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The Penguin and the Nicks Fix have teamed up to create two Internet Relay Chat (IRC) channels. The first group, called '#Penguin' will focus on all of the members of Fleetwood Mac, from the Peter Green days to the current lineup. The second group, called '#Nicksfix' and will have an emphasis on the solo career of Stevie Nicks. This type of internet communication permits side chats away from the main discussion as well as the instant exchange of files (i.e., pictures and sounds). We encourage participation by everyone in both channels !!

If you would be interested in participating in the chats, please send an email message to and we will add you to the mailing list for date/time announcements.

The chats alternate each Sunday night (6:00 pm Central Time)
between #nicksfix and #penguin. Please drop in!

Changes to Chat Server (June 13, 1999)

The chats have moved from EFnet to WEBBnet. The switch to WEBBnet should make it easier to connect to an IRC server, and should eliminate the net splits that are frequent on EFNet. To access the chats, log on to a WEBBnet server and join the #Nicksfix of the #Penguin channel (depending on the schedule). For more information on WEBBnet, go to

You can access the chat directly from your java capable browser at:

If you have an IRC client, here a listing of WEBBnet servers can be found at

If you are already on the Stevie chat list, then you'll get a message announcing both of these chats. If you are not on the list and are interested in participating in the chats, enter your email address in the form below and you will be added to the mailing list for date/time announcements. Announcements will also be posted on this page.

Email Address:

Note for AOL users:
AOL has the option to block mail from addresses outside of AOL to avoid SPAM. This happens often on the Chat list. Please remove your block if you wish to receive the Chat notification messages. If the block is on, we have to remove your address from the list.


For information on IRC chats and for downloading IRC software, please see:

Special thanks to John Kinney and Ron Cooper for originating this idea with the NicksFix chats.

AOL has just added access to Internet IRC chats. Check with AOL tech support for information on setting it up. As far as I know, these chats are still unaccessible from Prodigy.

AOL Chats

There are also weekly chats on AOL. They are held in the private room "Stevie Nicks" every Sunday beginning at 5pm PST (6pm MST, 7pm CST, 8pm EST) with no specific ending time..

There are four scheduled chats each month:

For more information about the chat, contact NicksKicks at

Compuserve Chats

Compuserve has a monthly chat in the "Fan Club A Forum". For details about the chat, contact Susan Rossy at

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