1969 US Release of English Rose
1974 The bogus Fleetwood Mac gives up its tour after two weeks.
The real band relocates to Los Angeles to be closer to its record company (Reprise) and attorney (Mickey Shapiro).
09 1982 Buckingham's 'Trouble' hits US #9.
11 1973 UK Release of Mystery to Me
11 1978 The band wins the Favorite Band, Duo Or Group, Pop/Rock and Favorite Album, Pop/Rock categories at the 5th annual American Music Awards.
12 1998 Peter Green, Mick Fleetwood, Jeremy Spencer, John McVie, Danny Kirwan, Christine McVie, Lindsey Buckingham, and Stevie Nicks are inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
15 1983 'Love In Store' reaches US #22.
17 1976 'Over My Head' reaches US #20.
19 1993 Fleetwood, Buckingham, John and Christine McVie, and Nicks reform for a one-off performance of 'Don't Stop' at President Bill Clinton's Presidential Inaugural concert at the Capital Centre, Landover, MD.
21 1989 'As Long As You Follow' makes US #43.
23 1970 Jeremy Spencer releases his first solo album, Jeremy Spencer.
23 1982 Nicks' ballad duet with Don Henley, 'Leather And Lace', hits US #6.
26 1977 Peter Green is committed to a mental hospital by Sir Ivor Rigby after his case is heard at Marylebone Court.
26 1980 Stevie Nicks' 'Sara' reaches UK #37.
28 1978 Rumours tops the UK charts.
28 1984 'Nightbird' hits US #33.
29 1969 Peter Green's 'Albatross' hits #1 on the UK charts establishing a name for FM throughout Europe.
29 1983 Nicks marries Kim Anderson outside her Los Angeles home. (Their divorce will be finalized in April 1984.)

1969 English Rose peaks at US #184.
1971 Jeremy Spencer leaves Fleetwood Mac.
1972 Greatest Hits reaches UK #36.
1984 The Christine McVie album reaches US #26.
1991 Buckingham, Christine VcVie, John Lee Hooker and other attend the opening of Mick Fleetwood's blues club, Fleetwood's, in Los Angeles.
1992 Mick Fleetwood's new band, Zoo (originally called the Cholos), featuring Bekka Bramlett (daughter of Delaney & Bonnie), Billy Thorpe, Gregg Wright, Tom Lilly and Brett Tuggle, signs to Capricorn Records and will release its only album Shakin' The Cage in July.
02 1980 Stevie Nicks' 'Sara' reaches US #7.
04 1977 US Release of Rumours
06 1988 'Everywhere' reaches US #14 and will hit UK #4.
09 1998 Fleetwood Mac received a Brit Award in London, England.
22 1993 Buckingham makes his live hometown solo debut at the Wiltern Theatre, Los Angeles.
23 1978 Rumours is named Album Of The Year at the 20th annual Grammy Awards.
24 1968 UK Release of Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac
26 1983 UK-only release, Oh Diane, hits #9.
27 1970 Peter Green tells the New Musical Express that he is going to give all of his earnings away.
28 1977 The group begins a seven-month US tour at the University of California, Berkeley, CA.
28 1989 Molly Elizabeth McVie's birthday

1969 The group embarks on a European tour, including an eight-date UK segment, with B.B. King, Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee, and Duster Bennett.
1968 Fleetwood Mac hit UK #4 and makes US #198.
1972 US Release of Bare Trees
1975 Vintage Years, collecting recordings from 1967-1969 peaks at US #138.
07 1970 'Oh Well' peaks at US #55 on the charts.
08 1993 Buckingham embarks on his first solo US tour in Solana Beach, CA.
11 1978 Reissued Rhiannon 'Rhiannon' makes UK #46.
24 1977 FM appears on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine in bed together.
24 1984 'Got A Hold On Me' hits US #10.
24 1990 The group begins "The Mask" world tour in Australia.
29 1968 UK Release of 'Black Magic Woman'

1967 Mick Fleetwood joined John Mayall's Bluesbreakers.
1968 'Black Magic Woman' reaches UK #37.
1971 Judy Wong introduces the group to Bob Welch who replaces Jeremy Spencer.
02 1977 Rumours tops the US Charts.
02 1995 This website, The Penguin, was founded.
10 1990 US Release of Behind The Mask
11 1970 Peter Green quits the band in Munich, West Germany, during a European tour (which he finishes to avoid a breach of contract).
14 1987 US Release of Tango In The Night
15 2003 US Release of Say You Will
17 1982 Nicks' 'Edge Of Seventeen' reaches US #11.
19 1968 Bekka Bramlett's birthday
21 1990 Behind The Mask enters the UK chart at #1.
22 1997 Release of Bekka Bramlett and Billy Burnette's album, Bekka & Billy.
24 1988 Mick Fleetwood and Sara Recor were married.
25 1970 The group takes part in a music festival in Reading, Berks. with Christine Perfect, Colosseum, Viv Stanshall's Big Grunt, Mike Raven, Mike Cooper, Chicken Shack, and the Liverpool Scene.
26 1980 'Think About Me' reaches US #20.
28 1998 Stevie Nicks' boxset Enchanted was released.

1967 Mick Fleetwood was fired from John Mayall's Bluesbreakers.
1968 Fleetwood Mac started a brief tour of Scandinavia.
1969 Peter Green's 'Man Of The World' hits UK #2, behind the Beatles' 'Get Back'.
1972 Bare Trees makes US #70.
1973 Penguin peaks at US #49.
1981 The band reconvenes at the Honky Chateau Studios in Heronville, France.
1989 Christine McVie (and Friends) contribute 'Roll With Me Henry' to the Rock, Rhythm & Blues compilation.
1996 Buckingham and Nicks team up for the single 'Twisted', to the newly-premiering movie, Twister.
01 1984 Mick Fleetwood files for bankruptcy.
01 2001 US release of Trouble In Shangri-La.
08 1953 Billy Burnette's birthday
13 1950 Danny Kirwan's birthday
14 1971 UK Release of The Original Fleetwood Mac
19 1990 'Save Me' makes US #33, as its parent album, Behind The Mask, reaches US #18.
19 1998 Release of Robert Johnson Songbook.
24 1970 Peter Green's last gig with FM at London's Roundhouse
24 1980 Peter Green's Little Dreamer peaks at UK #34.
25 1973 UK Release of Penguin
25 1992 Rick Vito's King Of Hearts, with Nicks duetting on Desiree, is released.
26 1948 Stevie Nicks' birthday
26 1990 The group embarks on the US leg of "The Mask" tour at the Champs de Brionne Amphitheatre, George, WA.
27 1998 Stevie Nicks starts her Enchanted Tour in Hartford, CT.
30 1987 'Big Love' hits US #5 and UK #9.
Tango In The Night hits US #7.

1967 Jeremy Spencer joins Peter Green and Mick Fleetwood.
1973 Reissued Albatross hits UK #2.
Dave Walker leaves the band.
1992 John McVie's solo debut, John McVie's "Gotta Band" With Lola Thomas is released by Warner Bros.
01 1978 John McVie marries his second wife, Julie Ann Rubens
03 1968 US Release of Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac
05 1976 'Rhiannon' peaks at US #11.
09 1984 'Love Will Show Us How' peaks at US #30.
10 1989 The Other Side Of The Mirror hits UK #3 and will reach US #10.
12 1970 UK Release of Christine Perfect's solo album
15 1967 Peter Green's last gig with John Mayall
16 1992 Release of Out Of The Cradle
18 1977 Stevie Nicks' 'Dreams' tops the US charts.
24 1947 Mick Fleetwood's birthday
25 1994 Street Angel debuts at its US #45 peak.
27 1970 'The Green Manalishi' hit #10 on the UK charts.
28 1982 US Release of Mirage

1968 'Need Your Love So Bad' reached UK #31.
Fleetwood Mac began its first US tour at Detroit, MI's Grande Ballroom.
1981 Mick Fleetwood's The Visitor, recorded in Ghana, West Africa, makes US #43.
1983 Nicks' solo album, The Wild Heart, hits US #5 and UK #28.
01 1989 Nicks' 'Rooms On Fire' reaches US #16.
03 1982 Nicks' 'After The Glitter Fades' reaches US #32.
04 1948 Jeremy Spencer's birthday
04 1976 The group plays at Tampa Stadium, Tampa, FL, on its current US tour with the Eagles.
05 1968 UK Release of 'Need Your Love So Bad'
09 1994 Nicks' 'Maybe Love Will Change Your Mind' makes UK #42.
11 1975 US Release of Fleetwood Mac
12 1943 Christine McVie's birthday
16 1969 The band began a six-week US tour.
16 1995 Mick Fleetwood marries his third wife, Lynn Frankel
21 1994 The group, now including Dave Mason and Bekka Bramlett in the line-up, performs a surprise 25-minute set at the opening of Mick Fleetwood's Fleetwood's Restaurant & Blues Club in Alexandria, VA.
28 1979 Peter Green's comeback, In The Skies, makes UK #32.
28 1995 The "Can't Stop Rockin'" US summer tour, with Fleetwood Mac, REO Speedwagon, Pat Benatar and Orleans, plays a sellout date at Jones Beach Theatre, Wantagh, NY.
30 1984 Release of Go Insane
31 1946 Bob Welch's birthday

1972 Danny Kirwan refuses to appear on stage and is fired. He is replaced by Bob Weston and Dave Walker.
1975 Fleetwood Mac enters the US charts.
1988 The group's "Shake The Cage" tour of Europe and Australia, with Burnette and Vito, begins.
03 1967 Release of Mac's first record 'I Believe My Time Ain't Long'
03 1991 'Sometimes It's A Bitch', written by Jon Bon Jovi and Billy Falcon, makes UK #40.
05 1969 A rereleased 'Need Your Love So Bad' peaks at UK #32.
07 1982 After a three-year studio gap, Mirage tops the US chart for the first of five weeks.
07 1987 Buckingham, unhappy with the prospect of touring with the band to promote Tango In The Night, tells his colleagues that he is quitting the group.
08 1970 Christine McVie's first live appearance with Fleetwood Mac in New Orleans
08 1992 Buckingham's Out Of The Cradle, co-produced with Richard Dashut, charts for one week at UK #51 and peaks at US #128.
11 1992 Nicks and Roseanne and Tom Arnold join Ringo Starr on stage to sing With A Little Help From My Friends at his Greek Theatre, Los Angeles show.
12 1997 Debut of the Fleetwood Mac MTV Unplugged Special
12-13 1967 FM debuted at Great Britain's National Blues & Jazz Festival at Windsor, Berks
12 1994 The band plays New York's Beacon Theatre with Bad Company, in the midst of a US summer tour opening for Crosby, Stills, & Nash.
15 1969 UK Release of The Pious Bird of Good Omen
15 1987 'Seven Wonders' reaches US #19 and peaks at UK #56.
18 1998 Release of Rick Vito's second solo album, Pink & Black.
19 1997 US Release of The Dance
20 1983 'Stand Back' hits US #5.
21 1990 European leg of "The Mask" tour begins in Ghent, Belgium.
23 1968 UK Release of Mr. Wonderful
24 1982 'Hold Me' hits US #4.
25 1968 Started a two-month UK tour at the Nag's Head Pub, Battersea, London, with new addition Danny Kirwan.

1968 Mr. Wonderful hits UK #10, featuring Christine Perfect on piano who is still a member of Chicken Shack
1969 The Pious Bird of Good Omen peaks at UK #18.
1973 The band begins a tour to promote the forthcoming Mystery To Me album.
Bob Weston begins an affair with Fleetwood's wife, Jenny and gets fired.
1974 The group embarks on a 43-date US tour to promote Heroes Are Hard To Find
01 1976 UK Release of Danny Kirwan's Midnight at San Juan.
01 1980 The group finishes a tour at Los Angeles' Hollywood Bowl.
01 1990 Fleetwood Mac plays at Wembley Stadium, Wembley, Middx., with Jethro Tull and Hall & Oates.
03 1971 UK Release of Future Games
03 1982 The group takes part in the 3 day "US Festival" along with Jackson Browne, the Cars, the Grateful Dead, Eddie Money, Police, Santana, Talking Heads and many others.
04 1976 Fleetwood Mac hits US #1 and goes platinum.
04 1994 They take part in the "Field Of Dreams Festival" at the Farley Speedway track in Dyersville, Iowa.
05 1973 US Release of Buckingham Nicks
05 1981 'Stop Draggin' My Heart Around' hits US #3 and UK #50.
Bella Donna tops the US charts.
09 1969 UK Release of Then Play On
12 1975 UK Release of Danny Kirwan's Second Chapter
12 1990 Nicks and Christine McVie announce their intention to leave the band at the end of its current tour.
13 1974 UK Release of Heroes are Hard to Find
16 1977 Release of Fleetwood Mac in Chicago (originally recorded in 1969)
US Release of Christine Perfect's solo album
17 1967 John McVie joins Fleetwood Mac
17 1997 Official start of the 1997 Dance Concert Tour in Hartford, Connecticut
18 1970 Release of Kiln House
18 1976 'Say You Love Me' reaches US #11.
21 1991 Nicks' TimeSpace - The Best Of Stevie Nicks reaches US #30.
23 1995 Archive set Live At The BBC makes UK #48 in its week of entry.
23 2000 Stevie Nicks has a benefit concert for the Arizona Heart Institute in Phoenix, Arizona with her friends Lindsey Buckingham, Sheryl Crow, Don Henley, and Chris Isaak.
24 1977 'Don't Stop hits US #3.
1969 Then Play On hits UK #6 and peaks at US #109, marking FM's debut on with Reprise.
1970 Kiln House reaches UK #39 and US #69.
1984 Go Insane peaks at US #23.
03 1949 Lindsey Buckingham's birthday
04 1980 Buckingham, Nicks, and Fleetwood present the U.S.C. Trojan Marching Band with a platinum disc, for its contribution to Tusk.
10 1979 'Fleetwood Mac Day' declared in Los Angeles, CA and the group is awarded its star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
10 1995 Release of Time
11 1994 Fleetwood Mac appears at the Wang Dang Doodle benefit for the Willie Dixon-created Blues Heaven Foundation at Los Angeles' House of Blues club.
12 1979 Release of Tusk
12 1991 'Sometimes It's A Bitch' peaks at US #56.
15 1973 Release of Mystery To Me
16 1981 Release of Law And Order
18 1986 Christine McVie marries Eddy Quintela de Mendonca in London
23 1982 'Gypsy' reaches US #12, as the band concludes an 18-date US stadium tour.
25 1991 Stevie Nicks performs Jane's Song, written for environmentalist Jane Goodall, at the "International Tribute To Jane Goodall" in Dallas, Texas.
28 1978 Kenny Loggins' Whenever I call You Friend, featuring Nicks, hits US #5.
29 1946 Peter Green's birthday
31 1987 Tango In The Night tops the UK chart for the first of two weeks.
1969 Peter Green's 'Oh Well' hits UK #2 as he renounces his Jewish faith and embraces Christianity.
1971 Future Games makes US #91. Fleetwood Mac tours the US extensively.
1974 Heroes Are Hard To Findreaches US #34. The band settles permanently in California.
1981 Buckingham's solo album, Law and Order, co-produced with Dashut and featuring Fleetwood and Christine McVie, reaches US #32.
1991 Rick Vito quits Fleetwood Mac, signing a solo deal with Modern.
01 1973 Clifford Davis assembles a bogus Fleetwood Mac which results in a bitter legal battle.
03 1967 Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac debuted 'I Believe My Time Ain't Long'
03 1979 'Tusk' hits US #8 making a record for the number of musicians playing on a single.
05 1983 'If Anyone Falls' hits US #14.
07 1987 'Little Lies' hits US #4 and UK #5.
08 1972 US Release of Jeremy Spencer and The Children of God
10 1979 Tusk tops the UK charts.
18 1977 UK Release of Bob Welch's French Kiss
20 1970 UK Release of The End of the Game
22 1968 UK Release of Fleetwood Mac's first #1 single, 'Albatross'
22 1988 US Release of Greatest Hits
24 1992 US Release of 25 Years - The Chain
26 1945 John McVie's birthday
26 1979 The band begins a lengthy US tour at the Mini-Dome, Idaho State University.
30 1997 Last show of the 1997 Dance Concert Tour in Landover, Maryland
1967 Fleetwood Mac embarked on a UK college and club tour.
1970 The group buys Benifold mansion near Haslemere, Surrey.
1973 Mystery To Me makes US #67.
1974 Bob Welch leaves the band.
1985 Rock A Little reaches US #12 and UK #30.
04 1968 FM began a 30-date US tour, including shows at the Fillmore East, Boston Tea Party, and Chicago's Electric Factory.
05 1969 UK Release of Blues Jam at Chess AKA Blues Jam in Chicago AKA Fleetwood Mac in Chicago
07 1990 Nicks and Christine McVie make their (first) final appearance with Fleetwood Mac at the Great Western Forum, Inglewood, CA. Buckingham joins them on stage to sing an acoustic rendition of 'Landslide' with Nicks, before joining the band on 'Go Your Own Way'.
08 1980 US Release of Live
17 1977 'You Make Loving Fun' hits US #9.
10-11 1992 Buckingham plays his first-ever solo shows at the Coach House, San Juan Capistrano, CA.
20 1980 Fleetwood Mac Live makes UK #31 and will reach US #14.
31 1974 Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks join Fleetwood Mac.
31 1988 Greatest Hits hits UK #3.

Many of these dates were provided by Bill Nelson, Ron Cooper, and Pat Conolly.