Hartford Ct, Meadows Music Theater, May 27, 1998
  From the Blue Letter Archives: Orlando Sentinel (07/03/98)
Review by Lawyer Mac, May 27, 1998

Stevie is definitely back!! She was amazing. Here is my review and description of my (first) Stevie concert experience. I entered Meadows Music Theatre from the parking lot, observing the crowd, which had lots of older fans like me and some younger ones. There were many more women than men from what I could see, even though there were lots of couples. There were also large number ( for a concert like this) of kids - 8,10,12. A new generation of fans!

Meadows Music Theatre is an amazing ( there I go again with that word) facility with a permanent sound system. Opening act Boz Scaggs himself was playing guitar through just a tiny little amp about the size of the one I use for my synthesizer, but the sound was great. You can also hear bass and drums through the system really well. Boz and his band ( by the way, they were pretty tight, too) played for about 40 minutes in front of a set of black curtains behind which I guessed ( correctly) was Stevie's set-up. Anyway, the crowd took a while to filter in, and Boz started promptly at 8. So, get to your seats early on this tour!

Boz looks older (even children get older...!) but still can sing and play . His voice hasn't really changed much over the years. Given the short time frame, he mostly played the hits, Back In My Arms, Look What you've Done To me, Lowdown, Lido Shuffle, but i think the centerpiece was a long, soulful rendition of his very first 'name' song, Loan Me A Dime , on which his band proved they can play. They also did an encore of Against the Tide ( I don't know all the titles, so I may be getting some of them wrong). Dynamite backup vocalists in his band. Anyway, Boz did well, but the crowd was there for Steve!

I had planned on meeting up with the Ledgies, but due to Boston traffic I missed that group. (I am not from Boston, I am from Minneapolis, but she isn't coming there and I was in New England on business at this time of year, so it just worked out for me to come to this show) Unfortunately, my spouse was at home, so I was all alone.. for a while. This was my first Stevie concert ever, and my first rock concert in 25 years since a stadium show with Crosby, Stills & Nash and Santana!.  I got to my aisle seat (not too close - not too far - 18th row.) and discovered that the two people  next to me were well known posters on the AOL board that I had chatted with many times before!  While Boz was playing, they gave me the hot dish - one had snuck into the soundcheck Monday and had also met our birthday girl!

Boz finished up and got a nice response while people were still coming in (get there early, people!) and then there was a short break while the road crew got everything ready. Lots of folks went out to buy a beer or whatever, souvenirs ( no tourbooks at the first show, people, just t-shirts and souvenirs - not even posters, but they do have the stuff for the Best Buy CD's). Then, not too much later in the break, the crew took down the black curtains and we got to see her set, which looks like a four poster canopied bed from the side, with a huge fan in a Tiffany-style design in the back that is used as a lighting backdrop. Stevie is very visual, of course, and always pays attention to graphic and visual details. The 'four-poster' part is a pastel- pink/mauve. Black chiffon streamers on her microphone, as usual.

Soon the intro music started playing - this time, she has chosen another memorable man in her life, Don Henley - they played "The End of The Innocence" (LOL) and another song or two that I didn't know. Then the band came out, lights lowered, and Christopher Nicks came out and read the dictionary definition of the word enchanted.  Boy, did that hit the money. Then he introduced Stevie, went off stage right and hugged her as she went on stage, to an on- their -feet , screaming crowd! She looked wonderful and beautiful in a black dress, straight hair ( very much what we've seen this past year!) and she and the band went right into "Outside The Rain". She was in great voice, powerful and on pitch. Also, the back-up singers were looking and sounding good, and everyone seemed to be really happy. Sharon in particular looked and sounded really good, too. Stevie made hand motions like she was really nervous (hand on heart, hands shaking) but she sure did not sound nervous, even though we know that she does get nervous before a show!) And, of course, the traditional segue right into Dreams came off beautifully.  Carlos Rios on lead got off some pretty good Lindsey-licks and the whole arrangement was very FM - even the organ fills! After these opening two numbers, she talked to us for a while - she actually talked a lot, from what I have heard about her not talking at some concerts... Among other things, she said " Well I can say, welcome back to you, after last september and starting our Dance tour here!" She had some nice things to say about rehearsing there and then they did Enchanted.

Stevie danced by the drummer a-la-Mick during the instrumental portion. Then she talked about how this concert was different - it was the boxed set tour, "so if you don't recognize a song, that's why.. but you'll all recognize the next song..." and of course, it was Gold Dust...in the special golden shawl.

Stevie was very active twirling tonight - she twirled at three separate places in GDW, but did not do the hands in the air deal from last year.  She stayed in the golden shawl for Gold And Braid ( natch!) during which she waves a finger at the players --no no don't you hide behind that hair...) Then Stop Dragging My Heart around, with her second guitar player ( not Carlos - Frank Simes?) on vocals, sings to him with her back to the audience.

By the way, the band members in the back are on these really cool risers. It is very theatrical, overall.

Then there was a sort break while the road crew reset for an acoustic portion, with pretty much the entire band ( except cool Lenny Castro on percussion and the drummer - who is really tall like Mick!) down front seated on stools. She explained what they were going to do and that she would tell a little bit about each song after they performed it. They did After the Glitter Fades, Garbo (with accordion accents) Rose Garden ( before which she got lost in the song list and corrected herself) with a beautiful transition from Rose Garden to Sleeping Angel. Then suddenly into Stand Back ( or should I say STAND BACK!). This was way better than the Leno show - of course, the strobe lighting doesn't hurt, but this band which was already very tight, really rocked, and Stevie was dancing all over the stage! Twirling and dancing as of old! Great ending and then right into Rhiannon, after just a Thank you. Drummer plays behind the beat like Mick. Killer light show and energy like you would not believe. Everyone standing and dancing in their seat! ( or better). Then she introduced the band ( see Ginny's page for correct spelling and names!)

Whole Lotta Trouble next. It was great and she was in great voice on it. After that was Landslide - no, no Lindsey - Frank Simes (sp?) did the guitar duties - actually did ok, and Kevin Stoller on keyboards played an electric piano solo as on the white album version. The audience sang along and it was beautiful... but its not the same, either... Her Declaration of Independence?

Then wind blows on the set , with wind sounds for a really great version of Twisted. Way different from the demo and even more muscular and uptempo than the soundtrack version. It rocked and was fabulous. Great arrangement, and great bass rumble like a real tornado ( ask someone who's been near one). Now we are getting to the end of the show, and so you know what is coming...Lenny on congas starts out, the drummer joins in for a solo, and then da-da-da-da, da-da-da-da, and hundreds rush the stage forming a mosh pit about 6 rows deep in the aisles. Stevie is in a grey dress with a white shawl, of course. Stevie is smiling and happy, collects birthday presents from her adoring fans ( flowers mostly - she was not taking much else) . She even played around by handing Mindy one of the bouquets as she passed by!

Ends with " I know what it sounds like when doves cry..." Band leaves - Wild cheering, out come the lighters and the whole place lights up!. Encores!!!

She sings playfully ( noting all the birthday banners that she had been ignoring up to that point) ' you make me feel so young". The first encore is that old familiar " I Need to Know" Great attack in the vocal by Stevie, still in very good voice. Finally, she sings a pretty long version of Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You, very beautiful and moving, and then that's it, but not quite ... As she lines up the band for the goodnight bow, she says to all of us " If I can do this at 50, you guys can, like rock for a long time'. Everyone cheered at these  words to live by! Then that's it and the other song plays. It is Orleans and then Song With No Name , both by David Crosby from his 1970 album (another great vocalist and survivor of hard knocks) and I bet she picked that one deliberately too. Then we partied in the parking lot for an hour waiting to get out!

For her first clean, sober and HAPPY tour in 23 years, it was a great start. To all you fans out there- you are in for a treat!

Reviews by Anthony Chacon, May 27, 1998

I got my tickets the week before the show, thinking it was too late to get good seats. I was prepared to sit in the Nose Bleed section, but to my surprise I was able to get row "A"  seats at the regular price of $57.00.  I even got one for my friend  whom was more than happy to leave her nose bleed seat for  my seats.  Unfortunately the  row "A": was not the front row, but the Fourth.  There is a "AA" "BB" and "CC" in front that was basically empty. Than seats went A,B,C... ECT. Throughout the show security was pulling people out who didn't belong in that section. Anyhow they were still great seats and we were only about ten feet away.  Stevie was great!   I was really happy to be among the first bunch to see her. 

There were a lot of those Best Buy certificates for a double disc set. I got some for a couple of friends and some for  those I know who’s St. Louis show was cancelled. The weather was great but just breezy enough to give me chapped lips.              

I swear Stevie looked at me a couple of times. I was so happy. She really played to the audience.  She wore her red platform boots (like the ones on the back of Enchanted) and a black dress kind of like the one from the Dance only no drapes on the sleeves.  She also wore a maroon dress like the one from The Tonight Show and a grayish -gold? dress. She also changed shawls, and even wore the Gold Dust Woman one from the "Dance".  All her band looked the same as Leno, even her backup singers.  Stevie wore her hair the way she did on Leno and the Grammys. She had Red lipstick too!  She sounded great, and very refreshed. Her guitar players did a decent job filling in for Lindsey Buckingham and one of them even did his best to imitate Tom Petty’s voice for "Stop Dragging My Heart Around" .  All during the show she kept fiddling with some type of ear-speaker-feed.  I guess she had trouble hearing herself.The stage was very "Stevieistic" , with long curtains and pink chiffon and lace. There was no tour book; only a wide variety of t-shirts and buttons. read on for more........

May 27 1998 - Gold Dust Woman Rocks On

      It has been more than 25 years since Fleetwood Mac introduced the world to Steve Nicks. Appearing on eight of the groups albums, and seven of her own; she has had one of the most successful careers of any woman of Rock and Roll.

      Last night at the Meadows marked the beginning of a massive U.S. tour celebrating her new Box set "Enchanted".   "I am so happy to be here" said Stevie several times that night, "I can do things tonight that I can't normally do".  The show was kicked off by opener Boz Scaggs,who introduced Stevie to a packed audience.

     "Outside the Rain " began the show to massive applause, while favorites like "Enchanted" and "Dreams" won standing ovations.  Stevie sounded in top form; in the past years she has quit smoking.  Every note was in perfect pitch, nothing sounded out of key.  Wearing her signature platform boots (red) and a long Black Rhiannon dress Steve twirled around while thousands cheered.  The first set included career defining songs like "Stop Dragging My Heart Around" (minus Tom Petty), "Stand Back", "Bella Donna", "Gold Dust Woman" and an "acoustic segment" with "After the Glitter Fades", "I Never Promised You a Rose Garden" and "Landslide".

     Returning to the stage after a wild drum solo by Lenny Castro, Nicks sang "Twisted" and her  Mac classic "Rhiannon".  Since the reunion of Fleetwood Mac, Stevie has performed Rhiannon with a piano intro, but still rocks the house with the original version.  She ended the show with "Edge of Seventeen" during which hundreds of fans rushed the stage forming a "mosh pit" of stevies, gypsies and witches.  The crowd went wild when Stevie walked over to stage right where several fans had prepared a birthday banner for the now 50 year old rock-enchantress. She than collected as many bouquets and gifts as possible before returning to her microphone for the end of her song.

      After the bow her band led the whole arena with "Happy Birthday". Stevie was noticeably happy, and even graced the audience with two encores.  She finished with "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You"; than a couple thousand fans started yelling  "You Did Stevie!"

Review by Joanne Villani, May 29th 1998

Stevie looked and sounded amazing! She changed her dress four times, and they included black chiffon, red velvet, and beige something soft, plus a lot of shawls. She played for about an hour and a half. The songs listed are pretty much in order, but not exactly. Outside the Rain, Dreams, Enchanted, Gold Dust Woman, GOLD AND BRAID (I love this song and was SO glad she played it!), After the Glitter Fades, Garbo, Rose Garden, Sleeping Angel, Stop Draggin My Heart Around, Rhiannon, Stand Back, Whole Lotta Trouble, Twisted, Landslide and Edge of 17. The encores were Need To Know and Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You. The concert started with the definition of Enchanted by one of her guitarists. The set was beautiful, a fan that changed colors with the lights. After the first tow songs, Stevie explained how important the Hartford fans are and how she loved the last few days she spent there. Her first dress change is before the acoustic songs. After Garbo, she starts to explain a song, but then says "What am I doing? I know you understand I'm very nervous" and started singing Rose Garden. For Landslide she said "I usually dedicate this to my dad, but he's not here, so who? I think I'll dedicate it to Albert, you know who you are". Just one guitar for the song, but where the guitar solo comes, a keyboard was added. Edge of 17 was the show ender, after saying "Thank you for doing this with me, I won't forget you". Lenny started Edge of 17 with a bongo solo, then Stevie, who changed dresses again, starts to sing. The song ROCKED. For the "I see you, I see you" part, Sharon went to Stevie's mike and they held each other while singing. She did the "I hear the call of a nightbird" again, then shook the hands of people she could reach in the audience while the band played. She accepted a few gifts. The songs ends, off they go. People cheer like mad, they come back. And I don't know the name of the encore song, but it rocked.

No tourbooks, but great T-shirts, teddy bears, keychains and buttons. LOTS of people had their Dance tour shirts on. EVERYONE in the front stood up the whole time, and lots of other people did too. It was PACKED and people cheered whenever it was a good part of a song or Stevie twirled. I had a WONDERFUL time, even though I left after Need To Know and missed Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You. It was my 1st Stevie show, I loved it, and I was definitely Enchanted!

  Detroit MI, Pine Knob Music Theater, May 29, 1998
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Review by Tara, May 30, 1998

I haven't really had the time to post on the Ledge lately, so you guys may not recognize me as a "regular" poster, but I absolutely HAVE to share my experience at the concert last night, so I figure this is the one and only place to do it! Just to let you know, I am still very much in shock.

I drove down to Michigan from Toronto with my family. We had two tickets, and I was planning to attend the concert with my younger brother, and my parents would find something to do in the meantime. Well, once we reached Clarkston we realized there was not much for them to do, because Pine Knob Theatre is located in the midst of suburbia. I think there were a couple of convenience stores around, but that was basically it.

So my parents decided to purchase tickets - and I did warn them ahead of time that they would probably end up on the lawn. BUT -- strangely enough, the box office had two EXCELLENT seats available for some odd reason, in Row A, which was the FIRST row, but a little bit to the left of the stage....And so, they bought them - AND GAVE THEM TO MY BROTHER AND I!!.

My parents took the tickets they had originally purchased over the phone (unfortunately, they were second or third last row), and I sat in the front....I mean, Boz Scaggs was practically spitting on me!! Ok, so when Stevie came on stage, I just about passed out. She looked so beautiful, I was completely awestruck. And she ROCKED. The whole show was like a dream, I was beside myself the whole time, so it's difficult to remember the exact order of the set list (similar to the first one, I would imagine). She kicked off with Outside the Rain, Dreams, Gold Dust Women, Enchanted (I think)...then she did a little acoustic set, with After The Glitter Fades, Garbo, and Rose Garden. If I remember correctly, she then sang Stand Back (AWESOME - everyone went nuts - she was really moving around, dancing, and twirling to that), Rhiannon, and Landslide. During Landslide, someone threw a teddy bear at her...she tried to catch it, but missed....and laughed while singing, shrugging her shoulders. She picked up the bear afterward, and held it until the end of the song. Everyone sang along - the venue was totally packed, by the way. People were screaming hysterically, crying, I was even on the verge of tears.

I remember her singing Sleeping Angel (completely flawless performance), Whole Lotta Trouble (absolutely kicked ass, I couldn't believe they did that one). She then did a really wonderful version of Twisted, very different from both the recording on the Twister soundtrack and on the boxed set.

Well, here is the climax of my little story...Edge of Seventeen had just started, and everyone was on their feet. Near the end, she did exactly was she had done in the "Live at Red Rocks" video. We all rushed toward the stage...the man next to me gave her a beautiful silver chain, and she thanked him, practically in tears herself. I reached out, hoping for the best....suddenly I felt her hand in mine, and I think I then went totally numb with excitement. The next thing I knew, her hand was still in mine, but she was talking to the girl beside me, who was crying hysterically, rambling to her (could not make out what she was saying - I doubt Stevie could either)...Stevie touched her cheek, consoling her, whispering something like "I know, I know". She let go of my hand and went down the first row, and she was given roses, bouquets of flowers, stuffed animals.. ...everything. There was one little girl on her father's shoulders, waving her ENCHANTED cap in the air. Stevie gave her a hug, and whispered something in her ear....

She then left the stage, and we all had to get back to our seats. She came back on the stage for two encores, she rocked to Tom Petty's I Need to Know, and then sang Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You.

I just want to stress to the Ledgies how truly breathtaking Stevie is in person....she was so BEAUTIFUL!!! She wore four different dresses, and (of course) sported her infamously fabulous looking platform boots. I can't believe I HELD her hand!!! I would absolutely do anything to go to another show....all of you going to her concerts this summer have a whole LOT to look forward to!!!.

Review by Annie, May 30th 1998

I saw Stevie at Pine Knob on Friday and WOW!!!  She rocked!!!  I took my older brother with me and he was absolutely blown away.  He loves FM but he isn't familiar with Stevie's solo stuff so he was really skeptical and after Boz Scaggs played amazingly he was like "It would suck if Stevie was out played by her opening act."  Well, let's just say it took him the entire 2 1/2 hour ride home to get his foot out of his mouth!  And now he's going to buy Bella Donna; I'm so proud!!

        We got there while Boz Scaggs was playing and he sounded really good, great opening act.  I bought myself a beautiful blue t-shirt and a calendar, which was kind of a mini tour book, I guess.  Good merchandise!  I also got a cup of those Dippin' Drop things (little ice cream balls pretty much) and they were really good.  If you haven't tried them, it's an experience all in itself!!

        Then out walked Stevie.  Omigosh, she looked amazing!!  We were in row SS so I had to whip out my handy binocs.  Everytime I looked at her she had a huge smile on her face and it was so obvious that she was having such a blast.  The coolest thing, I thought, was that she told us the stories behind some of her songs.  And the fact that she did this only confirmed my notion that she is the coolest person on earth!!  She talked to us like we were old friends over for dinner, or something; it was so great and everyone ate it up!

        She opened with Outside the Rain, which was so cool!!, and went right into Dreams.  Dare I say it, she sounded even better than she did on the FM tour!  Then she sang Enchanted, which I'd only heard once before, which then led right into Gold Dust Woman.  We were afraid that she wouldn't play any of her FM stuff, but boy were we wrong!  Gold and Braid was next, which is totally my new favorite song!  Why this didn't go on an album is a mystery to me.  Then they rocked Stop Draggin' My Heart Around.  The guitarist did a fabulous job singing Tom Petty's part, and he wailed on guitar all night!  They did a little unplugged set next, with After the Glitter Fades, Garbo, and Rose Garden, and it sounded great.  Rose Garden is my second favorite song now because...well...it was so cool!!  And she explained that she wrote it when she was only 17 years old.  I'm 17 and all I could think was "Holy cow!!"  They went back to their positions, or whatever, and broke into Sleeping Angel.  I almost lost it!!!  I screamed at the top of my lungs until everyone around me started glaring!  I love this song so much and the fact that she sang it totally made the concert for me.  Unfortunately, some people weren't as overjoyed as I was so let me just say, Stevie, I loved it!!!!!

        The next thing they played was Stand Back, and everyone got on their feet and danced and yelled and sang, it was great!  Stevie even did the little "Stand Back dance" with one of the guitar players.  Too cute!!!  Time for another FM song!  What was it?  Landslide.  I was kind of disappointed that she sang this because it was the same set up as the FM tour (hug and all) and to me, this is just one of those songs that isn't the same without Lindsey, but she still sounded gorgeous!  During "Time makes you bolder," someone riffled a teddy bear at her and she almost caught it but it bounced off her stomach instead.  She started cracking up in the middle of the song, which was too funny for words!  Then the piano guy played the intro to Rhiannon (WOW!!).  I'd never really cared for Rhiannon all that much, but her performance made me a believer!  She sang her version of Twisted, which I almost like better than the soundtrack version.  What a great song to hear live!  Whole Lotta Trouble rocked and she said "If you need to get rid of some anger, sing that song."  Rock on Stevie!!!  They ended with Edge of Seventeen and I think that she sang the wrong verse the first time.  It was kind of funny because Sharon and Mindy stopped doing their little coordinated moves for a bit and they didn't do the background vocals, then you could almost see them thinking "Oh, okay!" when they broke into the second verse.  There were smiles all around!  Stevie said hello to everyone in the first couple rows and got a whole bunch of cool stuff, no doubt.  It is my mission to get seats in the first couple rows for a concert, I swear!!!  It took a while to get them out for encores, maybe 10 minutes or so, but it was worth it.  I Need to Know was amazing and Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You was really emotional.  Tears were definitely flowing!  The concert was over before it even started, it seemed!

        It was such a fabulous experience and I think I might have to try to get to another date later on this summer because it was so amazing!!!  All of you guys who have tickets for later this summer, YOU'LL HAVE SUCH A BLAST!!  If you don't have tickets, GET THEM!!!!!  Three cheers for Stevie!! :-)

  Chicago IL, The World, May 30, 1998
  From the Blue Letter Archives: Chicago Sun Times (06/01/98)
Review by Jill, May 30th 1998

Wheww......what a night!!! The weather was great!! A little windy but Stevie liked it!! The set was sooooo cool!! Very feminine. Stevie was absolutely beautiful!! She glowed!! Her diamonds were fabulous!!!!!!! Although I did miss her awesome bracelets...but we all know she doesn't need anything to make her sparkle and glitter..she does that all on her own! I swear she looks better every time I see her (this was my 9th time). The set list was the same as the first 2 shows...perfect!!! She rocked during Rosegarden, I'm so glad she included that one....I LOVE it! Rhiannon was awesome...not quite like the Dance version nor exactly like the Enchanted cut...but a killer mix of the two. It totally "smoked"!! Landslide was fantastic!! GO STEVIE!!! Her voice was in "top" form..she sounded absolutely wonderful. I had pretty good seats...25 rows back center stage...but I still had my binoculars plastered to my face for most of the show!! I guess I have to be right UP there! :o) I'm glad I was because during Edge of Seventeen (which kicked a**) when she was taking the flowers and stuff from the fans, she was handed a little stuffed penguin!!!! Hey fellow ledgie!! WAY COOL!!!!! She was almost center stage and she held it in her hand as she walked around the mike...you could tell she liked it by the expression on her face!! KILLER!!!!!! She talked quite a bit to the audience..which was really nice..she was very appreciative and gracious. Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You really blew me away....it is ONE of my all time favorites...the piano is breathtaking and the lyrics are "enchanting". I had to stand on my chair for the entire song...my body was shaking with emotion...sighhhhhhhhh. As usual Stevie never fails to delight!! What a show!! I can't wait till next weekend...Indy...get ready every one for one HELL of a show!!! She will She will rock you!! "Has anyone ever written anything for you...well I have...I have given this to you...if it's all I ever do...this is YOUR song"!!!

Happy Jill...:o)

Review by Bonnie, May 30th 1998

Let me start off by saying I was trying to take notes in the dark, so I'm not positive that the songs are all in the right order. I think I mixed a few up. Okay! I'll try to run through the song list and my input asap. First, Boz was ok, but we were thinking, "Do we know of any songs he's done?" The name is familiar but I couldn't associate any songs with him. But I did recognize 3, 1 of them being from the "Urban Cowboy" soundtrack which everyone will probably remember from the 70's.

Concert started at 8:00, Stevie came on at 9:15.

1.) Outside the Rain. SET IS AWESOME!!!!! I've heard that from the first night, but it was purple and peach colored scarves hanging from the lights and the backdrop was a smoky or iced glass with colors in the middle (changed colors according to song) It was just a girlie set up. I couldn't imagine the FM guys dealing with it, but it was just so Stevie! After this song she says, "This is my time to do all my favorite songs, most of them from my box set." To which I think, "Stevie who the hell picked your song list from the Bella Donna tour on? You're the boss, it's your music, why did it take this long to put your foot down and say, "I don't care if that's a hit, I wanna play it!" Anyway, SHE"S TOTALLY PSYCHED for this tour and SOUNDED F****ING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

I think she sounds better than the Dance tour! Even the couple in front of us said she sounded better than they ever heard her on tour. 2.) Dreams 3.) Enchanted (I thought she opened with this the first night, but maybe I was just thinking that because it was the first on the box set) 4.) GDW (Wears her gold shawl, of course. I mentioned this a zillion times during the Dance, but I love this song so much more when she sings it now. When I hear the version on Rumours, I love it, but she still sounds naive to me since it's a lot more potent with everything she's gone through. I also love the way she no longer crouches down at the end, but stands tall and proud. What a woman!) 5.) Gold & Braid. I TOTALLY loved this song when I first bought the White Wing Dove concert video and was pretty ticked when everyone starts to sit down since they don't know it. I was hoping for some high kicks like in 82, but you got to give the woman a break. It is almost 20 years later. So no high kicks unfortunately. We had seats in about the 20th row, and there was only one couple in front of me up until the 4th or 5th row who was standing for the whole concert. I know Jim B went of on this tangent before, but WHO THE HELL ARE THESE PEOPLE THAT GET BETTER SEATS THAN ME AND SIT THERE LIKE A FREAKIN BUMP ON A LOG!?!? I got tickets by phone the first 10 minutes they went on sale and I'm stuck back here!?!?! I should be in the first couple rows! OK, sorry about that.6.) Stevie dedicates the next song to her "good friend Tom Petty" which is of course Stop Draggin. She then mentions that the next couple of songs were written about her ideas of Hollywood when she first got there and how she still thinks about it. 7.) After the Glitter Fades. Let me put in that she begins with the black lace dress with the sweetheart neckline and changes to 3 or 4 different shawls throughout the night. Then purple lights are on all over and 8.) Sleeping Angel begins Brief pause for 9.) Stand Back begins with Stevie in her black & white polka dot shawl/wrap. Of course here the whole crowd goes nuts. I pretty much embarrassed Bill the whole night since I was dancing and singing along the whole night, although he won't admit it. 10.) First chords start up and the woman in front of us says, "That's not Sara is it"? And I get goosebumps and think, "Of course not, but it'll be cool as hell to have her play here"! It is Rhiannon which the whole place sings along for. Her band is REALLY SPECTACULAR!! I have to admit that I missed Lori and definitely didn't miss Waddy (don't start with me there! :-) )

Rhiannon without Lindsey just isn't the same for me, but I really liked this guitarist a lot better than Waddy who massacres the song IMOO. When Rhiannon finishes, Stevie turns away at the end while everyone is still screaming and puts her hands to her head like, "WOW, I can't believe all this is for me!" She was just really gracious and sweet the whole night (as always!) She then says again what a pleasure this is and introduces the band. It was kinda cute cause she says, "On my left, right, yeah, on my RIGHT is...."Then she says something about and my bassist who I just now realized..and I didn't catch the rest. Anyone? 11.) Whole Lotta Trouble 12.) She introduces as a song that takes on a whole different meaning each time she performs it and dedicates it to "someone who of course isn't here, although he's supposed to be, the first guy I ever fell in love with, Steven." At this point my husband Bill asks me "Who"? I guessed some kid in grade or middle school who was her first "Boyfriend" and lives in Chicago.13.) Purple lights come on and then she says, "I wrote this right after the Buckingham Nicks album and was not a happy person. This is Garbo.14.) Next song introduced as a song she wrote when she was 17 and "It's kind of creepy when you think about it." This of course is Rose Garden, my personal favorite on "Street Angel." I'm so glad she included this on tour cause I love it .

15.) Landslide. Really missing LB At this point, but the other guitarist is really good. Sorry I don't remember his name, I know that's really rude, but I kept thinking he looks like Adam Clayton. I know it's the wrong instrument, but the hair looked the same and we were 20 rows back. After the song he picks up a rose off the stage floor and hands it to her, which I thought was really sweet. Let me say at this point, there was no touching or leaning of any kind on this guitarist thank you very much. (And since he was actually wearing a WHOLE SHIRT it wouldn't have grossed me out if she did) 16.) Twisted. I think this version is better than the box set, but not as good as the first version I heard, Off the Soundtrack with LB. She does change the first line to "I think WE are the demons" instead of "you" Then Lenny? has a bongo solo for a few minutes while she is changing. 17.) Edge of 17. This is my all-time favorite Stevie solo song so if I hadn't embarrassed myself enough at this point I now am doing so. Stevie is wearing a silver or taupe colored wrap over her black velvet dress. Sharon takes over at the end during Lori's usual part. Stevie then walks the length of the stage doing the usual hand shakes, flowers, etc. Finishes by saying, "These are the moments I live for..I really appreciate this loyalty."

Encore: She comes back on and jumps around on stage a bit. It looks like she's wearing tux tails over a black silk or satin dress.

1.) I Need to Know. Was very glad to hear this again. I notice at this point when I look up at the large screen above instead of the stage, There is Stevie, but because we're in an outdoor theater, I see the moon right next to her. It would've made a cool picture if I had a camera! She runs off stage to grab a shawl and ends with Has Anyone Ever Written.. She finishes by saying the last part is about the men of her life," They were poets, but they were priests of nothing, but they were legends, etc. and then sings that line. Well, I must say that when you go to a concert you expect a live performance with flaws, etc. It doesn't sound like you are listening to a cd. Let me say that if I hadn't actually seen Stevie, I would've thought it was a cd playing the whole night. That's how good she sounded. And I was very impressed with her bandmates again. I've always thought she picked good musicians for her solo stuff. I really wished she'd played Rooms on Fire and I Can't Wait , since I really love those two a lot. But then I think that these are the songs she wanted to play this time so I should be glad she loved them enough to share them with me. I hope you all have A TERRIFIC TIME at your future concerts. I thought about Toni a lot tonight and wished we had been able to finally meet. But she'll be seeing all the dates now. Sorry again if the songs were out of order. Talk to you all later, Bonnie

Review by Angie, May 30th 1998

On the night of May 30,1998 I attended the Stevie Nicks concert in Chicago (Tinley Park), IL. At the New World Music Theater. Let me just say first it was phenomenal. Boz Scaggs opened for her. With an hour set. Her brother Chris came out and read the definition of enchanted. Then came our beloved Stevie! When she walked out everyone was screaming,and cheering. Everyone stood up.  She started with Outside The Rain. By the second song Dreams everyone was singing with her. Then she sung Enchanted and when she finished she asked if we felt enchanted and everyone screamed. Next was Gold Dust Woman and she did her little spinning dance thing it was beautiful! Then she sang Golden Braid. Then she said I dedicate this song to my friend Tom Petty who's not here but should be. Of course the song was Stop Draggin My Heart Around (the guitarist sang Tom's parts) Then it was the acoustic set which was about her feelings on Hollywood (she said) the set was 3 songs After the Glitter Fades,Garbo,and a splendid live version of Rose Garden. Sleeping Angel was next. Followed by Landslide she said she always dedicates it to someone and she said when she does they usually aren't there (laughing). It was dedicated to Steven the first man she loved. Then a moving piano version of Rhiannon dancing around. Then she sang Twisted. During Twisted we got to go up to the stage. Everyone was dancing to Stand Back. I was pretty close. She followed that up with Edge of Seventeen I was snapping pictures left and right and they caught me they took my film I was crying (note i'm only 14 and i was rather upset) then (since i was close) Stevie flashed a smile my way so I thought to myself Its not like i'm going to forget this night so i was happy again. Then they walked in the back pretending to end the show. Of course they came back and we were screaming our heads off! She was really happy! She sang a really good version of Tom Petty's I Need To Know. Then closed the best night of my life with Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You. Everytime she said that line (Has anyone ever written anything for you) Everyone yelled yes you Stevie! She kept laughing. She recited the poem at the end of the song. It was over she was walking and waving on stage and I threw up a peace sign and she threw me one back! It was the best ever.

Stevie I love you! She is a true goddess!

   Cleveland, Ohio, Blossom Music Center, June 2,1998
  From the Blue Letter Archives:
Review by Wildhrt26@aol.com, June 2, 1998

I decided to submit my review of the June 2nd show because I thought it would be interesting for people to read a younger persons take on the concert.  Let me start out by saying that the night did not start out well. I was going with two friends and one of them lost her ticket in the midst of remodeling her room.  On top of that, it was storming, hard,  and even though we had pavilion seats, I was afraid the concert might be delayed or canceled.   I had decided that I wanted to try and get a flower to Stevie.  I settled on a large, pink rose.  I also wrote her a note that I hope she reads.  See, during the Street Angel tour, my aunt and cousin were able to meet her and since then, my cousin has sadly committed suicide.  Stevie's music and words really seem to help my aunt get along and I wanted to thank her for that.  I had no clue when, how, or if I would get the rose to her, but I decided to try.

We left and on the way it, thankfully, stopped storming.  We arrived at Blossom, parked and bought all our T-shirts and souvenirs.  Our seats turned out to be a lot better than I had expected.  We sat through Boz Scaggs, who I enjoyed more than I thought I would.  The audience loved him, but it was evident that  they were there for Stevie.  She started out with her "Outside the Rain"/ "Dreams" combination.  It was awesome!  Everyone was out of their seats and dancing.  Stevie then mentioned something about how she was happy that a tornado hadn't come through (a reference to the terrible weather).  Then "Enchanted" started.  Everyone, including me, was singing at the top of their lungs.  During the next song, "Gold Dust Woman" (which was absolutely fabulous) I got up and talked to some security guards about taking my flowers down to the stage.  They told me to wait until everyone was seated and I could get down there easily.

"Gold and Braid"  was 10 times better than on the boxed set.  One of Stevie's guitarist, Carlos I think was his name, really got into it, dancing across the stage and playing like a wild man.  Stevie's other guitarist did a great job singing Tom Petty's part on "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around."  After that song came Stevie's acoustic set.  She first sang "After the Glitter Fades," which was also better than on the boxed set. Then, "Garbo" started.  I figured it was now or never and got out of my seat to walk down to the stage.  All the guards were very nice and let me through immediately.  I set the rose on the stage looked up at Stevie (who looks so great close up) and then walked back to my seat.  She finished up the acoustic set with "Rose Garden" and "Sleeping Angel," which were both incredibly beautiful.  Then, she ran back to change real quick.

The next song was "Stand Back."  Stevie danced around twirling like magic. It was great!!  We knew by the opening strands of the next song that it was "Rhiannon." There was a little girl sitting in front of me that couldn't have been more than 4.  In the middle of Rhiannon, she put her little blanket over her shoulders and started twirling around in the aisle, exactly like Stevie. It was so cute!  After "Rhiannon," Stevie introduced her band to everyone, and then started into "Whole Lotta Trouble." Everyone looked at me strange on this one because I was one of the only people dancing.  I couldn't help it, it's a great dancing song!

I noticed that my rose was still at the front of the stage and started to get worried.  "Landslide" was next and even though it was beautiful, it wasn't the same without Lindsey backing Stevie up.  She then did a totally different version of "Twisted".  It was amazing.  I liked it better than the version on the boxed set and the version on the Twister soundtrack. Stevie ran back to change quickly while Lenny started going wild on the bongos.  I could tell that "Edge of Seventeen" was about to start.  Stevie came out and launched into the song.  The whole place was on their feet, singing and dancing. Sharon joined Stevie at her microphone when the part starts that goes, "Well, I hear you (Well I hear you)...."   At the end, Stevie went to the front of the stage and started gathering flowers and other gifts in a box while the band kept playing.  It was then that I realized that would have been the right time to take down my gift.  Stevie finished collecting things and the box was placed on the side of the stage.  My flowers were still at the front, in front of Stevie's microphone.

For the encore, she did Tom Petty's "I Need To Know", which rocked and then she did the beautiful and haunting "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You". At the end of that song, after the band had taken their bow, Stevie's guitarist picked up my flowers and handed them to her on the way out!!  I was thrilled.  The concert was absolutely fabulous.  I only wish I could see another one.  Stevie really is an enchantress.

Review by BLY, June 2, 1998

My Review of Cleveland's ENCHANTED EVENING.

The Enchanted tour was the sixth solo Stevie Nicks concert I have attended.  I must say it was her best.  Not just because of the EXCELLENT stage, lighting & sound but because Stevie really connected with the audience.  I was in the 9th row/center(the best seats I have had in 20 YEARS of attending MAC/NICKS shows. The addition of songs to her usual live song list was the highlight for me (actually the whole acoustic thing was it) Garbo, Sleeping Angel, Rose Garden & After the Glitter Fades could have been the whole show for me.  I have never heard her voice sound so clear and crisp!  She hit ALL the high notes (hello 1970's).  I must say even Stand Back, a song that always rocks live, was taken to a much higher level.  She danced & danced and was so enjoying every minute.  Twisted was awesome!  I'm glad I decided to fly to Cleveland to see the show and not have this tour be her first solo tour that I miss because of a hectic schedule at the end of June when she comes to my home town.  This tour shouldn't be missed.

  Cincinnati, OH, Riverbend Music Center, June 3,1998
  From the Blue Letter Archives: Cincinnati Post (06/04/98)
Review by Leigh Krampe, June 4, 1998

This is my review of last night's show in Cincinnati:

Let it be known that Stevie sure can throw a party. There had been a huge storm only hours before the concert started, and it seemed as though she had just blown in with the storm on the wind, her chiffon wings flapping. She was in perfect form, her voice clear and beautiful, her robes and dresses classic Stevie, and everything was simply Enchanting.

Being a fan of the fabulous Stevie since almost birth -- my mother sang "Beautiful Child" as she rocked me to sleep -- this was the time of my life. I dressed up along with the best of the Nix Chix in black lace and black chiffon and I could hardly sit still through the opening act, Boz Skaggs. He did pretty well, but I was a little bored after half an hour. He did have this great soulful backup singer who could totally wail.

Finally, Mr. Skaggs left the stage and things began to change, began to shift, like a strand in the wind in the web that belongs to all of us. What looked like a giant glittering fan spread out as the backdrop and drapery panels of cream colored silk and chiffon whispered in the black rafters. The band got into place and a man came out and read the definition of "enchanted" from a thick dictionary: "enchanted - charmed, very beautiful and magical, mystical, under a spell...".

I'm sure everyone felt under the spell of Goddess waiting in the wings. At last, everything went black, and the opening strains to "Outside the Rain" floated across the misty night. A roar erupted from the entire crowd, and there she was, simply radiant in her trademark clothes and her long hair shining. She was poised, calm, and powerful, waving little waves and smiling a huge smile. She effortlessly segued into "Dreams", twirling and waving her arms, still smiling.

Afterwards, she thanked us for braving the storm and chatted with the whole crowd of at least 10,000 for about three minutes. She explained that "this is her show" and she's gonna play what she wants. So, if we didn't recognize them, that was okay, as long as we enjoyed them. She was so cute and excited, like a little girl at her party. 

We all recognized the next classic with the familiar dusky sitar sounds, clanging cowbells, and gold dust flying everywhere. She twirled and danced and sang to all of the Bella Donnas, the Wild Hearts, and the Street Angels out there singing along. "Gold and Braid" was next with traces of gold still floating about in the air over our heads and against the light of the rising moon.

Next up was a costume change and a move into a slightly slower, more soothing pace. The band seated on stools, Stevie sang her acoustic set of "After the Glitter Fades", "Garbo", and the wistfully beautiful "Rose Garden". Keeping up with the dreamy mood of that particular moment was "Sleeping Angel".

But then it was time to ROCK, my friends. "Enchanted" was swinging, "Stand Back" was absolutely fabulous, and "Whole Lotta Trouble" brought down the house with its sultry brass jive. "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around" was actually done justice by the I-think-he-used- a-little-too- much-bleach blonde guitarist named Frank and of course, Stevie was pointing into the audience and swaying to the beat.

The simply classic "Landslide" was next on the agenda. Stevie was fabulous and beautiful, as she always is, but that Frank's mediocre acoustic couldn't help but be overshadowed by Lindsey's powerful finger picked melodies that had graced the Crown Theatre, just up the river, just a few months ago. Yet it was still as beautiful and as haunting as ever. A timelessly Enchanting piece.

Thunder rumbled suddenly, and lightning flashed. Of course, that was just on stage, for a loud and luscious version of "Twisted", about storms and dangerous living. It was great fun, so my mom and I stepped over the bar, separating our seats from the aisle, and grooved to the music, like the White Winged Dove herself. Of course, the Riverbend Seat Nazis (NO SEAT FOR YOU!!!) immediately swooped down and moved us back to our seats. It was still a major rush.

Then the stage was cleared except for the percussionist whom I recognized from "The Dance" tour. He worked out intricate rhythms that echoed across the night like pounding hooves, telling us that something, something magical, something wonderful, was on its way. The drummer kicked in, pounding and crashing like the familiar thunder. Then we heard it. The guitar playing those familiar notes we all knew so well. And suddenly there was no one left standing in the hall except for the Nightbird singing "Come away..." in a beautiful white glittery dress, her blonde hair glowing like a halo. Everyone sang and danced along, even as Stevie collected roses, teddy bears, and a top hat from the first few rows. She nodded and smiled and laughed, an angelic vision to everyone. "Edge of Seventeen" ended the show with a beautiful and awesome BANG!!!

So the woman disappeared. But we were all awestruck, and I truly cared, but no one was so tired, so the woman reappeared and sang a great encore song that my mom picked out as a Tom Petty favorite. But then the lilting strains of "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You" floated into our hearts and Stevie thanked us all for a wonderful evening. She changed the lyrics around lightly, imploring us to "Remember her" and "Never forget her". That certainly will never happen.

  Columbus, OH, Riverbend Music Center, June 5, 1998
  From the Blue Letter Archives: None
Review by Torri, June 7, 1998 (Posted on Ledge 3)

Well, I'm back from my 7-8 hr. road trip for the Columbus show and I don't know if I can find any words to do Stevie justice...but I promised Keith so here you go...

First, it was COLD! Had to buy the Enchanted sweatshirt (oh, darn)...I met up with Stacey from the story list and as we walked in, there were 3 guys selling the tour programs...one asked if we were buying one and we said, of course...then he says he knows the guy who designed it...Stacey asked who?...and he pointed to a guy sitting down...it was Chris Nicks...cool! So we talked awhile...and I just have to say...Chris is very nice and cute, too...just my type...LOL!

We were quite a ways back...but with quite a few die-hard fans who we shared stories and our excitement with...Boz was good and the woman with him seriously wails! Then...finally...Stevie... You all have heard about the set...but to see it...wow...very Stevie...and she sounded...um...great, awesome...see, they are no words...it was pure bliss!!! The crowd wasn't all that in to it from where we were but this did not matter to me...I was in awe...I love hearing Stevie live and she was as good as I knew she would be...maybe even better...there wasn't a song that didn't sound great...and she seemed happy and was having a great time...talked a lot about the different songs...and sang and touched our souls as only she can...

I'm not sure the smile has left my face yet...and it will just have to stay until next Sat...Holmdel...here we come!

Review by Rhapsody, June 6, 1998 (Posted on Ledge 3)

It was breathtaking. Definitely the best I've seen from Stevie. Is she divine, or what? I fell in love again. I can never keep track of details but everything as far as set and stage were as expected from other reviews. What was not expected, was the "intimacy" of it all. I felt like I had been allowed into her circle of friends. Another unexpected bonus was watching her delivery of songs that I hadn't really totally loved before, and then just being carried away by her emotions. It's like she sweeps you into her arms and just takes you with her. I wanted to hug people I didn't know, I wanted to save the world. The highlights for me were...Garbo, a song I've never liked that much, her obvious happiness of hearing everyone sing Landslide with her, the song Twisted, oh she was having fun!, seeing those bright eyes and shy smiles, and the encore was something to see I tell ya. Perfection. I have to warn though, I think it is imperative to have seats as close as possible, or much of what I had the luck of experiencing would not be as noticeable. No matter where you sit, head down to the stage as soon as the bongo solo begins. Stevie obviously gives instructions to the venue for this. She tries her best to shake every hand or make eye contact with everyone. She didn't pick up many gifts, she put them down on the stage so her hands would be free. I was able to sneak in a camera or two, but it was nerve-wracking. I suggest a disposable with no flash. Polaris (the venue I attended) must mean "police state" in another language!! Very tight. Well that's all I can think of now...love you guys! Geeze! See what she did to me?? :^)

Review by MoonSista, July 22, 1998

Torri (a Ledgie) convinced me to go to the Columbus, OH Stevie show - and boy, am I glad she did!! Torri drove up from Virginia, and I drove down from Cleveland. As I was driving down, the weather was not good - rainy, gray, and COLD (40's)!  Torri and I spent the day listening to Stevie music, looking at Stevie pictures and eating (of course)..all good things to get you in the mood for a good Stevie concert!! We decided to arrive very early, and when we got there, there weren't many people there yet, but there were 3 guys selling tour books..of course I had to ask them why I had paid $20 for my tour book in Cleveland, and they were now charging $18, and it turned out that one of the guys was Chris Nicks! Torri remained calm, but I was freaking out! "Stevie's flesh and blood," I kept thinking....he signed my tour book and I did cartwheels all the way to our seats! (Nice guy, nice looking and just plain NICE!!)  So we got to our seats, and marveled at how we were only about halfway back...Polaris Amphitheatre is a nice, new facility, and as the crowd started filtering in, of course we had to talk to everyone around us (OK, I had to talk to everyone around us..Torri was off buying a very cool Stevie sweatshirt!) By this time, the weather was nicer..cloudy but NO RAIN!  Soon it was time for Boz. He had really grown on me in between the Cleveland show and the Columbus show. I really liked his songs and his style, although I wondered a little about what he was wearing...faded black jeans and a plaid shirt that wasn't tucked in?  But then again, it's kind of John McVie-ish..OK, his clothes were cool...his songs are so catchy, and you find yourself saying "Oh yeah! I know that song!" a lot!

Then it was time for Stevie - the Queen! She looked positively radiant! She also looked like she had her bangs cut a little between the Cleveland show and the Columbus show.  She totally rocked on GDW, Stand Back and Edge of 17!!  Every song was very good, and you really feel what she says before she does the Rose Garden song...it's almost like you KNOW that teenager she used to be... As for the crowd, not only were they sitting down for 99% of the show, but there were only about 20 of us up and ROCKING the whole time! I even saw one guy give another guy a hard time because he wasn't sitting down...now, you tell me: What better way to warm up when it's 40 degrees outside than to get up and totally Rock Out to Stevie's live show!?  I was up and dancing and screaming for the entire show! Torri was in total awe...I kept asking her why she was so quiet..every time, her answer was "ohhhh I'm having a GREAT TIME!"

She was just looking at Stevie with such awe..that's the only word for it! Stevie changed clothes several times, even more than she did at the Cleveland show!  She seemed so happy, and through the binoculars, she looked so YOUNG! That skin! That beautiful blond hair!  You can tell that Stevie loves her fans..she seemed to be looking at each one of us! Sharon Celani is back-up singer extraordinaire...and Mindy appeared to be having a great time! Clearly, all band members were thrilled to be there with Stevie..they love her as much as we do! It soon came time for the end of the show...Stevie blew our minds with "I Need To Know" - is that HER song or what!?!?  And yes, Stevie, we've heard you sing..and hopefully one day, we can all give it back...

And then....it was time for me and Torri to part ways...she back to her motel and me back to Cleveland (thanks to a nice, heavy dose of caffeine)!  What an Enchanted night..I got to meet and hang out with Torri, got to meet Stevie's brother,  and got to see Stevie again!  What more could you ask for?

  Indianapolis, IN, Deer Creek Music Center, June 6, 1998
  From the Blue Letter Archives: None
Review by Vicky, June 8, 1998 (Posted on Ledge 3)

First of all, let me say I had the best time of my life! I'm not going to go over the set list because, of course, you already know it. I'll go over the highlights of the night. My seats were GREAT!! Better than I thought they would be. Boz Scaggs was very good, as usual. All of her songs were excellent but, Stand Back, "stood out". I loved how she danced with the guitar player. She was actually "dirty dancing" with him! I could tell she was having a great time. She also kept saying how much of a pleasure it was for her to do this. The highlight of the night,for me, was during Edge of Seventeen she walked across the stage and collected the hundreds of flowers from her fans. I reached my hand up to her and she carressed my hand. She didn't shake my hand but, you know, carressed it. It's hard to explain but I'm sure you know what I mean. Her hands were so soft, like silk. Oh, one more thing that I thought was funny. First of all there was this girl there with her mom sitting next to me. We were talking and stuff. I noticed the keyboardist (the guy that played the accordian) was looking at her (the girl, not the mom)! He was winking and all that stuff. When they did their bow and everything he gave her 2 backstages passes!! At first I was like I HATE YOU!!!:) Then her mom said "I hope he realizes my daughter is only 13!!! I just thought that was so funny! Over all it was a fantastic and enchanted night. I want to become a roadie now. I want to go to the Florida show now!

Review by Jessica, June 7, 1998 (Posted on Ledge 3)

Hmmm. Well, the concert was not quite the experience I thought it would be. Stevie sounded great. She was very, very gracious and appreciative and seemed to be having a wonderful time. From what I could see through my binoculars, she also looked great. Boz was good, too.

However, what ruined this show for me was threefold. For one, the music (not the singing) was way too loud and distorted. Also, I had terrible seats and spent most of the evening just trying to see. And, this was about the rudest imaginable crowd. All they did was get up and leave over and over again to get beer or something. The same people were up and down, up and down so many times throughout the show that I lost count. I couldn't believe beer was the most important thing to them. That was so rude and disrespectful not only to Stevie and esp. to Boz (who had about 1/2 the crowd most of the time), but it is rude to the people who have to stand up every time someone decides to make a beer run.

This sounds terrible, but I couldn't wait for her to finish so I could leave, and I have zero desire to attend another show. I suppose I am a bad fan for letting outside factors get in the way of my enjoyment. In fact, maybe I'm just not a concert person at all. But, my hats off to Stevie, she did a wonderful job.

Some things I noticed:

  • People wearing FM Dance t-shirts or t-shirts from past SN tours.
  • A few ladies dressed like Stevie.
  • There were a lot of people there who were big SN fans.
  • There were a lot of people who didn't know any of her songs.
  • Someone gave her a big doll during Edge of 17.

    This show did make me realize how phenomenally popular Stevie still is. I was glad for her that so many people came out to see her. She seems very grateful about it, like she still can't quite believe that people come to hear her. She deserves it.

    Another interesting note: On our way home, we stopped at a gas station, and what caught my attention was the music playing. It was Rhiannon from Enchanted. I never expected to hear that version, and the fact that I heard Stevie right after the show was so eerie to me.

      Pittsburgh, Starlake Amphitheater, June 9, 1998
      From the Blue Letter Archives: Pittsburgh Gazzette, 6/10/98
    Review by Abby, June 9, 1998

    Hello.  I recently attended the Stevie Nicks' concert in Pittsburgh, PA. I wrote a review, but I tried to do it differently.  So here is my reflection about the Stevie concert.

    As I sat in Section 6, Row Q, Seat 4 at Starlake Amphitheater on June 9, 1998, I felt like I was back in fifth grade again going to my first concert.  Only this time I was going to see a Rock Legend (Stevie), and not a teen idol (Tiffany...hey I was young!..=)   I sat before the show and watched as all of Stevie's fans wandered around trying to find their seats. I saw some fans in the front give gifts to stage hands to take backstage to Stevie.  Some fans were dressed in their best Stevie-esq attire.  Others wore old concert t-shirts that were soon covered up by new t-shirts. A variety of people were there representing a wide range of ages.  Sisters, brothers, and friends came together for an "enchanted" evening with Ms. Nicks. In front of me was a man and his two young daughters, the latter of whom were quite visibly excited to see Stevie.

    As the band began to play "Outside the Rain", someone read the meaning of the word enchanted from a dictionary.  What a perfect way to start the show. The crowd rose to their feet as Stevie made her way to center stage.  Aah, sheer magic.  Stevie looked great and sounded even better.  I tried to savor every little detail about her performance.  I wanted to absorb it all so I wouldn't forget anything.

    As I look back now, about 24 hours after the show ended, a bunch of things run across my mind.  Like how Stevie couldn't recall the name of the first song she played in the acoustic set, which was "After the Glitter Fades," and how I would have died to have one of her beautiful outfits. So many things just seem to run together, but what I do remember very vividly is how appreciative Stevie looked as we screamed each time she twirled around and as we sang along with each song.  As I peered through my binoculars as she made her way along the first row of people during "The Edge of Seventeen," I couldn't help but wish I could run  to the front to touch her hand and tell her how much her music means to me.   But alas, all I could do was watch from the back.  Yet, through my binoculars,  I found the memory that I will keep with me forever from this concert.  Long after the memory of what songs she played or what she wore has faded from my mind, the image of Stevie being so humbled by the love of her fans will remain.

    As Stevie finished shaking the hands of her fans, she looked out at the audience and I swear she had tears in her eyes.  This woman, whose music has touched so many, seemed to be so overwhelmed by the love and affection that her fans were pouring over her.  I think if she could have thanked all 11,268 people individually that were there that night, she would have.  And I will never forget that.

    I know this isn't a "typical" review, but I didn't have a "typical" evening at a "typical" concert.  I had an enchanting evening.  That is really the best way to describe it.  Stevie is simply enchanting. 

    Review by Mikie Ray Turner, June 9, 1998

    Here is my concert experience:

    We arrived at Starlake around 6:30 p.m.  We pulled into VIP parking and then walked the lot to see if we could find any other list members from Enchanted and Rumours.  We found several nice people tail-gating and stopped to chat for awhile.  My friend, Jeff, who is VERY honest asked the guy at the gate if he could take his camera in and the guy said no.  Jeff then went back to the car with the camera and we walked the lot again as more people had arrived.  Three teenage girls yelled "Hey Stevie!" to me as I was fully dressed in Stevie's outfit from the Dance (courtesy of Bear).  The young girls came over and complimented me on my outfit.  We then decided to enter the venue because we were supposed to meet some Enchanted and Rumours members at 7:15 to the entrance of pit seating (left side).  As we walked in I got several admiring looks and several weird looks on my outfit.  Some people gave me smiles and thumbs up and some people snickered and laughed behind my back.  Did I care about these people that did not understand?  Hell no, I just ignored them and their snide remarks.  Waiting at the entrance to pit seating, we met up with Karen and her husband, Phil (from Rumours) and MaryBeth and her husband, Barry (from Enchanted).  These people were very nice and friendly and we talked up a storm.  We then met a nice fellow named Mike Struchion (spelling?).  I believe he was from Enchanted too.  These people were very nice, not "Internet weirdos" like my husband thinks.

    At 8:00 we found our seats and sat down to watch Boz Scaggs, who I must say, put on a very good show.  His back-up singer, Lisa Frazier, was excellent.  Boz left the stage and came back for an encore.  When he was finished, the road crew began removing his equipment and checking and positioning Stevie's equipment.  At this time, we went back out to our meeting place and talked with MaryBeth and Barry again.  We saw Karen and Phil in passing.  At about 9:15 we went back to our seats and got ready for Stevie. The lights went down and the whole venue screamed when Christopher Nicks came on to read the definition of Enchanted.  Then the lights came up and there she was!  I screamed "Stevie" real loud and everyone was on their feet.  I about died, I have never seen her this close before. 

    She came out wearing the velvet floor-length coat from the Leno show and changed accordingly for each grouping of songs.  Among the clothing I saw besides the first outfit were:  the Gold Dust Woman shawl (which looked more beautiful than it did on the Dance), a red and gold floor-length dress/jacket (made of satin, I think), a red jacket thing (during Whole Lotta Trouble), a beautiful silver-gray full length shawl (that looked like a dress), a white sparkley shawl (floor- length) and the last outfit a beautiful sliver/white floor-length velvet, rhinestone, satin jacket with a white shawl over it.  I may have missed a few here. 

    After Twisted, which I must say was the best I've ever heard her do this song, my friend and I went to the stage and I got up right against it, I was next to last at the stage. There was no pushing or shoving.  We were in 7th row and it was a piece of cake to get up there.  I watched Edge of Seventeen from the stage front. After the song was over, Stevie started to make her way along the stage shaking people's hands and collecting some gifts.  I saw her put on a ring, a thing that was like a tassel (like a priest wears) around her neck, a bouquet of brown-eyed Susan flowers, a stuffed animal.  I could not believe I was there and that my dream was going to come true.  What would I say to her?  I had no idea.  When she got to me, she took my hand in both of hers, looked directly at me, maintaining eye contact and smiled the biggest smile I'd ever seen.  I said "I love you Stevie." and she nodded to me.  Now she did not just let my hand go, she held on and squeezed.  My friend, Jeff, said the blue stage light was shining on my face and I was in a trance.  Her hand was the softest I've ever felt, tiny, and a little moist.  She had medium length nails with pearl polish on them.  As she moved to the last person, I touched her burnt red color boot and touched the hem of her jacket.  You could tell the clothing was super expensive by the feel.  We watched her two last songs from the bottom of the stage and then the lights came up and she was gone.  Some drunk girl was boosted on stage by her boyfriend during Stevie's encore and a big security guy made her get down.  What some people won't do.  As I left the venue, I was walking on air.  I had never expected in my life to share such a special moment with my idol.  I think Stevie noticed my costume.  She genuinely does appreciate her fans.  My friend, Jeff, who had never seen her before was impressed with her rapport with the audience.  I got home about 12:15 a.m. and had trouble falling asleep.  I was thrilled to death and couldn't wait to tell everyone about my experience.  I bought the tour book, blue t-shirt with Stevie pointing and a key chain.  I am totally broke until Friday.

    My Dream came true, I will remember this night.

    Love to all,


    Review by Lori Aimino, Dana Hardek, and Carlene (posted to the Ledge by Lori), June 12, 1998

    Hi everybody!

    Okay, for clarity's sake...when you read this, keep in mind that whenever you see anything written in the first person, that is me (Lori) talking. Carlene's and Dana's information and comments are noted as such. I hope it all makes sense, and that you enjoy it!!!

    Lori :o)

    Stevie's Pittsburgh Show:
    Coca-Cola Starlake Amphitheatre, Burgettstown, PA June 9, 1998

    Dana and I travelled to the venue together, where we met with Carlene and her mother (Go Joanne!!!) in the VIP parking lot. We had hoped to meet fellow Ledgies Abby, Tammie, and Steve there while we were tailgating, but for many reasons it didn't happen.
    We entered the concert area, stopping to purchase our various souvenirs (which for me included the t-shirt with Stevie's self-portrait, which resembles a chalk drawing with kind of an air-brushed effect - very cool!). Carlene comments that although she felt the merchandise was a bit expensive (no surprise), she felt that all of the items that were offered were artistic and VERY "Stevie." We all agreed that we did not feel the bear was worth $20 though!

    While we were making our purchases, Boz Scaggs began his performance. We proceeded to our seats, which were amazing (thanks to Carlene, who got up very early to stand in line for us the day the tickets went on sale). My seat was pretty much directly in line with Stevie's (and Boz's) mic, and only 13 rows from the stage - the most incredible seats I've ever had at a concert! Dana estimates that the crowd was approximately 60% female and 40% male, with very few people sporting the "Stevie look." There were also quite a number of little children there, which made me wish my little girl could have been there, too, but we felt we should wait until she is a LITTLE older for her first concert experience!

    By the time we were really settled into our seats, Boz was a couple of songs into his set. He sounded great (though I was a little shocked at how much older he looked than my memory of him), his band was very tight sounding, and the members really seemed to be enjoying themselves. As we were watching Boz perform, I noticed that there appeared to be smoke puffing out of his ear! I mentioned it to Dana, who mentioned it to Carlene, and the three of us had a good laugh, then we all zeroed in on him with our binoculars to try to identify the real source of the smoke. Apparently, there was a smoke machine running to give some kind of foggy effect to the stage, and there appeared to be a tube attached to the microphone which was pumping the smoke out to, I suppose, give Boz a more mysterious look. Unfortunately, he just looked like his left ear was smoldering (sorry, Boz)!

    As we looked around at our surroundings, my attention was drawn to the lighting control area, which was directly behind our section, and I noticed Lenny Castro was hanging out there, enjoying Boz's show. Dana and I got our courage up, and approached the area to request an autograph. He was very friendly and gracious, and autographed our Stevie picture-postcards, with the added touch of little bongo drum drawings! True to form, I was a chicken at first, but once he started signing my postcard I started babbling things like, "Tell Stevie my 3 year old daughter loves her!" I'm sure he was thinking, oh no, it's another nutcase!

    Dana and I then went scouting for our fellow Ledgies. We found Abby in her seat (and may I say, she really looks a lot like a young Stevie), and she was just adorable. She joined us on our trek to Steve's seats, but unfortunately we never found him; according to Steve, he and his friend were already busy at this point trying to steal better seats - shame, shame!!! We finally decided to stop running around, and get back to our seats, where we met Tammie, who coincidentally had seats directly behind ours!!!

    We also managed to get back in time to hear some of the better-known Boz tunes, such as Love, Look What You've Done to Me and Lido Shuffle, which he did as an encore. Many people got up and boogied to that one, which sounded awesome, and you could tell by looking around that Boz had a small but devoted group of fans there as well.

    Finally, it was time for Stevie. The set was just gorgeous, very intimate looking, with the back-drop resembling an open fan. Everything was in shades of pink and lavender, and just what you would expect Stevie to choose. The band came onstage first, with Christopher Nicks coming on to read the definition of the word "enchanted" and to introduce his sister. During the dictionary reading,I remember Chris very distinctly emphasizing the part about "bringing someone to the point of TEARS." How true!

    And then, what we'd all been waiting to hear: PLEASE WELCOME MISS STEVIE NICKS!!! Of course, at that point everyone who was in the pavilion seating area was on their feet, and thousands of us began to scream, whistle, and cheer for the "sweet girl" making her entrance onto the stage! Carlene observes, "Stevie looked VERY happy, VERY comfortable with herself, and VERY confident. I think that translated into the audience." Her opening outfit appeared to be a long, deep purple fitted coat over a lavender chiffon skirt - absolutely gorgeous. I remember Dana commenting that it would be a beautiful Christmas outfit. And the woman herself looked INCREDIBLE. Positively radiant, and smiling from ear to ear.

    The opening song was Outside the Rain, which sounded fantastic. The band was incredible, and Sharon and Mindy's harmony vocals were perfect. Stevie was singing very intensely, and at one point between verses spoke the words that were something to the effect of "you'll never take my soul" (obviously in reference to the man in the song, not the audience). This song segued directly into Dreams, which sounded fantastic. During the "heartbeat drives you mad" part, the drums were VERY strong, mimicking a heartbeat. Dana comments, "I think this song loses some of its power when not sung by Fleetwood Mac. I missed the harmonies."

    Dreams ended, leading to Stevie's first opportunity to address the crowd. She appeared thrilled by the applause, and said she "couldn't ask for more." She then gave the audience a thrill by saying, "Wasn't I just here last September, on this very stage?" Of course, the screaming of the crowd was deafening! Stevie then spoke of how special this tour was for her, because she could pick the songs SHE wanted to perform. She mentioned that if some of us didn't have the box set yet, that some of the songs may be unfamiliar, but said with a smile, "Trust me, they were out there. You just must have been sleeping!"

    The band then broke into Enchanted, which really rocked. I asked Carlene and Dana for their input on this one, because I can't remember much except that I was dancing like a nut at this point. Dana must've been, too, because her comment was, "People seemed to like this song, that's all I remember." I do remember thinking that many of the people must have gotten the box set, because a lot of the crowd seemed to be singing along, or at least familiar with the song.

    Next was Gold Dust Woman, for which she had of course donned her gold shawl, which was so beautiful. This song was HEAVILY drum-oriented, and Stevie was really into it, dancing around a lot and doing this snake-like thing with her arms held out to the side. At the end of the song, during the "running in the shadows" part, she was VERY animated, miming like she was running along and acting like she was pushing her way through cobwebs, with her hands held up in front of her face. Also at the end, she spoke/sang "someone said something about, someone said something about, someone said something about Gold Dust." Very intense!

    Then came Gold and Braid, which was a real crowd-pleaser. Dana notes that Stevie played with her hair a lot during this song. I found this particular version of it VERY interesting, being as she has said it is about Lindsey. She changed the words in the first verse, singing "HIS EYES, HIS mystery" and at the end totally omitted the line about "I'd always love you," but instead had a smile on her face like the cat who'd swallowed the canary! What kind of secret are you keeping, Miss Nicks???

    Next was Stop Draggin' My Heart Around. The guitarist, Frank Simes, did a nice job with Tom Petty's part. I commented to Carlene and Dana that he was also much easier on the eyes than Waddy, though I'm sure Waddy is a VERY nice person! ;o)

    At this point, the stage was reset for the acoustic portion of the set, with Stevie exiting for a costume change. She reappeared moments later to join her bandmates, wearing a black lacy/sheer slip-dress covered by an over-dress that was burgundy brocade with clusters of silvery-gray and lavender flowers on it. Again, gorgeous! Stevie then explained that the following songs were a "trilogy" that she had selected of songs that she felt fit well together. After her big "trilogy" speech, however, when it came time for her to introduce the first of the three songs, she then said, "The first song is called, uh, uh..." and had forgotten the name of it! She was reminded by her bandmates, and with a laugh said, "After the Glitter Fades!" It was very funny, and the song to follow sounded wonderful.

    Next was Garbo, which before had not exactly been one of my favorites, but took on a whole new meaning once Stevie explained its origins. She said she wrote it the night of the photo session for the Buckingham Nicks album cover. She told us there was a big part of her that hadn't wanted to take those pictures, and so she went home afterward and wrote Garbo. She basically said that she knew that she had a choice to either put herself in the place of a big Hollywood star and just grit her teeth and do it, or just try to forget it. Several times after the "or you could forget" part, she spoke the words "just walk away." The song is really invokes a lot of empathy when thought of in this context.

    Then came Rose Garden, which was such a lovely song. Stevie introduced it by saying how odd it seems to her that she wrote it at age 17, not knowing what her life would be like, yet she must have had some sense because the song ended up being rather prophetic; she does have a big house, land, and other things, but no marriage. She really seemed to enjoy performing this one, and played acoustic "air guitar," strumming along for most of the song. She also held up her left hand at the appropriate point at the end of the song, and looked at it as if to illustrate the point that there is no gold band there.

    The band went straight into the song Sleeping Angel (which kind of makes it not a trilogy, but oh well). This song was very nice and heartfelt. Someone in the front row was desperately trying to give Stevie a bouquet of flowers while she was singing, but she looked down and smiled, and gestured that she couldn't get around all of the equipment, etc., to reach them, and was like "sorry!" At the end, she said with a big smile, "That ends the acoustic segment. I'll be right back!" and exited the stage for a costume change.

    I want to add here that Carlene comments, "I was charmed (i.e. "enchanted") with her between-songs conversations with us. She is truly an open, giving individual.

    Okay, so now that she had the audience all lulled into submission, Miss Nicks re-entered the stage for the "Stevie kicks butt" portion of the program, beginning with Stand Back! Carlene feels, of course, that this was one of the "standout performances" of the evening, and I'm sure everyone there would agree. Stevie was wearing a black dress with a long black shawl over top that was encrusted with silver, mirror-y looking things all over it. She was SO into this song, and at one point she went over and danced in front of the guitarist, Carlos Rios, shaking everything she had, to the point of messing up her hair! Dana observes, "Stand Back really seems to take on a life of its own in concert. When I went to see Fleetwood Mac, that was definitely the song that got everyone the most excited, and the same happened at this concert."

    Following Stand Back was another all-time concert highlight, Rhiannon. This was performed very similarly to The Dance version, with the added twist of it being VERY HEAVY on the drums. At the end of the song, Stevie kept repeating, "Don't leave me, don't leave me." When it was finished, Stevie explained to the audience that when the white Fleetwood Mac album came out, she hadn't wanted Rhiannon released as a single, due to her fear that the song would "fail" because, in her words, "it was such a WEIRD song." To convince her, the rest of Fleetwood Mac said to her, "Then it will be the weirdest song to ever be a hit on the charts!" This got a BIG laugh from the audience.

    Next, Stevie became a Whole Lotta Trouble! This song was very heavy sounding, and she was really into it. Dana recalls that this was a "good grooving song. Sharon and Mindy looked like they were having fun." Carlene also feels this was another standout performance, and she comments, "This song isn't really one of my all-time faves, but I loved the way she sang VERY DEFIANTLY...'When I want something...(pause)I GET IT!' I think she even did the hands-on-the-hips gesture and thrust her fist into the air."

    I suppose next Stevie decided she would soothe us after trouncing us a good one with the last few numbers ;o), so she performed Landslide next. For her introduction, she said, "This is the song I usually dedicate to my dad, but tonight there is a wonderful lady in the audience. She was my father's secretary for years and years, since I was a little girl, and she always picked up and followed us whenever we moved around. So, Frances, I love you very much, and this is for you." (Note: I cried during this song; it is so special to me!) The crowd sang along, INCREDIBLY LOUDLY, which made Stevie smile a big smile! During the part where she holds out the word "SNOW," the crowd was singing SO loudly that she gestured for us to hold out the note, then directed us to sing the rest, gesturing as if she were conducting. It was fabulous, and at the end she and Frank Simes both did a sweeping bow to each other. I was glad there was no repeat of the Lindsey hug/kiss. It would have seemed too "staged."

    The introduction of the band members followed. Some of the highlights:
    -Brett Tuggle - Stevie said he was a "new" friend, as she had just gotten to know him as he helped Christine out on keyboards for Fleetwood Mac's Dance Tour
    -Land Richards - this is pretty much word-for-word, "I'm a woman who loves drummers, so you KNOW this guy must be REALLY cool!"
    -Sharon Celani - Stevie said, "This woman's been with me through everything, since like 1978, and Sharon...I really love you so much, Sharon." Sharon appeared quite overcome by this!
    -Carlos Rios - Stevie introduced him as her musical director as well as her guitarist, and then said he is pretty much "the love of my life, at this point!" Carlos' eyes got WIDE and he looked VERY pleased! (Note: The 3 of us found this very interesting, and it is now more interesting coupled with the rumours that they are involved...hmmm...)

    Stevie exited for another costume change, and then a twister hit! (Well, sort of!) The "fan" back-drop of the stage was lit up purple, with swirling shadows behind it. There was a big storm sound, with thunder and loud, blowing winds. We were about to be Twisted! Stevie re-entered wearing her red shawl, looking great. The song sounded great, too, though part of me really missed Lindsey and the "I know, you know, watching you go is like dying" part, which is my favorite part of the duet version. When the song was over, Stevie started to walk off the stage to prepare for The Edge of Seventeen, and realized she still had her tambourine with her. She nonchalantly handed it to Mindy, who placed it over by the drum kit before exiting the stage with the rest of the band, leaving only Lenny Castro onstage for the bongo solo.

    Ok, here is where things got interesting for Carlene, Dana, and I. I had committed to memory what Rhapsody had said about getting to the stage when the bongo solo was starting, so the three of us left our seats and walked to the aisle on the far left of the stage, in hopes of reaching the stage a bit more easily that way, due to the fact that the folding chairs of the "pit" area of the audience were blocking the end of our aisle. We were "nabbed" by a security woman, so Carlene explained our plan to go to the stage. The woman said she didn't know anything about people being permitted to go to the stage, and to ask the guy in the headphones who was walking around (apparently he was a security "bigwig"). So I told the guy that we had been told that we would be allowed to go to the stage during this song and take our gifts to Stevie. He said, "Do you have a gift?" and so I lied and said that I had a drawing in my pocket from my daughter (I still feel the need to go to confession over this - sigh). He said he would escort ME ONLY to the stage, just long enough to place my gift there. I said, sorry, if we can't all go, I'm not going. So we started to return to our seats, when some people went past us, down our aisle, to the first row of seats behind the "pit." We decided to go for it, and walked down, too. This was about halfway through the Edge of Seventeen. All of the people seated in the pit area were up against the stage already, but we couldn't get past security, so we just stood at the bottom of the aisle and watched the rest of the song from there. And how unbelievable THAT performance was! Stevie looked gorgeous in a beautiful creamy-white dress. Sharon joined Stevie at her mic for the "Well I hear you, in the morning" echo part, which sounded great. The highlight for me was on Stevie's big Oooooo-ooooh part; she was SO into it that she started doing her "speaking in tongues" thing like she did in the Mirage video performance of Sisters of the Moon. I couldn't believe that I witnessed that first-hand! I know my eyes were like saucers and my mouth was wide open! This was the Stevie from days gone by, and I was there to see it personally, from only about 20 feet away! I will never forget that! Here are Carlene's thoughts on the song, up to this point: "I loved our little 'adventure' during Edge of Seventeen, but I don't remember much of the song since we were running about. (I'm so proud of myself...I did something impulsive!)." Dana adds, "That's exactly what I was thinking too. No one's ever called me Ms. Spontaneous. Although it took me only 2.4 seconds to become the kind of concert attendee I usually make fun of (yelling and screaming, making a fool out of myself).

    Finally, so many people had started filtering down toward the stage, that I think the security people just gave up. Dana, Carlene, and I seized the opportunity and headed for the stage. Stevie was already at the edge of the stage, shaking hands and accepting gifts. At this point, the three of us were desperately trying to work our way up as close to the stage as possible, but unfortunately missed Stevie by the time we got there. Stevie was still accepting gifts at the far right of the stage; she had mostly been given flowers, but I saw her also getting a gold scarf and putting it around her neck, and Dana remembers her getting a gold-looking ring, which she put on. Dana also says Stevie was "nailed" in the leg by some flowers someone threw onstage! Something tells me that probably was not the first (nor the last) time that has happened! Carlene says, at this point, "The great thing was stopping - giving up from trying to get to Stevie - and finding myself 4-5 people back from her microphone!" Dana adds, "After I got up near the stage, I was really amazed by how *tiny* she is! She has the smallest little face. There was a security guard right next to her to make sure the crowd didn't pull her in. (Not that we would DO that. Oh no.)"

    People were going nuts! The entire band put their arms around each other and took a big bow and waved before exiting the stage. At this point, I had worked my way to directly in front of Stevie's mic, with only one person between myself and the stage, so I had an incredible view for the two encore songs. I estimate I was about 10 feet away from Stevie for the encore.

    Stevie and the rest of the band re-entered the stage after only a few minutes at most. She was wearing a gray dress with a beautiful white shawl over it. The band blasted into I Need to Know, and Stevie really gave it her all. As a matter of fact, she got SO into it that at the end she shook her head so much, all her hair fell onto her face, and she had to bend over and flip her head back to get presentable (ha ha) again. When the song was over, she went to the right side of the stage to have her hair and makeup quickly fixed.

    And finally, Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You. What a perfect song to end the evening with. Note: I had to go and bawl again. Stevie sang this song with such sincerity and emotion, and I felt as if she were singing it directly to ME, as I'm sure every other person felt as well. Many people were crying (including some of the men), and Stevie herself even seemed to get choked up at one point, due to the audience's reaction. At the end of the song, the band again got together for a bow, and waved as they exited the stage. The crowd was applauding like mad and screaming "STEVIE!" and I saw her look at Carlos and raise her eyebrows like "Do you BELIEVE this???" I think they were all very pleased with the reception by the audience.

    I think I'll end our review with each of our thoughts about Stevie and the show as a whole:

    Dana: "I am happy to say that Stevie saw me fall off the folding chair I was standing on in the pit. The things I have to do for attention!"

    Carlene: "I was impressed with the entire evening (Boz was great!). The end of 'Edge' and the encores were really special for me since I watched from such a close vantage point. She was graceful, beautiful...and totally HUMAN. I mean, I was not starstruck or anything like that. I was more 'Gee, here I am in front of this world-renowned singer...and she's so down to earth!' I never got the 'kiss my a**, I'm a rock star' attitude from her. Very genuine! It was a little amazing to be so close that I could count the beads on her outfit!"

    Dana: "Again, just what I thought. In a way, it was a little odd."

    For myself (this is me, Lori), I have never attended a concert before where I have felt such an overwhelming sense of intimacy, even with many thousands of people there. Stevie's charisma is truly staggering. She has a way of making you feel as if she is singing to YOU, personally, and YOU alone. I will never in my life forget this concert, and would attend another of her concerts in a heartbeat. The woman is an amazing phenomenon, and, I don't hesitate to add, probably one of the most incredible entertainers of her (and our) time.

    ***Well, if you stuck with me this far, I thank you very much. Do you think it's possible that I was maybe a little TOO thorough??? ;o)***