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Bekka Bramlett and Mick Fleetwood Bekka Bramlett, born April 19, 1968, is the daughter of Delaney and Bonnie Bramlett, a former husband and wife team who "brought gospel music
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to the rock public more sucessfully than any other rock artist." When asked about her childhood on 'Prime Time Country' in March, 1997, Bramlett exclaimed, "It was neat. It was a lot of music at my house all day long twenty-four hours a folks are my best friends." Bekka worked with Mick Fleetwood's band, The Zoo, on his album, Shakin the Cage, in June, 1992. Bramlett joined Fleetwood Mac in 1992 and toured with them. Bekka performed with Joe Cocker for the 1994 Blown Away soundtrack song, 'Take Me Home'. She also contributed to the 1996 Vince Gill CD release, High Lonesome Sound and released an album with Billy Burnette from Almo Sounds called Bekka & Billy in April, 1997. This duo broke up in January 1998 and Bekka was reported in Country Weekly to be working on a record and will be spending six months singing backup for Billy Joel.

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