Mansfield, MA, Great Woods Center, June 12, 1998
  From the Blue Letter Archives:

Review by Mayan, June 12, 1998

I don't even know where to begin on this incredible, magical night.

First let me say that this woman rocks and cannot possible be 50 years old! For starters, my obsession compelled me to head to the hotel and hang around for a few hours, where I met Lenny Castro, who was just as others have said...very gracious and friendly. I flirted as much as womanly possible, which paid off in the form of backstage passes. As for Stevie...the set was just as reported by fans who have attended previous shows. Very Steviesque. The sight of it makes one want to run to Pier One and drop about $1000. Chris Nicks came out and read the definition of enchanted and the crowd went wild as he introduced his sister. Her voice is in such fine form. Others who have submitted their reviews are not exaggerating! After the opener, Stevie said "welcome to my show!" and was beaming like a newcomer. She welcomed Boston and took a moment to absorb the roar of the crowd. She then explained how this tour is different from those in the past, and is something she's always wanted to do but never had the chance. She told us that there will be songs we may not recognize, and if so, "you were sleeping, or blinked, or something, whatever, but they were there!". Enchanted rocked, and Stevie was animated and full of energy. She was wearing the same dress she wore on the Tonight show: black with the gold brocade on the bottom, and looked stunningly beautiful. My seat was in the 4th row in the section facing the right of the stage, and toward the end of that section next to the center. I felt like I was almost on stage with her! To get such great seats, my friends and I had to settle for scattered seats, and I must tell you, I was a bit disappointed with the four women sitting next to me. They were decked out, as was I, so upon sitting next to them, I was pleased to be among other diehards. However, these four only knew the top 40 hits. Ah, the wannabe’s. Anyway, following Enchanted, Stevie donned the GDW shawl. From where I was sitting, I could see everything, including the red jewel on her forehead and her flawless skin. To be this close to this woman was breathtaking. GDW was similar to the Dance version, and the song in which we were privy to the first of her many twirls. The crowd went absolutely nuts, generating a smile on Stevie from ear to ear. Stop Draggin was performed with Frank Simes, after which Stevie told the audience she told him that this song was like an argument on stage, and he had to pretend he was really angry. She then said something about how satisfied she was with his performance. Throughout, Stevie was gushing and very giddy, almost like a teenager. It was so obvious she was having a lot of fun. Her personality really came through, which can be described as nothing short of adorable! She then told the crowd she was going to do a trilogy of songs and would be right back. She changed into the beautiful red dress and came back out for the acoustic segment. As with other shows, each song was explained. She informed the crowd that these songs were about her thoughts on Hollywood when she first arrived, and about being a "rock star, a waitress, or a cleaning lady, whatever I happened to be at the time." Prior to Garbo, she said that she wrote it the night she posed for the B/N album cover, and "in my overly dramatic way, I compared myself to Greta Garbo, Marilyn Monroe, you know, the great Hollywood actresses." A little shrug with a smile followed, as if to make fun of herself in her impressionable youth. She did not explain that she posed nude for the cover, but said that she was so upset regarding the whole experience, and told herself she could either let it get to her or walk away. The phrase "walk away" was added, which was so fitting. At the end of the song, she told everyone that the third trilogy was a song she wrote at the age of 17, and she had no idea then what it would mean. She stated that it was about losing a lover but gaining stardom, and that she had no idea when she wrote it what it would mean. She began to explain to the crowd, and stumbled a little, turning to her band, laughing, saying, "I don't know", and then turned back to the crowd and said, laughing, "whatever it means to you." All three songs were done beautifully and Stevie made the most of this moment. Sleeping Angel, which followed was captivating and powerful enough to convert any non-believers. Stevie then left the stage, and the Stand Back beat began. This is when the crowd rushed the stage and security didn't blink. I ran like hell, and had my hands on the front of the stage and was directly in front of Stevie, where I remained for the remainder of the show. She came back out in the black and gold cape for a rocking version of this great song. Another costume changed followed as Stevie came out in another black dress. This one had a form fitting, low cut, satin, spaghetti strap bodice, with a layered chiffon skirt with cutout velvet, donned with a black lace shawl. This was by far the most flattering outfit, as the woman looked positively thin. Cannot be more than a size 8. Rhiannon followed, and Stevie talked about how Rhiannon is always there, "with Fleetwood Mac, solo, at benefits, so that says something about Rhiannon. " Her twirls were abundant, and the end segment was done like the FM Live version with Stevie hitting the high notes and her voice sounding like a beautiful wild animal that cannot be tamed. Whole Lotta Trouble, which followed, had Stevie playing air guitar and dancing all over the stage. I believe it was at this point when she introduced her band. Carlos was introduced last. She did not refer to him as the love of her life and gave no indication of a brewing romance. She stated that he's been with her since 1987(?), is her musical director, and is from Phoenix. She told us in an excited childlike voice that Carlos and everyone else are going home after the tour, but "that means I get to go home too!' Landslide was done beautifully, and Stevie said before it began, "well, I usually dedicate this to someone, but I don't know anyone in Boston." She turned to the band and repeated this statement, adding, "except of course all of you." In an incredible moment, she leaned down to a member in the audience, spoke a few words to him, and returned to the mike stating, "ok, this is for you Dan." She them informed the crowd that "If I did this with Fleetwood MAC, Lindsey would come over and say, 'What are you doing?' " She was referring to the improvised chat she engaged in throughout the evening. The crowd sang along, and Stevie interrupted the song after the "snoooooow...", stating "that was beautiful!" She said she was so amazed at the reception she gets when she comes to the East Coast, and "this crazy California blond comes to New York and Boston and is just so welcomed! I just may move to Boston! I'm serious! I've always loved Boston and I'm going to buy property!" She turned to her band and stated, "I am!" At the completion of Landslide, she thanked the audience and broke into Twisted, which was done exactly like the Boston Common performance two years ago...different from both the box set and the soundtrack. She left the stage again and came back having donned a white shawl for Edge of 17. This was reminiscent of the Bella Donna era and tonight was the first time ion years I have seen it performed this way. Incredible. She collected TONS of flowers and appeared to be on the verge of tears for the handshakes. I shook her hand as she looked me right in the eye and said, "thank you so much for being here." During this segment, a crazed fan got on stage and attempted to head towards Stevie. He was completely blocked by the keyboard player, and Stevie looked somewhat startled upon observing this. After the end of the handshakes, she brought a little girl from the audience on stage with her. You could tell that this girl was a little heavy for her to pick up, but none the less she did, and included the child in a few twirls. This child appeared to be terrified, and Stevie did her best to console her. She put her down on the floor of the stage, and I could see her saying "I'm sorry, are you okay?" So endearing!! She then said she had to give the little girl back, even though she wanted to keep her, and returned the child to her parents. She told the crowd, "wow, I think I really scared her!" After Edge, she left the stage and returned in the grey dress for a rocking "I need to know", followed by a haunting version of "Has anyone ever written.." in which she included the "I want you to remember me." Afterwards, she thanked Boston, stating that "you have no idea how much fun this is for me and what it means. This is such a pleasure. I just may move to Boston. Ill just get a job in a club and it will be fine." She told everyone with delight, "You know, I'm 50 years old" Applause followed, and she ended with the request for everyone to take care of themselves and each other, and made a comment of taking care of our neighbors, pointing to herself with a smile as if to say she will soon be a fellow Bostonian. Her final words were "We'll do this again." Following the show, I got backstage and found Lenny, who introduced me to the one and only sister of the moon. We chatted for a few minutes and she was so gracious and REAL. I cannot possibly put this experience into words, and can only say that she truly fits the definition of Enchanted. She signed a tambourine I brought to the show and spoke of how much she appreciates her fans. I shared with her an experience of how one of her songs has had an impact on me in relation to a friend of mine who died a few years ago, and she appeared genuinely moved. It now seems like it was all a dream. Some final thoughts.

I've seen Stevie solo 7 times and FM 9 times. This by far, was her best effort to date. Aside from the fabulous performance, Stevie was candid, talkative, humorous, and confident. Her energy level was high and she really appeared to enjoy herself much more than the last time I saw her at Great Woods in September 97. Unencumbered by her Mac mates, she had a stage presence all her own. It's wonderful to see someone who defies her age and this show had an aura of rebirth about it. The gypsy presence of old remains, and gone is the rambling, remote, and shaky songstress of the late 80's. The Gypsy Queen of Rock and Roll has reclaimed her thrown and is here to stay!

Review by LC Lil Mac, June 12, 1998

Friday night I had the most incredible experience ever, I got to see THE Stevie Nicks in concert for the first time and it was phenomenal!!! Unlike a lot of Stevie fans I'm only 17 years old but I have rapidly learned almost all of her songs and have a vast collection of pictures, magazine articles and attire. Anyway back to the concert. As we were walking in the parking lot, there was a flood of Stevie songs coming from every which way. Some cars had parents with their small children sitting in the back with "Edge of Seventeen" blasting on the stereo. Other people were sitting outside in crowds around CD players and singing "Stand Back". Once we were seated, after of course I got my program and T-Shirts, Boz Scaggs came out and sang some of his hit songs (not that I knew any) he was really good though. Then finally at about 8:40 or so Stevie waltzed out on stage in one of her gorgeous sparkling black dresses and sang the opening song, "Outside the Rain," which was a perfect song to open with, not only because it was so good but because wouldn't you know it was raining. As the crowd cheered wildly, Stevie welcomed everyone and stated, "If you don't recognize a song, you blinked." Then after a soft version of Dreams which sounded just as good as it did when sung with the whole "Mac,"and "Enchanted," (one of my very favorite songs,) she donned the gold sequined cape and sang a mystical enchanting version of Gold Dust Woman. (I'm not going to tell something about every song because then you'd get bored and fall asleep reading so I'll just highlight my favorite parts.) After a bouncing version of the little heard song, " Golden Braid," the whole band sat at center stage on little red stools and Stevie announced that she was going to perform three songs that illustrated how she felt about being famous and her life. They were "After the Glitter Fades," "Garbo" and " I Never Promised You a Rose Garden," an amazingly poetic and sweet song she wrote when she was just 17. :-) Just as the atmosphere was relaxing and calm, the band turned up the volume with an electrifying version of "Stand Back," in my opinion better than the one performed on Jay Leno. After "Stand Back" though, the crowd whipped out there lighters and key chain flashlights and waved them in the air to "Landslide," which Stevie dedicated to a guy named Don in the front row. (It was funny just before she did that, she mentioned that Lindsey would never let her do it.) The "signature tune" and a beautiful version of "Rhiannon" followed as Stevie proclaimed that it has been sung in every concert and benefit she has ever done. A few songs later, she was "strutting around" to the "in your face song," "Whole Lotta Trouble." Then came the long awaited "Edge of Seventeen." It was probably the best she's ever done it as she danced and twirled in the beautiful white wing dove cape. Towards the end of the song as Stevie was walking across the stage shaking the hands of exuberant and screaming fans, she took a little girl, probably about 5 or 6 years old out on the stage, danced with her and picked her up while finishing the song and thanking everyone. That for me further heightened my belief that Stevie Nicks is the classiest, strongest and of course coolest 50 year old on the planet. The encores were an unbelievable version of " I Need to Know," and the concert ending "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You," which featured Stevie alone at center stage enchanting the audience and which I must admit brought me to tears. I can honestly say that I left that concert feeling quite sad that it was over but more enchanted by Stevie Nicks than I was when I first arrived. She has definitely touched my life and I'm sure she has touched many of yours.

Thank you for reading,
LC (Lil Mac )

Review by Eliza Ryan, June 13, 1998 Well, my seats were very far away from the stage, but Stevie's voice rang clear and I could see her dancing and spinning like a dervish, so I felt like I was right there in the front. Besides, I got to see her up close with binoculars that I borrowed from a wonderful guy sitting next to me. Okay, about the show, let's just say I really didn't want to leave. Stevie's show was like another world. I don't remember the exact order of the song list, but I do remember that she played Outside the Rain first off, which melted into Dreams. my first glimpse of her was during Outside the Rain (one of my very favorites), and she seemed to be really concentrating on what she was doing. She looked at least a decade younger than she is, and she was wearing the same dress (long, black, with gold material at the bottom), that she wore on the Tonight Show. Above all, she lokked lovely in everything she wore. Her voice was in top form, and she sang Garbo to a tee. It was one of those great moments in time during that song. Okay, short recap: Sleeping Angel was perfect, Gold and Braid kicked ass, Gold Dust Woman is always a pleasure, Enchanted and I Need To Know brought the mother DOWN. It was................well........enchant-ing. I hope I can do it again sometime...only with better seats.

  Holmdel, NJ, PNC Arts Center, June 13,1998
  From the Blue Letter Archives: Asbury Park NJ Press(06/15/98)
Review by Amy C., June 13, 1998

Some Enchanted evening.............

We arrived an hour before the show, it was a beautiful evening, a little muggy, but breezy. It had poured in the morning and there was to be more rain later, but nothing could put a damper on this evening for me. Nothing can prepare you for 6th row center seats, I could not believe how close I was and how intimate the venue was. When we took our seats at 8, the orchestra seats were not even half filled. Boz Scaggs and his backup singer, especially were very good, but I didn't really want to get into a bluesy mood for Stevie.

People finally started filling the seats in Orchestra, and they readied the stage for Stevie (the perfect set, by the way). The band came out first and the audience was going crazy, personally I was jumping up and down, with my Mom trying to calm me down, my heart was going a mile a minute. She came out and everyone was on their feet, she walked all around the stage while they were doing the intro to Outside the Rain and she gave a bouquet of flowers to a young woman waiting by center stage, then Stevie had to run back to the mic to start the song.

For the first song I was in a bit of shock, believe it or not, I didn't quite know what to do with myself, yet. First off, the people around us were drunk and seemed disinterested. There was still a bunch of seats available right across the aisle, so Mom and I jumped across to 4th row on the aisle. Now, I was ready to rock! There was some really cool, happy people seated around us.

Stevie started Dreams, and I was just looking at her, not believing I was really there, and I just started crying. I think, at least where I was sitting there was a good amount of audience participation, standing and dancing for: Enchanted, Gold Dust Woman, Stand Back, Rhiannon,  Landslide (which everyone joined her on singing), Edge of 17. By the encores everyone was standing, rocking back and forth, singing Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You.  Everyone was so happy, what a high! Stevie looked and sounded fabulous, my mother said to me "she looks just like an angel", I said " she is".

Every time she would go for a break or shawl change, she would put her little pointer finger up and say " I'll be right back". Stevie was so full of energy and above all, happiness, during instrument solos she would either rap with the musicians or just be there dancing and talking. Her band is top notch,  very talented musicians.  Stevie, the band, the set, everything was visually appealing, all of your senses are stimulated.  During the bongo solo for Edge of 17, people in the know tried to make their way to the stage, but security was like, no way! It was probably too early, so a few moments after Stevie started singing, they could not hold us back anymore. Towards the end of the song she came down to greet us, I had 4 big guys in front of me and I had a little gift to give to Stevie.  I asked one of them if I could get in front of him, at first he said no, then he turned around and put me in front of him. My gift was a teenie weenie beanie baby penguin and a little key chain license plate for NJ (animal lovers) with STEVIE on it. It was so small, but when she got over to me she took it, went OOOOHHHHH!!!!, KISSED IT!!!  and then held it up (shaking it)  to the ENTIRE AUDIENCE!!!!!! then she leaned down and shook my hand, I was sooooooo happy, I will not forget this ever. She had the smallest, softest hand, and it looked to me like she didn't have a lot of makeup on, but, she's just so beautiful!

She talked a lot during the set, I couldn't make out much of it because we (audience) were so loud.  I do know at the end she said she loved being able to interact with the audience and meet the people. Stevie loves what she does, and she does it well, her warmth and sincerity shines through, and that love goes right back to her. Same time, next year, I'll be there.

Review by Jeffrey Roth, June 13, 1998

While reading all of the reviews from this tour thus far, it's easy to come to the conclusion that we're a heavily biased group, paying tribute to Stevie.  Let me just say that NOTHING has been exaggerated!  What you are reading are the FACTS.  Stevie definitely is bringing the house down.  Last night she was in the finest voice that I have ever heard her...and I am now a veteran of 21 shows, both FM and solo.  She was noticeably happier, more talkative, and delivered each song with what seemed to be more confidence than ever before.

The show began at 8 with Boz delivering a rockin'/bluesy 50 minute show which included one encore---rare for an opening act, but well deserved. Then the skies in the distance started to light up with an approaching storm.  While the thunder and lightning never did actually make it to the PNC Arts Center, the rain did.  Stevie took the stage in the same fashion as we've read before...Christopher reading from a dictionary and Stevie handing flowers to a lucky fan in the front row.  From there, the show rocked in the same order as we've been hearing.  But THAT VOICE!

No one has seemed to be able to express how STRONG she sounds now.  The vocal training she has been doing is paying off for us all! Some small points of interest for those not at this show---Stevie had Frank Simes go to the edge of the stage while she held his guitar and pick a young lady from the audience to dedicate "Landslide" to....this time it was "Gabriella".  During "Edge of 17", she changed the wording from "I know what it sounds like when doves cry" to "I know what it sounds like when you sounds just like me".  The security at the Center were not interested in stopping anyone from taking pictures....they were only trying to keep people out of the aisles.  I saw several people go and stand right next to a security guard and flash a picture or 2.  Also--as soon as you hear the drums at the beginning of "Edge of 17", head for the stage as fast as you can.  They allowed a large bunch of people down to the front of the stage.

Review by Violett, June 13, 1998

Well, I went to the Holmdel show last night - I still can't believe that it's over!  It was just incredible!  I think I was probably half in shock the entire night - no, I was "enchanted"….I couldn't believe that Stevie was there, right in front of me, on the stage!

        My mom and I got to the PNC Arts Center pretty early, but they wouldn't let anyone in until 6:30!  We didn't get our Best Buy certificates, because we didn't see anyone giving them out.  We went in and I got a t-shirt (the one in blue with Stevie pointing), a tourbook, and a key chain.  My mom forced me to eat something but I really couldn't because I was too excited.  I looked around for Ali and the rest of the Ledgies, but I must have missed them, which was a shame because I really wanted to meet them.  I saw SO many people in Dance t-shirts, and a couple of women dressed like Stevie, and a few college age girls wearing 70's type clothes - one was going barefoot!  I didn't see too many little kids though - I saw about 10 the whole night.  There were definitely people around my age - like in the 13 to 18 range.  And a lot of college age or mid-30's types, and the rest of the audience was mostly baby boomers, like my mom.  I kept looking around, and I noticed that I was the only one I saw with anything for Stevie - and some people looked at me kind of strangely.  I didn't care though.  Later on I saw a few other people with some beautiful bouquets of white roses. We finally went down to our seats just before Boz Scaggs came onstage - our seats were actually pretty great, I think.  They were 4 rows back on the right side in the section behind the pit section and we were right next to the sound control box.  I kept looking everywhere, to see if I knew anyone there, but there were SO many people!  It must have been totally sold out because I didn't see any empty seats the whole night!  I was looking down at the walkway by my section when I noticed this guy in a tie-dyed shirt and sunglasses walking around….I knew who he was right away - Lenny Castro!  So I was like, "Mom, look, look - it's Stevie's bongo drummer!!!  Remember, he was in the Dance!!?"  He went over and was hanging around the sound box, right next to out seats.  So my mom was like, "Go get his autograph!"  So I went…I'm a little shy so I didn't really say anything to him but "Excuse me, would you sign this please?", and gave him my tourbook to sign….he was really nice though - he signed it and I was like "Thanks so much!"  And people around me must have been thinking, "what on earth is she doing?"  It was funny because he was walking around A LOT, and I think I was the only one that recognized him and asked for his autograph!  That really was funny because he was wearing the exact same shirt and sunglasses as he was in the tourbook - you'd think people would recognize him.

        So, Boz's band performed - I was so psyched - this was my first ever concert and so far I was having a blast!  The band was GOOD!!!  My mom really liked Boz, which was cool, considering she came to the concert with me even though she was getting over bronchitis (GO MOM!).  I hadn't really heard of Boz before, but I actually recognized Lido and Look What Love Has Done To Me - and I really liked them.  Boz's band really warmed up the audience.

        Then, Stevie.  Her brother came out and read the definition of enchanted, and before Stevie even said anything, I was totally enchanted.  I mean, she was THERE - she was RIGHT THERE!!!  That was enough for me!  So the band started playing Outside the Rain first, and it went right into Dreams.  She did Enchanted after that.  I kept yelling and clapping and everything - my mom kept telling me I was making her deaf, but how could I stop yelling?  It was Stevie!!!  And I sang too - to every song…I really didn't care what other people thought.  My mom noticed and she was like, "These people came here to hear Stevie, not you!"  But I didn't stop - I was having so much fun!  Stevie was so incredible!  She's just such a beautiful person - she really does cast magic over the audience - she was so sweet when she explained the songs!  I'm not going to write about every song though, because everyone knows what she sings.  I totally got teary during a lot of the songs though - Gold & Braid, because that is one of my favorites and I couldn't believe she was singing it live!, and Garbo, because it was just SO beautiful - the music sounded WONDERFUL!  And then Gold Dust Woman was EXCELLENT!!!  She was twirling around the stage and it was just great!!  I got teary again during Stand Back, because it's a song that really has special meaning for me, and again, I couldn't believe I was hearing it live.  I kept singing to every single song though - but the best part was when the rest of the audience started singing too!  Loudly enough to hear too - my mom was like, "They're singing!"  I smiled and said, "Yep."  The whole audience sang Rhiannon and Landslide with Stevie - it was SO cool!  She looked like she was having so much fun!  She dedicated Landslide to some girl that her guitarist picked out of the audience ( I was wishing right then that I had front row seats).  Whole Lotta Trouble was awesome - Stevie really got into it!  Twisted was great too - and it really started raining - the clouds had been holding off for awhile, but the rain came - no thunder though, which was good.  The whole show was just wonderful!  Stevie was so sweet when she introduced the band - you can tell they all just love her.  She said that Sharon had been with her like forever, and that she was "My Sharona" - and Sharon looked really touched.  Stevie also said that her musical director, Carlos Rios (I think), was another special person in her life, and she hugged him.  Hmmm…..

        Then came the time when she went offstage to change, before Edge of 17, and Lenny started his bongo solo…and it was time for me to try to get down to the stage.  I grabbed the small bouquet of pink, purple, and white flowers I bought for Stevie and the letter I had written to her, and started going down.  I went towards the right, because that was closer to where my seats were….and was promptly stopped by some crotchety woman.  I told her I had bought Stevie flowers and could I PLEASE give them to her, but she said no.  Then I said I had a letter for her too….the response was "Get back to your seat!"  I was crushed, but still determined.  Thank goodness it was dark, because I walked to the left side and tried there….this time I was luckier - a girl my age let me through, but then I was stopped by some guy wearing some security type headphones.  I told him the same thing - that I had flowers and a letter for Stevie, and could I PLEASE give them to her?  I made my eyes look watery and as big as possible - but he said no!!!  I COULD NOT BELIEVE THESE PEOPLE!!!!  What was wrong with them????  But I politely asked him if he would put the bouquet on the stage for me (and I think I must've said please about 80 times.)  He said he would and I profusely thanked him - but he still made me go back to my seat….I kept thinking, when is the song gonna start????  There was no way I could have stayed down there until it started, so I dejectedly walked back up to my seat….but the good thing was that when I looked back at the stage, I saw my flowers on the edge of it.  I kept praying over and over and over that they wouldn't get knocked off or anything.  Then I got the surprise of my life - I had been sitting in my seat for all of 30 seconds, when crowds of people rushed up to the stage - and WERE NOT KEPT BACK!  Talk about crushed and dejected?  I had been there - right at the stage, right were all those lucky lucky people were!  I really really felt like crying.  But I consoled myself because Edge of 17 was so great - Stevie was WONDERFUL!  She was dancing around, her voice was perfect (as it had been the entire night), and the song was just excellent - the best part was when Stevie and Sharon shared Stevie's mike for the "Well I see you in the morning, etc," part.  And the wail Stevie did was awesome!!  Everyone was clapping and singing and dancing - it was great!  I didn't do that much singing though, because I was watching all those other people up at the stage, shaking Stevie's hand and giving her their flowers, right where I had been standing.  I couldn't see what happened to my flowers, as there were people in the way, but I hoped (and am still hoping) that someone from the stage had grabbed them.  Not too too many people gave Stevie flowers though - but she did get two teddy bears, and some people gave her little stuffed animals too - I think one of them may have been a penguin.  Someone also threw a little stuffed Mickey Mouse up onstage, and one of the stage hands picked it up and put it on the platform where the piano was. Then came the group bows, and almost everyone stood up - I did, and I was screaming again - I'm so surprised I didn't lose my voice!  Then the first encore was I Need to Know - I absolutely love this song and it was GREAT!!!!  I think a couple of people sitting near me were singing too - a lot of people were dancing - mostly in the pit section, where everyone was standing up - they looked like they were having a lot of fun.  Then, Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You - I KNEW I would cry on this even before she started singing - and I did cry - a lot - I couldn't stop the tears from streaming down my cheeks….and I sang too - right back to Stevie, who was written many many things for everyone.  I kept crying even after they all stopped and took their bows….it was all just too much - like Stevie said during the Hall of Fame inductions, "We are so full…", well, that's just how I was….full.   The emotion of it all was astounding!  It was my first concert and it was incredible!  Next tour though, I am going to get down to the stage!!!!!  I was completely enchanted, and still am - I'll never forget that night.

Review by, June 15, 1998

  Wow. It's two days later and I'm still at a loss for words but I'll try my best. June 13th was really rainy and I was so afraid that the show was going to be canceled but everything worked out. I sat in the 26th row of the orchestra section-i wish I had been closer but the seats were still good enough to see Stevie's expressions. I arrived 1 hour early but there were already about a million people there. Boz Scaggs came on at 7:55 and played 7 pretty good songs-but we were all there for Stevie. Everytime a curtain moved a cheer rose from the audience. Finally her band came out and everybody stood up as they introduced Stevie. I've never heard so much cheering in my life. She looked fantastic! And she sounded phenomenal! This was my first Stevie concert because I'm only 16 but she made everyone feel like old friends. I won't go through the whole setlist I have to mention a few songs.Gold Dust Woman-best I've ever heard it! Gold and Braid-nobody seemed familiar with it- but it rocked and I certainly sang along. Garbo and Rose Garden were so emotional half the audience was in tears(myself included). Rhiannon was indescribable-you all know how it is. Twisted rocked the house again-and then she did Edge of Seventeen where she shakes everyone's hand-but the security guard stopped me from running up there so only those in the first few rows had the honor. I never felt so great and so upset at the same time as when she left the stage. But of course there were the encores: I Need To Know was excellent but Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You was the defining moment of the night-everyone was on their feet and swaying to the music. She was so happy to be there that it made you even happier to see and hear her.

  New York City, Radio City Music Hall, June 17, 1998
  From the Blue Letter Archives:
Review by Blackcat,June 17, 1998

Swee-eeet, Sweet City Woman! This is an old song, but it just comes to mind seeing Stevie in New York: "You can hear her voice, you can see her face, you can almost touch her!" Stevie Nicks at Radio City New York was "fabulous!" (I guess I got there just a bit earlier than Mo--I loved your review my friend :o) !) It was just beginning to drizzle as we went in. I saw lots of young women in tops hats walking around, a few women wearing black dresses and platform shoes. There were so many people in the lobby, but I did head for the souvenir stand anyhow. Lots of neat things were there: a variety of shirts, one sweatshirt that I noticed, and the stuffed bears were beautiful! The bears were honey-colored with a smile on them, wearing a Stevie Nicks shirt! (I do suggest you get one--and Angel S you were absolutely right in this suggestion to me!) There were a couple of types of keychains, including one for Boz Scaggs, and some magnets with the ~Enchanted~ logo and a pic of Stevie on it. The tourbooks were lovely and contained a calendar within it. It had pictures of Stevie's home in it, and she showed her Hall of Fame Statuein it! (It was $18.00 a copy, though~but I had to get it!) Every item sold there seemed designed by Stevie--she obviously had the final say!

I was in the second row of the 1st balcony and had a great view. I tried to be mindful of this view and not block the sight of those behind me, but a few times we just had to jump up! I sat next to gentleman who started chatting about the Nicks Fix, etc. to me. He had just been at a Stevie concert and lived in Long Island and it's funny how quickly Stevie's fans connect! I brought binoculars and shared them around~it was such a communal kind of atmosphere. This was an indoor concert, so perhaps a little more settled than other kinds of concerts I have been to--but great! A few rows back sat a man who could catwhistle very loudly to Stevie. . .and he did from time to time, and it got us all laughing. I bet Mo could hear him up on the 3rd balcony!

The sound system was wonderful--it was indoors, so it was particularly! Even Stevie commented on how great it felt to her! Boz Scaggs was first, and I was surprised to find that I DID know a lot of his music. I just didn't know the titles: Dirty Low Down (I thought it was called, "I wonder, wonder, wonder, wonder who!") and Lido, and a few others. I gotta tell you though, since we are kinda like family on the ledge, I kept wanting him to move along. . .(no disrespect to Mr. Scaggs, but I can to see and hear her royal Stevieness!); nonetheless, he did rock and the sound was great!

Finally the curtains dropped and when they were raised again, I saw the beautiful set everyone has described before--pink and white and with a fan gently blowing the curtains about. Stevie's microphone was there, with all the ribbons and things on it (that Sarah has been the keeper of, btw!). The band was in place -- I knew Lenny Castro right away, and I also knew Sharon and Mindy. A very handsome Christopher Nicks came out and spoke to the audience, giving the definition of enchanted--and introduced his beautiful sister to a very enthusiastic crowd! I had so many thoughts flooding through my mind at once: I felt the excitement of knowing I would soon see Stevie, I enjoyed the knowledge that Terri was down there, sitting in the front row, knowing that Mo was right there "over my head" (and, yup, "it sure feels right!"), and that awesome sense that all of you ledgies were there with me--along with the friends that actually brought me!

Finally, the beautiful Stevie Nicks came out~wearing her beautiful black chiffon clothes, glistening with jewelry and that forehead glitter too! Ali did a great job listing the music set, so I won't repeat it, but Ali was 100% on the money! Yes, Mo, you knew Gold Dust Woman got to me--the second I saw standing off to the right in the almost darkness, slipping on the Gold Dust Woman Shawl! She was powerful Barbara, and I really did think of you, Ms keeper of the Gold Dust Woman song! And I heard the lovely cow bell sound~you will all love hearing it! "Did she make you cry, make you break down. . ."~why YES she did! ;o) She IS the Gold Dust Woman!

Hayley, you will be very pleased with Golden Braid~the woman still has that energized voice that she had on Stevie Nicks In Concert! I kept wondering how she would do this particular number--well, she just doesn't jump around as much as she used to, but she totally has it where it counts! That voice of hers is so in control! And while you will miss the Waddster's "pasty white skin and hair" I believe you will all love this number.

Stevie Talks! That used to be a big thing when Garbo moved from the silent screen to the "talkies" but even Stevie chuckled realizing how quite we were listening to her talk! We just haven't heard her talk so much (or so fast!) at a concert! She explained how the 3 songs of her acoustic section ("After the Glitter Fades," "Garbo," " You Never Promised Me a Rose Garden") form a trilogy of her early career in the music industry. And she did talk! It was terrific!

Stand Back! had everyone up and dancing in the aisles! It was a really great treat to look down in the orchestra section and see the party going on, while we played up top! I think the posted guards at the front of the orchestra were totally outmatched by the Stevie celebrants! They were outmanned, outgunned, outnumbered! It was terrific! :o) I believe she wore that beautiful black shawl with the golden moons on it for this number! Stand Back!

Edge of Seventeen just seemed to come to quickly! I knew it was coming from Rhapsody's post about the drum and bongo drum duet, and I felt sad! But then it brought along a lot of other associations . . . and I felt all fuzzy and happy, too! Suddenly, it was as if the Great White Winged Dove descended, and everything was okay. Piper was definitely there in spirit with me! I hear the ca-all of the nightbird! Stevie is the master of this song. She did that famous Stevie noise where you know her soul is given up into that song. Thank you Stevie. I loved it!

Stevie put her soul into the entire performance--she totally connected to the audience, and, just as she did on the Letterman show, she sang directly to her fans. One of the encore songs was "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You?" WELL I HAVE, she said to us very clearly. She lovingly held onto her notes just as she did on Letterman--far better than any recorded cd I have heard. You could feel the warmth, the love! "Know it, feel it," is what she seemed to say to us. It is so very real!

I know she must be incredibly tired after each performance, especially if she is keeping her usual night-owl schedule and recording in her journal after shows! I just loved knowing all these details she has managed to share with us via the press, through Ginny and others. Thank you Stevie for a beautiful night. Those of you who are yet to see her, you are in for a treat. The woman is awesome at 50, and not about to slow down! love, blackcat

Review by Howie Dash, June 17 1998

After seeing Fleetwood Mac last summer, I looked forward to the opportunity of seeing Stevie solo for the first time. Wednesday, June 17 at Radio City in New York City did not disappoint.

Stevie's show was a combination of Fleetwood Mac hits, many of her own hits and a number of lesser-known songs from her box set. The Fleetwood Mac songs were well done, but her band as good as they were could not match Lindsey's guitar playing. With the exception of Rhiannon, which was just great, I liked the Fleetwood Mac versions of her songs better.

Stevie's own songs were another story. The way Stevie rocked, you would never know she was 50. The audience really got into it with her big hits of Stop Draggin' My Heart Around, Stand Back, Whole Lotta Trouble and Edge of Seventeen. However, I liked some of her lesser-known stuff best. The trilogy of After the Glitter Fades, Garbo, and Rose Garden told the story of someone that always wanted to be a singer, right from when she was 5 and danced at the bar to her grandfather's country music. It really told the story of a woman that had good times and bad. From the days of waiting on tables to that smash sucess of Fleetwood Mac, to the dark days of cocaine, to the happy and reborn star of today.

As a matter of fact Stevie seemed truly liberated from Fleetwood Mac. While the Fleetwood Mac shows were technical perfection, they were also all business. This concert was truly a personal affair. Stevie reacted well with her audience and took the time to explain many of her songs. She changed her outfits many times and always was dressed to fit the moods. She was her usual twirling self. Many times she has been criticized for all the twirling at her age, but without it she wouldn't be Stevie Nicks. It is just that 5 year old again getting up on the tables and doing the twirls. Anyway, who says what a 50 year old has to be like. I myself will be 50 this year and have been a fan of Stevie and Fleetwood Mac from day one.

At the end of the concert, Stevie went from one end of the stage to another, shaking the hands of all the people in the front row. She truly seemed to enjoy every minute of being there. Stevie closed her show with an encore of Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You. She spoke with the audience and told everyone how much she loved the east and how much more enthusiastically we reacted to her show than the westerners. She told us to take care of ourselves and lets do this again. Stevie was almost in tears, totally soaking up every minute of what was happening.

Stevie, please come back, we will be there again.

Review by, June 17 1998

As I approached Radio City, thunder rumbled, the rain started, and I heard Stevie’s voice singing over the theater loudspeakers. Entering the lobby, I was surprised by the diversity of the crowd; all ages, from little girls to men in their fifties. Lots of Dance tour shirts! My husband and I got to our seats, 20th row center orchestra, in time to see the end of Boz's very enjoyable set. Stevie came on after only a ten minute interval... I could see her standing on the side of the stage as Chris read her intro... as she walked on stage the crowd jumped up and went crazy! You have never heard such deafening cheers! She sang Outside the Rain beautifully. I won't go through every song but will share the many highlights... Enchanted really rocked, she had so much energy on this one. Gold Dust Woman was the best song of the night, it was done to perfection. The crowd went wild when she started spinning. A million times better than the video version, if you can imagine. When she came back to the to do her acoustic set, a purple-pink spotlight followed her to center stage, then she twirled under it. There appeared to be glitter in the light. This effect was just dazzling! The segue from the acoustic set into Sleeping Angel was really well done, and she sang that song so beautifully I was in tears. Stand Back was BY FAR the best version of this song I have ever seen her do, without question! Even my husband (who tolerates my Stevie obsession)was on his feet, loving it! She danced forehead to forehead with Carlos, and really belted this out like I've never heard her. Whole Lotta Trouble really rocked. Landslide - again, people were absolutely screaming throughout the song, every time she paused. She seemed overwhelmed by the reactions. Throughout the night she would go over to the side of the stage to change jackets, etc. She is really thin now, you can see what a little lady she is without all of her layers. She came back on for 17 in a gorgeous grey silk dress... someone gave her a wreath of flowers for her hair which she wore, with her gown she looked like a medieval princess, so lovely! There were some little girls down front dressed like miniature Stevies in chiffon and top hats. Last but not least, Has Anyone.. was fantastic, I of course had tears again, as I had throughout a lot of the night. Her voice was so clear and strong!! She said at the end "when they ask her about the men in her life, and they HAVE been asking her lately!" and she laughed and continued, "they were poets, priest of nothing, but they were REAL legends". This song just gave me shivers.

Her set was great, the best I have ever seen. The lighting was really well done, the lights all came through the big stained glass fan in the center of the stage and changed continuously throughout every song. You could see how much thought Stevie put into every last detail of the entire show. Even my husband was completely blown away, not only by Stevie, but by the incredible reactions she got from the crowd. I saw FMac at MSG Thanksgiving, and this crowd was ten times louder and more enthusiastic. Everyone was on their feet for almost every song, and you could feel the adoration everyone had for her. Stevie looked just beautiful and much happier than at the FM show. The entire night was enchanted...I only wish I could see her again!

Amy C. and Christopher Nicks

  Camden NJ, E-Center, June 19, 1998
  From the Blue Letter Archives: Philadelphia Inquirer, 6/22/98
Review by Janet, June 19,1998

It was a very hot muggy day ...but if you turned on the radio---all you heard was news of the upcoming Stevie concert--and it made the heat disappear---she had an interview on one station---people calling and requesting songs--she was everywhere--and the heat added to the excitement--its summer--its Stevie--nothing could be better.

When you arrived at the parking lots--you saw a variety of ages--young girls to older couples--it was great.  Some in plain Jean shorts--others geared up in their Stevie attire--unfortunately, the heat made it difficult to wear anything too heavy.

But everyone was hanging out--eating...drinking..smoking...blasting Stevie through their car was adding fuel to the fire of what was to be an awesome night.

The E-Center was not crowded--it was a half to three quarters filled up-but everyone a Boz Scaggs left and they transformed the stage for the queen herself--the crowd got restless....

Then she came could see her smile and her hair--and just feel her presence from everywhere--whether out on the lawn or in the front row..

Outside the Rain--Its always hard to hear the first song of a concert--the screams and cheers from the crowd drown it out always..her voice was so strong and steady--she owns the stage and the crowd.

She says hello to Philadelphia PA ( well it was actually Camden NJ but that's ok) and raises her arms as we screamed STEVIE!!!!!--pure adulation went over her I'm sure--she deserves it.

Dreams--perfect--her band gives it their own touch--makes it her song instead of a Fleetwood Mac song.  Again perfect on her part also.

Enchanted--this started and people stood still for a second not quite sure...but its so rocky and has such a great beat everyone started moving and can tell she's really loving this whole set list.

Gold Dust Woman--people knew this song and begged her to twirl--every time she even threatened to go around everyone screamed.  She sang it just as strong as she did for Fleetwood Mac--you miss Lindsey's guitar, Mick's drums and John's bass--but again she has a great band that add a flavor of their own.

Golden Braid--again people stood for a second--but the long time fans knew this song and started moving again.  She didn't move around as much as she did for her Wild Heart days..but it did rock and she still does it just as well.

Stop Draggin My Heart Around--it was hard to hear her sometimes--her speaking voice was very low and raspy and she was smiling so much you really couldn't get every word...but I believe she mentioned Tom and how she loves this song--but she and her guitarist sang it perfectly together.

Now her acoustic set--she is wearing red and looking marvelous.  She seems almost shy and apologetic--like here are my songs I love--I'm sorry--but I have to do it...but its beautiful as her band all get in a circle--she likes people--but she breaks away sometimes--you can tell she needs her space...

After the Glitter Fades--her most critically acclaimed songs I believe...she mentions that its just about Hollywood---a way of telling us what its like..

Garbo--here she mentions Lindsey--and what she wanted fame to be--and its such an amazing song and she did it so perfectly---if you closed your eyes you wouldn't imagine it was live.

Rose Garden...I think it almost scares Stevie how prophetic this song is--she was like--I wrote this when I was 17 and now look at me..and I looked at her up there--she's surrounded by people--but I felt sad suddenly--because she isn't with a man ( as far as I know) and I just found myself hoping that she does find someone to spend the rest of  her years with...but its scary--the song gives her everything but true love--she's had true love--but not lasting love...she is so strong but she also lets us see her vulnerable side.

Sleeping Angel--one of her most epic songs--she sang loud and clear--didn't go off in the end like she does originally--but goes off with the lines.." like a soft silver chain"

She tells us now this is the last of the first set and she's going to change now--she's so cute and she kind of just stands there and waves us off to go get we are her friends at a party in her house...

Stand Back---nothin gets the crowd moving more than this song...everyone leapt at this song and you can tell she does love doing it live--and she still wears the same outfit--and she moved around but again not as much as she used to.

Landslide...I missed Lindsey the most here..but her guitarist was great and she gave him a little hug in the end...not the hugs in the Dance tour--but this song takes on a different meaning for this tour..

Rhiannon--the lines "once in a million years a lady like her rises" came to me as she was doing this song..its true--at 50 she is so strong beautiful--such a survivor--I'm sure in 1994 if you told a critic that Stevie Nicks would lose 40 pounds--and tour and sing perfectly--they wouldn't believe--but there she is--singing every note perfectly --doing her trademark song.

Twisted...everyone seemed confused,  not quite knowing what this song was until she started actually singing--but the smoke and mood it gave was not what I expected--but it was great--I even said out loud that is very cool--because it was.

Whole Lotta Trouble--I wanted to stand up--but everyone stayed seated in my area--but she moved a little--got down--and sang her heart out--this is a great live song and she really belts it.

Edge of 17--dressed in white--like an angel---she does this awesome song and everyone just lost it by now--the front row rushed to the stage and she let them touch her--one girl actually got on stage and Stevie seemed apprehensive--she wasn't as into it like when I saw her on the Rock A Little Concert--but she still went across the whole stage--and tambourines and roses and a few stuffed animals were thrown up...I could see people rushing and screaming after they touched her..I got insanely jealous. But when she was singing this song--I could barely hear her--but I heard that she messed up and corrected herself.  I thought it sounded very strange--as she was speaking--but she does that a lot--but she was actually trying to remember what words to sing.  I love her!!

Here she and the band bowed--we screamed--we knew she'd be back--but she walked off and we screamed her back out.

I Need To Know--a great live song--and she did it the same way she always does--everyone just moved and clapped---

Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You--this is so sad--the song is heartbreaking and the fact the concert is over--she sings perfectly--she's wearing a most beautiful shawl--white glitter and she looks truly like an angel--her hair so long and light--she was glowing....

My over all impression is that the heat could be felt --I'm sure she was hot and feeling sluggish...but she was very on and very alert--she never wandered in her speeches or her songs...people got out their Bics on quite a few occasions--its either rockers or ballads with Stevie--but not one person left untouched...she was so very good and so very honest--you felt like you had a new friend when you left--and you were amazed at how great she still is--maybe the best she's ever been.

It was a great night I will never forget--my first Stevie concert--it was awesome--I was enchanted....

Review by ~*~MARISSA~*~, June 19,1998 Enchanted....boy, Chris Nicks sure had that one right. "One who almost brings you to tears." Well, she did that and a whole lot more. She brought the crowd to its feet. I danced and sang the whole entire time. And yes, I even cried. Her most powerful song; Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You. It was truly magical. I arrived at the E-Center with my mom at 6pm. We weren't allowed in until 6:30. We stood at the doors to the pit and waited with four other people. Our seats were section 102 row Y which were pretty good. It seemed that everyone used the other doors to get in though. We were one of the first people to our seats. I noticed a man walk out that resembled Lenny. He was talking to a couple who he evidently knew. Sure enough! It was Lenny Castro. I walked over there and asked him to autograph my tour book. He said "sure!" I then asked him if he could get me backstage after the show and he told me "sweetie,I would let you but we've got a hit and run tonight." He wasn't kidding cause after the concert they all flew out of there like a bat out of hell. I did ask him if he could give Stevie my letter (this isn't the first time that I had written her so I was kind of hopping that she might remember me)and the silver dolphin ring that was attached to it (I decorated the envelope and it looked really cool. I was quite proud of myself, lol). He was like "I sure will." I was SOOOO happy!!!! So Boz came on and did his thing which was really good much to my surprise. So Chris read the definition of Enchanted ....yada, yada, yada..... you guys know the set list by now and I can't rave enough about her. She just rocked!!!! She was REALLY talkative and energetic with us all. The final song..... WOW. I loved how she changed the words to "if it's all I ever do. I want you to remember me." It really made me sad though to know that this had all come to an end. At the end of the song she said something like I've known or I've dated many men (something to that effect) and they've all been poets, priests of nothing, legends (that was pretty cool). She looked beautiful and she was GLOWING!!!! It was such a great night. Everyone had left and I got my mom to stay and wait for the tour bus to leave. We stood near the gate (15 other people were near me) and out comes Lenny and Frank Simes!!!! I also got Frank to sign my book!!!He asked me what my name was and after he signed it I said "thank you SO much!" and he was like "no problem." they hopped on the tour bus and drove off. I never saw Stevie get in but that was okay for some reason. I really sat down and thought more about it and about the song "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You." At first I couldn't get what it was all about although I knew that I loved it. I finally got it after going back in my mind and thinking. I understand the changes made to the song. I mean, grant it, I have no idea what she was feeling when she wrote the song. I think that I felt more with this song than anything that she had sang all night. It wasn't because I didn't like everything else or because it was the final song. I really understood what Stevie is saying in that song. Especially,"I want you to remember me." She doesn't want to be remembered for the drug problem she had, she doesn't want to be remembered for having an affair with Mick Fleetwood or dating Lindsey Buckingham. She wants to be remembered for her music. It's what she's sacrificed her life for. And she's doing it for us; that really is what Stevie's all about. Her mission in life is to make other people happy. Each song that she sings is like a lesson. She touches our hearts, souls, and minds. She is a beautiful person inside and out. To her, it's all about the music. Her gift to the world. And if it's all she ever does, she wants us to remember her. She's the poet, she's the priestess, she's the legend.For the first time in my 14 years of life I understood why it is that I like Stevie so much. She's genuine and for that, she WILL be remembered. I CAN'T THANK YOU ENOUGH STEVIE!! YOU ARE SUCH A WONDERFUL PERSON!!!!! LIVE LONG, ROCK ON, AND PLEASE; NEVER GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!

  Charlotte, Marshall Park, 6/20/98
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Review by Torri, 6/28/98

What an interesting trip! My husband, Dave and I drove 5 hours to Charlotte and got to the venue in the was VERY hot...and the set up...6 stages within one city block...we checked out the stage where Stevie was scheduled to play at 9:15...all lawn seats...and we got back in our air conditioned car and went for back before Boz came on...Dave had listened to Keith's and my 5th row adventure story in Camden...and he wanted to be up we inched our way up to the 2nd row...Sharon's side, of course :)...and everyone jammed and danced to Boz and Lisa...they are good and the crowd loved them...think big, happy street dance here...I was enjoying head dancing with Lenny myself...and the other drummer...what is his name?.

So Boz ends and the crowd closes in...and waits...other bands are playing on the other stages...they start setting up for Stevie...but think background set...just a few lights...9:15 and the crowd is ready...and the roadie walks up and says...Stevie is going to wait...until they finish up...she'll be on at 10...get another beer...and the security guards started taking and delivering orders...and no one moved...we waited...all I could think was good for you, girl... one of the highlights for Dave...during that very long wait...while Morris Day is singing...Lenny was backlit on our stage...and he and the entire front row started doing the bird dance!. 

Chris introduced Stevie...Outside the Rain/Dreams...and Stevie thanked everyone for coming and waiting and said the reason it's later is 'I didn't feel I could come out and play while there were other people playing'...I loved it! Then she did her welcome and maybe there is a message for you...and right then, she got them...Enchanted...there were many loud cheers...Stevie Rules...and I Love You, Stevie!...and then GDW...she played it up...danced a lot...and wailed...and a couple people passed out...most people were able to get a couple of pictures then security stopped them...and Stevie continued on like the professional she is...I so admire a woman who is good at her job!. .Then came Gold and Braid...the band really seems to like playing this song together...they were smiling and seeming to have entire conversations...I was enjoying Mindy, too...she's having such a good time, dancing, and really screaming/singing loud at times...Dave's gone...with that smile on his face...watching Sharon...she is why Dave has been a Stevie fan with me since '82...Stevie was very playful with the girls...dancing with Carlos and Al...then she went off stage...and came back and introduced Stop Draggin' by saying it was by her favorite songwriter and he hates that she says that...but she loves this songs...she and Frank are having some fun with this song now...and the crowd knew this one and enjoyed it...

Time for the acoustic/electric/acoustic..she talked quite a bit and it was quiet...then she ripped into ATGF...there was not a sound...she had the crowd in her power...Garbo...Rose Garden...sang 'break my heart' very softly 3 times...then Sleeping Angel...Stevie said...we like that as the crowd screamed...and went off to change again... Then Whole Lotta Trouble...the entire crowd did the chorus with one fist in the air...Landslide was dedicated to Pam...then Stevie introduced the band...and she introduced Sharon...mentioned knowing her since Hawaii and then Stevie said something...and Sharon LAUGHED so much that her nose actually wrinkled...this was a highlight for Dave! Then Edge of stage rush...and it was just as well...Stevie did walk the stage and wave and did shake one person's hand and was given a silver chain....I, as you all know...just kept smiling...

Then Has Anyone Ever sounds great every time I hear her...and it's great to see the different shows with the different energies that pass...I'm loving this vacation...and enjoying sharing it with you guys (Come on, Maureen, Grand Rapids?)... :)  Short set... Twisted and I Need to Know were not played...very different show...but I enjoyed it...and hope you guys enjoyed this...but now I'm off to Virginia Beach with my friend, Katy...

  Virginia Beach, GTE, June 23, 1998
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Review by Nancy, June 23, 1998

Just wanted to tell everyone that last night's show in VA Beach was incredible!! You all know the set list so I'll just go over some of the highlights.

First of all, after I think it was Dreams, her microphone cut out on her. It made a really loud noise and she was trying to talk into it but of course no one could hear. Seconds later, out came another microphone. It was funny and she handled it well. Later she got caught up on the tassels that hang from the microphone and nearly brought it down to the stage. She gave it a look as if to say "stay" and seemed to think it was funny.

Second, she was VERY active and danced a lot during Stand Back. Lots of kicks and really into the music.

Third, someone caught her attention from the audience as she was introducing a song and she made a very loud smooching kiss sound to them. Hysterical. She was having a great time. Fourth, since I had a front row seat (I got sooooo lucky with that one!!) I was right up there during Edge of Seventeen. I was able to shake her hand and she made such great eye contact. It is so clear that she really cherishes her fans. And that brings me to the last and best highlight of all! Right after she finished shaking hands with everyone she was crying--big time! Not just a welling of the eyes but a streaming tears. She was barely able to get out the last lines of Edge after she returned to the mike. Before she left the stage she said in a very serious way and still crying that it is so hard for her to reach out to everyone and spend time with us. Of course, this made me shed a tear!! When she walked back to her band they all looked so concerned for her. Returning to the stage for I Need to Know she told us all that she had regained her composure and was ready to go on. It was so sweet!

An evening I'll never forget, can't wait for Nissan tonight!! Nancy

  Manassas Va, Nissan Pavilion, June 24, 1998
  From the Blue Letter Archives:
  • Washington Post (06/26/98)
    Review by Marlene, June 24, 1998

    I knew it was going to be a good evening when it took me practically no time to get to Nissan Pavilion (anyone who is familiar with this venue can appreciate that it only took me an hour of driving time from D.C.—and in early rush hour traffic no less).  I went in around 7 and walked around—looked at the merchandise, checked out my seat (7th row, to the left of the stage), and did some people watching.  There was a wide variety of ages—a lot of thirty- and forty-somethings, but also a lot of twenty-somethings and younger kids with parents.  Around 7:30 I went to the side stage and met some people from the Ledge—Keith, Torri, Vianna, and Jes.  That was great—it was really nice to be able to put faces with names, and meet other very enthusiastic Stevie fans.  We talked for awhile, and then went into the Pavilion around 8 for Boz Skaggs.  I only knew his last two songs, but was very impressed with his performance.  I completely agree with everyone else who mentioned his terrific back-up singer, and thought Boz sounded good.  The crowd, which was still coming in, gave him a nice ovation and he seemed to really mean it when he said he had enjoyed playing for us.  

    Then the lights came on and they started setting up the stage and I started to get even more excited.  I met George, whom I was sitting next to, and Travis, BellaStar, and ma (Marcial).  Jes, who was sitting in the first few rows, came up and told me that security had said that they would let people in the first 5 rows stand right up next to the stage once the concert started, and that I should try to get down there.  But then the lights dimmed, and Chris Nicks came on stage to read the definition of Enchanted. 

    The stage was just as other people have described, with pink curtains and a stained-glass backdrop that changed from pink to red to white and back during the concert.  The band started playing "Outside the Rain" and Stevie came out.  She looked beautiful, and was wearing a long black sparkly dress, and a gem on her forehead.   I was in heaven and the huge smile on my face was a permanent fixture for the rest of the evening. As everyone else has said, her voice sounded fantastic and she seemed so happy to be there.  Initially,  I thought she seemed a little tired, but she also seemed very peaceful, so possibly it was only the latter.  The set list was exactly as described, but some songs really stood out to me. "Enchanted" was one, and the whole band really seemed to be into this.  My seat was directly in front of Carlos Rios, and I was very impressed with him the whole evening.  When they started to set up for the acoustic set, Jes came up and gave me his friend's ticket so I could get down to the stage.  There were 30 people or so (that's a very rough estimate) standing in the area between the first row seats and the stage.  It was amazing to be so close to the stage, to be able to see her expressions and those of the rest of the band.  She talked about each song, and after this set went right into "Sleeping Angel."  At this point I went back and brought BellaStar up front with me.  Because I was moving around I only caught the end of "Sleeping Angel" (sniff—it's one of my favorites) but I got chills when she sang "and someday, when we're older…"  She got a lot of cheers at the end of this song, and said in a surprised way "Oh, you know that song? It's from Fast Times At Ridgemont High."  "Stand Back" was really incredible—it never ceases to amaze me how she can show some much energy during this song.  From this point on she really seemed to put her all into every song.  "Whole Lotta Trouble" and "Twisted" were both really great ("Twisted," as everyone has said," was very different from the demo and rocked!), and I was struck again at how much fun the musicians seemed to be having.  Before "Landslide" she said, "We always have to dedicate this song to someone, and since we don't know anyone here, Frank is going to pick somebody out to dedicate this to," and Frank, her guitarist, walked to the edge of the stage (unfortunately he was on the other side of the stage) picked out someone named Ivy, who Stevie dedicated the song to. 

    All too soon the bongo solo started, and George managed to join us at the stage. Stevie came out in her white shawl, and started dancing to "Edge of Seventeen."  I can't even describe the experience of this song.  Many more people came up to the front at this point, but security still wouldn't let everyone up, which I thought was a very silly.  A lot of people had flowers, stuffed animals, candles, and letters.  In mid-song she walked over the to far left side of the stage and starting shaking people's hands and taking a few gifts as she worked her way across the stage.  When she was right in front of me she took my hand, and all I could get out was a "thank you!"  She really tried to reach everyone, and stopped at a little girl of about 7 or 8 in a black top hat—the girl passed the hat to Stevie but Stevie passed it back, as if to say "No, I want you to have it." 

    The whole experience, which had seemed somewhat surreal to me until this point, became very real, as did Stevie herself.  She was so unbelievably gracious as she crossed the stage, and the feeling that I hear in her songs every day came through ten fold in person.  It was very obvious that she treasures these concerts and her fans and that very moment in time, no matter if it happens in 50 cities on 50 different nights.  The band took an initial bow, and then came back to sing "I Need to Know" and "Has Anyone Ever…"  which were both perfect.  I was so sad when it was over but so happy at the same time to have had such an incredible opportunity.  I would see her again and again and again, and can't emphasize enough the generous spirit of this amazing woman.  From meeting people from the Ledge to shaking her hand, it was all around a wonderful, enchanted evening.  Thank you Stevie!!

    Review by Jeffrey Roth, June 25, 1998

    To steal a line from a friend of mine who witnessed this powerful show with me, "This concert showed us a woman at peace with herself."  This was my 23rd Stevie/FM show and our 3rd and final (?) of this tour---but it was the best one by far!  Stevie was in a "playful" mood all evening on this muggy night.  My friend Rhonda & I traveled 123 miles from PA to see this event--and it was worth every mile!  We were fortunate enough to meet some very nice people at this show---that's the good thing about a mid-week concert, it seemed that only the "hardcore" fans turned out.  The Pavilion was grossly empty that they closed the lawn area & moved everyone into seats.  But no matter...Stevie treated us to a rare performance! 

    We all know the set list by now---I'll just point out some of the "spontaneous happenings" from  this show. You all remember how much of an issue some were making of the way Stevie & Lindsey used the same lines & same hug/kiss after "Silver Springs" during the FM tour last year?  Well solo-Stevie seems to be treating each audience to a lot of spontaneous conversation each night.  Last night she mentioned "I didn't want to do any Fleetwood Mac songs on this tour and my manager called me up and said PUT THEM BACK IN.  So I did and right there was Rhiannon 1998...out there for you."  She also started telling us about "Garbo" and forgot who the song was about, so she said (laughing) "Well, you figure it out!"  Stevie later told us "I wish I was a multi-millionaire!  I'd pack you all up and take you with us on the rest of the tour.  But I'm I can't...but I do want you to stay well so we can do this again sometime.  Wasn't this fun?"  She also was DEEPLY moved by a fan's gift of a Princess-Di Beanie Baby which she received in her march along the stage-edge.  She handed it to a stage-hand who was helping her put all of her gifts behind her so other stage-hands could take them backstage.  She explained what it was to him & seemed to be telling him not to lose it & to put it somewhere where she could be sure to get it.  (He stayed by the edge of the stage and after trying to find someone who he could turn it over to, ended up taking it back to her dressing room himself).

    I'll also give credit to the fans of Manassas for not hitting Stevie with flowers & glow-sticks and not jumping on stage as the crowd in Camden did last Friday visibly scared her near the end of her show.  Now as the tour heads south and west, we wish Stevie and the lucky fans who have yet to see her all the best.  Thanks again for spending your night with us, Stevie!

    Review by Keith Kirk, June 24, 1998

    I was so happy for the woman wearing the Street Angel t-shirt who scored a really great seat at the box office right before the Nissan show. And at face value! Her excitement at her great fortune reminded me of Torri’s and I great fortune last week at Camden ~ yep, there are angels out there looking after us, if we only believe. Tonight, it was this fan’s turn and I knew exactly how she felt. It made me smile..

    Waiting for the gates to open, my friend Marilyn and I stood in the shadow of the box office and with much glee I saw Torri coming towards us with her husband Dave, who was such a sweetheart.."love is hard to find", but when it happens to someone as special as Torri ~ even the angels are singing…..Still waiting for the gates to open, my eyes kept moving towards a familiar face who was holding these 2 red balloons. Yes, he was attractive, but I knew him from somewhere and he must have sensed the same thing as he turned and said, "you look familiar." Well, since he lives only a few blocks from my flat I’m sure our paths have crossed many, many times ~ and I hope I get the chance to talk a little deeper about Stevie sometime as we had just touched the surface. I wonder if he has seen all the demos, bootleg videos. Hmm. My place for some Stevie, coffee, If I see him again, will I be singing "Don’t Treat Me Like A Stranger?" ..oops, now where was I?

    One of the first things I do is go to my seat when I get inside the venue, just to see where I will be connecting with Ms. Nicks, and that is what we did. Even though it wasn’t fifth row, it was good enough ~ my heart was starting to warm.

    Next, our shopping expedition ~ my Boz Skaggs friend ended up buying 2 Stevie t-shirts (she had to have the one with the Stevie drawing~I was impressed). Then, Torri, Dave, Marilyn and I found a picnic table, had some snacks, and watched the crowds go back. Unlike Camden, I saw very few ladies dressed up like Stevie…but I always find a Stevie crowd interesting.

    Yep. We were sitting near the unofficial Ledge meeting place and our eyes were searching. Torri said she thought she saw Vianna go by and fortunately our paths would cross very shortly. With a decent band playing on the side stage, we walked over just to see if we could spot some of you. I did notice this girl with long brown hair standing around, but I didn’t think she was tall enough to be Marlene. So we stood, listening, waiting, and then I noticed Vianna. "Are you Vianna," I said. Yep. It sure was and I gave her a hug and introduced her to the gang. We chatted, looked at the tour book, and then the not so tall (I guess in my definition of the word) J young lady with the long brown hair that I had spotted previously asked me if I was Keith. It was Marlene! This was great, because I really love meeting other Ledgies. Putting faces to the names ~ we chatted, laughed, and then, Jes appeared! What can I say ~ the Ledgies were meeting.. ..well, still no Travis ~ I guess his tailgate party was in full swing,but the nightbirds were just getting started…

    Torri and Dave left for their seats, and my friend and I went to get a beer (to help me get through the Boz set ...even though he was very good). And lo and behold, I spotted Travis. I think I surprised him, because he commented that I looked nothing like my picture! Maybe I don’t look like Phil Collins after all! And Bella Star and George were with him, so we chatted briefly. I must say pictures can be deceiving, because I pictured Travis to be taller than George, but I was wrong. I also loved the Hard Rock Shirt with the Stevie drawing on the back that Travis was wearing as I had never seen it before. And that’s when either George or Travis spotted Chris Nicks walking with some other guy. He did look kind of stressed out or something and when I told my friend that it was Stevie’s brother, she said that he looks nothing like her! She is definitely right about that! It was nice to see her only sibling, though. At least for me it was. I couldn’t even imagine having that kind of connection with her.

    Right before Stevie began, Jes came over to me and told me they were letting the first five rows rush the stage right at the start of the show. Let me say Jes, if I didn’t have a guest with me, I would of tried everything to make my way up there with you guys. And thanks for the tip..truly appreciated it I did try later throughout the show, but that security guard wasn’t nudging.. I then went over to where Torri was sitting to tell her to enjoy the show, and when I did she told me that she had met ma. She motioned to ma and ma came down and we met, ever so briefly, but I am glad we did. I hope you enjoyed the concert, ma...I miss you when you don’t post..

    ..and now the music..

    The set opens with the dark, and heart-wrenching "Outside the Rain.." Her search for the one thing that has alluded her in her life...true love. I connect instantly. She is singing my story. Once Stevie begins, I become totally entranced. My friend reaches over to ask me a question, and I shrug her off. During the break between songs, I had to apologize, but I also had to let her know that when Stevie is singing, I can’t be answering questions. She understood. She let me be..that is why she’s my friend. "..if you find it, then you have won the game.." I think of Torri and Dave and I my heart smiles.. and the music softens and Stevie sings her rock and roll lullaby that she wrote to Lindsey. "Dreams" is simply beautiful. Stevie welcomes everyone and she is in a playful mood and I love it. She tells everyone that tonight is going to be a very different show because its her box set show. And that there our songs that you might not recognize, but they were there. I know she isn’t talking to me, because I will recognize and sing along to all of them. "Enchanted" with its rockabilly feel fits perfect on this hot Virginia summer night. I had kicked off my sandals and was dancing on the cool concrete and loving life. What can I say. "Gold Dust Woman" was not only haunting, but for the first time, I found myself spider fingering with Ms. Nicks. There’s an added intensity to this song when you play the part.. I played it well. "Gold and Braid.." Oh, to be sitting next to Hayley when she does this song live. I can’t help but think of you girl. "Don’t hide behind your hair.." as Stevie playfully grabs hers. This song is simply golden live! Being 17 rows back, I noticed that the people around me only were getting into the songs they knew, and when "Stop Dragging My Heart Around" began, well they seemed to perk up. And it rocked. And the audience rolled. ..there was also this green and red balloon thing going on throughout the venue. People were simply keeping them afloat in the air, and it was a nice little effect. I knew where the red balloons had come from...and it made me smile.

    This very soft and beautiful music begins and plays while the band gets ready for the "acoustic/electric" set. This is where I begin to inch my way down closer to the stairs, where I would find Torri and enjoyed most of the set until shooed away by the security guard who is loving his little bit of power. "After the Glitter Fades" was simply a beautiful country song about Hollywood heartbreak. "Garbo" waltzed directly into my heart ~ I loved when she was talking about this song and she said she wrote it while thinking about Garbo, Marilyn, and you know, that other one.. you know.." She was having fun and I simply loved seeing her that way. Especially after hearing about the Virginia Beach show when she got extremely emotional. "Rose Garden" ~ to this day~ amazes me. She wrote this song at the age of 17, but this is her life at fifty. "You broke my heart.." "Sleeping Angel" defines the word ballad, and while listening to her passionate singing with the soft mandolin playing, I felt her yearning for someone to grow old with...

    The venue was mellow, then the drumming the African drummers on Sunday afternoon in Malcolm X park, I felt the rhythm..then the defiant synthesizer that introduces the audience to "Stand Back." It took a few moments for the crowd to identify it, but when they did the whole venue was on its feet. Stevie appeared, her capes flowing around her, walking to greet Don who was moving towards her with his guitar as his guide. It was sexual, it was hot, it was "Stand Back" the middle of my room, I did not hear from you.." one of my favorite lines that Stevie has ever written in one of her favorite songs she loves to perform. She is the Queen.

    I love the way Rhiannon begins. The piano is so simple, yet so haunting. I started getting emotional here ~ and it was mixed emotions. Stevie’s voice came into my world in 1976 through Rhiannon. Hearing her sing her signature song that is just as powerful as the first time I heard it made me realize how this woman touches me. "dreams unwind, love is hard to find.." Stevie understands. She lives her songs.

    At the end of this song, she started sharing how she was thinking about not doing any Fleetwood Mac songs on this tour ~ but, her manager called her and told her she had to!! Then, she started talking about spirits, but that there were really only "good" spirits ~ and its not so much what she was saying, but how she was so full of life when sharing. It made me feel warm inside. ‘Whole Lotta Trouble" is a great rock and roll song - no horns need apply in my book! Of course, I was up close ~ even though I was not going to get by the security guy. But, this is where I was suppose to be at this show. I might not have been in the pit, but I was there in spirit. "Landslide" was simply gorgeous ~ even when Stevie seemed to get ahead of the soft guitar that was playing. And when everyone starts singing along, well words just can’t describe the beauty. My favorite part was when she sang "I’m getting older,too" the second time and held up 1 finger at a time until she get to 5. Nothing else needed to be said.

    "Twisted" is such a great rock and roll song. The live version she is doing is simply the best. With Edge approaching, I thought I would be moving to get near the stage ~ but, it wasn’t meant to be. And that was okey. Tonight was for other fans - and I was hoping that Jes, Marlene, Travis, and George made it. "Edge" rocks, but when Stevie goes to greet the fans, I just simply watched. Seeing her adored with so many gifts ~ and I was thankful that no one was throwing things ~ was beautiful. To the person who gave her the purple beanie doll - you could tell she simply loved it. To the person who tried to give Stevie her top hat - she had her reason for not accepting it. In her heart, it meant the world. To the person who gave her the Sara life preserver "drowning in the sea of love.." - well, how she displayed it up to the audience showed how much she was impressed. So, in my little spot right above the pit, I watched the beauty of Stevie and her fans touching and sharing. It was a highlight for me.

    "I Need to Know" rocked the first encore. And then, way too quickly, it was time for the last song. "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for Me." After seeing the Camden show and now Nissan, this song has really come full circle for me. It’s her farewell song to us, and she asks us only one thing, "to remember her." But for me, she doesn’t have to ask. The song was over and so was the concert and I turned and there was Torri. I gave her a selfish hug ~ I needed it for myself ~ I hope you didn’t mine Torri.. I just needed a simple touch from a Stevie fan just like me ~ and you were the perfect one. Thank you.

    Leaving the venue, I was walking with my friend Marilyn, with my sandals off and my barefeet loving the warm pavement. We said goodbye to Dave and Torri, and went our separate ways. In the stillness of the night, waiting to leave the venue, I knew that once again my heart had been moved by the incredible words and music of Stevie Nicks.

    Review by Travis, June 25, 1998

    *****Tuesday, June 23, 1998*****

    It is the evening time, around 8:00 p.m. George shows up at my house and we are waiting for Laura's (BellaStar) call to let us know she is close to my house. Laura is my friend, the one I went up to Delaware to meet and go with to the Camden show. Anyway, our plan was for the 3 of us to hang out and catch up, since Laura and George haven't seen each other since 1996 in St. Petersburg, FL when Stevie did a free show there on the 4th of July. So we get the call and we go down the road a little bit to La Plata to meet Laura in the CVS parking lot. She was already there. I needed to run in Safeway real quick and that time Laura and George were saying their hello's. I came out then we headed to Papa John's to pick up our pizza's that I had already ordered before we left the house. We headed back to my place where were made our way to the basement and began to enjoy our pizza. We watched the MTV Sandra Bernhard interview with Stevie again since Laura had not seen it. We then watched the 1983 US festival where Stevie did a whole concert. This is a pro shot and is definately worth seeking. Laura had not seen this either and it was a real treat for her. All three of us were just having a nice time being with each other, watching Stevie and and giggling up a storm. Stevie really is funny a lot in this concert. Laura always cries when Stevie gets really emotional in her shows. A gentle soul Laura is :-) So after a few hours George headed home and I thought Laura and I were headed for bed but we couldn't escape the internet. We're addicted - Help! We got to bed around 4:00 a.m.

    *****Wednesday, June 24, 1998 - The Concert*****

    Laura got up around 9:00 a.m. and I got up about an hour later. We just pretty much took it easy for the first hour then I started to prepare for this evening. I vacuumed my car and was collecting my items that I did not want to forget for the show, tickets, camera, etc... I had put in Red Rocks just so we could have some Stevie in the house. Beauty and the Beast came on and Laura was headed for the tissue box again :-). To make this long story shorter for all reading this, George showed up around 3:00 p.m. He would have been here sooner if he hadn't locked his keys in the trunk. Poor thing! :-). We were also meeting my friend Carol and her son in Camp Springs so that they could follow us the Nissan Pavilion. We meet them around 4:30 and were headed for the venue. We're on the beltway and everything was fine for the most part except when I nearly missed the 66 exit nearly causing Carol to get in a wreck. She was determined not to let anyone in between us since she didn't want to loose me. Sorry Carol for the near death accident! :-). So we get the the venue way early and we parked. The tailgate party begins. A couple next to us were playing the Buckingham/Nicks tape so we couldn't play any of our tapes yet, which was fine. Their system sounded nice. After Buckingham/Nicks was over George had put in a live tape he made. He has a mixer and the tape sounded like it was one complete show but in fact it is various songs from various tours. A cool tape. Carol and her son eventually went in and the 3 of us, George, Laura and myself were just enjoying ourselves having a few drinks and listening to Stevie. Laura ran into some friends she knew and they came over for a little while. I had thought about meeting my fellow Ledgies at 7:00 but I didn't want to leave Laura and George. I was just hoping that I would run into them. I had taken up the last few pictures that were in my piece of sh*t camera so I could put in a new roll just in case I was able to get pics of Stevie. I don't know how to work a camera at all. I couldn't get the film rewound with opening up the back. So I did that and then George told me that the film was ruined since I had exposed the film. I didn't know anything about that. I'm clueless sometimes. I had no idea that you couldn't do that, but that was the only way it was working. So between the 3 of us we eventually got the new roll in. Laura could not sneak the camera down her dress this time so I had to stick it down my pants. Later I would find out that Keith thought is was something else :-) Just kidding. So into the venue we go.

    I get thru fine. We walk around a bit while looking at all the people. So at this time, I see a guy looking over at me saying (I think) "Travis, are you Travis?". He came up and said he was Keith. Yes Keith, you did surprise me a little bit. From the two photos you posted and seeing you last night, all 3 looked different to me. If you don't mind the compliment I thought you looked better in person. That's a good thing right? :-) So I gave Keith a hug then Keith introduced himself to George and Laura and vice versa. We chatted briefly before we headed to see where our seats would be. I ran back to Keith to tell him that if he ran into the other Ledgies again to please let them know I'm here and let them know what I'm wearing so they could find me. I really wanted to meet my fellow Ledgies. So we checked out the seats. We had a great view. Orch. 3, Row N, seats 13 and 14. We made our way to one of the merchandise booths. I still haven't bought any shirts yet. I have such a hard time making up my mind. I want to get a medium size but I don't want it to shrink on me. Then I worry that a large will be too big. I don't like wearing things that are too baggy. I think I'm gonna end up getting 3 shirts at Friday's show. So shortly after Boz is finished playing we head to our seats. I went to where George was so I could meet Marlene. I met Marlene and was a very nice person she is. Then everything happened so fast after that. Marlene pointed out Vianna to me and I went to say hello. Vianna you are so sweet. I may take you up on your offer to scan some photos. While I was talking to Vianna, a woman was standing next to me. I'm thinking who is this and what does she want. "Hi I'm Torri" Wow, everyone is coming from out of the blue so fast. Torri is cool. Then Keith rushes by and tapes me on the should I think and waves. I don't even remember what Torri and I said. Within a matter of minutes I had met 3 ledgies while another one swings by. It all happened so fast. So Laura and I head to our seats.

    The lights dim and out comes Christopher. We all know the routine by now. He reads the Enchanted definition and introduces his sister. "It's only a dream, it's only a dream". No, it is really happening. Stevie takes the stage and the audience gives a thunderous applause. I could really tell a difference between the Camden crowd as opposed to the Nissan crowd when Stevie walked out. Nissan just seemed to love her. Not that Camden didn't, it is just what I observed. The first part of the show was a little distracting for me because I was worried about taking pics and getting caught. I took a few shots. I then noticed a girl who was at the Camden show who was taking pics left and right. Security didn't seem to care at all. I hope Raleigh is like this. It wasn't until Garbo was played that I told myself to relax and just enjoy the show. After a few more songs, Laura and I were able to move up a few rows to where George and Marlene were sitting since no one was next to them. Then Marlene disappeared for a while. Later she came back to me trying to explain that she had this extra ticket and that someone could go up with her but I wasn't totally following her because so much was going on. I guess the fact that I'm a ditz sometimes played into that too. Marlene looked a little frustrated when I wasn't following what she was saying. Sorry Marlene :-(. She later came back again and I understood her this time and I grabbed Laura and said, "Go with Marlene". I figured since George and I have 4th row Friday that Laura should get to go up close. George and I had taken a few more shots and we also moved up a few more rows. Then the next thing I know is, this guy comes up to me and says, "Follow me". I'm thinking HUH? So I just did it not knowing if it was some undercover security guard who was gonna take my film. But no, it was Jes from the ledge. Somehow I got Jes mixed up with another ledgie. Justine I think. I was thinking that Jes was 18 but the person I met looked a tiny bit older than 18 :-) Jes gave George and I two tickets to get up close. I told him that I didn't want to take his tickets but he said it was alright. Bless you Jes! We walked back down the isle but the guard wasn't letting us thru even with the tickets. Then George and I each walked different ways to get the the stage. I got in my 4th row seat that Jes had given me. I took a few more shots of Stevie since no one seemed to care. But then I thought about Stevie and I was wondering if this is something she really doesn't like. I did feel bad at one point but I was still taking them. To be that close just seemed like the perfect opportunity. So as Stevie is making her way across the stage, I'm taking pics. She is getting closer and is pretty much in my face. Here I am taking more pics. And more and more. Ok, done. I think I had taken enough good pictures of her. I know I'm not really saying a lot on the music but so much else was happening. After the encores I made my was over to the left side of the stage to find Laura and George. After many attempts George was finally able to get the towel that Don Boyett threw to him. The towel didn't reach George at first but later a roadie kicked it to him. Ok, ok the show is over and everyone is talking about it. Everyone seemed to have had a great time. My arms are so tired right now. How much have I typed anyway?

    So after we the show we headed to the merchandise booth once more. George and Carol ended up buying shirts. We were the last ones in the venue it seemed. We couldn't make up our minds what to buy. So we are back at our cars waiting for the traffic to die down. It wasn't nearly as bad as last year Mac show was. I saw the girl from Camden again, the one who was taking photos. She was riding around on a motorcycle with a guy friend. We stopped her and chatted with her for a while. She was cool. So the trunk is open, we are all just relaxing and still waiting for the traffic to clear before we head out. The plan was to have Carol follow us back out so we could get her home ok. Well, all of a sudden Laura is getting excited. Here come the tours buses. We had warned Carol that we may end up following the buses since we didn't have to work tomorrow. So we get in the car and take off hoping to follow the buses. We were so excited that we left the trunk open while driving. At the stop sign someone got out of their car and closed our trunk. We think it was Carol's son - LOL (laugh out loud). We were cracking up over it. The tour buses were heading south so we figured that they were not going to be staying anywhere soon. We figured they were going straight to Raleigh since that was the next show. So we turned around and headed home. We listened to a radio show that had been broadcasted in 1989. It was one of Stevie's Other Side Of the Mirror shows. We finally got home around 2:00 a.m. All of us are tired. Poor George had another 20 minutes to drive home from my house. Ok, I'm gonna get to today.

    *****Thursday, June 25, 1998 - The day after*****

    Laura and I sleep in until around 11:00 a.m. We got up checked the Ledge for a little bit. We were moving slow today. I told my Father to rewind the film in the camera since I had a hard time doing the other roll. Well, he couldn't do it either. I may have put in the film wrong but he too did say what a piece of sh*t camera it is. But it has taken us some good pics before so I should be grateful. The same thing happened, we couldn't rewind the film without opening the back. We did it in the kitchen with the lights out hoping it the film wouldn't be that exposed. So Laura and I get ready and we head for the mall in Waldorf. We drop off the film at Ritz and then we have lunch at Ruby Tuesday's. The hour is up and we head back to Ritz with our fingers crossed. Well the first roll was totally blank, the one I had used before the show. But the other roll that I took of Stevie did come out but not without problems. I don't know how to explain it to you all but the scanner at Ritz wasn't able to scan them so they directed me to CPI downstairs in the mall. They were able to scan them but the colour is not exactly right. But the pics still did come out. They are good except for the colour. I'm having them developed anyway. I will let you know how the rest turned out. After we drop of the negative at CPI Laura and I walk out and this is where we say our goodbye's. Laura started to cry. I give her a hug. I know the feeling of when a great experience is over. We all get a little sad at times. I told her not to worry and that there are always good times to come. So I get her out of the mall parking lot and she heads home to Delaware. I go home and get ready for tomorrow. It is now 11:27 p.m. and I'm dead tired. Off to bed I go and Raleigh, NC tomorrow with George. Wish us a safe trip. See you all on the Ledge soon.

    It was great meeting all my fellow Ledgies. I hope we can do it again someday.