Raleigh, Walnut Creek Ampitheatre, 6/26/98
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Review by Torri, 6/28/98

What a week this has been...thanks to Stevie, I've had the dream vacation...Camden with Keith :) ...Charlotte and Virginia Beach...Then Nissan...Keith asked me after that show...which was my favorite so far...and I answered Camden...but they are all different and now I have to say, it's a tie...Nissan...the crowd was SO in to it...and Stevie seemed to be really enjoying herself and the energies exchanged all  around were powerful...and also knowing and reading all the other Ledgie's experiences...it was a night I will always remember...and Stevie's words..."We'll all be young at heart forever"... And my journey continued...left for Raleigh about noon...only a 5 hour drive this time...the gates didn't open until 6 so...many people were driving around the back roads...I found a softball park and hung out in the hot weather...and listened to some Stevie live and Street Angel (thanks, Keith...the time was right)...and waited... Got to the box office about 7 and asked for best available...and the good Stevie road trip karma was working again...I got 3rd Row, Left side, seat 1...on the aisle...way too cool!!! :)

Decided I'd never find Travis and George in the parking lot...so I went in to look for AJ without success...I did, however...see Frank...he was roaming about and talking to the security guard...I think he thought I was brave enough to talk to him...I just smiled and said hi...he smiled back and waved and I walked on...and I went to check my seats...decided they would do...and headed back out...then saw Chris and decided to be brave and make an idiot of myself...he was just standing around in the middle of the food court...so I walked up and said...you look like you're lost or something...and he said smiled and said... "nah"...and I babbled something about meeting him briefly in Columbus and wanted to say hi...and he kind of laughed and said, "Hi!" Made my night...very nice eyes! So I said "thanks, and see you"...and went back to my seat smiling...when I got there...someone was in my seat...so I sat next to him...later...he realized he was in the front row...I offered to switch with him...he just smiled and moved on up...he was a very happy man..... About then Boz came on...and I thought I saw Travis and George leaving...so I waited for Lido...love the solo but just have heard it one too many times...and followed...we had met so briefly at Nissan that I wasn't sure...so I walked up and asked...George...and soon Travis joined us and we hung out and watched the crowd... Then to the show...I'm counting on Travis, George, AJ, and other lurkers to tell you more details...I can never remember...but I figured I'd try to share my highlights with those of you who keep telling me you enjoy this...especially you,  Maureen...and Travis says Keith will make me do it ;) ...so...here goes...

Chris introduced Stevie...and the crowd stood...Outside the Rain/Dreams... she sang..."replace me...and if so, take it away, take it away"...and everyone was dancing and singing...security kept checking tickets...but they'd give people a few minutes to enjoy...one woman with a wild heart t-shirt visited and danced with me off and on throughout the show...Enchanted...this song is just beautiful live...the first few rows are still up and dancing...and I glanced over at Travis and George...and saw that smile on George's face...and mine got bigger as I listened to the incredible harmonies...then GDW...this is Stevie's power song...and yes, spider fingers...of course :) ...and Stevie sang..."pick up the pieces"...hit it...and wailed! Next Gold and Braid...at this point, I swear only the die-hards remain standing...but we have to...this song live...has a life of it's own...soon, Hayley...and Sharon and Mindy really sounded incredible at the end...Stop Draggin' My Heart Around...the band seems to have so much fun with this one...and the crowd is up and dancing again...what a sight...the beauty of Stevie and her music...and how it moves people...Stevie then explained why and how she picked the trilogy songs...about how Hollywood affected her as a woman and a songwriter...and that she knew what she might have to give up...but she always had her music...and she wrote this song "in case" the glitter fades...I have to say I just love this part of the show...someone mentioned the camp fire gathering feel it has...and I have to agree... Garbo...she mentioned that she wrote the song 'the day that Lindsey and I did the BN cover"...and that she thought about all the girls and herself...who thought "how did I get here, what am I doing here?"...I loved that...and this song...I am consistently amazed at the vocal harmonies of Stevie, Sharon, and Mindy....and Stevie doing the..."walk away"...and Marlena...just wow! Rose Garden...she started to tell the story...and stopped herself...and said...you're going to go home and say you didn't think she really talked but now we know..."it's an untapped energy"...and laughed...and continued and introduced it as..."I...no...it's...You Never Promised me a Rose Garden"...I'm still dancing and singing...and feeling like a princess in my time...Sleeping Angel...about now...the security guard in our area started motioning to some people he's talked with earlier...I look over and see Travis and George standing tall...singing along...another guy looks at me and smiles...everyone is having so much fun...and Stevie thanks everyone for being patient and tells someone to fix the microphone...doesn't that roadie have GREAT hair...you know the one if you've been to a show... :)

Then Stand Back...and security tells us we can go to the stage...and we move...I looked back and saw George...Travis was gone...and missed you, Keith...I ended up in the second row...a woman brought her son up and set him up on the stage...Stevie waved at him...I'm not sure what was more interesting for him...Stevie or watching all of us...but he enjoyed himself...the man on one side of me had some vintage plates...never could see what they said...anyone know...and my smiling friend from earlier was on my other side ..we were packed in but giving each other lots of dancing room and talking...while the band took a break...then Rhiannon...this song...everyone knows it...and sings...what is more powerful than many voices raised in happiness...it's that soul thing...dreams unwind, love's a state of mind...always one of my favorite lines...and this is one of those songs that I love every version I have ever heard...and Stevie's...don't leave me now...gets me every time...and then Stevie said something about Rhiannon thanking us...because she is only here for that moment...and then she introduced the band...I, of course...have been instructed to listen to every Sharon tidbit...she mentioned meeting Sharon in Hawaii and that Sharon had a 'fabulous tree house'...then Whole Lotta Trouble...this one gets everyone moving...from our 2nd row close vantage point...watching this band interact...they seem to really be enjoying each other and playing together...and getting more comfortable with it...oh, and I do want to mention that again, it was very HOT...and about this time...I'm starting to feel...I'm too old for this...I sweated more in the past week...ok, enough...but it's true :) ...and Carlos was pouring...Stevie kept mopping her face with a towel...and one point, powdered her nose...very comfortable...and then Landslide...Stevie takes the guitar...one of these days...she will play it for us...you just know she wants to...and she dedicated it to Meredith...the guy next to me is singing along and looking at me occasionally...I think my bliss was scaring him...hell, even you guys are a little scared, admit it ;) ...but Landslide...it touches all of us...it's universal...and so pretty...and what a group sing...and Stevie ends with...now this is what summer is all about...yep! Then the storm...the one guy says Sweet Girl?...I nod no...and say Twisted...what an anthem...oh, and I like the light show...The band breaks...and the crowd creeps up...my smiling friend turns to me and says...you must be a real fan...I smile...he says...you know all the words to every song...what to say...yes, I love Stevie...this is my 7th show...only you guys understand that...and wish you had great jobs that gave you a lot of time off so you could do the same...I just smile at my new friend...and the drums started...I love this part...it's very tribal...and they are good...thanks, Lenny!.

Edge of Seventeen...ok...I'm way too excited at this point...people are holding up gifts and flowers... I'm thinking...I might get to touch her...and wonder briefly why it is I want to...this is semi-groupie thing is new for me...and as I watch her start shaking hands with people...and see her face...I realize it's a selfish thing...she has touched so many people...so much good energy exchanged...and I wanted to touch that power...that soul behind the voice...so when she got close...I reached up when the women ahead of me did and we did a group hand hold...later Travis told me that same sort of thing happened on his end....didn't get my chance to look at Stevie and say thank you...but the women in front of me did...as did many others...and I did get that brief moment...thank you, Stevie for giving us that chance...to give just a little of that energy back...she ended the song..."I know what it sounds like...it sounds like you"...then did an a cappella line..."so deep in the middle of the night can I tell you"...so cool...and thanked everyone...and told us to stay well so we can do it again...then I Need to Know..."talk on the town says I might go solo"...I've always been more of a FM fan...enjoyed the chemistry more than any of the Stevie solo shows...but this one...wow...they are a good band...and in good spirits...and I love Stevie ending this song with...take your violet and blue mornings with you...and Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You...well...she has...and I am so grateful...then it's over...and I smile at my concert friends and go and find George...Travis makes his way back...and well...there's just nothing quite like reliving your concert...at the height of your Stevie high...with fellow Ledgies...it's a trip...did you hear that part...didn't you love when she did...and did you see...Travis was excited that he got more pictures...and he, George, and I walked around to where the tour trucks were parked...then walked to find our cars...we parted ways so I could look for mine...I discovered I was only 2 rows back from you guys...and then I made my way home...listening to Stevie all the way....and trying to remember everything so I could write this review for Keith...and I remembered at the end of the concert, Stevie looked over in my direction and pointed and then mouthed...I don't drive...to the guy with the vintage plates...wonder if that was the guy on the NicksFix who mentioned he might try it...cool!  So my Enchanted journey is interrupted for a few days...have to go back to work so I can afford to continue my road trip...but then I'm off to Tampa...Keith, did you decide yet? :) Hope to meet John L and any other Ledgies there...

Review by Travis, 6/28/98

After typing my long review of the Manassas, VA show I went to bed.  That was around 2:00 a.m.  I get up at 8:30 a.m. Friday morning  the day of the Raleigh, NC show.  I couldn't believe I was up that early but I guess it had to do with the excitement of traveling and getting to see Stevie one more time.

I'll try and make this review not as long as my other reviews.  I got ready and I left my house about 11:30 a.m.  Since George and I were heading south that meant I had to go to his house for a change but I had to head north first to get my pictures from the Nissan Pavilion show from Wednesday night.  You all know the story of how I exposed the film.  Well, the pictures did come out but not without error.  The color is sorta bright and the pics lost some of their detail, but they were still worth getting.  I don't know if they would scan for you all to see but I don't have a scanner anyway.

So I get the pics and head back south.  I make it to George's house around 12:30.  I pack my stuff in his car and notice his tambourine.  I had to laugh because I too brought my tambourine that he had given me as a gift a few years ago.  We were definitely in a Stevie mood.  I also brought with me a picture my Dad drew in 1986 that I never did bring to that concert.  I was only 15 at the time and I didn't really appreciate the drawing at the time but now when I look at it, I'm quite pleased.  My Dad is not even an artists but he did a good job.  So we head south and make a stop at Burger King after we crossed the Potomac River Bridge.  Neither of us had eaten so we wanted to get that out of the way.  "Two fish combos please, with cheese"  Ummm!.

So we take 95 south then 85 south.  The drive was pretty uneventful.  We listened to all of Bella Donna, The Wild Heart and Rock A Little on the way down.  When we finally get to Raleigh, we stop at a Hardees' to get a soda. We asked a sweet older lady how to get to the Walnut Creek.  She told us somewhat Picture taken by Travis Islandaccurate directions.  We eventually did find the place but they were turning everyone away because they didn't let people in until 6:00 p.m.  We were there at 5:45 and thought it was pretty ignorant that they were not allowing people in.  Cars had started to back up on the side of the road.  Oh yea, before going in, we noticed people on Jones Saugage Road that were holding up signs saying they needed tickets.  I didn't think Stevie had sold out and wondered why they just didn't see what the box office had.  So many people have been getting real good seats that way.  So we get in the parking lot area and just sat in the car for a few minutes with the AC on.  We knew it was going to be a doozy out there in the heat.  Since we didn't know anyone we had more of a laid back time.  No real tailgate party.  When we finally decided to go in, we stuff our cameras down our pants.  This time I bought one of those disposables cameras.  We get inside the venue no problem.  The security seemed to be more on the ball as opposed to the security guards at Nissan.  So we were not sure if we would be able to take pictures.  We made our way over to the merchandise booth and this time I finally got two shirts. I got the black one with the I Can't Wait out take pic with the stairs and the one with the head shot from the Enchanted booklet.  My guess it is from the RAL era.  I also got a button and a postcard.  Next we go check out our seats. Great view - 4th row section 2 in the middle.  Ok, we watched Boz play his first song then it is time for Travis to get some food.  I was delighted to see they had corndogs.  So I get a corndog and a bottled water.  I'm done with the corndog and decided I wanted another one.  George just shook his head. But I got fries instead.  We then walk on the other side of the venue to check out the interesting breed of folk Stevie attracted to this show.  We come full circle and I go to use the restroom.  I come out and there is Torri talking to George.  So the three of us talked for a while then we all headed to our seats.  Torri lucked out at the box office.  She got seats in section 1 (whatever the left side is) and something like 5th row.  Way to go Torri!  I told myself before the show that I really wanted to get into the music this time.  The other shows I got distracted a bit.  Well, no I guess I didn't really get distracted in Camden. 

The lights dim and out comes Christopher.  He reads the definitions of Enchanted and boom, the music starts.  "It's only a dream".  4th row -wow. Stevie looked great of course.  I was up most of the time.  I don't recall any rare moment at this minute, but I was really enjoying the show.  The crowd was a bit different compared to Camden and Manassas.  This wasn't a Lynard Skynard cPicture taken by Travis Islandoncert people.  One guy was making this sound that sounded like an animal dying the whole time.  Real annoying but I wasn't letting it stop me from enjoying the show.  I think Stevie could hear him though.  It seemed like she was trying not to loose her place while talking. 

Ok, the acoustic set is next.  When she gets to Rose Garden, you know the line referring to a small gold band on her finger on her left hand?, well there was this cute little guy in front of us that held up his lighter in front of his left hand which displayed a ring.  He was showing it to Stevie and I thought that was sweet.  Oh yea, there was a line in Rose Garden (I forget which one) when she turned to Mindy and they sang the line together.  I thought it was nice because it made me feel that Stevie was making Mindy feel like she had always been with her just as Sharon has.  During all of this I was able to take a few pictures.  We did see some people doing it but not nearly as much at the Manassas show.  When Stand Back began, the guards let the people up front as if it were Edge Of Seventeen.  I turned to George and jokingly said, "I wonder if they know that this is Stand Back and not Edge Of Seventeen".  At a live show when everything is going on those two songs do sorta sound the same  in the beginning.  Stand Back was great.  During the guitar solo Stevie and Carlos were really into it.  Oh yes, how could I forget to mention Don Boyett.  He is so damn sexy.  He came out in this white tank top and black sweat pants (sorta like sweat pants anyway) which showed how built he really is.  Sorry, had to mention that :-)  Oh yea, I'm remembering more things now

At the beginning of the show when Stevie came out with her flowers that she always gives to someone, she ended up giving them to this one woman in the front row who was sitting down the ENTIRE time and acted like she didn't know what was going on.  Poor Stevie!  What are these people thinking?. 

So Twisted is now on and I know that is my cue to move closer.  I was determined to get some good pics this time since the film got screwed up of the Manassas show.  So I get closer without any problems.  Lenny starts his percussion solo.  Here comes the White Winged Dove.  Ok, now I'm really psyched Is that how you spell that?  She starts to make her way over to me (I'm on the right side of the stage by the way) and I'm taking my pictures.  She's close and I'm snapping away.  I was able to grab her hand but she really didn't grab mine.  I take another pic when she is right in front of me then she looks at me, but she keeps smiling.  I have to say I feel so bad.  I mean, I'm sure Stevie expects it but still, here I am right in her face with my camera.  But I just couldn't help myself though.  I hope Stevie isn't mad. 

Ok, now it's time for the encores.  I'm right at the speaker on the edge of the stage when I Need To Know is being played and it is loud.  It made me feel like I was drunk or something and I actually lost my balance for a second.  I had to move away from the speaker.  I did make contact with Frank Sims though. Picture taken by Travis IslandHe really seems to be enjoying himself on this tour.  Has Anyone Ever Written... is being played.  The line when Stevie speaks, "So when they ask her about the men in her life, and they do ask her.  She says" then someone in the audience yelled, "Screw them", Stevie smiled and pointed.  Stevie was in good humor but I wonder how she really felt.  They are really different down in the south.  Not to make it sound bad but I don't think Stevie is used to that. I know she has had her wild days though.

The show is over and we meet up with Torri.  We all enjoyed the show pretty much.  I was so thirsty afterwards I stopped to get two waters, one for Torri and I.  They came warm.  Yuk!  But they served their purpose.  We walked outside and I asked Torri and George if they were interested in finding out where the tour buses would be coming out.  They said sure.  We think we found the spot but there were no other fans there.  People that we didn't know why they were standing there were there so we just left because it was just a weird feeling.

So we head back to our cars and say goodbye to Torri.  We stayed in the parking lot for a while to let traffic die down some.  Right before we left we asked this couple parked next to us what was the best way to get back on 85. They told us.  The wouldn't believe we were going all the way back to Maryland.  So then we chatted with them about the show.  They were there to see Boz Scaggs but they said they really enjoyed Stevie.  They must have been in their late 30's or early 40's.  They were real nice.  So George and I leave and we hit 40 then 85.  We only stopped once on the way home to get gas and a soda.  I felt so gross I couldn't wait to get home and take a shower.  George drove the whole way back.  I couldn't believe it.  I was tired and feel asleep at one point very briefly.  I had put in The Other Side Of the Mirror and I must had dozed off during Rooms On Fire because I woke up during the last song Ghosts.  It was my own tape and I put Ghosts as the last song.  Whole Lotta Trouble is actually the last song on side 1 on the tape.  So we get to George's house around 4:50 a.m.  I then head home and get their around 5:20 a.m.  It was already starting to get lighter outside.  I come home and take a much needed shower and I hit the bed around 6:00.  I woke up around 1:30 p.m.today.  George and I had made plans to get our filmed developed today.  We drop off our film and then we go to lunch.  We come back to get our pictures. For the most part, mine are pretty good.  I got a couple of close shots.  I may mail them to John Kinney of the Nicksfix so he can scan them.

Well that is it fellow ledgies.  I don't think I'll get to see Stevie anymore on this tour.  The rest of you are in for a treat.

Review by Juli, 6/28/98

I saw Stevie Friday, June 26th at an outdoor amphitheatre in Raleigh, NC...Fabulous!  I was in the 5th row to begin with, but when the first few notes of "Stand Back" began, we all ran up front and remained there until the sad end.

Stevie did not sing "Reconsider Me" or "Silver Springs"...am I disappointed? Not in the least!  She was vibrant, humorous, talkative, energized, emotionally charged, and yes, I was one of some who had my hand held by Stevie...

Every song was delivered with her commitment to the lyrics, the soul, the being of the song.  Stevie has never sounded so strong, so self-assured, so happy.  I have lived for this night, and I will continue to live as I am charged by it.

To hear so many rarities, wow...I felt so personally honored!...to see so much love and pleasure in her, performing these songs...

The show was 5 stars!  I had to say "Thank YOU" to her as she took my hand...for thankful I am to have been blessed by that show!.

  Atlanta, GA, Lakewood, June 27, 1998
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Review by Tracy Garner,June 27 1998

Kick It, Stevie!

"I read from the dictionary: the word 'enchanted' to cast a spell over, to charm greatly, to delight, to enchant, entice, allure, to be brought to the point of tears. Ladies and gentlemen, Miss Stevie Nicks!" -- Chris Nicks introducing his sister to the ecstatic crowd at Atlanta's Lakewood Amphitheater.

But let me begin at the beginning...

We arrived at the Amphitheater promptly at 6:30 p.m. I wanted to ensure that I would have time to purchase a few mementos and check out the ladies room prior to Boz taking the stage. Once we had secured our tourbooks, pins, and postcards, we ventured down to our seats. We were in the seventeenth row, and I was surprised at how close we were.

It was hot (upper nineties), but it just didn't matter. :) (Stupid grin which remained on my face the whole night). I was really impressed with Boz Scaggs. I didn't expect to recognize so many of his songs. The crowd really responded to him after the first couple of songs. I understand now why Stevie says his music is "sexy".

Brief intermission...we watched the roadies set up the stage for Stevie. We had to scan the crowd to see what type of audience Stevie had drawn. To our surprise, many women had dressed in full Stevie regalia. I can only imagine how hot and itchy that chiffon and velvet must have been. Then the lights dimmed...the crowd roared...out comes the Gypsy herself.

Outside the Rain/Dreams -- Finally, OUR concert had really begun! And she sounds absolutely wonderful. She simply can't be fifty!

"Welcome! We are so pleased to be here. We are so pleased to be here with you Atlanta. I would like to tell you a little bit about my show tonight because it's probably different than any show I, I absolutely have ever done. And probably will ever do again after this because this is to back up a box set, which is, like, all my songs which I have sung before. So, I am taking the opportunity, first of all, to actually talk to my audience for a change. It isn't that I didn't always want to...and tell you a little about what I'm feeling. So, if you hear a song that, uh, that you don't recognize you were just sleeping, you blinked, and there was, like, there is something new for you. So bear with me and thank you so much for coming." -- Stevie greeting her adoring Atlanta fans

Enchanted -- One of my favorites this tour. It sounded wonderful! Everyone was on their feet singing with her.

Gold Dust Woman -- Out came her beautiful golden shawl. The crowd definitely recognized this song. (Yes, blackcat, she did wail! And spider fingers and twirls, too!)

Gold and Braid -- MY song! It sounds every bit as energetic as it does on the In Concert video.

"So the next song is really special to me because it was written by my favorite songwriter and by now you probably know that that's Tom Petty...and we call this song an argument on stage"

Stop Draggin' My Heart Around -- O.k., so I got a little bit distracted on this song. But, I do know that I had adjusted enough to the fact that I was AT my concert to realize that Stevie has a really great band.

"As I told you at the beginning of this show, this will be different because I am, I am going to kind of share with you all of the things on my box set of my work...So, let's kick back on all of these songs, three songs that I have written about Hollywood and leaving Hollywood...Lindsey and I...and...figuring out what we wanted to do and it made me mad. I really don't know how I can have more fun...I love to sing...I love to sing more than anything else that I have ever done...I wrote this song, it's called After the Glitter Fades."
-- Stevie

The acoustic set -- The audience sits for the first (and only) time to fully enjoy these songs. I had a chance to take in the elegant set and lighting. I love how she had her band sit around her in a semi-circle...quite affecting.

"For the second time tonight, I am going to tell you something. I can tell you some things, right?...Well, the day that Lindsey and I went to have the Buckingham Nicks cover taken...in Hollywood, and it occurred to me that maybe movie stars Marilyn Monroe and Greta Garbo and...might feel like on that day...so when I got home from that photo session, I wrote this song. It's called Garbo."

"Alright, so the very last, last part of my little trilogy here, I wrote when I was seventeen years old. And I knew something was coming, but I wasn't exactly sure what it was. I knew things would be great, and I knew that I would have to give up a lot of things. I knew that nobody would ever promise me a rose garden. ...so, I wrote a song, and it's called You Never Promised Me a Rose Garden." (She didn't call it 'Rose Garden'.)

During this set, Stevie proved once again what a consummate performer she is. I never liked the melodies to Garbo or Rose Garden, but tonight she gave me a new perspective on these songs.

Sleeping Angel -- Another one of my favorites, and Stevie sang it well. She was obviously enjoying herself.

"Thank you so much. And, this is the end of the acoustic part, so I'll be right back."

Stand Back -- She wasn't kidding! This song did, does and always will rock. The lights flared, the guitar swelled, everyone was back on their feet, and this time they were dancing with abandon. Stevie was dancing with us. She even did one of her high kicks! She gave her all at the end. "Why don't you taaaaaaaaaaaake me home!"

Rhiannon -- Each time I hear this song, I am affected differently. I can't explain it, but surely I don't need to explain it to any of you. "And you still cry out for her, after all these years. Don't leave me, don't leave me now."

Band Introductions -- "I never thought, you know, when I wrote Rhiannon, and I think I wrote Rhiannon up in, like, Colorado somewhere in 1973. I never really thought about the fact that I would be singing that song for the rest of my life basically. I would like to introduce you to my band because a girl cannot go on the road without a band. So, to my far right, a good friend of mine from Phoenix, Arizona, on keyboards Mr. Kevin Stoller. Right next to Kevin on the right, we have somebody who has been playing music for me for a long time, and who only when he wasn't there did I realize how much I really missed him. So, my bass player, Mr. Don Boyette. Right behind me, uh, one of the first things that Mick Fleetwood ever said to me was that you need to get a really good drummer. So, I did, Mr. Land Richards. We've got a bass drummer that's also been with me for a long time, and he plays extraordinary percussion, Mr. Lenny Castro. Right next to Lenny, over here somebody who went on the Fleetwood Mac tour with me so when we got together we said you have got to play, on keyboards, Mr. Brett Tuggle. Over here, uh, the ladies that make this fun for me because I already told you once that singing is my favorite part of this, so my two favorite girl singers. On my far left, the beautiful blonde, Miss Mindy Stein. And next to Mindy is somebody who has been working with me since, like, the very end of the seventies. I met Sharon in Hawaii. And she is my Sharona, Miss Sharon Celani. Right next to me, you already met him on vocals one time, on lead guitar and vocals, Mr. Frank Simes. Right over here, someone who has been playing music with me for a long time also, and, uh, who I have to tell you cause it's very important you know that he stuck with me even in the bad times. I love this man. My lead...and guitar player, Mr. Carlos Rios. That's the band. Thank you."

Whole Lotta Trouble -- How can people sit through this song? It was awe-inspiring. The best part of this song was when I saw the couple sitting next to us slip down toward the front. I knew it was my chance. I followed them down to the front. STEEEEVIEEE! So this is the view from the first few rows? I thought I had great seats, but this is the best!

"So, this next song is a song that we, uh, like to dedicate to our fans, and I can't tell where to start. So, Frank find somebody...So, we would like to dedicate this song to Brittany. And it's called Landslide and it's for her."

Landslide -- No Lindsey, but it's Landslide! Some of the best lyrics written by Ms. Nicks. Everyone sang with her. When she said 'I'm getting older, too' the crowd roared, and the lady smiled.

Twisted -- I didn't recognize the intro. I really like the arrangement she is using for her tour. "I think we are the demons...crazy men and crazier women, ooh, they are crying out for love. You'd like to save me, ooh, but you just can't give it up."

Edge of Seventeen -- This is the best song! At this point, I was pushed up even closer than I had been before. When Stevie came around to our side of the stage, I was just about carried to the front. I didn't even try to shake her hand. It was enough just being that close to her and being able to smile at her when she glanced at me. She was radiant. I never thought I would be so close to her! This is a dream, right?

I Need to Know -- This song is too short, and I know the evening is coming to an end. Bittersweet.

Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You? -- I know you did, Stevie. And, no, we won't forget you. She sang the 'poets, priests of nothing, but they are legends' part three times. She is a legend.

Stevie Nicks personified the word 'Enchanted' tonight. Her spell has remained unbroken.

Review by Lindsay Walters,June 27 1998

Hi all. My name is Lindsay and I am 18 years old, and I attended the Stevie Nicks concert in Atlanta on Saturday. I am just now getting home, because I live in Panama City, Florida, and it is Sunday afternoon. I attended the concert with my mother, my sister; Heather, and a good family friend, Nan. Mom, Nan and I left to go to my sister's house on Thurs. (She lives about an hour outside of Atlanta). After 2 days of Antiquing and shopping, we checked into our hotel. We at lunch at this place that I think was called Bertucci's and we went to the concert. We got to the Lakewood about 45 minutes before Boz Scaggs came on. i walked around and got a shirt, a keychain, a tourbook and a postcard. I met this lady who had on an old dress that had an old FM picture on it. It was really neat. Then Boz played. He was actually pretty good. He started at about ten till 8 which surprised me. He played until 8:45 and then the stage was set up for Stevie. It was incredible. I had seen pictures of it and saw it in the tourbook, but it was just so beautiful when you see it in person. I have to say now that we had lawn seats, but we could see everything. We really had pretty good seats. Stevie's band came out at about five after nine and then she came out during the intro to Outside the Rain. She was wearing what looked like from where I was sitting an outfit similar to what she had on when she did the Letterman appearance. I will spare you all the details, since it is pretty much the same as all the others, but I will tell you the major highlights for me.

OUTSIDE THE RAIN/DREAMS- Wonderful!! they sound really good together. I liked it :)

AFTER THE GLITTER FADES/GARBO/ROSE GARDEN: Excellent! I really liked her little "acoustic set/ Hollywood trilogy," as she calls it.

RHIANNON: Really cool. I liked it. It was somewhat similar to The Dance last year, but it had its own uniqueness. It was really good. this song, Dreams, and Edge of 17 my mom, Nan, and Heather were singing along with Stevie!

LANDSLIDE: Really good. Stevie let Frank Simes, her guitar player, pick someone to dedicate it to. He was really good, but no one does it better than LB.:)

STAND BACK: I love this song!! She went backstage, and the intro really didn’t give it away, and I was so excited when she came out in the Stand Back cape and It was great. It sounded really good, similar to the Leno performance.

GOLD DUST WOMAN: I was so excited when she came out with the Gold Dust Woman Shawl on! It was sooooo beautiful. Even though it is older than me, You could still see it sparkle from the lawn. Of course, this is a their generation song, so my family was singing along to this one, too.

TWISTED: This is my absolute favorite song. I thought she did this in the "acoustic' set, and I was really disappointed, but then after Landslide she went backstage and changed clothes,(this black long spaghetti strap dress and a silver long jacket--it was really pretty) and the band started playing and I didn't know what song it was until she started singing. I was so excited. It was great. A little different from the demo and what I've heard of the duet from Twister, but I really liked it.

EDGE OF SEVENTEEN: My sister was so happy when she sang this song. She had told me her fav. Stevie song was Edge and I didn't tell her she was going to do it. After the end of this song of course she went to the front row and accepted gifts and flowers, and then she went back to her microphone and told us she loved us and that we should all do this again soon.

Then it was time for encores. I liked I Need to Know and Has Anyone Ever Written was great!! it was even better than Letterman.

The evening came to a close and I was sad because I knew the next day I had to go home and go back to work and come down from my Stevie High (Oh, by the way there was so much pot in the air I thought I was going to get high!), but it was a wonderful 1st Stevie?FM experience.

Peace and Love to all, Lindsay

Photos taken by Angie Larsen.

  Birmingham, AL, Oak Mountain Ampitheatre,6/29/98,
  From the Blue Letter Archives: None
Review by Jamie Cole, 6/30/98

Birmingham LOVES Stevie. And she loves us back.

I've seen Stevie on several tours and never has she been more vibrant, more open, more personable. The set list here in Birmingham was a little different: "Whole Lotta Trouble" was earlier in the show and there was no "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around," for some reason.

But Stevie did take a few minutes before her Hollywood acoustic trilogy to tell a story about herself and a certain guitar player coming to Alabama in 1973.

"We were starving in L.A.," she said, "and then we come here to play for 5,000 people.".

The freak success of the Buckingham Nicks album in Alabama gave our favorite duo a choice, she said. "I told Lindsey, 'We can move to Birmingham, and branch out from the South, or we can join Fleetwood Mac.'".

The crowd roared its approval for the former, but Stevie explained why she and Lindsey went for the latter. "Fleetwood Mac gave us money," she said.

The biggest spontaneous cheers of the night came every time she mentioned the Buckingham Nicks album, including a brief explanation of the song "Garbo," which she revealed was written on the day she and Lindsey shot the infamous nude cover. "I wasn't sure I wanted to do that," she said, "but I thought about how a lot of the girls probably did things they didn't want to do.".

Many in the crowd hoped we'd hear a little something from the album, but Stevie stuck to her solo and Mac set.

The biggest ovation came for "Landslide," which Stevie dedicated to the graduating class at Huntsville High School and to a student that wasn't allowed to perform the song for the class since church leaders had labeled Stevie a "witch.".

"Can we take a minute to talk about the uproar over my song?" she said. "If ever I wrote an angelic song, it's 'Landslide.' Emilie, I would have come to sing it for you myself if I hadn't had a show.".

The venue at Oak Mountain State Park was packed, from front row to lawn. I'd estimate 12,000 or so fans turned out on what Stevie called a "hot, hot Southern night in your town. Thank you for giving this to me.".

Thank you, as well, Stevie!.

Dan Whigham, 7/3/98 Stevie Nicks performed in Birmingham, AL with a rich enthusiasm. With Stevie's personal history with Birmingham, it felt almost like a homecoming of sorts. It was almost as if she was playing to the hometown crowd.

Stevie's openness and frankness was welcome, and she seemed happy to be on stage performing despite the stifling heat. "A hot southern night" she called it. And she was right. It was hot and humid.

Stevie's band gave an almost too perfect performance, coming across as very rehearsed and not allowing for very much play or ad-lib. They rendered near- perfect readings of the Mac classics "Dreams", "Gold Dust Woman", and "Landslide". The only exception being a change in the feel of "Rhiannon", which had a nice under lying groove courtesy of the tight rhythm section. One surprise song of the night was "Twisted". This song was recorded by Stevie and Lindsey Buckingham for inclusion on the "Twister" Soundtrack. It's one of my favorite Pseudo-Mac tracks. Stevie's rendition was radically different from the album version, and it sorely lacked Lindsey's vocal presence. As a matter of fact, Lindsey was missed practically all night. He was conspicuously absent from the band's rendition of "Landslide" when the keyboardist had to cover the solo part behind the guitarist (if you recall Lindsey plays both parts at once). And you couldn't help but miss Lindsey and Christine McVie's voices on "Dreams".

Anyway, it was a great show topped by a great encore (Tom Petty's "I Need to Know" and "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You?"). It was a night I'll remember for a while and I truly left "Enchanted".

   Orlando, Orlando Arena, 7/1/98
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Review by Daniela Korges, 7/2/98

Stevie Nicks in Orlando FL, 7/1/98.  I had waited for this day to arrive for months. During this time several concerts were canceled and I was getting very concerned. 

Finally it was July 1st.  At 8:15am Stevie was interviewed by a local radio station and I knew then that the concert was going to be great. We arrived at the O-rena about 45 minutes before the doors opened. There was NO way I was going to be late for this concert. The doors opened and after buying t-shirts we decided to find our seats. I had no trouble finding mine. Front row just a little to the left of center stage. 

Right on time the lights went down and Boz started his show.  He was great and I even recognized some of the songs.  Several times during his set the first few rows stood up for standing ovations and at one time I saw Mindy Stein standing to the left of the stage watching the show.  After Boz left, the crew started working on the stage, getting it ready for Stevie.

Chris came out and read out of the dictionary and then finally the moment we had been waiting for.  The band started playing "Outside The Rain".  The crowd was on their feet screaming when Stevie appeared. She was carrying flowers and handed them to someone in the audience around center stage.   She started singing  and everyone in the front row stayed on their feet and danced in the aisle.  After "Dreams" Stevie welcomed everyone and said "I Love Florida" and told us how the other concerts had been outside and said "it's so nice to be here inside here with you" and started laughing.  From that moment on the crowd was hers.

"Enchanted" was next.  At the end of the song Stevie walked over to the left of the stage where we were dancing and smiled at us.  "GDW" was next  followed by "Gold and Braid".

Afterwards Stevie took some time and changed while the band set up for the acoustic set.   The 3 song set was beautiful and she told the story behind each song. 

During "You Never Promised Me A Rose Garden" she walked behind the band and started to dance. She then realized she had to get back to sing her lines and very gracefully started running towards the mike and made it just in time. The audience loved it.

"Sleeping Angel"was the last song off the set.  She finished it with "a soft silver chain... like the love that you give me".  Again she started laughing and told us how she had just made that last part up.  She seemed so happy to be on stage performing for us and the crowd roared in response.

After a short break the band started rocking with "Stand Back".  Stevie came back on stage with her black and silver shawl. Everyone was on their feet for this crowd pleaser.  We all danced, sang along and screamed.  Stevie started dancing and was really getting into this song.  She walked over to Carlos  and started dancing with him. The applause to this song was deafening and it resumed again during the beginning lyrics of "Rhiannon".  What a wonderful song.

After "Rhiannon" Stevie introduced the band and then continued the show with "Whole Lot Of Trouble".  From what I remember up until that point I had only sat down for parts of the slower songs of the acoustic set so of course we were on our feet dancing for this song. 

Afterwards Stevie continued the show with "Landslide".  She mentioned that in all the other cities she dedicated this song to someone from the audience since they didn't know anyone there.  She continued that she loved Florida and in this particular city had friends so she was dedicating this song to someone married to a friend of hers.  His name was Liberty and she thanked him for allowing Mary to play with them for a week.  "Landslide" was beautiful and Frank did a good job on guitar. 

The next song was "Twisted".  The previous reviews already mentioned that this song was different from the soundtrack or box set version.  The thunder and lightning show was a perfect intro for this song.  At the end of "Twisted" one of the head security people came walking by and said "You can all move up now".  In my section I was first at the stage, LOL.  I turned around and everyone was looking at me, still standing by their seats  They realized we could move up and suddenly everyone was at the stage.  During the drum solo the drummer threw his drumsticks into the crowd and a girl close to me caught one of them.  Carlos came out and was standing right in front of us.  The girl on my right screamed his name and he moved forward towards us and screamed "Are you ready for me to get this started?"  We screamed back  "Yes, start it.....start it" and he laughed, moved back and began the opening chords to "Edge of Seventeen". 

Stevie came back on stage and the entire O-rena started to rock.  Everybody was on their feet dancing.  Several people were dancing on the stairs in the upper levels.  Half way through "Edge" Stevie began chanting some of the lyrics. Of course at the end of the song she walked along the stage and shook hands.   First she took someone's hat and put it on for a short time.  Then she took some flowers and then she was right in front of me. She reached out and tapped the stuffed animal I held out on the top of the head several times, smiled and took my hand.  I had wanted to tell her thanks for her music and for touring again but can't remember if I said anything at all.  She went further down the line and after she finished the song she said "Well alright...in this new age of honesty for Stevie Nicks, I can tell you that this is my favorite show that we have done in a long time".  She turned towards the band, changed her mind at the loud cheering of the crowd and turned back to the mike and finished with "Thank you for just being so perfect and for so being you.  Thank you...thank you so much."  She looked so happy. The band took a bow and then Stevie and several band members moved to the left side of the stage waving at someone and laughing at them.  There must have been somebody they knew in the audience.  The stage cleared and everyone was screaming and pounding on the floor calling her back for the encore.  "I Need To Know" absolutely rocked.   More dancing and singing. Stevie ended the song with one of her famous high kicks.  She is amazing.

The concert came to an end with "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You". Of course everyone screamed "you have" in response to this song.  After the song Stevie said "Can I tell you these are the moments that I live for. Thank you.  I want you to stay well for me so we can do this again .... cause this is all I have to do...I have nothing else..  so do me a favor take care of yourself so we can play. Yes." She blew a kiss at the audience went to the band and they took a bow.  Then they walked to the left...waved at everyone. She took Frank's hand and they walked off stage.  It was over. 

What can I say.  First I want to apologize to anyone sitting behind me since I was on my feet dancing, singing and screaming almost the entire concert.  I tried to be considerate but couldn't help myself. It was impossible to stay seated and my voice was almost totally gone after the concert but I felt so great.  It was an awesome experience.

Since I'm not sure if I said it during the concert I want to say it now: "Thank you Stevie for your music and for touring.  For taking care of yourself and being well. I'm proud to have been at the Orlando concert and being part of this particular audience. You enchanted us.  We love you and hope you'll be back soon.  Take good care of yourself."

Review by Leza, 7/2/98

Well Hey what can I say that has not already been said before by most of you....The stage was beautiful, Stevie looked great...I hope when I am her age my skin looks just as good.. John L. I hope you made it..I would of looked for you but I don't know what you look like...I would have loved to have meet you..

I only caught the last 15 minutes of Boz..he was ok, I am not a fan of his music. I liked my seats...I wish I had the same seats for FM concert...I would of had a much better view of Lindsey..

Stevie finally arrived....Everyone was excited...she sang her heart out.. everyone looked like they where having a good time. There where a lot of men in our section that looked like their wives or girlfriends dragged them there.. so there was not a whole lot of people standing up around us...high energy songs.. we did..the women mostly.. After the song Twisted people started going to the front of the stage..by the time the Intro to Edge of 17 I grabbed my friend and said lets go...so we did go to the front...much better view...it was a little tight but hey well worth it.. after the song she started to shake everyone's hands and people gave her gifts she was touching everyone she could.

My friend got to shake Stevie's hand and Don Boyette's...I guess I was not as pushy..it was an almost..but my arm is not that long..but my friend tried to help me out she grabbed my arm and pushed me in front of her and into the crowd but by then it was to late..gotta love her for trying..I kind of feel funny about that..like I am too old to do that or something..I don't know. Stevie commented and said this is what I live for.

The closing song , Has anyone written anything for you...was great. This girl next to me screamed YOU DID STEVIE.. right in my ear and I know Stevie heard her because it was a rare quiet second..I know I heard her, my ear still hurts. I really think she had a great time playing for us and we enjoyed her. She was great... a lot of the Stevie connection going on , a lot of smiles a few laughs..I had a great time..The band was very good..I got a close up view of everyone..I had left my brother in our seats holding everything including my camera..I could of gotten some great shots and I could kick myself in the ass for not taking it down to the stage w/ me... John L..I know I left a lot out. I would love to hear your review of the show...it rocked..

  Tampa FL, Ice Palace, July 3, 1998
  From the Blue Letter Archives: Tampa Tribune (07/05/98)
Review by Torri, July 3, 1998

Ah, what a trip it was...the Tampa show was actually one of the shows I had planned on going to since the tour was announced...wanted to meet my on-line buddy, Lily...and she was throwing a get-together on Thursday night...so I talked with my friends who were planning on driving to Florida from Virginia to see Stevie with me...we had already decided to drive separately since I had to be back for work Sunday night and they wanted to do the tourist thing...Tracey, Curtis, and Jeff would meet me at my hotel Friday morning...I said goodbye to Dave...took off about 5 a.m. Thursday and drove...and it was a beautiful drive...until we came to a standstill 5 miles before entering Georgia...nothing like sitting in the hot sun for 2 hours...I began to realize that I'd never be able to do the sweatlodge thing :) ...then since I95 was closed, I was detoured...took me about 3 hours longer than I had planned...and by the time, I got to Tampa, I was too late for Lily's party and frankly, just ready to crash...so I did...and hoped I'd find her later...

My friends, Tracy, Jeff, and Curtis knocked on my door about 8 Friday morning...was so happy that they made it...and we decided to spend the day at Busch Gardens riding rollercoasters...they have 2 that make you feel like you are flying...on one of these, someone's baseball cap flew off and I can't tell you the pride I had when I reached up...while going down the first big hill...and snagged it! Ah, that jock instinct...it was a fine moment :) ...

So we went back to the hotel to get ready for the concert...Tracey and Jeff were going to the concert with me...they aren't exactly Stevie fans but they know me...so they are aware...and were excited about going...I had talked with Lily earlier...and tried to reach her again before the show without success...on the drive to the Ice Palace...I tried to explain to my friends that this time, I was hoping to actually say thank you to Stevie...and exchange energies...and they understood, asked when in the concert they should be prepared to lose me...and could they join...I laughed...and said...of course...but you must realize some of us have waited years for this... ;)

So we get to the arena about 6:45 and go to the box office...I ask for their 3 best available...and yes, my good Stevie karma was still working...we got 3rd row on the right! Too cool! So we go in and check out our seats...ah, life is good...and then go get something to eat...and roam...we pass 2 young women dressed in their Stevie honor garb...and Jeff asks me...does it bother you...I laugh and say, no, are you kidding...I love it...and they may be the two friends from the story list that I am looking for...we see them again right before Boz comes on...flirting and getting their pictures taken with Frank...Tracey and Jeff didn't think they knew any of Boz's songs...but after every one, they would turn and smile...and say...yep, know that one...enjoyed the set a lot...

Then the break...and I see the 2 girls again and decide now is a good time to say hello...so I walk over and ask...are you Summer and Angela...and they say yes...we talk excitedly (I had talked with Summer on the phone about a month previously)...they had been to the Orlando show...and were worried that they wouldn't get up front...I tell them, don't worry...we WILL (I have two friends and Jes was an inspiration at Nissan)...and Summer wanted to know if I was planning on standing throughout the show...I say, this is the only time I am ever really moved to dance...when Stevie is singing...so probably...and I also ask if they have seen Lily and her friend...they had...so I figured I'd try to find them later...and the show begins...I keep expecting not to be as excited...but it never happens...

Chris reads...Stevie hugs him...and Outside the Rain/Dreams begins...I'm up and dancing...luckily, I was on the aisle and knew I wasn't hindering anyone's view...ah, the freedom...and the joy...most of our section was seated for most of the show...so you can imagine how thrilled I was...then Stevie says...'well, in the midst of everything that's going on in your state with your fires, welcome!'...'maybe if we think really hard on it, we can just like make them stop'...I loved it! She welcomed everyone and explained about the box set and that she is doing the songs that she likes to do...and maybe there is a message...Enchanted...this song...'I hope you make it'...gets me every time...and the 'girls' harmonies never fail to impress me...then GDW...and I, of course...thought of Mo and Barbara...and did the spider fingers along with Stevie...and felt my smile getting wider...Stevie seems to enjoy doing this song...and the crowd loved it...

Gold and Braid...ah, Hayley, I do want to see your face during this song...I'm singing along...and look back and Summer and Angela are up, dancing and we smile and motion to each other...I so love sharing these shows with other die-hards...by this time...my friends are looking at me like they've never seen me have a good time...and are worried that I am losing it...I just smile at them...and keep dancing...Jeff is itching to get up and join me...and comments to me that he can see Dave's point...in appreciating Sharon :) ...about this time, I'm grateful that the Ice Palace is an indoor venue and it's not hot...then they set up the stage for the campfire set...no Stop Draggin' My Heart Around...Stevie comes out...and says...'so, with my new found voice that I speak to you with, I've picked 3 songs out of all my work of all those years to play for you because I wanted to do some songs of mine that let you know a little more about me and if I actually sing them to you, you might understand them better so...here's 3 of them...the first of my trilogy is a song I wrote when Lindsey and I got to Hollywood...these songs are about Hollywood...and it was hard and difficult...but I really love to sing and I thought well, maybe the singing will get me through and it did...in the long run that's what I love to do the most and that is what made all the bad parts ok...so this song is called After the Glitter Fades'...I love that she talks and tells us stories...and even after how many shows...it always sounds spontaneous...and this song...the...for me, it's the only life that I've ever known...part...has been an anthem most of my life...and every time I hear it...I am grateful for my life and my love...

Next...Stevie says...'thank you...so the second one of my songs...the day Lindsey and I went to take the BN pictures... for the photo session for the cover...the infamous cover...it occurred to me, you know, that women had been moving to Hollywood and doing things they didn't really want to do for many, many years...like Marilyn Monroe, Greta Garbo, and Marlena Deitrich and...so after this photo session, I went home and I wrote this song...and it's called Garbo'...this song...oh, wow...I have to say that I never was crazy about the demo...but this version just blows me away...and Stevie thanks everyone...'for allowing this crazy old woman to like do this...it's such a pleasure...you have no idea'...and I'm smiling with her...and thinking....oh, Stevie, the pleasure is ours, too...thank YOU!

Then...'so the 3rd song in my trilogy, I wrote when I was 17...and I must have known something was coming...because something was...obviously...but I knew there would be a price for it...and I mean, I knew this at 17...so, I wrote this song and it's called...You Never Promised Me A Rose Garden'...she hesitated just slightly before she said the title of the song and you could see her taking the time to get it right...it was very cute...and what an incredibly beautiful song...and I am once again grateful for the path of my life...Stevie has always inspired me to find my dreams...and I thought of Keith, my new Stevie soulmate...and how blessed I am...and smiled...

Sleeping Angel...since sleep is how I make my living...and knowing all the angels on the Ledge...well, this song has taken on new meaning for me recently...and isn't that the beauty of Stevie's music...you can always find something that fits your life...and touches your soul...yes, I'm learning all the time... :)

And just about the time that I'm reveling in how sappy I am...Stevie says 'thank you very much, everyone...that is officially the end of the acoustic part...be back'...and she goes offstage...I realize that Summer and Angela are standing next to me...the woman in the row behind me had been up and dancing most of the show...and she made room for them...and smiled at us...good vibes all around...

Stand Back...this gets everyone on their feet...including Jeff and Tracey...and I see Angela take off for the stage...Summer and I look at each other...and follow...we end up just to the right of Stevie..with just our heads peeking over the stage...but we smile...we are in the front row...woohoo...and I turn and there's Jeff and Tracey right behind me...cool...and I yet again...think of Keith...keeper...and continue dancing with my old and new friends...and Stevie... she wails on this song...and the crowd loves it...

Stevie goes offstage briefly...and the lights dim...and Rhiannon...wow...I'm so close...and must say that I really enjoy watching the interaction of this band...they seem to be having such a great time together...and they are all very interesting people to watch...although Stevie gets most of my attention... the fact that I even notice them at all says something about their charisma...then Stevie says...'so after that, I would like to introduce you to my incredible band'...and does...

Then Whole Lotta Trouble...this song has never been one of my favorites...but that is changing...it's very sensual done live...and the harmonies...yep, I like it alot now...then Landslide...Stevie is having Frank find someone to dedicate it, too...and a young woman somehow got up on the stage...she got maybe 2 steps towards Stevie...and 2 security guards picked her up and carried her off...Summer and I looked at each other...and I admit to having the image still in my head... of her feet still walking as they carried her off...and then I lost myself in Landslide and remembered myself at 16...and thought...there but by the grace of Landslide go I...you knew there was a reason I wanted to be the keeper...there you go...it's my sanity song...

Twisted...this is such a feel good song...Summer and I are singing along and trying not to get crushed...as the drum solo starts...we patiently wait and continue to grin...and then Edge of Seventeen...ok, we're front row...excited...will we get to connect with Stevie...and as she starts making her way from the left of the stage...and she gets closer to where we are...the crowd starts to move forward so they can get closer and touch her...and there was a moment...that we were being crushed against the stage...and then in that instant...it was as it everyone felt it...and instinctively moved back...I'm smiling up...and watching Stevie...and I see all these hands reach for her...and I waited...with my hand up and that goofy smile...and she reached down...took my hand and looked at me...I said...thank you...and she smiled...looked at me a moment longer and went on to the next person...very powerful :) I turned and Tracey looked at me...and smiled...she understood...and then Jeff grabbed me...and said...I touched her...and he was smiling...Angela and Summer began talking to each other...as did many of the happy folks around us...thank you, Stevie for all of that energy!...and Stevie finishes the song...and then says how she probably won't get to do another show like this until she's 65 and does her next box set...and then she says...'I want you to know this has been so much fun for me...so much fun to share it with you and to share it with you right now while these fires are going on...and I hope that maybe we brought a little bit of love in to your life and I hope the fires stop...think hard...I love you all...take care of yourselves for me'...and she went offstage...

While we waited for the encore, Angela, Summer and I put our gifts for Stevie on the stage...and then I Need to Know...and we continued to dance...and I just love the...take your violet and blue mornings with you...and Has Anyone Ever Written...I'll remember...and Stevie ends it with...when they ask her...and they do ask her NOW...and as she finishes the song...I hear someone yelling...Ooh My Love...and smile...and Stevie tells us to stay well so we can do this again...

We start to leave...but not before we see that the security guard has picked up our gifts and told us that he will get them back to the dressing room...and I turn around...and see Lily...we scream...hug...and then we make our way out of the arena to the bar across the street...where we spent the rest of the night...talking Stevie and life...nothing like die-hards (Summer, you are way too cool!)...and great friends who understand...Tracey, Jeff, and I headed back to the hotel...and said our good-byes...

I left early the next morning...driving through the smoke at times...and encountered an awesome force of nature...a lightening storm...I was listening to some Stevie live...Twisted...and it lasted for just that song...isn't that weird?...ahh, the power...

So back home...to real life...work...and rest...before the journey continues...Dave and I are heading out later for our Midwest Stevie trip...still enchanted...and smiling...and hoping to meet some Ledgies there...and Maureen? :) Hope you all enjoyed listening to my adventure...I know I always enjoy other's stories...and hey, it does help me remember and relive it...talk with you later...

  West Palm Beach Fl, Coral Sky Ampitheatre, July 4, 1998
  From the Blue Letter Archives: Palm Beach Post (07/07/98)
Review by Courtney Kane Black, July 4, 1998

Stevie was amazing this Fourth of July.  She enjoyed herself immensely throughout the entire show, very full of energy.  She opened with 'Outside the Rain' and then went into 'Dreams,' singing her heart out.  I was lucky enough to be in the ninth row, an aisle seat.  I danced the entire show, except for the acoustic set.  The music was so great there was no way I was sitting for this show.  She was very thoughtful about our state's wildfires, she thanked everyone for coming to the show and said she was glad to see that "at least this group of Floridians was safe." She dedicated 'Landslide' to all of the firefighters, who are trying to save "our beautiful state and its beautiful people."  I can't pick a favorite song, all of them brought the house down. She rocked with 'Gold & Braid' playfully holding up her hair on certain lines.  During 'Stand Back' she did a lot of dancing, and this woman can sure still move!!  Stevie was also very gracious throughout the set, explaining each song and their meanings.  Her clothing was beautiful, the dress she had on for the acoustic set was a burgundy gown with woven flowers.  She was startlingly beautiful, especially being so close to her and the stage I got to see her better. She is very thin and has such a lovely face. I managed to sneak past the security guard to the stage for 'Edge of Seventeen' and she shook hands with so many. I got to touch her, and she smiled at all of us and kept saying "Thank you."  She is obviously very grateful for her fans, not conceited in the least.  She ended with 'Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You' thanking the fans, asking us to keep healthy so we can all do this again and not to forget her. Not that we ever could!! And she said at the end of her song, "Well, they ask her about the men in her life. And they do ask. So she tells them, 'Well they were poets...yet they were priests of nothing.  But they are all legends.'"  Well, Stevie, you are one of the few great legends in your own time. Thank you for the beautiful, inspiring music. I will never forget you.

Review by Joanne, July 4, 1998

As you may know, we've been having problems with wild fires here in Florida and all day the air was very thick with haze and the smell of burning embers.  I frankly thought they might cancel the show since it was in a semi-outdoor amphitheatre.  As I was driving around, one of the radio stations must have spoken with Stevie and taped it and she said they would be having the Red Cross at the show to collect donations for the fire victims.  She said she was concerned and wanted to "use the power of rock and roll" to do something positive which was great!

Since I don't want to repeat many details already posted from other shows, I'll just highlight the main impressions I had...

Boz Scaggs was excellent!  One of the best opening acts I've seen...and I'm almost 40 (meaning I've been to many many concerts).  If you're going to one of the upcoming shows, I'd suggest getting there in time to see him.

Stevie came on around 9 and looked and sounded excellent.  We had 10th row center seats but were able to move to 5th row on the aisle (between Stevie and the "ladies" singing backup).  Needless to say, the seats were terrific and Stevie was certainly a sight to behold.

Musically, I thought the highlight was Stand Back.  I was a little disappointed with Rhiannon - I think the Mac's version on the last tour was much better but how can you compare Lindsey's playing?  I was pleasantly surprised with the acoustic set and I appreciated her stories and comments.

They didn't do Stop Dragging...  All-in-all, I thought Stevie looked and sounded great, the song selection was good (since she has so many great songs in her catalog there's no way she could've played them all) and the experience of having such good seats made the whole event something to remember.

I did also manage to get to the stage during Edge of 17 and was one of the lucky ones whose hand she shook.  I was surprised by how much eye contact she made.  I really felt her sincerity and the love in her heart as she looked at me.

A couple of times during the show she talked about being in Florida and how upset the fire situation made her.  She kept telling us to take good care of ourselves and that "we'll have to do this again soon."  I was touched by her genuine nature and playfulness.  She seemed like a young girl up there but especially with the outfits, more like an angel!  P.S. have people noticed instead of a gold dot on her forehead she had some sort of diamond design in different colors????

The outfits were beautiful...the gold shawl for Gold Dust Woman, the reddish dress with beading on the bottom midway through and the white dress and shawl at the end!

Good luck to all of you yet to see her!  You're in for a treat.

   Nashville, TN,  Starwood Ampitheatre, Venue, 7/10/98
  From the Blue Letter Archives: None
Review by Laura TN, 7/11/98

The night was hot and muggy. A light drizzle had started to fall on the gathering crowd of gypsy worshipers! People of all ages 50's 40's 30's 20's teens and babies were all starting to gather for what was to be a very "Enchanted" evening. Ladies dressed in black chiffon and gypsy skirts were peppered thru out the crowd. Old timers (I say this affectionately) and teenie boppers and babies were all out in great numbers. I my self with my mom of 48 my good friend Holly 30 "something hee hee" and me 21 were all dressed in our own personal version of Stevie adornments. I had put my self thur trials and tribulations to find a top hat of just the right shade of black with just the right scarf to hang elegantly down my back. All these people had gathered in Nashville for one purpose and that was to see the GREAT GYPSY ENCANTRESS, QUEEN OF ROCK AND ROLL AND MAKER OF HAPPY HEARTS STEVIE NICKS!!! We were all gathered for a concert but what we got was a piece of heaven!! I dont think we mortals could even hope to imagine what was in store for us!! From the time her brother Chris steped on the stage and read the defintion of Enchanted until the time she held my hand and smiled at me and right up until the end of her last song and last graceful bow I was lost in a sea of love!! Or should I say "I was drowing in a sea of love" where everyone from all over the south had come to drown. Now let me tell you now I came willingly and I didnt fight it because it was the most sinfully sweet pleasure to the ear that one could ever hope to hear!! Stevie shared with us her heart and we shared with her our pleasure!! Her songs were beautiful, sweet, sad and fun! They were mystical, fairy like and beautiful. Steive sang with a passion I havent seen since I watched my bootleg tape of Mirage sent to me by my friend Janel *snicker*. Never has there been an entertainer who put so much soul and love into her music and never has there been one like Stevie who does it all for her fans! Stevie shared with us in and acoustic set some of her favorite most personal songs that she loves and holds dear to her heart. I along with most of her adoring fans felt so honored and greatfull just to get a peak inside of such a rare soul. The music ROCKED and it ROLLED it FLOWED  and it  DANCED it weaved in and out of the humid hot summer night like the "lightin bugs" that had also gathered for the "enchanting event". Stevie gave us so much with her songs but still she wasnt done. After all her wailing and singing and pouring out her musical soul she took the time to shake the hands of her adoring fans!! What a selfless and honorable thing for her to do!! She could have been Garbo or Marlana (sp?) or even Monroe, but world would never survive with out STEVIE! "She rang like a bell thru the night" and we loved her!!! Thank you Stevie you dont have to be anyone but yourself.

Review by Holly, 7/12/98

The Nashville Show!!!! Wooo Hooo!!!

I know this is a little late...I flew from San Diego to Nashville to see the show with Laura TN, and as you can see she is rubbing off on me =) (and if anyone is wondering...Laura IS as enthusiastic as her posts! hee hee) I had a blast hanging out with her and her mom. Stevie's entourage was staying at the same hotel as we were. We saw several lighting people, Pamm - the Best Buy roadie reporter, and Laura's mom helped Boz Scaggs back-up singer, Lisa pick- up some stuff she dropped while in the elevator. On to the concert..

It was a hot and humid night with some scattered rain but it didn't seem to bother anyone - they just donned rain parkas or umbrellas. A few fireflies, or as Laura instructed me to say - lightening' (lie-Nin) bugs, gently buzzed around (we don't have those in San Diego). Boz Scaggs was great. I really enjoy his music and have been a fan for many years. But I was still getting antsy to see Stevie. They changed the stage very quickly. .All of the past reviews everyone have done really do cover the show very well. The only things I can add are - she didn't seem to dance and twirl that much, but it was VERY hot. She wiped her forehead and fanned herself with her hands quite a few times. She said something about her grandfather would be pleased that she was playing Nashville. Laura and I did go down to the stage during the bongo solo - we were on the right side. When Stevie came out to do Edge of 17 she walked right by us. When she came by to shake the fans hands these two huge 7 foot (well they seemed that big) goons shoved past me - and even with my platform shoes on I couldn't reach her - damn!! But Laura was a little further down and was able to shake her hand - YA LAURA!! After the concert Laura shook my hand to "give me some Stevie" *sigh* - LOL!! I have been a fan for over 20 years, but this was my first time ever seeing her! It was totally awesome!! She looked radiant and with total peace with herself. Thanks Stevie.

Alright Laura and Rachael - 2 more weeks and we do it again in San Diego - WOOOO HOOOO!!!!.

  Kansas City, Sandstone, July 11, 1998
  From the Blue Letter Archives: None
Review by Hayley, July 11, 1998

Kansas City, July 11th

Thank god (or someone) that the highlight of my evening was NOT the fight in the parking lot of Sandstone Amphitheater I was lucky to be able to view between two drunk blond girls, their boyfriends, and the people in the car next to them while waiting through a third of what would end up to be ninety minutes in the parking lot in standstill traffic, waiting to get out (though that incident was able to make me feel a bit better about missing my requisite midnight Springer viewing :op)...luckily, it was the amazing show that I feel lucky to have seen.

I arrived at Sandstone with my mum and two of my friends, both huge Stevie fans, after dinner at about 6:30. We settled into our seats, aisle seats just off of the center sections, Row W, after visiting the merchandise stands and contributing lots of our hard earned cash to Stevie's retirement fund (and she deserves it, Yes She Does)..I bought two t-shirts (the light blue one with the blue lamp pic on it and the chalk drawing one, though they only had the chalk one in XXL, which is actually a bit big for me, so it is serving as a nightshirt. Useless info. :), the tour book, and two of the purple Enchanted buttons. Torri came by our seats, and I met her and her wonderful husband (who is very nice, though that thing for Sharon he has I find unceasingly WEIRD!!! ;). We got out of our seats a few times, one to go get water and look for the Best Buy coupons. I then forgot to look for Best Buy coupons on that trip, so we went up yet again after half an hour or so. Then a couple of the people that worked for Sandstone that were selling tour books, said they didn't know about the coupons, because supposedly the girl on the tour who was in charge of doing them had been admitted to the hospital here in KC that day. Anyone know about that? So we didn't get coupons. :(

Anyway. At about 8:30 Boz went onstage. Just before this my friends and my mum and I left our "official" seats and filched some seats in the center section, about fifteen rows back, just in front of a passel of late thirty- something drunk guys. But we were pretty close :) Boz was great! I know now what Stevie meant when she said his music was sexy. The only real lowlight of his performance was when he played 'Sierra' (an otherwise pretty song) that started to remind me of 'Hotel California' which made me wanna spew...reminded me of how yucked out I was when they started playing Don Henley's 'Boys of Summer' over the speakers before the show started. Yuck! But Boz was really cool, I loved 'Lido Shuffle' or whatever the name is of the last song he played (one of the only ones I knew, of course)...and I never knew that Boz sang that song from Urban Cowboy! You learn something every day. :) But Boz was great, though of course I kept cursing him out for coming back after the encore, I was screaming "Where's STEVIE! I came for Stevie!!" :o)

So Boz went off...all the crew came out and pushed all the instruments and equipment out on platforms with rollers on them (I only remember this because my mother giggled for like minutes about it!), and then they started to pull Stevie's stuff in, and the black curtain was pulled down to reveal that beautiful backdrop. I knew how the backdrop looked because of all the concert pictures I've been compulsively staring at on the Penguin and the Nicks Fix :) but it was so beautiful in person.

After about twenty minutes or so, maybe, (I wasn't wearing a watch) Chris came out and read the dictionary definition of "enchant" to the audience, and when he came to the last one, "to nearly bring to tears," my friend Andrea instantly teared up and started bawling!! How true, Chris, how true. ;) But the band came out, and then Stevie was escorted to onto the stage by a security guard with a flashlight (as she was everytime she left the stage, we thought it was hilarious!) until she got to the edge, where she walked over to Chris and gave him a hug...The crowd was roaring, and the place was PACKED. It looked sold-out to me, which was surprising because of how much I'd heard about how badly the tickets were selling. Outside the Rain started, guitar heavy at the beginning, and I was just amazed at how strong her voice sounded. It wasn't very gravelly or low like her voice had been on the copies of Street Angel shows that I had, it was high and sounded almost child-like, in the greatest way. This song was just very very intense, loved it. She then went into Dreams, and at the sound of this song the entire audience just cheered loudly...Dreams was great, but unimpressive to me, as most of the FM songs she would do that night were unimpressive. They were great, just kind of not songs that still stand out in my mind. It's the FM-always fan in me. :o)

After Dreams was over, she welcomed the crowd and explained to us that because this was her box set tour, she would be able to talk to the crowd like she never had before, and she would be doing songs that she normally couldn't do, songs that "if you blinked, you definitely missed them." 'Enchanted' started...this song is one of my favorites, we'd been listening to it in the car on the way there after I found out from Andrea that she had never really listened to the song much and wasn't a HUGE fan of it like everyone should be, so I turned it up SO loud in the car that the windows were rattling and we rocked with it, so I was in an 'Enchanted' mood anyhow. This song started, and the piano part in the beginning sounded different to me, but when Stevie started singing, I was in awe. She was having so much fun, just singing her heart out, and I was singing with her, yes I was! She was just jamming, dancing a little by the mike, it was adorable.

As soon as Enchanted was over, the entire place kind of quieted down, until we heard the opening notes of 'Gold Dust Woman'. Everyone just erupted into HUGE cheers for this one. This song was so intense, so amazing...the drummer was playing wonderfully, and I could hear the cowbell sound (I was listening for blackcat and Barbara! :) I even did Spider Fingers with her, as did my friends, thinking of Barbara and Mo. I think she did them just for me :). Her loud scream/wail/scary part just before the "Oooh...pale...shadows..." was amazing, and I noticed she was hitting the high notes really well.

When this song finally died down after Stevie's twirls :), I was unsure what was next because I hadn't memorized the set list like everyone else! But then the opening groove notes of Gold and Braid came on and I squealed and got teary the moment Stevie starting singing...my friend Courtney noticed and grabbed me, so the entire song was spent with Andrea and Courtney and I hanging onto each other for dear life as I tried to compose myself enough so that I was able to listen. :) This song has always been my favorite, and I was just ecstatic hearing this song live. I kept thinking of all my Ledgie friends while singing this song with Stevie, I was living through this song for Keith, and for Ava, and for Barbara, and for blackcat, and for Torri up in the fourth row. The only time I was distracted when I noticed that the crowd was beginning to sit down for the first time since Stevie had come onstage. I did not like that very much. ;) (Needless to say, I was still on MY feet at the end of this song!) For some reason I am recollecting that some have said that Stevie did not sing the ending lines the same as the other versions of the song, the "Because I never did not love you/I never did run from you/In a dream I said to you that I'd always love you," but she sang those lines verbatim. Either my memory is wrong or she knew I was in the audience and wanted to hear the TRUE Gold and Braid. :)

She then introduced the acoustic set, and talked a little bit to us about what she would be doing. She said about the first song, After the Glitter Fades, something to the effect of "When I got into this business and Hollywood, singing, I knew it wouldn't stay the same forever, but the singing was worth it...and that is what this next song is about." The song was beautiful, I'm so glad she chose to sing it. Next up came Garbo, where she did her normal discussion about the Buckingham Nicks cover. I remember her saying "I wrote this song about how I felt after the photo shoot for the cover of Buckingham Nicks, which I did NOT love..." or something to that effect, when she was interrupted by a loud drunken guy in my section yelling "Oh, yes you did!" Stevie smiled and said in a cutesy voice, "Oh, no I didn't!" and kept going on. So Garbo started playing, one of my favorite songs, and I was just in heaven. ;) I have always loved this song, and I loved the accordion accents on it, that Carlos was playing. Her semi- yell on the second half of the word "Marlena" was beautiful. Next she introduced 'You Never Promised Me a Rose Garden' by saying that it was a song her "17-year old overdramatic heart" wrote and that she had known even then that she was destined for something.

The band went straight into Sleeping Angel after Rose Garden. I noticed she sang "Take me, sleeping angel/catch me when you can" as the first two lines instead of "Take me, if you need me/but never hold me down".

Stand Back was amazing. The beginning of it instantly got everyone up on their feet, after sitting down through the acoustic set and Sleeping Angel. I was noticing that Frank wasn't playing the same scrapy noise/rhythm guitar part that was played on Jay Leno, and I was GLAD. That annoyed me. But by this song, everyone was dancing around, singing the "Stand back!"s with Sharon and Mindy, and just having fun. Stevie was so intense on this.

Rhiannon started playing next, with a slower and longer piano beginning then on the Dance, it sounded more like the version played during the Street Angel tour, and I was indifferent to it. It was beautiful, and her voice sounded amazing, but it is not the same without the Mac, I think. Sorry. :(

Whole Lotta Trouble was next, a song I've only recently begun to warm up to, but I must say that I LOVED THIS! It was amazing, one of the best songs she sang that night, it was so intense. Though the guitar did cover for the horn section fairly well, I was totally annoyed by Frank Simes for NOT the first time that evening. He kept bending over and making funny faces while playing overzealous guitar solos that kept stepping all over the music. I hate to admit it, but I'm biased by both my love for Lindsey AND Waddy! Both my friend Andrea and I noticed that Stevie picked up the mic stand and moved it forward about a foot while in the middle of singing intensely during this song.

Landslide was dedicated to "you all and Donna"...I think I was just relieved at the end when Stevie didn't hug or touch Frank :)...not many people were singing with her in the amphitheater, I thought that was odd. After Landslide, the thunder and lightning effects started, signaling the beginning of Twisted. I don't remember much of the song, but Andrea told me to say that it sounded very "creepy" (so SHE says ;).

Edge of 17 started up next, with the long drum solos with Lenny and Other Drummer Whose Name I Cannot Remember Though I Probably Should Go Check My $20 Tour Book To Find Out at the beginning. Carlos did an adequate job covering Waddy's excellent guitar at the beginning, and Sharon was great at the mic singing with Stevie. At the end she began to go shake hands with the crowd at the front with the security guard holding onto her, not taking any flowers. She got about three-fourths of the way through before standing up and heading up, where the band finished the song. She then came to the mic after the song was over and apologized to the crowd she had skipped over, saying that her back hurt so bad and that she had to stand up before she buckled. I thought it was great that she apologized for that, so humble and wonderful.

She then left the stage with the band, but then came back out to do I Need to Know, which was another of my favorites. This was one of the most intense songs sung that night, and it was one of the best. I've been singing the phrase "might go so-LO" ever since :) Then the opening notes of Has Anyone... started. The song was so beautiful, and her voice sounded so sincere and almost sad...it felt like she was talking to ME through that song, you know? Then she left the stage and it was over. :o(

Basically, I walked out of Sandstone with an emptier wallet then I came in with, the munchies (attributed to those dumb guys behind me smoking pot!), and a feeling that Stevie really did care about this concert, and wanted to make it wonderful for us all. And she made it amazing for me, yes she did. :o) And thank you for reading this absolute BOOK that I just wrote. :)

Review by DJ Stith, July 11, 1998

The Kansas City Show

Wow what an amazing night!

We finally got to the parking lot at Sandstone about 10 minutes before the show started. They were selling all kinds of merchandise tour books, keychains, t-shirts etc, and I had bought 1 of each. When we got to our seats two old women behind us asked for a joint, which freaked me out. Then Boz Scaggs' band started playing, and were actually very good. Nicks fans even gave him a standing ovation.

Then a man came out and read the definition of "Enchanted." We were all going haywire in anticipation of her appearance. She came out looking a lot thinner and blonder than on the Dance tour. The Music started:

"Outside the Rain"-Wow, her voice has seemed to really improved since the last tour.

"Dreams"-She did this one pretty much the same as on the Dance tour except with her backup singers which made it sound very elegant.

"Enchanted"-This song really rocked, and everyone was up and dancing through the entire show. She sings hire notes now than I remember, and you can tell that she really loves to dance ( which is really hard to do in those boots.)

"Gold Dust Woman"- She did this one a little different than the Dance with a few added lyrics and yelling!

"Golden Braid"-This is one of my favorite songs of hers now and can really only be captured live.

She didn't do "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around" maybe because her guitarist couldn't even begin to match previous duets.

"After the Glitter Fades"- You can tell she really loves this one because of the emotion she puts into it.

"Garbo"- This is a very lovely song that she had written when she was on the shoot for the infamous "Buckingham Nicks" cover, and she talks about feeling like Marilyn Monroe when she was coming to Hollywood.

"Twisted"- This was done like the demo version instead of the soundtrack version. It definitely has a better sound with the input of Lindsey.

"Whole Lotta Trouble"- This totally rocked! I really had no interest in this song until I saw it live.

"Edge of Seventeen"- This was the song we were all waiting for. She always puts so much feeling into it, and interacts with the audience at the end.

Of course we weren't going to let her go yet, so she came back for two more songs.

"I Need to Know"- This really has a good beat to it but didn't last long.

"Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You"- This is one of the most poetic songs she has ever written and ends with something like, "And they ask about the men in her life, and she says they were poets, priests of nothing, legends. No one can compare to the emotional voice of Miss Stevie Nicks.

On our way back home we were just within seconds of getting hit by a train.

Review by Chandra, July 14, 1998

Bruce and I had made a trip to Dallas to see Fleetwood Mac during "The Dance" tour last fall. Our seats were on the lawn and even though we fought like mad to get a "good" lawn seat, of course we still couldn’t see anything. As it turned out, it didn’t matter because the show was exactly like the video we had watched 50 times prior to the concert, so there were few surprises. We decided then and there that if we were ever going to see a member of Fleetwood Mac again, we were going to do everything within our power to get good seats and we would wait until the actual concert to absorb the details.

It was our first time to Sandstone. Our seats were Section 2, row U, seats 9,10. It wasn’t until we sat down that the reality of the whole thing sunk in. It had been cloudy all day and we had our rain gear with us, but by the time we sat down, it looked like the clouds might make their escape. We had a great time scoping out the crowd. There were people of all ages. Bruce likes to insist that all people from Missouri are in-bred, so anyone who didn’t look that way was from Kansas, we figured. I thoroughly enjoyed Boz Scaggs’ performance. Kansas City loved it. The crowd seemed really appreciative and I was proud to be a part of it.

I was enjoying the anticipation of the show so much that it seemed like no time at all had passed and Chris Nicks was on stage reading the definition of "Enchanted." I had known this would happen, but I had no clue about what the set would look like. The backdrop was so beautiful. It was all so new to me and such a complete gift. It looked like a gorgeous transparent spider web with roses trimming the outside tiers. It changed with the concert, yet it stayed the same. A truly stunning enhancement. At first I commented to Bruce that it looked a little like an art-nouveau mosaic lamp shade. He was more apt to run with the spider web idea, so that’s what we decided on.

Stevie was amazing. The whole thing felt so intimate. It felt as if we had been invited to a private Storytelling. When "Outside the Rain" melted into "Dreams", the Dreams theme stuck with me throughout the show–especially when she discussed each song in her Trilogy. I kept imagining her as this child, this tiny woman, who grew up in the 60's, knowing she was destined for something. I have to tell you the whole concert was just amazing, but it wasn’t until Bruce pulled me along with him closer to the stage, that I started to feel like I was really there, instead of just watching it from the other side of a window. Some of the people sitting in the first two rows had left their seats to stand near the stage. Bruce nudged me into some empty aisle seats in about the fourth row. I was entranced, I never imagined I’d get this close. Little did I know. . .

Bruce grabbed my hand and we joined the people near the stage. I wanted to capture as much of her as I could before the security guard tapped me on the back and asked me to return to my seat. But that didn’t happen. Dreams. Dreams come true and dreams lost. For all of us. It was amazing to see her so close and realize she is another human being, like me. She had different dreams, different goals, and she knew she was destined for something. Everyone around me was competing for one second of her attention, it seemed. Maybe that was their dream–to capture a second of Miss Stevie Nicks. If so, she fulfilled many dreams that night. During "Edge of Seventeen", she started down at the other end of the stage, smiling down at her fans and touching their hands. By the time she got to where Bruce and I were standing, several more people had joined us. I just couldn’t look at her enough. I had my hand stretched out and I realized there would be no way I could ever impact her the way she has affected me. She looked right at Bruce and me and said, "Oh my." Her big brown eyes were so soft. My hand was just out of her reach and she moved on. I was able to get a look at her gorgeous robe. It was the creamiest silkiest thing. One of the fans reached out and grabbed it and it shimmered like crazy.

After she finished, she went back to her microphone and pointed over to where Bruce and I were standing. She explained that she didn’t touch our hands because she didn’t want to, it was just that her back couldn’t take much more of the reaching out. Bruce told me later that her had been standing behind me jumping up and down frantically pointing to my outstretched arms. He knew how much I would have wanted to shake her hand. But honestly, the eye contact was more than I’d dreamed of. The encore was incredible. "I Need to Know" just rocked. During "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You" I started to choke up. Bruce said he swore Stevie had tears in her eyes. He said it proves it was not just another performance for her. I probably would have cried a river, but this guy in front of me kept saying in this nasally voice, "Who could forgetcha, Stevie—who could forgetcha!" Mindy Stein looked down at him and smiled. It cracked me up. I knew Bruce was thinking this guy had to be from Missouri.

Bruce told me the only word he could come up with to describe his post-concert feelings was, "full." I would have to agree with him. It couldn’t have been more perfect. As Bruce and I drove to our campsite, we noticed that the clouds were completely gone and we were left with a beautiful moon– almost full. Perhaps a sign that we are destined for more.