Please make your selection from the categories below which cover Fleetwood Mac's group and solo member efforts:

The Penguin Biographies - This section of The Penguin provides biographical information on all sixteen members, past and present, of Fleetwood Mac as well as many of their associates over the years. Knowing individual histories helps give an insight into the story of the band itself.

One Together: An Early History of Fleetwood Mac - This section, written by Mark Trauernicht and formatted by Jeff Kenney, gives a detailed, chronological look at Fleetwood Mac from their beginnings through 1983.

We believe these two sets give a comprehensive look at Fleetwoood Mac. It is an example of getting 'the forest' (One Together) and 'the trees' (Penguin Biographies) in that the complete picture is examined, as well as significant details on the individuals.

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