Jet Martin Celmins
Written by 'Jet' Martin Celmins.

After a first career in advertising media research, Jet Martin Celmins decided in 1991 to devote all his time to playing blues music and writing. A harmlessly obsessive fanatic of Fleetwood Mac and the artistry of Peter Green since he first saw them in November 1968, then aged fourteen, over the intervening years he built up a reasonable archive about the band.

Jet Martin's book, 'Peter Green - The Biography,' began to take shape in 1992 when, by chance, Jet was in contact with Mick Fleetwood's management. Jet was introduced to Peter in 1994 by his then lawyer and, to Jet's astonishment, after meeting up with him the reclusive guitarist decided to break a ten-year silence. (To this day, Jet is convinced that the thing that 'did the trick' was that he took along his rare 12-string Dobro resonator guitar to that first meeting which Peter admired and remembered from then on.)

The biography - first published in spring 1995 - received positive reviews and Jet gradually built up a friendship with Peter and has been a face on the Splinter Group scene ever since Green's return to the stage in 1996. As Jet Martin, solo guitarist and one-man band, he has been a Splinter Group's regular support act on most British appearances since 1997.

Today he is in frequent contact with Peter and the band."

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