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  Dates and Venues

Date Venue City Price
May 27 Hartford Meadows Music Theater Hartford, CT N/A
May 29 Pine Knob Music Theater Detroit, MI $22.75 - $45.25
May 30 The World Chicago, IL $22.50 - $57.50
June 2 Blossom Music Center Cleveland, OH $24.25 - $54.75
June 3 Riverbend Music Center Cincinnati, OH $22.00 - $50.00
June 5 Polaris Music Center Columbus, OH $22.75 - $50.25
June 6 Deer Creek Music Center Indianapolis, IN $22.50 - $50.00
June 9 Starlake Amphitheatre Pittsburgh, PA $20.50 - $50.00
June 12 Great Woods Center Mansfield, MA N/A
June 13 PNC Arts Center Holmdel, NJ $24.00 - $60.00
June 14 Jones Beach Ampitheatre Wantaugh, NY $15.00 - $53.25
June 17 Radio City Music Hall New York, NY $52.25 - $92.25
June 19 E Center Camden, NJ $22.75 - $53.25
June 20 Marshall Park
(Summer Sound Festival)
Charlotte, NC N/A
June 23 GTE Virginia Beach, VA $19.75 - $44.75
June 24 Nissan Pavillion Manassas, VA N/A
June 26 Walnut Creek Ampitheatre Raleigh, NC $17.50 - $47.50
June 27 Lakewood Atlanta, GA $24.00 - $65.50
June 29 Oak Mountain Ampitheatre Birmingham, AL N/A
July 1 Orlando Arena Orlando, FL $35.25 - $50.25
July 3 Ice Palace Tampa, FL $35.25 - $50.25
July 4 Coral Sky Ampitheatre West Palm Beach, FL $9.87 - $50.25
July 10 Starwood Ampitheatre Nashville, TN N/A
July 11 Riverport Ampitheatre St. Louis, MO CANCELLED
July 11
Date Changed
Sandstone Ampitheatre Kansas City, MO $21.50 - $47.50
July 13 Van Andel Arena Grand Rapids, MI N/A
July 16 Alamodome San Antonio, TX CANCELLED
July 17 Starplex Ampitheatre Dallas, TX On Sale Now
July 18 The Woodlands Pavillion Houston, TX $25.25 - $60.25
July 21 Fiddler's Green Denver, CO $20.00 - $45.00
July 23 America West Phoenix, AZ N/A
July 25 MGM Grand Las Vegas, NV N/A
July 27 Universal Amphitheatre Los Angeles, CA $39.50 - $79.50
July 28 Universal Amphitheatre Los Angeles, CA CANCELLED
July 28 Coors Amphitheater San Diego, CA N/A
July 31 Irvine Meadows Irvine, CA $22.25 - $75.25
August 1 Shoreline Ampitheatre Mountain View, CA N/A
August 2 Concord Pavillion Concord, CA N/A
August 5 Reno Amphitheater Reno, NV N/A
August 7 The Gorge George, WA N/A
August 8 Rose Garden Portland, OR N/A
August 14 A Day In The Garden
Woodstock '98
Bethel, NY $70.00 for 2
Note: These dates were first announced on The Nicksfix and Atlantic Records. You can also check Ticketmaster and Pollstar. Although we are going to make every attempt to keep this list as current as possible, we cannot be held responsible for missing information as we are not an official outlet.

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