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Although Mick Fleetwood and John McVie are generally labeled as 'original founding members' of Fleetwood Mac, Bob Brunning was
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actually the original bass player in the group before McVie. Hired by Peter Green, knowing full well he was only temporary until they won John McVie over, Brunning appeared with the group in their public debut at the Windsor Jazz and Blues Festival in August, 1967. Brunning can be heard on a handful of early Fleetwood Mac songs such as 'I Believe My Time Ain't Long,' 'Rambling Pony No. 2,' and 'Long Grey Mare.' After leaving Fleetwood Mac, he remained friendly with the members of the band; he went on to form the Brunning Sunflower Blues Band, and also later became a teacher at a London School. Brunning is the author of Fleetwood Mac: Behind the Masks, Blues: The British Connection, and Fleetwood Mac: The First 30 Years.

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