Comparisons Between Fleetwood Mac and Dave Mason History

Dave Mason
1968FM releases 'Black Magic Woman'. Later, it's a bigger hit for Santana.Traffic releases its second album which features Dave Mason's classic 'Feelin' Alright'. Later it's a bigger hit for Joe Cocker.
1973-4 and 1972-3When Fleetwood Mac refuse to finish their tour, their manager, Clifford Davis, puts out a bogus band. A major lawsuit ends up putting them out of commission for a yearDave Mason gets into a fight with his record company over a bogus record. A major lawsuit puts him out of commission for a year.
1977Fleetwood Mac releases Rumours, a documentary of their broken relationships/divorces. It's their biggest hit.Dave Mason releases 'We Just Disagree', a song that documents a divorce. It's his biggest hit.
1982 and 1981Fleetwood Mac takes a long break.Dave takes a long break
1987Fleetwood Mac comes back. Mick has a vest designed by music tech named Jimmy HotzDave Mason releases a comeback album produced by Jimmy Hotz
1993Fleetwood Mac looking for a guitarist.Dave Mason looking for a band.

Dave Mason joins Fleetwood Mac in 1993.

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