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Please make your selection from the categories below which cover Fleetwood Mac's group and solo member efforts:

Album Discography - As the largest section of The Penguin, you can find here the most complete discographies of Fleetwood Mac found anywhere online. Included are over 700 album track listings, Real Audio sound clips, lyrics, album covers, and lyric and album interpretations, and guitar tabs. Direct links for purchasing many albums through multiple online music stores are also provided.  We have almost 700 reviews posted already from fans...add your own!

The NEW Album Discography - Packed with new features, check out the NEW Penguin Discography. We are in the process of transferring in all of the details-- and more-- from the old format.

Lyrics Archive - Contains direct links to the lyrics of 534 songs. Lyrics are presented by artist and alphabetically and a search engine is provided.

Lyric Interpretations - This unique section contains over 140 lyric interpretations and three album interpretations prepared by visitors to The Penguin's online message board, The Ledge. We highly recommend contributing and/or moderating too!

Singles - A comprehensive listing of 340 7", 12", and CD singles along with 100 small singles covers [and 39 enlargements].

Books - This section is further subdivided into three smaller sections: biographies, songbooks, and tourbooks. The biography section contains entries for books either written about (or even by) Fleetwood Mac as well as others that spend a significant amount of time discussing them. The songbook section contain all of the known sheet music books published for Fleetwood Mac, Peter Green, and Stevie Nicks. The tourbook section contains an extensive listing of tour setlists, dates, venue listings, and ticket/poster scans.

Videos - This section contains the 31 videos/DVDs that been released and Fleetwood Mac over the years. Some are even still in print!

MIDI Archive - Contains direct links to 37 MIDI files to play on your computer.

Chart Positions - This listing contains the Billboard US Hot 100 Singles and Billboard UK Top 50/40 Singles listings.

Songs Covered - Fleetwood Mac has been very influential on other musical artists too; this is a compilation of Fleetwood Mac songs which were covered by others.

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