publisher Tempo Star/Ace Books
Publication Date 1979
Pages 150
ISBN 0-441-31941-6
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Title Fleetwood Mac
Author Steve Clarke
Publisher Proteus Books
Publication Date 1984
Pages 127
ISBN 0 86276 111 5
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Title The Complete Guide to the Music of Fleetwood Mac
Authors Rikki Rooksby
Publisher Omnibus Press
Publication Date 1998
Pages 192 page CD size book
ISBN 071196310X
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Title Life On The Road: The Incredible Rock 'N' Roll Adventures Of Dinky Dawson
Authors Dinky Dawson and Carter Alan
Publisher Billboard Books
Publication Date November 1998
Pages 354
ISBN 0-8230-8344-6
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From the back cover: "Life On The Road captures the excitement, experimentation, and enthusiasm of rock's most explosive era. In this unforgettable memoir, Stuart (Dinky) Dawson takes us on the road with such rock and roll legends as the original Fleetwood Mac, The Byrds, Steely Dan, the Kinks, Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell, Lou Reed, the Mahavishnu Orchestra, Jeff Beck, B.B. King, and the J. Geils Band, among other stellar musical artists. Offering rare, personal, and often insightful glimpses into the unruly reality of life on the road, Dinky provides behind-the-scene views of such after-hours escapades as Fleetwood Mac's introduction to America by the Hell's Angels, as well as their involvement in the notorious Grateful Dead drug bust in New Orleans; life lived helter skelter in Los Angeles with Terry Melcher and The Byrds during the Charlie Manson murders; drawing extra amps from the electric chair at Sing Sing Prison for a Joan Baez concert; and traveling and recording with Lou Reed during the drug-fueled days of Berlin and Rock and Roll Animal."

"Remembering is one thing. Bringing back sordid and lurid tales of riotous, drug induced sexual escapades is quite another! Where are they?" -- John McVie (Fleetwood Mac)

The Foreward was written by Mick Fleetwood. The first four acknowledgements go to Mick Fleetwood, John McVie, Peter Green, and Clifford Adams (manager of Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac). There are five chapters devoted to Fleetwood Mac which are very funny. This book is a must for fans of the Peter Green / Mick Fleetwood / John McVie / Jeremy Spencer / Danny Kirwan line up of Fleetwood Mac.

Title The Complete Recording Sessions 1967 - 97
Author Peter Lewry
Publisher Blandford
Publication Date December 1998
Pages N/A
ISBN 0-7137-2724-1
Notation Additional information provided by Peter Lewry can be found here.
Foreword written by Bob Brunning.
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Title Fleetwood Mac - Through The Years
Author Ed Wincentsen
Publisher Wynn Publishing
Publication Date 20 Sept 1999
Pages 145
ISBN 0-9642808-6-8
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From the back cover: "Fleetwood Mac has been one of the longest running bands in music history. They have also been a group with more band member changes than almost any other band in music history. Their story of humble beginnings to mega-stardom is one of the most exciting stories around. In this unauthorized biography / history of Fleetwood Mac their story is told with quotes from music journalists, critics, interviews with members of the band, concert reviews, book sources and more. The reader has the opportunity to understand and learn about the band from day one to the present from a variety of sources all pulled together in an exciting, readable format.

Title Rumours Exposed : The Unauthorized Biography of Fleetwood Mac
Author Leah Furman
Publisher Birch Lane Press
Publication Date October 2000
Pages 224
ISBN 1559725265
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Title Blues Rock Explosion
Author Summer McStravick (Editor), John Roos (Editor), Bob Brunning, Martin Celmins, Harry Shapiro, Borge Skilbrigt (Contributor), Mike Stax (Contributor), Jeff Watt (Contributor), Julian Barker (Contributor)
Publisher Old Goat Publishing
Publication Date April 2002
Pages 352
ISBN 0970133278
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"Providing fascinating profiles of musicians and bands ranging from the popular and influential Eric Clapton and Mike Bloomfield to lesser-known artists such as Bakerloo and Black Cat Bones, this collection spans a vibrant period in which blues music enjoyed a significant renaissance due largely to young white musicians who fused it with rock 'n' roll. Exhaustive searches of 1960s and 1970s rock journalism are combined with up-to-date personal interviews to create new, fuller pictures of the musicians who defined this genre, and new light is shed on the riveting dynamics that shaped and ultimately defined combustible groups such as the Yardbirds, Cream, and John Mayall's Bluesbreakers. Included are in-depth artist biographies, discographies, and discussions of the artists' critical and commercial impact."

This book lists substantial information about Fleetwood Mac, Chicken Shack, and John Mayall in its index. The forward is also written by former Fleetwood Mac bassist, Bob Brunning.

Title The Crazed Story of Fleetwood Mac Cover Photo
not available.
Author Sidgwick & Jackson
Publisher N/A
Publication Date N/A
Pages N/A
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