Yahoo News (July 18, 1997) -- When Fleetwood Mac came calling soon after the awards show that year, Burnette gave up his own ambition for the lure of the big-bucks tour.

Bramlett received her first record deal when she was 12. While her dad pulled the plug on that contract ("I really was bummed at the time, " Bramlett said), she had another deal five years later.

"This time," she said, "they wanted me to be the next Whitney Houston."

Bramlett said that deal also was the wrong fit, so she started singing backup on the road for the next 10 years. During that time, she toured with Belinda Carlisle, Rod Stewart and recorded a duet, "Take Me Home," with Joe Cocker.

Now with a deal on Herb Alpert and Jerry Moss's independent Almo Sounds label, Bramlett and Burnette say the time is right to do what they want.

"Our record company let us do the record we wanted to do," Burnette said.

"They just let me be me and Billy be him," Bramlett said. "Our main focus was to be ourselves."

The result is a 12-song project brimming with soul. Bramlett and Burnette wrote 11 of the tracks that run the gamut of grooves from their rockabilly roots to Southern gospel overtones to country tinged with funk.

Vince Gill lends two guitar solos to the project, and it also includes "God Knows I Love You," written by Delaney Bramlett and Mac Davis.

Until their own schedule picks up, Bramlett is lending her dynamic vocals to Gill's tour.

"He lets me come and go as I please," she said of the road gig.

Bekka and Billy are beginning to make the rounds of the club circuit and are gearing up for a bigger tour in the fall.

At last, all the pieces appear to have fallen in place: the strong songs, the chemistry, the pleasant blending of the two voices, a record they believe in.

"Our motto has always been, 'we're not here to blend in,"' Burnette said.

"And," Bramlett added, "we ain't going away."

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