Clifford Davis and Fleetwood Mac jointly bought Benifolda mansion for 23,000 pounds in Hampshire called Benifold in 1970 (The previous owners had been members of a monastic order.) Mick and his wife, Jenny Boyd, lived in the 'spacious servant's quarters'. John and Christine McVie lived in a separate wing with their own little kitchen and living-room; it was at Chris's kitchen table that all important Fleetwood Mac business was discussed. Danny Kirwan and his girlfriend Clare lived in the attic; they soon married. Jeremy Spencer did live at Benifold for a short time before leaving the band and taking his wife and children with him to join the Children of God. Bob Welch moved in when he joined the band; he recalls 'it was obvious that Mac had enough money to buy the place, but not to refurbish it. Upon Kirwan's departure in 1972, various rodies moved into the attic. While they were living in Benifold, Fleetwood Mac recorded Future Games, Bare Trees, Penguin, and Mystery to Me using the Rolling Stones mobile studio. Fleetwood Mac sold Benifold in the mid-70's after they had all moved to America. In 1989, the mansion again changed hands for over a million pounds and still has the reputations as one of the finest houses in Hampshire.

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