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  Grand Rapids, Van Andel Arena, July 13, 1998
  From the Blue Letter Archives:
Review by Jenny, July 13, 1998

"I will not forget this night".† This was my first concert I have ever been to, let alone a Stevie Nicks concert in my entire 15 years on this planet.† On the eve of the concert date, I had my own Stevie marathon.† I watched all of my compilations, etc.† Each video built up more and more excitement in me.†

Monday, July 13...

The day is finally here.† I live in WI, so we left at ten in the morning.† All the way there my dad and I listened to her CD's and some bootlegs I have collected of her.† At five o'clock we were finally in Grand Rapids.† I walked into the arena and I was overwhelmed that I was actually in the same building as Ms. Nicks.† I did the normal pre-concert routine - got t-shirts, tour book, walked around.† I saw a handful of Stevie look-alikes.† One girl had on a Wild Heart tour t-shirt.† I saw a Street Angel t-shirt and a couple Dance t-shirts.† My seats were pretty good, too, but too far away to rush the stage in "Edge...".

Boz was great, I especially liked Lido Shuffle.† The crowd was standing for him and was really into the music.† It was getting closer and closer to the time I would see Stevie walk on stage.† All of a sudden, Chris Nicks came out and read the definition..."Ladies and Gentlemen,† Ms. Stevie Nicks"† When she walked out I just couldn't believe it was her.

This was the same girl that lived with Lindsey, that knows lots of famous people, that is famous around the world right in front of me. Wow, breathtaking.† I just can't describe it.† During OTR she sang "and Mick says to Stevie well it's one more link in the chain."† After OTR/Dreams she welcomed everyone and said the box set/if you blinked thing and she said twice during the concert how great it really is to be indoors after all the outdoor venues.† Enchanted was awesome as was Gold Dust Woman. Actually every song was tremendous and the crowd stood for the entire concert except for the trilogy.† During Gold and Braid she held up her hair.† She did a lot of dancing and hand gestures while she sang, too. Oh, the back drop was neat and very Stevie-oriented.† No Stop Draggin' again.† Rhiannon was great, but it seemed short to me.† The trilogy was awesome.† In After the glitter fades she had to run back to the mike to sing the next verse and when she sang the word glitter she shook her hand like she was sprinkling glitter - very cute.† In Stand Back she did an awesome leg kick.† After that song she said, "Thank you...Pretty good for an old lady".† Her clothes were so neat - lots of changes.† When she introduced the band she said this about the following people:

Don Boyette: "someone very special in my life right now"

Sharon Celani: "I met her in Hawaii - Aloha - I call her my Sharona, Miss Sharon Celani

Carlos Rios: "My honey (She giggled after she said this)

Land Richards: "When Mick Fleetwood wasn't going to be my drummer† he said I should make sure to get a good drummer... Mr. Land..."†

She greeted the fans during Edge, but I couldn't understand her lyrics at the end.† She then said I know you know my favorite song writer is Tom Petty so I have to do a song by him tonight.† Then came I Need To Know (I looooooove this song) She really sang it with lots of power. The last song was already here.† It seemed like the concert had just started.† She sang "Has anyone..." so gracefully and with so much passion.† She talked the part about the men in her life (she also talked a part of Edge where it goes the clouds never expect it...)† She said I hope you stay well so we can do this again.† She whisked away out of my sight just like cat in the dark.† This night was truly amazing.† Thank you Stevie.† We all adore you and love you.† I will remember you, Stephanie.† Thank you for what you have done tonight and for the rest of my life, Jenny.

Poet...Priest of nothing...legend

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   Dallas, TX, Starplex Ampitheatre, July 17, 1998
  From the Blue Letter Archives:
Review by Arnold, 7/20/98

Enchanted Tour Ranks Third: My Dallas review.

The concert was good. Stevie held my hand. She talked a lot. As a matter of fact, I have never seen her more personable during a live concert. Those are some of the good things.

Unfortunately, this tour had a lot of problems, at least in Dallas. I don't know if it was the heat, it was about 107 degrees in the 3rd row at Dallas Friday night. I don't know if Stevie was tired, she looked aloof and very uncomfortable throughout the set, save the encore. Perhaps, and I think this is probably the main reason, Stevie was just going through the motions Friday night. Nonetheless, the concert was very low-energy and not as good as the "Street Angel" Tour or the "Timespace" tour.

To begin with, the heat, I don't know how she could stand it. I was on the third row and I felt the oncoming of heat exhaustion. Moreover, I wonder if the heat is the reason for her lack of energy. She did almost no dancing. She only did a couple of "spins" in slow motion. But what really bothered me was the lack of energy in her voice. Now I have seen Stevie Nicks on 8 different occasions. I know she can hit the high notes. We all know that she can hit the high notes. She did on one or two occasions Friday night. But most of the concert was, and I hate to say it, monotone. From the opening of "Outside the Rain," I could tell that Stevie was not going to vary her vocal range. This kills me, because her music needs that higher register to carry the deep emotions of her music. She seemed to hit a high note rarely. I think that this could be called lazy singing. Also, the band was week. The drums were to loud, and Stevie was drowned out on many occasions. This was due to poor mixing.

Nonetheless, she seemed very aloof. She goofed up some lyrics, making me feel nervous. And it was not until that encore, that vocally, she seemed to let loose. "Has Anyone Ever Written..." was beautiful. Damn, it was fantastic. But it was "too much, too little, too late.".

I really enjoyed the "Street Angel" Tour much more. The "Timespace" Tour was also better. These concerts were high-energy, emotional, unpredictable, and included a better song- set. Yes, it is good to hear rarities, I love them as much as everyone else. But, there were too many. Perhaps that's why she did not look to be having fun while she was singing. Moreover, she showed more energy talking to the crowd, than she did singing.

I hope the next tour and musical direction is better than this one, because you know that we will all be there. I will be there somewhere in the front row, dancing and singing and hopefully knowing that this time she will put forth the 100 percent of effort she is capable of doing.

  Houston TX, Woodlands, July 18, 1998
  From the Blue Letter Archives:
Review by Stacey Vernick, July 18 1998

We got on the road for Houston around 12:30 Friday afternoon. It was very hot, but we still took the t-tops off Karen's Camaro. We took the backroads from Austin since the Woodlands is on the north side of Houston and we wanted to avoid Houston traffic. Plus, this way is a lot more scenic. I don't know how familiar you are with this part of Texas, but the older houses in these little towns are all Victorian, very "Stevie" and "Big Love" video looking stuff, lots of antique shops with Tiffany (blue) lamps in the windows. Also, this part of Texas isn't flat like west Texas, it's very hilly. We ate lunch in Giddings, at a little family-owned diner. We also went through Brenham, where they make Blue Bell ice cream.

We started listening to The Dance CD and it was at one point during Silver Springs that I decided to start taking notes of all the little Stevie things we noticed on the road. During Lindsey's solo on Silver Springs, I was gazing out upon the Texas hill country and I just had a moment...I was finally on my way to see Stevie!

Some of the things we noticed along the way: A huge, iron WHITE WINGED DOVE over the door of a little church; a billboard for DREAM Ranch; another billboard for MAC Haik Realty and the signs for LEGENDS Greenery and THOUSAND (days) Trails campsite. When we went through Brenham, it was, "Oooh, look at that Big Love house, Aaaah, look at THAT Big Love house..."

We got into town, checked into our hotel and since we were so close to the venue, we decided to cruise by it. Chicago and Hall & Oates played the night before Stevie. Oh, one thing you need to understand about the Woodlands Pavilion, it's back in a residential neighborhood, surrounded by trees. The entire little Woodlands community has every street lined with tall trees and everything is hidden back in the trees. The mall, the pavilion, banks, gas stations, everything.

One of the streets to get to the venue is Research FOREST (of the black roses) Drive. Other street names we noticed all around the venue were (running in the) SHADOWbend, CATS CRADLE (like the back of Enchanted pic), Bear (silver) SPRINGS Place, CRYSTAL Lake Lane, etc. We also saw a sign for a garage sale on ENCHANTED Drive!

If you drive to the back of the venue, you'll get to the GOLD (dust woman) VIP parking lot. Okay, we were stretching for some of these, but it does make a fun little road game to play.

We went to dinner Friday night at Landry's. It's located next to a little lake with a huge fountain in the middle. A thunderstorm came through and there was a great lightning show.

Okay, Saturday, the big day. We had lots to do. Bought champagne for pre and post-concert partying, bought film for the camera and another roll for Karen to keep in her purse in case mine got confiscated, took my RIANON license plate to a florist and had a bouquet made around it. I picked out a card with hearts on it and wrote, "Stevie, thank you for always being the poet in our wild hearts." Karen had a red and white carnation bouquet made also. Oh yeah, couldn't forget to do my nails, blue-green toenails flashing, which I made sure to point out to Tracey when I met her at the show. ;-)

While we were getting ready, I said to Karen, "I wonder if Stevie knows that fans like us get as nervous as I'm sure she does before a show." Have another glass of something French, champagne, okay, I'm better now...this was my 8th or 9th time seeing Stevie solo and I still get the jitters.

One drawback of the Woodlands, you have to walk awhile on the trail through the forest from the parking area. A bee was very attracted to Karen's bouquet and it was freaking me out 'cause I'm allergic to bee stings. Lots of people were making comments to us about the flowers.

Security doesn't find my camera when we go in, cool. Of course, we had to go check out our seats right away. We were on the aisle, middle section, Row 2, on the Carlos side (also keyboard player Kevin, more about him later). Yeah, baby! Tracey came over and found me (little did she know then that she'd be the lucky Landslide dedicatee, is that a word?) My friend from Waco was sitting right next to us, but they moved closer to the middle and I never saw him again after that. It did seem like there were some empty seats in the pit all night.

Now we're thirsty, time for a drink and check out the goods. We both brought plastic shopping bags to haul our crud (thanks to whoever it was on the Ledge for giving me that idea). I asked the T-shirt girl if she would let me pick out everything I wanted, and then I would come back and pay her as soon as the concert was over. She said "no." Whatever, I bought 2 T-shirts, 2 tourbooks (bought one for a friend who couldn't go), a keychain, both pins and the magnet.

I really had planned to watch Boz, but I ran into an old friend from San Antonio and had to talk with him for awhile. Then, this little boy comes running up to me out of nowhere, "Excuse me, is your name Stacey?" (not the first time that would happen tonight). I said, "Yes," he said, "from the internet?" It was Classic's son, he led me straight to her and her husband. Unfortunately, we didn't get much time to visit, I knew Stevie was going to start soon and I definitely wanted to be in my seat.

The pit security told us that we should put our flowers on the side of the stage for one of Stevie's security people to pick up, that Stevie wouldn't be taking anything herself. We decided to hang onto them anyway.

Okay, here comes Chris w/ the Enchanted introduction and you know the song list, here are my highlights:

Stevie gave her flowers to the girl in front of us and off to the right, who started crying immediately, it was cute.

Outside the Rain and Dreams - I'm still getting over the shock of our seats and how GOOD Stevie looked!

Enchanted - LOVED IT!! I noticed she sang, "It's just a light through the night" instead of "voice through the night."

Gold Dust Woman - Yes, I did the spider fingers, but Stevie didn't really do them, she did do the "shadow" fingers. The "go hooooooome" was awesome...

While setting up for the acoustic set, Brett was playing the intro to "Rooms on Fire." I don't remember anybody else mentioning this, so at first, Karen and both thought they were going to do it.

After the Glitter Fades was flawless - I noticed she hit a couple notes even higher than the studio version.

Garbo was excellent - gave me goosebumps.

Rose Garden - I had eye contact with Stevie on this one - she saw me twirling my finger with her on the "roses dangling down to the ground" line....

Sleeping Angel - I have always loved this song and if there was ever part of the concert where I almost lost it, this was it.

I think Stevie forgot she had to change because she stayed at the microphone as if waiting for some music and then realized, "Oh, I'm supposed to be changing now," and she ran off, it was funny.

Throughout the entire concert, we had MAJOR eye contact with Kevin Stoller, the keyboard player behind Carlos. It was so intense, that I even said to Karen, "I can't look at him anymore, every time I do, he's watching us, it's starting to freak me out." But, it was still fun.

Rhiannon - Stevie screwed up at the beginning, she started to repeat "Would you even try," when she should have gone into another verse. It threw everyone off for a second, but they recovered nicely. I think it was during this song where her microphone cut out for a second.

Gold and Braid - I couldn't help thinking about Hayley. It was great...

Whole Lotta Trouble - Okay, this is when things started getting crazy...the deadbeat couple who was sitting down the entire concert, left their 3rd row seats behind us. Toward the end of this song and before Landslide, a guy came up behind me and was talking on a cell phone. He had a laminated crew pass around his neck. I suddenly had a flashback to the Van Halen grid system and thought Kevin had sent a roadie down to give us passes. That wasn't the case, but I was close. The guy behind me kept talking on his phone and looking at me. Then, he says, "Excuse me, is your name Stacey?" I said, "Yeah, who wants to know?" He went back to the phone and told me to wait a second, then he hands me the phone!! Keep in mind, this is at the end of Whole Lotta Trouble and it's loud! It was my friend Lisa, calling from Austin. The guy with the phone works for the promoter and she met him at a recent concert in Houston. She wanted to come to Stevie, but changed her mind (she's not a diehard fan). Anyway, she said, "That's my friend, he's going to get you backstage." He had already given Karen a pass and sent someone back to get one for me. I told Lisa "Thank you, and I really need to go, because it's Stevie and I'm in heaven right now." Landslide had already started, so I missed Tracey's dedication. :-( I would have loved to have seen the look on her cute li'l face!

Well, these crew guys offered to take us backstage right then and there to watch the rest of the concert from the wings. I said, "There's no way I'm leaving this spot until after Edge of 17."

Twisted was wicked cool and everything everyone has already said about it.

Toward the end of the song, I told the scrawny high-school security kid that it was time for us to be able to move up to the stage. Poor thing, he was so naive...he said we'd all have to get past him and 3 other security guards first. I said "Watch!", grabbed Karen, and got up there as soon as the bongo solo started. We put our flowers on the stage and beat our hands on the stage, inches away from Stevie's microphone. The rest of the pit joined us, the girls in the 4th row who were where I thought Phillip would be, ended up right next to me. Karen and I moved our flowers up against the monitor so they were out of the way. The girl next to me looked like she was about to cry. She told me her friend bought their tickets and had her believing they were on the lawn. She didn't know they had 4th row until they got there and she wanted to cry all night.

Stevie and Sharon finished their duet at the microphone and it was time. She started stage right, as usual, I'm getting more and more crushed by the people behind me, but it was cool, I wasn't getting hurt or anything. Karen was on my left, with both hands up, Stevie grabbed both her hands and squeezed, then she reached over Karen, I'm getting more crushed at this point. I put up both my hands and Stevie grabbed them both and squeezed! I told her I loved her. As she moved on to the others, I rubbed my hand across the top of her velvet boots and her dress brushed across the top of my hand. I noticed the 2 security guards following her left our flowers exactly where we put them. We pushed them further back so nobody else would take them.

While Stevie was still making her way down the stage, my friend from San Antonio was right behind us, he had made it down from the 11th row. We gave him our spot and let our crew friends lead us backstage. Through a maze of equipment, cables and wooden sidewalks, we end up stage right, standing amongst the equipment. Wow, what a different view from here. I saw Tracey, the 4th row crying girls, and my other friend up against the stage. I missed her introduction, did she say the Tom Petty thing? Anyway, I still hadn't taken any pictures all night, the only people I saw getting away with it were not using flash. Karen and I both decided I HAD to take a picture. When "Has Anyone...." started, I dug out my camera and went for it. As I said in my earlier preview post, one of Stevie's people got a little miffed about that, I told him I wouldn't take any more, but I had to get at least one or nobody would believe where I was. He laughed about it.

The first person we run into is Kevin. He asked us if we had a good time, I smiled and said, "Didn't it look like we were?" He laughed and said the girl in front of us looked like she was having MORE fun (she had a shawl and kept playing with it). Then he wanted to know if we were going to the "band party" at the hotel. Now, I don't want to imply anything or be misinterpreted, but isn't Kevin the one that handed some passes to a 13-year old girl earlier in the tour? Hmmm, I'm way too old for him!! They were staying downtown, a good 45 minutes away from the venue. Our crew friend asked if Stevie was going to do a meet & greet and Kevin said he wasn't sure, that she's been hanging out in her room a lot more, but you never know. Later, we found out that they had chartered a plane for her to fly straight to Denver after the concert.

On our way down the stairs to the VIP area, we ran into Don and Carlos. (Travis, you'll be happy to know that I did refer to him as "The Tree!!"). They actually said hello to us first, our crew friend said, "You two don't need any help from me, you seem like you know everybody already." We laughed and told him they recognized us from the audience.

Land, the drummer was sitting at a table with his father and a bunch of kids. I thought they might have been relatives too, but he was asking them their names. Lenny came over to meet Land's father, Christopher Nicks gave teddy bears to all the kids. Mindy Stein came over to that table also.

I didn't get pictures with anyone or ask for anyone's autograph. :-( It seemed like everyone was in a hurry to leave and there just wasn't a good opportunity. We went to the production office with our crew buddies and hung out in there for awhile. I got out my tourbook and was pleasantly surprised to see that Stevie has the same big, pink Wembley arena poster that I have. Also, the picture of Stevie and Herbie and Robin on her mantelpiece, see the blue sun and moon candle votives? I've got those too, there's a star that goes with the set also.

Enchanted? Yes!!!! The entire evening was enchanting...I will gladly invest the bucks to be in the first 5 rows for every future Stevie and (hopefully) Fleetwood Mac concert. There is just nothing that compares to being surrounded by true fans (except for the deadbeats behind me who left early.) Looking around at the crowd and noticing the ones who knew all the words to Garbo and Sleeping Angel, the ones who can't take their eyes off of Stevie, the ones who know every hand gesture, the ones who cry tears of joy, the ones who sing at night...

Thank you, Stephanie Lynn Nicks, YOU are a legend and yes, you are a priestess of something...never change...never stop...

Review by Traci, Sunday, July 19, 1998 @ 3:00 p.m.

I just got back from Houston! I haven't had a chance to put all of my thoughts into an official review - but Picture taken by Tracy Parkerhere are some highlights!

We left New Orleans Friday at about 6:00 p.m. and drove to Lafayette, La. to spend the night at my friend Kerry's house. We had planned a Stevie Fest. We watched the Stevie parts of Tape #29 from the Trading Post, the Bella Donna Concert video and the Dance. Kerry wasn't supposed to go to Houston with us but Friday night we were able to talk her into it.

I had 2 front row tickets and needed another ticket for Kerry. We left Lafayette Saturday morning and drove to Houston (3 hours). We checked into the hotel, got ready and went to the Woodlands early to find a ticket. Michelle and Kerry went to park the car and I walked up to the Box Office. I asked the lady if she still had any seats under the covered area - she said that she did - I said well I only need one - how close can you get me - she said (and this is no lie) how about row 1 pit center! I said ABSOLUTELY!

Now all three of us were in the FRONT ROW! My other seats were just right of center which was perfect because we could see her coming in and out of her dressing room. We took turns in the center seat.

Here is the best part - STEVIE DEDICATED LANDSLIDE TO ME!!!!!!! Talk about excitement! When it was time for Landslide, she said that they needed to pick someone to dedicate it Picture taken by Tracy Parkerto and Frank, her guitar player, looked out over the audience and I was standing up hoping to be the one and he walked over and asked me my name. He walked back and told Stevie my name and she said, "this is for Tracey". I couldn't believe it!

The whole show was AMAZING! She didn't do Stop Draggin' My Heart Around. Some other highlights were "Stand Back, the acoustic set, I Need to Know and Edge of 17." It was all good! At the end of Edge of 17 she came to the edge of the stage to shake hands with everyone. I GOT TO SHAKE HER HAND!! Her hands are really soft and she's so pretty! She has flawless skin! She was so sweet because she didn't just touch your hand and move on. She made eye contact with you and smiled and just seemed really sweet - especially with people who had children with them.

It was a wonderful experience! I'll never forget it and now whenever I hear Landslide I'll remember how AWESOME it was!

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  Denver, Fiddler's Green, July 21,1998
  From the Blue Letter Archives: None
Review by Lauren Leichter, July 21, 1998

Well where do I begin? Let me start at the beginning and I will try not to bore anyone! First of all this is the first concert I've ever seen by myself. It was fun though and I would do it again, especially for someone whose music I adore! Save for me not being able to find my car for 45 min after the show (will get to that at the end) it was all wonderful.

Stevie played Fiddler's Green in Denver, CO. It's an outdoor venue in a very residential area. Not too far from my house, actually, which was great. I left my house at 5PM to get gas, mineral water, etc. I brought a plastic bag for my Stevie "goodies" (thanks Blackcat for that recommendation!!). So I get there about 6PM and park and go stand in line with my water, purse and Gap bag (oh and umbrella - just in case!).

I got a tourbook and a teddy bear (they are sooo cute) and I collect teddy bears so it was perfect. I am not a big T-shirt wearer. I have 2 from the Dance tour and hardly wear them so I passed on the shirt but did get one for Ava per her request and one for Gypsy as well. I got my Best Buy Coupon (by the way, does anyone know if there are Stevie songs on this? It didn't say, just a 2-CD Collector's set) and went to find SRhiannon (Brenda). I got to her row and she was not there (she told me what she was wearing but no luck). So I went to my seat in the third row (yeah). It was on the edge, right in front of the stage. I love sitting on that aisle seat (I had an aisle seat for the Mac too - same row but farther left).

Again, I made friends with the security guards. I have discovered this is a great thing to do! Comes in very handy when you want to get close to the stage, too!

Boz Scaggs came on at 7:30 pronto! He was wonderful, but the sound from his keyboardist or drummer was very muted or off. It was bothering my ear and so I got ear plugs from the guard. I didn't need these for Stevie at all so I contribute it to Boz' sound and me being so close to the speakers. But the man is fabulous! His voice is the same as on the records - it has not seemed to have changed. He did "Lido Shuffle," "Love, Look What You've Done for Me" (from Urban Cowboy and my fave!) and some new ones. A new one called "Sierra" was nice. He did "Miss Son" as well.

After Boz I went to look for SRhiannon again - still no one in that seat that matched her description. Oh well. I should have told her what I was wearing and where I was sitting so she could have tried to find me too!

Anyway, Stevie came on right at 8:30! Her brother, Christopher Nicks came out and read to use what "Enchant" meant in the dictionary. Then came Stevie! Everyone went nuts and she started with "Outside the Rain." I did not have the set list memorized at all like the Dance and that was very positive, the element of surprise was always there. I did know ahead of time what the first two songs were and loved how "Outside the Rain" went into "Dreams." It started to rain on us during this first song too! When she got to "Dreams" and sang the line "thunder only happens when it's raining," she lifted her hands to the sky and smiled at us - we all went nuts as we got soaked (at this point I got my umbrella out!).† I don't know the order of all the songs but during "Gold Dust Woman" at the very end, the electricity went out! Some man yelled out in the front row† "Stevie, come talk to us!" So she did. She was telling us she was crossing her fingers and it would come back on or they would do the acoustic set! She was so cute. Always talking to us and seemed so happy. Her outfits were just beautiful too!

The acoustic set was great. She told stories in between. She talked about Lindsey a lot, and the Buckingham Nicks cover before "Garbo" and how she wrote "Rose Garden" at age 17. She talked about "After the Glitter Fades" which I just love!

"Rhiannon" was great, but I do feel it was missing something without Lindsey's guitar. I felt that mostly on this song and "Landslide." The musicians and guitarists were great though, and this was her show. Stevie dedicated "Landslide" to Debbie again (the same dedication when the Mac was here in October) who she said is one of her best friends. She told us that both "Landslide" and "Rhiannon" were written in Aspen, Colorado in 1972.

"Stand Back" was wonderful! I think it was before this point that I moved up to the second row. No one was sitting in front of me from my third row seat and I figured "why waste the seat?"† "Gold and Braid" was great and I thought of Hayley as I know how much she loves this song. I am not a big fan of "Whole Lotta Trouble" but it was great. I can't recall all the songs or the order, so just mentioned the one's I could recall.

Right before the first encore, the security guard went to the first and second rows and told us "she wants you up front!" (meaning Stevie!) I nearly died as I went up to the stage and stood against it. Me and some others were playing with her tambourine that was on the edge before she came out. Then thunder was rolling and the lights were going and "Twisted" came on.† This girl was standing next to me who had moved up front, she was all alone too and real sweet. We were both so excited to be that close! "Twisted" was wonderful - I just love this song. Then we were told to go back to our seats. Not one song later, however, we were told "she wants you guys up there AGAIN" before last encore!!! So back up we went. There was a huge percussionist solo by Lenny Castro which was wonderful and then "Edge of Seventeen" came on! This song rocked!!!! Never seeing her solo live, this was my fave. Sharon came over and sang with her towards the end.† The whole place was going nuts! After this she came over and shook all our hands (she missed mine, problem with being short!) but just being that close was wonderful!

She came back out yet again and said "What would a Stevie Nicks concert be like without a Tom Petty song." I thought she was going to do "Stop Draggin..." (my fave) but she didn't. She did the Tom Petty song - which I had never heard (I can't recall the name) and then finished the show with "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You." It was just beautiful. I had tears in my eyes - she was so moving on this song. I had never really heard the ending words about "they ask her about the men in her life...they were poets, none were priests (think that is correct) and they were all legends." Wow, wow, wow is all I can say.

After the show I just followed everyone out and didn't realize there are 2 parking areas. I spent a good 45 min. looking for my car in the wrong lot and freaking out that it was gone or I was losing my mind! Haha! I finally went back to Fiddler's and asked a security guard and was told there was another parking lot. By the time I got there, most everyone had left, so it was real easy to find my car!

I had a wonderful time. I think Stevie is totally in her element solo. This was her show and she did the most beautiful job on the set, putting the songs together and making the audience a part of her show. Her voice is in top form, she was beautiful and seemed so happy. It was a concert experience I will never forget! I hope everyone else has as good as an experience or gets to see Stevie solo sometime in their lives too, you will never forget it! Thank you Stevie.

††† † † ††††††† †††††††
   Phoenix AZ, America West, 7/23/98
  From the Blue Letter Archives:
Review by Jaxx73@aol.com, 7/25/98

I was fortunate enough to attend the Phoenix concert last night and I still can't believe how exciting it was. I am going to make this a short review because most of the information is the same as the other shows. The first thing I noticed arriving at the America West Arena was the crowd. I was surprised to see very few hard core Stevie fans as opposed to mostly country and western attired people. I had my FM shirt and platform boots on, so I was ready.

Boz Scaggs gave a great performance and had the crowd really going. There were some minor amp problems, but overall it was a smooth set. He seemed to enjoy the fans excitement.

About one hour later it was time for Stevie. I almost cried when her brother came out with their father who introduced her. Stevie gave her Dad a big hug and started the show. I can't get over how impressive she is as a performer. I think anyone who has the chance to see one of her shows should run for tickets.

The costumes and set list are about the same as the other shows except for two things. Towards the end of the concert, during Lenny Castro's bongo solo, Mick Fleetwood himself ran out onto the stage. Everyone just about lost their minds. It was so funny because the strap on his drum broke, while he was running, and the drum hit the floor. Mick went up and played with Lenny to a stunned crowd. It was fabulous. Fortunately, someone fixed the strap on his drum, and he was able to go nuts playing it.

Just when you think it couldn't get any better, Stevie came back out and introduced someone who would be doing the next duet with her. She said that thanks to people needing things, artists were able to get together to do benefits. And thanks to this benefit, she introduced her friend Don Henley. My platform boots just about gave out on me. People were so shocked they started screaming and jumping around and crying. It was so cool. Stevie and Don performed "Leather and Lace" to perfection. I swear they sound better today than ever.

I am still in awe of how unbelievable an experience that show was. I know I will never forget it. Stevie is the Queen of rock and roll FOREVER!!!.

Review by Ron Browne, July 28, 1998

Phoenix Enchanted Concert.

Well here I am back in New Orleans after taking a weeks† vacation in Phoenix, with the real reason of going to the concert.† We saw FM in Phoenix last year, as well as Albany..so figured had to see Stevie do her thing in her home town, and one of my favorite cities.

I purchased tickets through the Arizona Heart Institute, so we got to go to the pre-concert party across from the America West Arena at the Civic Plaza..Had a great 2 hours, as they had food, drinks, and a DJ from a local Phoenix station playing all of Stevie's music, plus a slide show with photos, etc.....Stevie is a big supporter of the AZ Heart Institute.

We walked across to the arena at 8, and got to our seats right when Boz Scaggs took the stage...They really did a great job of getting the crowd going, and played for about an hour.† The Phoenix show was really great,† and after her brother read the poem, her father introduced his daughter to the audience. All very emotional, and she was really touched by her family being in the audience!!† We had great seats stage right, and could see her make her exits and entrances, as well as really watch her perform the show.† The setlist is pretty much the same as posted...her 3 songs she sings with the band sitting around her..(After the Glitter Fades, Garbo, and Rose Garden), were great, and she talked to the audience about these songs and why she chose some of the material for the evenings concert..She was very relaxed, and it was great to hear her talk about her material, etc.....

Rhiannon was the full blown version not the piano.† She did a great job, but it lacked a little from the FM concerts last year.† Stand Back had everybody up and dancing, and then Mick Fleetwood came on stage...dressed in black jeans, black t-shirt, and red tennis shoes.† His drum strap broke, but a roadie got it fixed real quick, while he played around on the stage for a few minutes...He led her into "Edge of Seventeen", which really shows how powerful a singer and performer Stevie really is.

Of course after they all left the stage, we knew we had not yet seen Don Henley, and what song was to come....When they did come on, and they started "Leather and Lace", it was like they had just recorded it yesterday...Absolutely out of this world...I just sat there watching them, and listening to what has to be on of my favorite songs.

It was a great concert, some dancing, some sitting back and letting the music flow over me,† and a lot of emotion watching her do a wonderful show. Most of the crowd was my age ..40's, and it was a lot of fun talking with people about our earlier days in the 70's, and remembering Stevie when she first appeared with FM.

Only wish I could have gone to the after concert party at Vincent on Camelback..my hotel was only a couple of miles away, but I was too late to get tickets for that event, which was also sponsored by the Arizona Heart Institute.† All in all a great evening, in a great city..Met lots of great people, and it's amazing how many locals know Stevie, or see her running around the Valley doing her errands.

Review by Shayne Bittenbender, 7/24/98

I'm back from Stevie's show!!! YAAAAAAA!!! Well actually its the morning after but that's ok. :) Anyway I've only had 3 hours sleep and I'm starting the post concert depression so I don't know HOW this is gonna turn out. So just try and bare with moi. There's gonna be A LOT of constant rambling (well you all know me by now so that's pretty normal to you right Hee hee!! Well my God HOW on earth can I describe this show!??! I'm just totally speechless!!!!!!!!!!!It STILL hasn't hit me that I just saw her!!!! AHHHHHH!! Ok well let me start from somewhere in the beginning.

Well my Mum, my friend Beth, and myself arrived at the America West Arena around 7:00 PM. We went in and of course I HAD to do some shopping!! WOO WHOO!! I bought like 4 T-shirts, and 1 keychain, pin, teddy, and calender/tour book. I know that might be WAY too much but hey it might be a while before this happens again right?? RIGHT!! So I needed to stock up!! Ok then we found were we were sitting. It was a little way back but like I said the AWA is pretty small so no matter where you sat you still had a good view. I did have my binoculars though and that gave me a FABULOUS view!!! Well Boz Scaggs came on and I tell I REALLY had a blast with him. I absolutely LOVE his music now. My mom is a fan too so we were both dancing around (well really just dancing in our seats because we were just a little cramped.) Anyway he got a HUGE reaction from the crowd and he was so amazed with Phoenix. Gave many many many "thank yous" to everyone. What can I say I'm a fan!!.

NOOOOOOOOOOW on to the REALLY good stuff!!!! WOO WHOO!! Well after Boz was finished the roadies cleared his part of the stage and started setting up for Stevie. At this moment I am at the tippy toes of impatience!!!! I just wanted to scream "AHHHHHHH GET YOUR ASSES IN GEAR ALREADY!!!! I WANT STEVIE!!! AHHHHHHH!!" But I stayed still and† was shaking like a good little girl. :) Well then!! Its after 9:00 PM and The lights go out!!! AAHHHHHHHH WOOOOOOOOOOOOO AHHHHH!! Everyone was screaming there heads off wanting Stevie to come out!! Giving Arizona's daughter the most AWESOME welcome home!!! Then I could see the band walking out and taking there places and I am nearly ready to explode by now. THEN I see Chris Nicks AND her daddy Jesse Nicks come out!! They talk to Carlos and someone else for a moment. Then Chris went up to the mic and gave his little Enchanted speech. Then Jess got to introduce "Ladies and Gentlemen. My daughter, Stevie Nicks!" Its was SOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!! Just like the into in the "In Concert" video ( and he looks exactly the same too!! The beauty in the Nicks family REALLY shows through!! ;)

THEN THEN THEN THEN THEN THEN the music for "Outside the Rain" starts and then ............SHE COMES OUT!!! YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!!! Stevie looking just ABSOLUTELY STUNNING, WONDERFUL, BEAUTIFUL, ANGELIC, BEAUTIFUL, GLAMOUROUS, A MOVIE STAR, DID I SAY BEAUTIFUL?!?!?!??!?!? I just couldn't believe what my eyes were seeing at that moment. ANYWAY with the BIGGEST smile on her face she hugged her daddy and then proceeded to go to the left side of the audience and gave someone a bouquet of flowers. AWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! Then "Outside the Rain and the heart skips a beat.." I don't think I even FELT my heart because I was just totally having an outer Stevie body experience at this moment!!!! I was just floating man!! I tell ya I always watched her concert videos and always saw that she started her shows with "Outside the Rain" and" Dreams" and I NEVER thought I would get to experience that you know. I'm so glad I did though. :) She gave everyone her Welcome intro. I LOVED how much she got to talk and talk and talk and talk during the show!!! It was so cool about all she was talking about. OK now her first outfit was stunning. It was like her first outfit during the Dance tour except with a little glittery jacket and more chiffon of course!! I can't believe HOW much weight she's lost!! EVEN more!! Like I said absolutely beautiful. NO ONE else can EVER match up to her!! She is just a classic lady. OK more on the show.

I was SOOOOOOOOO psyched that I FINALLY got to her "Enchanted" and "Gold and Braid" live!!! I mean when I saw G&B on the "In Concert" video I was just so excited that I was finally gonna get to see and hear that song with my own ears and eyes. And "Enchanted" is just one my FAVORITE songs of hers so that was a pleasure to hear too!! Now "Gold Dust Woman" I LOVED as always. She came out in the gold shawl that she wore during the Dance tour of course. OH!!! Did I mention that she just sounded SUPERB!!!!! Could her voice get ANY better then it is now?!??!?!!??! I guess we'll have to wait and see!! She belted out that GAW holler with all her raw emotion and passion!! Chills just went sliding down my spine and back!!! :-o Then after the song she made a cute little comment about how she used to drive on Gold Dust Ave (or street I think) and she was saying that maybe unconscious that's where she came up with the song!! It was too funny and just so Stevie!! Ok unfortunately there was no "Stop Draggin My Heart Around". :(†† I was kind of bummed about that but Stevie as always made up for it. Well then came the little acoustic/electric section. They were playing this really dreamy music and I though "AHHHHHHHHHHH a surprise song!!!" But it was just the set up music for the acoustic set. I† LOVE it and it was so Stevie so I'm not complaining. :) Then she walks back out in this beautiful maroon long coat. Anyway then she does her little intro to the trilogy of hers. Before she sang "After the Glitter Fades" she started talking about how that was written after her and Lindsey moved to California. As soon as she said her and Lindsey....... "WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!"† I think there are many believers in Phoenix cuz the crowd just went nuts when she mentioned the two of them. During instrumental of that song I could see that she was looking off stage but I couldn't see what.† Then came "Garbo". She started talking about the cover of Buckingham Nicks and OF COURSE as soon as she mentioned that album another big uproar from the crowd!! It was like they were trying to hint "COME ON GET THIS CD RELEASED ALREADY!!!!" Hee hee!! Then came "Rose Garden". When she sang "You never promised me a leisure lifetime.." or one of those lines she looked at Carlos and shook her head. Inside thing?? Who knows!! Again it looked like she was singing off stage but† I think she was just singing along with Sharon cuz I didn't see anyone back stage from wear I was sitting. ANYWAY ATGF, "Garbo", and "Rose Garden" were MORE songs that I was psyched to hear live!! All the voices of Stevie, Sharon and Mindy just blended just perfectly. It just sends you another place you know?? I know that sounds earthy and spacey but its true!! Well now came one of my NEW favorite songs "Sleeping Angel." I tell this song just TOTALLY choked me up BIG TIME!! I don't know why. "When she sings the line "Someday when were older and my hair is sliver gray..."It just start getting all froggy and I was so ready to lose it about a thousand times during that song. I don't know why but that song means so much to me now. Well then the tears gone as soon as I hear the intro to "STAND BACK"!!! YES!! YES!! YES!! When I first heard that song being performed during the dance tour I was just stunned out of my mind. This time it was even MORE Spellbinding and Exciting and just SUPER PUMPED!!! The crowd REALLY REALLY REALLY got into this one!!! I mean EVERYONE was on their feet and just dancing there butts. How can you not with this song. Anyway it was also VERY VERY cool to see the Stand Back shawl that I've been seeing countless times on video. To see it in person was a very cool thing indeed!! During the instrumental she danced and danced! Well of course she really danced throughout the whole show but she REALLY got into this one!! While Carlos was doing his guitar solo she was just getting down dirty and just totally enjoying herself!! Then when the song came to its big end she gave Don (the bass player I mean) a big ass HIGH FIVE!!! I swear its just so wonderful to me to see her so happy. :)† Then came "Rhiannon". I can't EVEN begin to describe how enchanting and moving this song is. I'll start crying again if I do. So just remember when you heard this song at your concert. Then you'll know exactly what I'm talking about.:) .Then came the intros for the band. Being the kind gentle and very generous person that she is she just loved EVERYONE as always. Then came "Whole Lotta Trouble" which† just ROCKED!! Then came Landslide. Ever since I heard this song live the last time she was in Phoenix with the Mac I can not help but start bawling. Its IS MY ABSOLUTELY FAVORITE song. The ONE!! Its just timeless that song is but of course it just didn't sound the same without Lindsey. But her voice was still there singing those warming lovely harmonies. Maybe its silly and selfish to think I always like to feel that she's singing that song for me. :) Then came all the thunder and lightning and you knew "Twisted" was coming. WOW!!!! This was a kind of different version. Different then on the Box set and different then on the soundtrack!! It almost made me think that Eddy Van Halen was playing guitar cuz that's what it sounded like!! It was just ROCKIN!!! She was so cute in her bright red shawl too. OK NOW that song is done now comes Lenny's kick ass solo. That brought down the house. the it seems to end kind of short and I was wondering what was going on when who leaps out from nowhere but........................ MIIIIIIIIIIIIIICK!!!!!!!!!! He just popped out with his single drum and started playing the drum AND the crowd with way Mick always does. The crowd was SOOOOOOOOO PSYCHED and cheering him on big time!! He had on his fiery red elf shoes and† wearing back t-shirt and black jeans. Looking pretty good I must say!! Then after he was done with his little solo he walked up to Lenny's spot, picked up some sticks and they both started jamming together!! They just keeping going and going!! It just kicked ass!! Then as more of the other band members came back Mick got his little drum and then started "Edge if Seventeen!!" YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! Mick stayed in for the WHOLE song just playing away in the back. Another HUGE roar to hear this one!! Stevie comes out with her white shawl and LONG silvery jacket and sang "Just like the white winged dove......." AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! NEVER heard this song live for myself and it was another song that brought out the tears in me. Especially when it came to when they were singing "I hear† call of a Nightbird..." I don't know why but that line just sends me this emotional mystical power that I just can't describe. Totally wanted to bawl again!! She did her walk down and handshakes with the people in front. It was funny but she really wasn't taking anything that people wanted to give. Hmmmmmmmmm?? Maybe something to do with that stalker or something. Who knows. I guess she wanted to be on the safe side. Or maybe she just wanted to shake more hands of her people. :)They just basically threw the dolls and flowers (and a HUGE yellow pinwheel??) up on stage.† Then the song was done and everyone including Mick took their bows. Well then you would think after this song Stevie and the band would go off stage and wait for the encore but no they stayed on. Stevie went up to the mic and started to say "I would like to introduce someone to you..." She didn't have to even say more cuz we knew who was coming on stage. Yup!! Mr. Don Henley himself!! Now the crowd was just lost it this time!! He walked out on stage looking good (but funny he was wearing a black suit and blue shirt. Hmmmmmm?? Who's he trying to look like??? Hmmmmmmmmm???) Well anyway he came out and then.....you guessed it!!! "Leather and Lace" started!! WOO WHOO!! I'm sorry I just think this is such a cute song!! I'm sorry AGAIN but Don and Stevie looked so cute singing it too!! It was just so wonderful to see something rare that I wouldn't get to see much live you know?? While Don was singing his part Stevie stood behind him smiling and rocking back and forth. Just totally glowing (not as much as with Lindsey though :) Anyway then that song got a HUGE round of applause and Don gave Stevie a hug and they and the band walked off and came back again!! WOO WHOO!! She did "I Need to Know" which everyone got down to including Stevie with her tambourine playing and twirls ( and yes she did a good amount of them if I forgot to mention. :) Then she dedicated "Has Anyone ever written...." to Mick because "I just love him so much." Awww!! Well that song was the really choker for me. It was the first song I listened to the day that Toni died. Throughout that whole song all I did was think about her and it was finally hitting me about her and its hard to take. Its getting me all choked up now as I'm writing this!! When she sang "Has anyone every given anything to you." Through the watered up tears I was able to say "Someone sure has." Sounds corny but its what I felt. Then when she sang "I want you to remember me." That was a REAL heart-tugger for SO many reasons. Then she gave her little speech about the men in her life being poets. Soon the song ended. Everyone including Don and Mick come out for one final bow Stevie couldn't thank Phoenix enough and said that she will come back at the end of the tour. Then they all walked off and that was the end. It ended just WAY too soon. I never wanted it to end. :(.

Anyway everything was simply perfect for me last night. She just places herself on another level of amazement every time I see her. She is not human. She IS an Angel. Thank you Stevie. :) I just want so much happiness for her. I hope she's already got that now. Well now the show is over and depressing is REALLY sinking in and reality of this week is hitting me again. I hate it when those two most special hours are gone from me. So I'm gonna cuddle up with my little Enchanted teddybear (I named him Glitter:) and just cry for a long time. Well I hope you enjoyed this review everyone. Its not my best so I suggest if you want better info check out other reviews as well. Thank you all for your time. Just believe. :).

††† † † ††††††† †††††††
   Las Vegas, Nevada, MGM Grand, 7/25/98
  From the Blue Letter Archives: None
Review by ~Adrienne~, July 26, 1998 (posted on The Ledge)

Blackcat has been waiting for over a month for this, so this review is dedicated to her. Me and my friend Angela get to the MGM Grand around 4:45 and rummage around finding a place to get some grub. After going to place after place, we settle on a restaurant called the Studio Cafe'. The prices were reasonable and it had a movie theme going on, so we went to get ourselves some dinner. All the entrees were named after movies, and we both ordered Pygmalions (otherwise known as chicken pitas). They tasted pretty good, but we didn't like our waiter. Maybe that was because we were spoiled by the one we had yesterday at the Rainforest Cafe (Ben, you know who you are :)). Anyway, this guy sitting at the booth behind us kept staring at Angela, and then his friend spoke out and told us they wanted to pay for our meal. We were like "these guys have to be joking" but they weren't. The guy who liked Angela was from Germany and the other guy was a professional basketball player who plays overseas, sometimes doing things with the NBA. They were both staying in penthouses, and even offered to get us a limo for after the show so we could get home.

After that little rendezvous, we walked over to the Grand Gardens and sat until they opened the door. I then realized that I lost my father's wedding ring. We went back to the bathroom but I couldn't find it. So we walked back to the door and talked to two really cool guys. They said that Chris Issak was there and he walked right by us, but we didn't even notice. Maybe because we were looking for my ring. Anyway, we got in and ran straight to the merchandise booth. I bought a tour book, a key chain, and a tee shirt (The blue one with her pic) for my momma. Then I was broke :) So then we went inside to enjoy the show. By the way, Angela was dressed just like Stevie. She had a long black dress, really cool off the wall designed fish nets, Stevie boots (Which I am plotting to steal from her) and a beautiful shawl that somebody made for her. She also wore a moon necklace that we bought yesterday at the mall. I however couldn't wear what I wanted because my boobs wouldn't allow me to go without a bra if I wanted to dance, so I wore a really short blue dress. It was low cut too :) It was funny watching all these older men stare me down. Oh, I was also wearing my groovy black platforms.

So Boz Scaggs comes out, and boy oh boy, Stevie was right when she said he was sexy. The man's music turned me on, and both Angela and I think it is great music to make love to :) So we got up and danced to Lido Shuffle (Cuz we da bomb) and then ran back to the bathroom (I went a lot) before Stevie came on.

Everyone in the front rows were given tickets because they were bigtime gamblers, so they really didn't care, and the people to the side of us kept yelling at us because we were standing up and having fun. This one chick even tried to choke me to get me to sit down! She was yelling like a crazy woman, and finally after yelling back I sat down feeling really awful. She by the way, was NOT the only person to come up to us and TELL, not ASK us to sit down. So after the acoustic set, Angela and I traded seats and that chick came back with a vengeance. But Angela ignored her and the witch left really pissed off. She tried to kill my damn friend. There were other people besides us who were being harassed. But there was people around us who were really cool and they kept standing up and letting us use their binoculars. They told us to tell everyone else to F@%K off. I wasn't about to let those meanies ruin my night, so I didn't. I danced and had fun. Anyway, maybe I should tell you about the song set.

OH WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!! Right before Boz came out, Frank (Who by the way is a real cutie) came over to Angela and I for a quickie. (Quick conversation that is ;P) Ok, so Her songs were so great, SHE is so great. I loved Whole Lotta Trouble, and I don't care for the song very much. I liked Rhiannon, but the Fleetwood Mac version will always be the best. I didn't hear who she dedicated Landslide to, but it was someone in the audience so it really doesn't matter. Angela screamed out "This is for you Toni" which made me sad, but the song was beautiful. Stand Back was great, as was Gold Dust Woman. I thought it was cute how she mentioned Lindsey's name so nonchalantly as if everybody knew who he was (Which I am sure they did). So we sang Twisted with her, and at the end we added the background vocals from the Twister version. Oh, BTW, Lenny played with Boz! Anyway, Edge of Seventeen came on and we ran to the front of the stage. (I am telling you, my tickets were so much better than I imagined) So we ran up and I instantly felt better. I was sooo happy and I started singing along with her. Then she did the usual fan greeting, and lo and behold, the woman held my hand! I was screaming so hard because that was the greatest thing in the whole entire world! Her hands were soooo soft and smooth. Anyway, we got to Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You (Oh goodness, Don't Stop is on right now and I really don't like this song...anyway) and when she said "And when they ask her about the men in her life" Angela screamed out "LINDSEY!!!!!" Everyone started laughing and so did Stevie! I of course started laughing and looked down, so I missed it! Then she took her bow and left. I kept blowing kisses to Frank, I hope he saw me. He seemed a little out of it when we talked to him. He wanted us to write him a letter. He left cuz he was looking for someone, and then he came out onstage with a haircut.

Stevie cut her hair as well. Mindy was a cutie, and Sharon didn't look as scary to me as she usually does. She is still skinny though. She went up to Stevie during Edge of 17, and she was just a little too close. She so wanted to kiss her. But anyway, they were all dolls and I loved it. It was the greatest. Her dresses were awesome and she is gorgeous. It was one of the grooviest nights of my life. As of this evening, I have now been hopelessly enchanted :)

PS...I heard Boys of Summer over the PA system while waiting for Boz. I instantly thought of Hayley :) (Although she never entered my mind during Gold And Braid) Oh well :)

Review by jasmit, July 25, 1998

This is my first time posting on the Ledge. I want to begin by thanking all of the "Ledgies". I have been reading your posts for a few months. It has taken me awhile to get an ID so I could write back. I am a technologically challenged. However after seeing Stevie Nicks in Vegas, I had to get on and write.

I had wanted to see her in Chicago when she came through. A friend of mine was married that night and I missed the show. My husband knew that I was bummed over not being able to see Stevie. He ended up booking a business trip with a lay over in Vegas for the weekend she was at the MGM Grand. He suprised me with a ticket. He did decline to go to the show with me. He just did not know what he was missing. It was a totally awesome gift.

I arrived a little early and at at Emirals at the MGM. The bar area of the restaurant looks out over the promenade to the Garden Arena. I had a drink as I watched the crowd moving toward the show. There were several patrons paying homage by dressing like Stevie. While some of them were questionable, a few were really spectacular. As I had a drink, I was really starting to enjoy the anticipation of the show.

I entered the arena just as Boz Skaggs was starting. I bought The black t-shirt with the blue picture (because that is what Stevie looked like when I was 17) and a program.

Rather than go right in, I watched the crowd. There was a giddiness at the souvenir stand. However, some of the crowd did not appear excited at all. Once I sat down, I discovered that the hotel had given comp tickets to many of the "high rollers" that were staying there that night. The guy next to me did not even know who Stevie Nicks was. There seemed to be a glimmer of recognition when I mentioned Fleetwood Mac, but I was still irked. I had fought hard to get into section 8 on the floor and here was a guy that had no idea what he was about to see with a seat as good as mine!!!! By now the review of Boz has been done to death. I will skip an analysis of his set. Although I would like to say that his back-up vocalist was exceptional.

It was during Boz' set that I noticed two girls walk in and sit down in the section ahead of me. I would later learn their names were Amber and Brandy. Although I am not quite sure which is which. They had the full Stevie "look". They were very excited. Energy just seemed to flow from them. They were a welcome change to the idiot sitting next to me who did not even know what he was about to see. For those who will recognize the comparison, the MGM Garden Arena is about a third of the size of the Rosemont Horizon outside of Chicago. I would say that the crowd only filled 3/4 of the arena. Boz finished, the set changed and Chris came out and read the definition of Enchanted. The crowd went wild and everyone stood. (Even they guy to my right.) The set was wonderful and looked much like the photo in the program. There was an alteration in the front curtains at the sides of the stage. I am sure they were removed to allow better sightlines. The set list followed as expected with the exception of "Whole Lota Trouble." I believe she moved it up in the set.

Stevie's energy, grace and charm seemed to flow from the stage. She was elegant, enchanted and SHE ROCKED! Whenever she spoke to the audience, it seemed as if she was speaking to each one of us individually. In the prior reviews I had read that the sound was as good as a CD. I had not believed it. However, they were right. Her voice was perfect! The band was perfect! With the exception of the idiot next to me, the whole night was perfect!

"Gold Dust Woman"- She really wrapped her voice around that song!

(I wish there would have been more twirling.) At the start of that song she is backlit and the gold shawl takes on a translucent appearance.

"Gold and Braid" - The energy was amazing. I wish more people were familiar with the song. It is one of my favorites.

"Rose Garden" -She seemed to apologize for having written it when she was 17. I think she was trying to say that the point of view was a little immature. Strange how it all turns out.

Brandy & Amber were in my line of sight to the stage. I noticed one of them danced most of the show. As the set got closer to "Edge of Seventeen", the couple a row ahead of me moved forward into an empty seat they had spotted. I moved into their spot. I had not decided at that point if I would try for the stage, but I thought that if I got my courage up, starting a row forward would give me an advantage. When the bongo solo started I walked up along side of Brandy & Amber and asked if they were going to try to make it to the stage. They had no idea what I was talking about. I gave a brief explanation and we were off. We started on the left side of the audience. I found that by moving up a section and then over we were able to zig zag our way across the arena without being stopped by security. We briefly paused at three open seats pretending they were ours. Then, as the crowd started forward we did too. We were stopped 4 rows back from the stage. Security was just about to send us back to our seats when someone else tried to slip by. While the security guard was distracted, one of the Brandy & Amber duo pointed out that the aisle had cleared to our left. We made a break for it and found ourselves just to the right of center and pressed against the stage.

From that point forward, it was magical. "Edge Of Seventeen" was amazing. Stevie was beautiful. Her clothes were beautiful. Her voice was beautiful. As she came across the front of the stage she touched my hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. Her skin was smooth and cool. I noticed that she did not have any rings or bracelets. However, she did have the three sequins on her forehead. All I could say was "Thank you." I hope she knew I was thanking her for all of the wonderful music.

Brandy & Amber were also able to touch her. One of them just kept saying "Oh My God, Oh My God, Oh My God..." Although we had never met before, I was glad to have someone to share the moment with. I am 36. One of them is 22. Another girl near the front admitted to being 15. On the way out I met a woman who was celebrating her 47th birthday at the show. Stevie speaks to all of us no matter what our age or background. She is timeless.

I believe it was at this point that I met Adriene. However, we did not exchange names. I read her review and realized that must be the girl who was standing to my right. The description of her clothes and the story about the gold moon necklace that her friend found at the mall the day before were very familiar. I wish I would have thought to ask if she was a Ledgie. (So Adriene, if you recall a woman with dark hair, a black sweater vest and a pair of black pants near the front of the stage--that was me. You actually spent some time talking to the Brandy/Amber duo. I am not sure if introductions were ever made. Hi!)

To tell the truth, I was too excited to think at that moment. I was just taking in the moment. I wanted it to last a little longer.

The two curtain calls were as expected. Every note of "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You" rang clear and true throughout the Arena. Then she thanked the crowd and was gone. The entire set ran about two hours. It seemed like it was over in a heartbeat. It was an amazing night.

Thanks to all of the Ledgies who wrote about how to get to the stage, the set list, and concert tips. Without you, I never would have tried.

Review by Alexa, July 25, 1998

I drove a long way to see Stevie and let me just say it was worth it! Stevie totally rocked! She was so happy and talkative. Of course I sang and danced to every song and where I sat many people did the same. One girl who was dressed like Stevie actually fell down the stairs :o She was alright though! Stevie actually said something like Thank you for bearing through those songs with me after the acoustic set. All I got to say is it was so awesome!. She shouldn't ever have to say something like that! The songs that totally rocked where Stand Back, Whole Lotta Trouble, and Edge of Seventeen. These songs were so full of energy and brought me to my feet dancing and singing the whole time! I Need to Know was great too. I think I liked her version better than Tom's actually. Before and after the show I hung around the tourbuses and saw all the band members and even Stevie's dog Sara. Let me just say that security and others were very rude to us as we waited! But if you ever try to do this don't give up! We waited and saw Stevie leave in her limo. It was very exciting! Thank you Stevie for making my day and many more days to come!

††† † † ††††††† †††††††
  Los Angeles, CA, Universal Amphitheatre, July 27, 1998
  From the Blue Letter Archives:
Review by Mike, July 27, 1998

There sho' 'nuff was a joyful noise in the hills above LA last night...

And our gal - she had it goin' ON!!!! Having never seen Stevie live in any capacity, my only point of reference has been the HBO concert, Red Rocks and the Dance. None of those video-taped concerts prepared me for last night. Having read the wonderful reviews posted here for the Enchanted tour, my expectations were high; in fact, I was concerned the stakes may have been elevated too high - but my concerns were groundless. Stevie was positively giddy at times, releasing high-voltage energy and full-leverage rock and roll. She was totally into the show and the crowd, soaking up the vibes and beaming them back over the audience. There are several time-framed† moments etched in my mind: Her entrance; her interaction with the band and audience; her voice on After the Glitter Fades; the "don't leave me" refrain from Rhiannon; the boogeying in Stand Back; the way her hair curved over the bare left shoulder and nestled there during Sleeping Angel; but mostly - even more than the music - it was her smile. A smile that was, at times, both high-wattage and demure, but constantly there on her lips and in her eyes.

I must also say that I was unprepared for the intense crowd response. This is L.A., folks. You know† the rap: laid-back; blase; unimpressed. Not this time. Not this night. This crowd was loud and raucous. They seemed to drive Stevie, at times, to lose her train-of-thought and attempt to offer up spontaneous and sputtered words of gratitude, which ofttimes dwindled into sputters. But while her words may have fallen short in expression, they were effective in their gratitude and appreciation.

Security was real, real tight. The news later that night reported that the theater had tripled their security and that Stevie's people had doubled theirs. There were many people walking around with walkie-talkies throughout the building, inside and out. I was concerned that this stalker issue would effect Stevie's stage manner negatively, and I think many in attendance felt the same and made a concentrated effort to make her feel safe and secure, and she responded in kind. She was talkative from the get-go, and acknowledged that it was great to be home and that she woke up in her own bed that morning knowing she would be amongst friends and family that night.

One last thing, and if you've read any of my posts before, then you know to indulge me and I certainly don't mean any disrespect......Stevie is one SEXY WOMAN!!!! I don't care what goddang age she is. Sensuality is ageless and this woman floated my boat! Sorry, but it had to be said :-)

Well, that's if from my end. All in all, not only was my initiation beyond my hopes and expectations, but I was also left with a deeper and greater respect for Stevie as a person and an artist. Given how completely devoted and accepting her audience is, it would be very easy for Stevie to coast - she rocks the house just by simply showing up - but she doesn't fall back on the love of her audience: she reigns it in and uses it to charge her performance and the music, walking offstage leaving nothing behind.

Gotta give it up for Stevie: she is one very cool lady!

††† † † ††††††† †††††††
  San Diego, CA, Coors Amphitheater, 7/28/98
  From the Blue Letter Archives: None
Review by Silver and Kathy D., 7/29/98

Stevie ROCKED San Diego last night! ;-).

Well, Gooood morning Ledge 3!!.

Kathy D. and I are here to give you our brief report on San Diego. (A side note--I must say that Kathy is one very cool lady. We had a blast together yesterday!).

We were in the fifth row of the orchestra, on the far right side. We were sitting in the front row until "Dreams," when we were so *rudely* asked to go back to our own seats. (Hehe) Still, our fifth row seats were so close, we could see the detail on Stevie's shawls. The crowd was sizable, but it wasn't a sell-out. I don't think San Diego even compared to the enthusiasm of Universal. Stevie put on a fantastic show, nonetheless!! Kathy and I screamed ourselves hoarse and danced 'til we dropped.

Kathy says these were some of her personal highlights:.

1. Stevie held out her hand dramatically while singing the "Rose Garden" line about not having a "gold band on her left hand." Very cool.

2. On "Garbo," Stevie made an incredible high note ("...Marleeeeeeena") and held it forever. Her voice is actually GAINING range as the tour goes on!.

3. During "Gold and Braid," I thought of Hayley.

4. "Has Anyone..." was completely MESMERIZING!! I was just standing there with my jaw on the floor!.

These were some of MY highlights:.

1. "Stand Back" - Whoa, baby! Could this song get any more energetic? Stevie was sooo into it. She did another high kick that had Kathy and I looking at each other in utter disbelief!.

2. During "Rhiannon," Stevie was repeatedly mouthing, "Yes, you would!" to the audience in response to the musical question, "Would you stay if she promised you heaven?" (Although I could swear she was singing, "Would you ever change?").

3. During "Landslide," we saw that some of the people in the first couple of rows were moving to the edge of the stage, so we decided to go for it! We ended up right in front of Mindy and Sharon, literally pressed up against the edge of the stage. It was unbelievable! Kathy and I just could not believe our good fortune. We got to stay there for the rest of the concert. Stevie would come over to change her shawls RIGHT in front of us. We were yelling stuff like, "WE LOVE YOU, STEVIE!!" (She is soooo beautiful!).

During "Edge of 17," the guy behind me started shoving me in the back, trying to get closer to Stevie. I was kind of worried that he would break my ribs. As usual, Stevie worked her way from one end of the stage to the other. Both Kathy and I held out our hands when she got to us, but she missed us both. :-( Still, it was incredible experience. Those red platforms are something else!! :-).

Now, I'm not sure if this happened during "Edge" or "I Need to Know," but the guy who was shoving me in the back apparently decided that he wasn't close enough to Stevie. He put one hand on my shoulder, one hand on another girl's shoulder, and literally CLIMBED over Kathy to get on stage. I remember seeing his hand on my shoulder and seeing Kathy cover her head with her arms. It happened so fast! This guy got on stage and tried to run at Stevie. A security guard grabbed him and they fell to the floor in front of us. Another guard came over and the three of them wrestled momentarily. I think a third security person came over and they dragged the guy away. It was very frightening, but Stevie didn't bat an eyelash. She kept right on singing during the whole melee. I was shouting at Kathy, "Are you alright? Are you okay?" She was, luckily. We both hope that jerk was arrested. I should have slugged him when I had the chance.

So that's our story! Irvine, here we come!!.

  Irvine, CA, Irvine Meadows, July 31, 1998
  From the Blue Letter Archives: None
Review by Jamie, August 1, 1998

Hi Everyone I am just now at this very moment back from LA!! I am very tired, but I wanted to share my incredible experience with you all!! :)

First off, let me say I left Santa Monica at 4:00, and did not get to Irvine until almost 6:00. The 405 was UNBEARABLE. But, Isn't it always!! We ate first, and got to the Meadows at about 7:15. Got great parking too!! :)

Okay when we got in I headed straight for the souvenir stand. I had a damn hard time deciding what t-shirt to get. I finally decided on the blue lamp one. I also bought a key chain. I wish I could have got more, but I am flat broke!!!! We went to the ID check stand for buying beer, and I realized I had left my ID in the car!! DAMN!! So when we got to concessions I bought a bottled water for 3 bucks!!! Alright leave me with less money!! :( Can anyone please tell me why they remove the caps when you order a bottled water or soda. I have always wondered that. The cap is kinda useful you know?!?!?! "Oh Well"

Okay on to the concert!! I had great seats in the Orchestra!! I was pumped! Michael McDonald opened and he was really great. I believe he played for like 45 minutes to an hour!! People were really getting into it towards the end of his set. I like how he got the crowd into it. He is really cool!! And, Lenny played percussion for him too!! :)

I watched them transform the stage. How stunning it was!! I tried to stay away from any pictures of the stage, because I did not want to ruin it for my self. Seeing it......oh it is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO Stevie!! :) The crowd was growing impatient waiting for Stevie. Finally Chris (I assume, I swear it did not look like him, but people were yelling Chris!!! I did not have my glasses on, so what do I know!!) came out and read the definition of Enchanted. Well, he only read the first half, he closed the book and spoke the rest from memory. I got teary eyed when he said "to move so deeply to tears" (or something like that). Then........it started!!!

Outside the Rain/Dreams: The crowd went wild as Stevie came out. And let me just tell you she looked STUNNING!! Absolutely gorgeous!! I love the way these two songs flow together. I also think Dreams sounded better than on the Dance tour. Oh and she looked so happy!! :) After those songs, she welcomed everyone and explained the set she would be doing!!! She said because this is a tour supporting her boxset she was going to be doing songs she never had the opportunity to do before! She said something along the lines of: if you don't know a song that its not new, its been there all along, we just overlooked it. I thought that was really cute!

Enchanted: This song rocked. She just wailed on it! The crowd was sort of half and half on this song. Half seemed to be really into it, the other half didn't at all. Which, is too damn bad, because it was awesome!!! Then the shawl change for GDW Gold Dust Woman: WOW!! Just one word!! It was mesmerizing. Her scream kicked butt!! Everyone was into this song. I was doing the spider fingers, and my boyfriend looks over at me, his look was priceless. ;o) Her twirls were great!! Now, I cannot remember if she knocked the mike over in this song or Gold and Braid. She looked half embarrassed when she did it. It was ver sweet.

Gold and Braid: I, of course immediately thought of Hayley during this song!! It is so....just downright GREAT!!!!! I got real ticked though, because ALOT of people took this song as an opportunity to get up and do something else! How Dare They!!

Then a break for the acoustic setup!

After the Glitter Fades: Okay! Most everyone in the audience decided to sit for the acoustic set, because it just sort of gave off that kind of feeling. I sat because everyone else was and I didn't want to block the ladies behind me, who btw were real cool!! Well, unfortunately for me, the only person standing in the entire area was in front of me. I mean it, she was a damn wall!! Sorry if that is awful, but she saw noone else was standing. I guess it's only polite you know? Anyway I could not see Stevie for this whole song, but it sounded wonderful. It's kinda fuzzy though because I was so ticked we even ASKED her to sit. Did she? Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! These two ladies sitting next to me moved, so I was able to move into their seats for the rest of the songs in the set! Garbo: Oh, I forgot to say Stevie said before she started the acoustic set that she thought we would appreciate these songs being they are about Hollywood and all. She said Garbo was written when she and Lindsey went to their BN photo shoot (big roar of applause from the crowd here) and they went to this huge castle like house. (I could not hear what else she said because this chick was SCREAMING "Stevie I love you Stevie right in my ear!) The song was beautiful I love how she sang Marleeeeennnnnaaaaa!!! She held that note for so long. Man, she kicks!!

Rose Garden: She said she wrote this when she was just 17, and if we listen to the words, that it is kind of creepy (not her word) that she was only 17, and a senior in high school!! This song was beautiful, but I am fuzzy on it, because by now people were screaming at this one girl to sit down. Sleeping Angel: Oh I love this song so much. It was just very very beautiful!! :)

Stand Back: OMG!!!!! This was just one of the highlights of the whole evening! Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, was on their feet singing and dancing. Even, my boyfriend. LOL!!! The audience response got Stevie more into the song than ever. She was dancing and spinning like crazy. Her leg kick was so high on this song. She just brought down the house on this one. She was breathless, and more than a little surprised, and pleased at the crowd. She said you guys are the best, or something like that, I could not really tell because the cheering and screams were so loud! I thought of Ava during this song. Ava, why did I think of you during this song?

Rhiannon: Rhiannon was great!! She sounded better on it than she did no the Dance. But, I did miss FM on this song a lot!

Whole Lotta Trouble: Very nice. I am not a big fan of this song, but it is great live!

Landslide: I think Stevie dedicated this to her road manager (?) because it was his birthday, and someone else. Damn, if I can remember! sorry!! Okay, not Lindsey, but Frank was very very good! I was impressed, and surprised I liked it so much! BTW, I think Frank is totally cute!! :)

Twisted: Very Cool!!! I loved the red shawl. And the lighting was very cool!! I think a lot of people got up during this song!! "Oh Well" :)

Edge of Seventeen: Bongo solo was awesome Lenny Kicked some serious butt on this. The man has so much energy, it is unbelievable!! I liked the dueling banjos thing with Land on the drums and Lenny on percussion VERY COOL!! BTW, everyone rushed the stage during Whole Lotta Trouble. And I was not watching so, by that time, it was way to late!! Oh Well!! :( Edge of Seventeen was truly awesome. I thought of Blackcat during this song of course! :) I loved it so much!! I was beamign during the entire song. She took quite awhile shaking everyone's hand which I thought was very very cool. I am not sure but I think she was shaking some guys hand and he wouldn't let go or something, she kept saying No, don't do that, and her bodyguard or whatever he is was growling at the guy. She was too cute!! Then she came back and sang some more of the song. For those of you there did she sing "I know what it sounds like when the doves cry" I could of sworn she did. Then it sounded like she sang "hey you in the way back do you know what it sounds like?" It was altogether very very cool!! After this she said she forgot to dedicate Landslide to Jim Ladd, and that she thought of him throughout E of 17!! They took their bows and left the stage. Then some people left. Why did they leave? Who doesn't do encores????

I Need to Know: She came back out and said whats a great Stevie Nicks performance without a Tom Petty Song. The Audience was very into this song!! :)

Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You: Wow! How beautiful!! She looked absolutely stunning for this song. I loved the ending when she says "And when they ask her about the men in her life, and they DO still ask her, she says well, they were poets, priests of nothing, and yet they were legends" She kept repeating the poets........ line. I loved when she said ".....priests of nothing, yet they were priests of everything......"

This was perhaps the most memorable concert experience of my life. What made me especially happy was when we were walking out my boyfriend said to me "That was awesome, I think that was the greatest live performance I have been to" He always used to tell me how much he didn't like Stevie. Now, he is changed forever! I am so happy, and proud!! What a beautiful night, and what a truly enchanting woman, I am already in anticipation of her next tour!! :)

Thanks all for reading, I know it was long!!

Review by Rhapsody, July 31, 1998

As you know, I'm still in the fine company of Silver, Les, and Kathy D. and I don't EVER want to go home. My intent was to go to an early Enchanted concert and attend a later concert to pick up any differences. Musically, not much has changed. Stevie still sounds excellent, but she was definitely here at home in Irvine. She talked more. She drew every song out as long as possible as if she didn't want to let go. We expected to feel melancholy as this was probably our last Enchanted concert. We had the tissues, but we didn't need them because it was impossible to feel sad in front of the Stevie we encountered last night. She laughed, made jokes, smiled (big smiles), and was so obviously happy it just didn't bring us down at all. We stole seats, took pictures, screamed and yelled, (at least I think I screamed, it was hard to hear over Silver). Four very happy girls! We didn't hear Michael McDonald as we were doing the Ledgie thing. We met Chili, Phil, K.E. and his "friend," Theresa, for dinner and then Chili packed us all into his van and drove us to Irvine. Chili was Chili, probably just what you would expect--a true delight for me to finally meet him. Phil, a gentleman and a scholar. K.E., dry as a gulch, cute as a button. My aspiration was to get this boy to laugh. Best of all, he brought Theresa who was a little daunted by us as anyone in their right mind would be, but very knowledgeable for one so young. A welcome addition.

Here are some more thoughts and comments on Stevie's Friday night concert at Irvine Meadows.... During the acoustic-electric trilogy, Stevie was trying to introduce "Garbo," but the audience was being loud and boisterous. Stevie paused, smiled and good-naturedly teased, "I'm serious!"

During "Outside the Rain," Stevie changed the lyrics from "It's one more link in the chain/I don't believe that" to "Mick says 'Stevie, it's another link in the chain'/I have to believe that."

Frank Simes had more guitar problems (as he did in San Diego on Tuesday night). At one point, he came onstage without his guitar and Stevie exclaimed, "Oh no, he's guitar-less!"

Stevie did several kicks and lots of twirls. She smiled sooo much during this concert. We all thought she looked extremely happy.

Stevie extended quite a few songs, as if she didn't want them to end. She added lines to "Rose Garden" (using lyrics from "Storms" again), "Edge of Seventeen" (using lyrics from "When Doves Cry"), and "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You" (For that song, she did her usual spoken "poets, legends, priests of nothing...," but she also added a twist. She ended by saying "Yet they were legends of EVERYTHING really." In addition, when she sang "If not for me, than do it for the world," Stevie pulled back from the mike and sang softly, "Please....")

During "Rhiannon," Stevie started to drift into her classic frenzied freak-out, but reined it in at the very last moment.

"Gold Dust Woman" was sung with more authority and with far better range than on "The Dance." During "Sleeping Angel," Stevie worked her way around the stage, interacting with the members of her band. She played air guitar, air violin, air drums, etc... Very cute.

Les and Silver did Sharon's and Mindy's "Whole Lotta Trouble" boogie.

Stevie repeatedly thanked the audience for letting her sing these songs.

Rhapsody managed to smuggle her camera into Irvine Meadows in the most ingenious place. She somehow managed to turn it on--"Look, Ma! No hands!" Unfortunately, the zoom lens came out at the most unfortunate time. ;-) Phil also smuggled his camera in, but we won't go into the details, haha! Rhapsody jinxed Stevie. She was talking about how Stevie always gets tangled up in her microphone ribbons. Of course, that's exactly what happened to Stevie during "Stand Back." She tried to walk away and almost knocked her microphone stand over. She recovered nicely, though.

Well, that's it! Hope you enjoyed!

Silver, Les, Kathy D., and Rhapsody

Review by Phil Hof, August 3, 1998

Okay, I admit it.† I was wrong.

I mean, I always liked Stevie.† Iíve had a silly crush on her since high school.† I liked her songs, her voice, her spacey lyrics.† Of course, sheís beautiful.† And her harmonies with Christine and Lindsey give me goose bumps.

But solo?† Iíve never seen her own show before, and I figured, well maybe Iíll pass.† Her voice must be getting rough after the Dance and most of Enchanted.† Her range isnít what it used to be.† Lindsey isnít there.† Do I know that much of her solo stuff?† Iím not a "Big 80s" fan, anyway.† A four to five hour round trip.† And after some unkind media reviews, and without the rest of the Dream Team, I had my doubts.† SoÖ I didnít buy tickets.

Chili D, and then Susan, started working on me a week ago.† I resisted for a couple of days, and then I said, what the hell, I want to meet all those Ledgies that were converging on Irvine anyway.† I relented and bought ticketsfrom Silver through Chili.† Okay, I thought, it will be okay.† I started listening to Timespace, and my transformation began.

Like I said, I was wrong, wrong, wrong!

Photo taken by Phil Hof How do I find the words?† Stevie is a more powerful performer than I had ever imagined!† Not in the angry, loud way that is easy for an artist to achieve today.† Stevie is just an unstoppable force on stage, and her voice was strong, clear, on-key, pure, yet infectuously happy!

I wonít give a song by song review.† Others have done that in other reviews much that better than I can.† But overall, I was just blown away by her singing, the percussion, and the arrangements she brought to this show. One of my "Big 80s" complaints has been that the drum synth sound is just too boring.† But at this show, the combined works of Lenny Castro and Land Richards gave a VERY different feel to her hits.† In fact, near the end of the show we were treated to an Ode to Mick the drummerís equivalent of the "Deliverance" banjo/guitar duel.† Solid, creative, and strangely full of melody, not just rhythm.† I think that they made the difference in her sound.† Some of their intros to her hits had me wondering where the heck they were going until the band dropped into the melody.† And the awesome power of Stand Back and Edge of Seventeen were so much stronger with a new rhythm to keep them stepping.

Stevie was so happy looking through the show.† She smiled almost non-stop, laughing at people in the front rows, reaching out.† She had a girl-next door style to introducing songs, and almost apologized for her "acoustic- electric- acoustic" song set.† "Thank you guys for letting me do this." You know, Stevie is the only performer I know who comes off as sincere to me when she says these things.† It was so conversational, like we were doing her a favor by letting her do her own things, and in her own way, at this show.

She belatedly dedicated Landslide to Jim Ladd, the long-time LA deejay now with KLOS.† "I was thinking of you, Jim, through the whole song."† Jim, I now hate you.

As KE Gil pointed out, Stevie hit more high notes during Rhiannon than she did during the Dance.† And speaking of high (and no, I donít mean the great smelling smoke wafting around), Stevie did several leg kicks that nearly reached the top of her head!† She must be taking her ballet practice again! I DID miss Lindseyís guitar licks here, though.† My only complaint of the night.

So how did this Ledgiefest come off?† Well, KE Gil, Theresa, and I met up with Chili D, Rhapsody, Silver, Les and Kathy D at a local† restaurant for dinner.† We planned strategies for smuggling cameras in, mindful of the frisking and searches that were done at the Universal Amphitheatre.† I will leave it up to the discretion of smugglers to discuss, but Rhapsody, you do a great Morticia Addams impression, honey!

After successfully infiltrating the gate, we grouped at the Beer Garden, looking for Ledgies. We found Samantha and her sister Yolanda, but we were there late, and early birds were probably already in their seats.† If you were there, Jamie, Meri, Renee, Laura TN, Mayan, or David O please let us know!† We are sorry we missed you!† A cool banner made by Rhapsody drew interesting reactions from concert-goers!† They walked slowly up to see what the hell a "Ledgie" is, and I must add, they walked away at a brisker pace than they approached!† I think I heard one stoned fan say, "Hey man, is that the group Peter or Jeremy joined?"† That did not help our image.

After the show, we got together for some photos.† I want to say a few things about this group of fans.† Rhapsody, you are out of control, and I doubt your husband has any success reeling you in, good for you!† Kathy D and Les look so normal (or pretty normal, or well, just pretty, actually!) on the outside; but lurking inside are rabid fans who will follow you down until the sound of their squeeling tires will haunt you!† Samantha never stopped smiling the whole time, a condition I think I had for the entire show, too.† KE, you are an encyclopedia of Mac information and I hope to see you in Ventura for Peterís show.† Chili, I was wondering about you talking about the great necks and bodies and curves as you watched the show, until I realized you were checking out the guitars!† And Silver, I canít thank you enough for providing the tickets that made this special night possible!† (And in absentia, Lauren, your concert review was the straw that broke the camelís back and made me start to think that I simply must not miss this tour.† Too bad you didnít get the chance to join us in LA.† You WILL make Lindseyís tour!)

Stevie said at the end of the show that she wants to do this again, to the roaring approval of the fans.† Since my crush has turned into a love affair, I will be there when she comes back, I assure you.† I wonít make the same mistake twice!

Photo provided by Phil Hof

††† † † ††††††† †††††††
  Mountain View, Shoreline Amphitheatre, August 1, 1998
  From the Blue Letter Archives:
Review by S., August 1, 1998

Yes, Stevie Nicks was at Shoreline in Mountain View Saturday, what a show it was.

I had planned to leave Campbell at 6:30 p.m. to drive the 15 minute drive to Mountain View to go to the concert. Well, that didn't work. When I left my place I turned the radio on, Edge Of Seventeen had just started. Bouncing around while driving in my car I laughed when I realize this was the song that first made me notice Stevie and made me go to her Bella Donna concert. Now, I'm heading to her Enchanted concert and E of 17 is playing. Once the song was over the D.J. who was at Shoreline said the traffic was a total mess. What? Shoreline has a traffic jam? That never happens. Uh oh, we are going to be late. My mom was at my sister's house so I drove there to pick her up. She wasn't ready. It was a very hot day and my mom couldn't decide what to wear. Since we were sitting on the grass I wanted her to wear pants so she won't get cold. Finally, she changes and we are ready to leave. It was 7:05 p.m. Concert started in 55 minutes. I hop on highway 101 to drive to Shoreline. Within 10 minutes we are there. I see a traffic jam on the lanes 1 and 2. Problem there is traffic from highway 85 is merging unto 101 and the exit to Shoreline is also right there. Big mess, cars barely moving. I thought, Shoreline has been opened for 12 years. People still haven't figured out how to get in thru the back door? I guess not because I just zipped by the mess and went thru the back entrance. We were in the parking lot within 5 minutes.

We parked real close to the entrance of Shoreline. I pulled my big bags and two blankets out of the car and we started walking to the entrance. All of a sudden I realized I forgot my water. I knew Shoreline didn't sell the water I like so I told my mom to keep walking and I was going to go back to the car. Good thing it was close. I grabbed two bottles of water and went back to the entrance. As I got near it there were two guys outside carrying HUGE signs and screaming not to go to the concert because Stevie is a witch. The signs had about 10 different words on them. I saw something about fornication and gays. I thought the whole thing was funny because isn't there something in the Bible that says "thou shall not judge?" Aren't these guys judging?

So as I got closer I just had to look this guy in the eye and I wanted to charm him so I gave him the biggest smile I could without taking my eye off of him, he kept repeating "Stevie is a witch! Don't go to this concert". People were ignoring him but I was having fun. I got right next to him and I could see his eye flicker. He got nervous then a little angry with me and told me Stevie is a w----. I started smiling even more, not taking my eye off him, but, I had a concert to go to, couldn't play with him all night so I left. I found my mom sitting near the bench. I gave her her ticket and we walked to the gates to get in.

The lady who was taking tickets in the line wasn't concentrating very good. The couple in front of us were trying to take something in and she wasn't sure if it was allowed so she was waiting for someone to clear them thru. She let my mom in after checking her purse. I was carrying a tape recorder but hid it very well. I was also carrying a big purse, a small bag and two blankets. I handed her my ticket because I told her to take it first, she didn't want the ticket yet, she grabbed my blanket and they almost fell to the ground. She apologize but then she turned to the couple who were waiting to get clear to go in. Then she looked in my purse. I stuffed it with bags. She saw a case. I told her my binoculars. Then she let me go in. She forgot to take my ticket so, I still have my concert ticket intact.

We stopped by another bench and then folded the blankets again then made a bee-line to the merchandise. I saw four t-shirts. "Where's the sweat shirt?" I asked the guy. What sweatshirt? There was none. "Where's the Enchanted Bears" I asked. What Enchanted Bears? THERE WERE NONE! I was upset. There was no chalk t-shirt either! The guy said this was all they gave him. There was only the 4 t-shirts, hat, tourbook, buttons, key chain and picture. I told the guy I wasn't going to spend that much then because they had nothing. Then I told him I wanted all four t-shirts. He grabbed them and told me the price, then I said I want the tourbook, key chain, and button. He was surprised. I paid a lot. I guess he was wondering what I was planning to spend in the first place. Because of the missing merchandise I saved $90.00 dollars, but I kept complaining about no bears as I walked to the grass. The place was already packed. I wanted to be close to the stage. I saw a spot that was opened and perfect near the big screen and a good shot of the stage, we set our blankets up and then sat down. It was 8:00 p.m. Michael McDonald just started.

What an outstanding show it was. The guy started out great and just got better from there. He sang my favorite Doobie Brothers song "It Keeps You Running". I LOVE that song. But, it's a short song, he sang a wonderful very long version of it and he made me forget about the disappointment of not getting an Enchanted Bear. I was having a great time. The place just kept getting more and more people. I was tripping out on the turn out. Rocking as I sat on the grass and just enjoying everything I was seeing.

Michael did one encore but I knew all the songs he sang and he was the best opening act Stevie has ever had! I also spotted Lenny up on stage with Michael. The man loves to play, doesn't he? If Michael came back to town, I would have to see him again.

When Michael was over we waited for Stevie. Shoreline holds 22,000 people. There was at least 20,000 people for this show. It was nice to see Stevie bringing everyone out. During Street Angel the place wasn't even half full and people with grass tickets were moved to the seats. Saturday night, you were lucky if you could find a spot on the grass and see the stage. Stevie is back on top!

As we waited for Stevie, they changed the stage. What a wonderful stage Stevie had. I saw the design on the fabric that was flowing on the stage and it was really nice. The glass back drop no longer looked like a spider web but like stain glass. I enjoyed the big design on the floor of the stage that looked like a sun with different designs on it.† At 9:15 p.m., the lights went down, Chris came out. The guy looks so different. I had seen him close up years ago and he looks older now than his sister. He read the meaning of Enchanted and then introduced Stevie Nicks. Now I have seen both, her father and her brother introduce her. Next time I want to see her mother do it. Stevie walked out carrying a bouquet of white roses. She and Chris met up and gave each other a very heart warming hug. They love her other dearly. . . Then Stevie walked to the edge of the stage toward the right and gave a guy her flowers. He accepted them and then she walked up to her mic. . . She kicked off with Outside The Rain. Oh Stevie, it was so nice to have you home. The song was beautiful . . . love is a word that some entertain, if you find it, you have woooon the game. . . Then Dreams begins. I really enjoyed this version. A little different from the Dance. There was a girl a few rows in front of us who got up to dance as soon as Stevie began singing. She blocked our view of the stage. She was the only one standing. So I watched the screen. Stevie wore her little shiny thing on her forehead. I can't remember the name but I thought of Rhapsody and Rhiannon. Stevie touched it to make sure it was in place. She also had glitter around her eyes. She looked good . . When Dreams was over, Stevie welcomed everyone. She said she kept telling herself all day that she wasn't going to get emotional because she had gone to San Francisco during the day and she was trying not to get emotional since this was were everything started for her. This was the place she saw Janis Joplin, Jimmy Hendrix and all the big bands. This was the place where her and Lindsey opened up for everyone. Where she played the Santa Clara County Fair Grounds. She did say this tour was to support the box set, which contain songs from "1982". That was her words. And she was going to sing songs that maybe we didn't hear before but if we didn't that's because we were asleep. She was happy that we showed up. . . Then she kicked into Enchanted. I LOVE THIS SONG and always have. The minute the beat kicked in I sitting down on the grass started rocking. I pretended my binoculars were a tambourine and just started dancing and playing along with the song and having a great time. Then I notice the girl who was still standing up. She was lost, her body had no clue how to dance to this song. She looked like a fool because she couldn't keep up. She finally sat down and didn't get back up, my mom was happy. From Enchanted she went into GDW. Oh, wonderful. I was thinking of all the Angel's on the ledge. Stevie was just having fun on stage. She said on GDW that it's just the clothes, if she didn't have the clothes she couldn't sing it. I was so happy to see her and I was beaming. When she talked she was just thrilled to finally be home and it showed. Stevie has always loved San Jose and kept mentioning the name. . . Then the next song started and I knew the song, I heard it before, I even knew the words, I just couldn't remember the name. Then I figured it out - Gold and Braid. Stevie of course loves to say "thank you very much" and she did it all night. I loved the way she started the acoustic set. First After The Glitter Fades. She asked us if we could tell she had lived there. She said only L.A. and San Jose were the only cities who could understand what her "Hollywood songs" really meant. And then told the story of this song which I'm sure you guys heard. Then Garbo (John L and Marlene, I thought of both of you on this one). She told the story of the B/N shot. She said she went into more detail of the story here because it was home. But my favorite story was for Rose Garden. The guy she wrote the song for when she was 17 years old was the best looking guy at her high school and they had been dating. HE was in the audience. I loved that! She didn't want to point him out because he still lived in the area and it would embarrass him so bad. She was very happy in her life at the time she wrote the song, she loved the music scene in San Francisco and was in heaven with her life, but knew one day, she would make it big, even if she had to be a drug dealer. She did say that part was a joke. She was also overcome with memories being home and if she was a comedienne she said she could tell outrageous stories of her life in San Jose. . . Then she went into Street Angel. Oh, beautiful. I got so caught up with the song, I was in heaven. . . Well you all know the show set. You know what she talked about. This is getting long and I better stop. I will say something about Landslide. In some cities she said she didn't know anyone so they picked a person from the audience. But here, she knew so many people she just couldn't pick just one person so the song was for everyone. But she did realize how much she missed Bill Graham. Which was funny because I have been thinking a lot about him lately. Bill was a big force in the music business in the Bay Area. Everyone knew Bill. I had bumped into him a few weeks before he died years ago and I was thinking about how much "I" miss him and to hear Stevie say the same thing just brought me to tears. She dedicated Landslide to Bill. That was perfect! If you want to know what he looks like, look at Mick's 25 years book. There's a picture of Bill, he's the one who Stevie is riding horse back on backstage after a concert. Bill was a wonderful person and we all miss him. . . Rhiannon, Edge Of Seventeen, Stand Back, Twister, Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You, I Need To Know. All the songs were great. Stevie performed almost exactly two hours. The audience was very calm. Rarely got up which was nice because EVERYONE was given a chance to watch Stevie. What a show it was. At the end of the show Carlos brought out Stevie's dog Sara to the stage and handed her to Stevie. Stevie gave her a kiss. Ahh. And then Stevie walked away and the show was over. . . It was a beautiful night. A breeze had kicked in, the moon was out in force and just enjoying the show along with everyone else. It's nice to see Stevie this happy. She just yakked away and sang beautifully. Her voice was in top notch. It's nice to have my friend home for a couple of hours. . . To George, John L. Travis, Sarah, Hayley, Blackcat, Mo, Marlene, Keith, Allan, Torri, Violett, Dave, Rhiannon, Rhapsody, Piper, and all the Angels on the ledge. You were all in my thoughts Saturday night and in the spirit of the sky. I want to thank each and everyone of you for making my experience on the ledge a very memorable one. It has been a lot of fun. . . To Stevie, thank you.

Review by Carolyn Watling, August 8, 1998

I just read the review already posted for the Shoreline show in Mountain View and wanted to add a bit. My best friend and I went to see Stevie at the same amphitheatre where we saw Fleetwood Mac's Dance concert last October which made it a special evening to begin with. And of course Stevie was magnificent. We agree that the most fabulous part of the concert was Stevies chatting. Even though we were long from born by the time she and Lindsey left the Bay Area, she made us feel like we were part of a homecoming for her. It was wonderful the way she made each person there feel special. Also as she introduced her band to the audience, there was a moment where she almost forgot the name of one of the guitarists. She joked it off as part of turning fifty. Just that small slip of the memory made the evening so real and so unforgettable for us. It was truly enchanting.